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Suite Memories #02

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Suite Memories # 2 Unforeseen Encounter

The group of travelers had spent the better part of the day touring the many graveyards in New Orleans as well as several stops at the bars on Bourbon Street before they returned to the Pehlem Hotel. Lexi had agreed to serve as tour guide for her company’s executive’s wives. It was one of many old slave quarters close to the river that had been bought up by a Louisiana conglomerate and converted to luxurious hotel rooms. Lexi plopped on the edge of her bed and sighed. Her legs were fatigued from all the walking and the oppressive heat and she had told her travel companions that she was not going to be having dinner that evening. The thought of a cool shower and early retirement seemed to be what she needed. As she read through the list of hotel services, her eyes fell on the massage services offered. It was something that sounded enjoyable and after several moments of thought, she picked up the phone and dialed the extension that was printed on the hotel brochure.

To her disappointment, the woman at the front desk notified her that she would have to go to the building across the street at their annex since the masseuse normally on duty was off due to family illness. To help compensate for the inconvenience, the woman said that the cost would be half the normal fee. Lexi thought for a moment then declined hanging up the phone in frustration. She busily arranged her outfit for the following day and then started the shower. Moments later she stood under the comforting jets of water that both cooled and relaxed her tired body. So many thoughts of home and work seemed to plague her and she wished that it were possible to flush them from her mind. As her fingers massaged the slippery lather over her breasts, her nipples tightened and gave a sensation that momentarily took her thoughts away and off to another world. Her left hand dropped to the apex of her womanhood and there she hesitated … her finger aching to invade the hooded stub that lay in wait. But the thoughts of home and the frustrations she was constantly fighting overcame her urge. She turned off the water and started drying herself, being gentle with the fluffy towel as it pressed itself against her smooth skin. It was always so rejuvenating to be fresh and clean. It was almost like purging oneself of the troubles that littered their lives, and a smile slowly appeared on her face as the towel brushed over her erect nipples, sending a jolt of excitement through her body.

The pleasurable moment was suddenly halted when the quiet was shattered by a firm knock on the door. Hurriedly she put on the thick robe that was provided by the hotel and went to the door. With the safety chain in place she cracked open the door.

“Yes,” she asked. “What do you want?”

“Madam … my name is Alex and I was sent to you by the front desk for the massage you wanted. They insist that it be gratis, as well as this complementary bottle of Champagne from room service.” A masculine voice spoke.

She peered through the crack and saw a short Negro man with a serving cart, and then her eyes glanced at the tall man standing next to him. Her mind raced for a moment before she closed the door and removed the chain, then reopening it again to allow room service to enter. The Negro rolled the cart in and stopped it in the corner of the spacious room, then without a word promptly left the room. Lexi looked at the tall man with curiosity. He was well over 6’4” and perhaps 230. A well-defined body that was easily viewed in the black sweat pants and white tee shirt that had the Hotel emblem festooned on it.

“Madam. The management wishes to express their sincere apologies for your inconvenience, and I am here to give you the massage you requested earlier.”

“Oh that’s quite alright sir.” Lexi said meekly. “You needn’t have come over, I was not really planning on it after all.” She said.

“But madam … the night has been slow and you might as well enjoy the hotels courtesy,” he said. “Besides, I get paid if you accept.” He ended his sentence with a deep laugh that brought a smile to her face as she joined him … as if they were in collusion against the hotel management.

“Well sure. Why not.” Lexi said. “I have had a tiresome day after all.”

The man walked to the door and brought in the portable massage table and set it aside as he walked to the cart and opened the Champaign. She expected bostancı escort bayan the loud pop as his strong hands maneuvered the swollen cork from its mooring – yet the sound still made her flinch. She watched him closely as he took the fluted glass and poured the bubbling liquid. He had thick white hair that looked rumpled yet neat. Blue eyes that contained enough trace of green to indicate that they could change under certain lighting. His arms were thick and well defined, as was his chest. Muscular yet not bulky, mature yet not old. His eyes locked on to hers as he handed her the glass and she accepted it with hesitation. Her hand trembled as she brought the rim to her lips and he smiled.

“May I assume that you are nervous Madame?”

Lexi nodded her head. “You may,” she blushed momentarily. “I do have to say that this is indeed a surprise.”

“Well then – enjoy the bubbly while I set up the table.” And with that being said, the tall man began to set up the padded massage table. From his duffel bag he removed several towels and oil warmer which he set on the nightstand and plugged in. She was fascinated by the efficiency of his every move, even when he quickly refilled her glass for the third time. She was sitting on the plush chair several feet from the bedroom and the huge four-poster bed that stood elevated several feet above the floor. Any anxiety she may have had 15 minutes ago had rapidly vanished thanks to the refreshing champagne and her fascination with this handsome vision of masculinity that moved about the room with proficiency.

“The oil is perfect Madam,” the man said smiling. “Please … come to the table.”

Lexi stood and took a moment to stabilize against the effects of the drinks she had hastily consumed as Alex smiled and helped her to the table. His hands were warm and strong, something she noticed in spite of her condition. She lay on her stomach as Alex placed a sheet over her and asked her to untie her robe, which she did without hesitancy. As he removed the garment from her she felt the coolness of the clean sheet as it covered her back. “I feel great already,” she said. “Does it get any better?”

“That depends on how good you want it to be Madame.” Alex replied as he rolled the sheet down to the small of her back. She shuddered when his hands finally touched her back. The heat was almost beyond normal human temperature, and as strong as his touch was … it was never too strong. Lexi sighed and felt herself grow limp as expert hands and fingers traced precise pathways down and across her smooth back. Alex had moved to the head of the table and was rubbing hot oil on her shoulders when she looked up.

“Lower please … can you go lower?”

“Yes of course,” his voice responded as he stretched forward to allow his palms to move firmly down to the tops of her buttocks. The reaction her body rendered gave her desires away … as subliminal as they were. She looked up as he stretched forward and she could see the outline of his obvious arousal. The thickness that appeared under his sweat pants became a fascination to her. His hips were elevated in order to reach her and consequently he was just inches away from her face and her mind became prurient. Finally she felt the firm bulge touch her cheek and her heart skipped a beat. He also noticed it and was fully aware of what she was doing.

“That really feels good Alex. Please don’t stop,” she said in a husky tone.

“Oh I won’t … have no fear,” Alex answered as he moved his hands up and down her spine, but this time, going out of his way to allow his excitement to touch her face at as many angles as he could. Several times he felt her lips against the cloth that separated his arousal from actually making contact flesh to flesh.

“You know Alex, this table is much, much too hard for me.”

Her teasing had gone from subtle to obvious as she playfully moved her head from side to side, teasing him with playful bites on his sweatpants. The champagne had loosened her beyond her normal behavior, and now Lexi found that her playfulness would end up in more than she may have bargained for.

“Don’t you like hard things Madame?” he asked.

“That all depends,” she said with a smile as she looked up at the tall man. “Just how hard is it?”

With that, the man quickly removed the sheet and lifted Lexi from the table. She was amazed at the power in his arms ümraniye escort as he carried her to the darkened bedroom and tossed her on to the firm bed. She lay there looking at him as he stared at her with his eyes, so intense. He quickly removed his shirt revealing muscles that were barren of chest hair, and well defined like a portrait. She suddenly realized that she was lying in front of this man naked and looked desperately out of sheer albeit late modesty, for some form of clothing with which to cover herself.

But her efforts were too little and too late as he was now in bed and straddle her waist. She felt her wrist captive in his large hands and spread out on each side of her face. She saw his as he stared at the fullness of her breasts and saw his nostrils flare with lust she had only dreamt of. She watched as he lowered his face to hers and felt his moist lips softly touch hers. As hoped, her lips parted as his serpentine tongue slipped between her lips and entered her mouth – tickling her tongue and moving about toward an unpredictable goal. She shuddered as it traced the outline of her lips over and over again like some silkworm looking for an anchor from which to spin its silk. His essence was upon her and she enjoyed the virile smell as he moved to her breasts, capturing each nipple and pulling each with gentle yet powerful tugs of his mouth. And when he was done, he broadened his tongue only to sweep the undersides of each full breast, bring on wave after wave of strange sensation.

He suddenly lifted and reached for the shirt that lay beside him. “Don’t resist me Madame,” he said as he wrapped the shirt across her eyes, negating benefit of any vision on her part. “Do not remove that … do you hear me?”

She nodded, but deep inside she knew she wouldn’t resist. Lexi felt the man move off her and the bed shook for a moment before she once again felt him straddle her. But now the warmth of his bare legs made contact with her sides as he moved. Once again his lips caressed hers and she gasped for air as she had almost forgotten to breathe. “How hard did you saw you liked it Madame?” He whispered as he moved higher, his knees now positioned under her armpits. As she opened her mouth to answer she felt a heat touch her lips and the smell told her what she was faced with. Her first instinct was to struggle against him but she knew better. Her mouth parted expecting to feel a bulbous intruder, but instead all she felt was the heat of a thick heavy shaft moving its length across her mouth … touching her cheek.

Alex began to tease her as his hardened penis was used like an artist’s paintbrush, stroking an invisible portrait on the sweet face of a woman he now controlled. In time Lexi mouth was actively seeking the swollen tip of his phallus. Her sexual appetite now matched her consternation. And yet he played. “You must want this badly my dear woman,” he said. “How hard do you like it?”

She shook her head from side to side in frustration as his erection brushed her face and lips, her mouth opening, trying to grasp it with her lips or touch it with her tongue. Still she had no idea of its length or width. Only the feel of its heaviness against her face as he stroked her. Alex moved off and down as she opened her legs to prevent herself the displeasure of his sitting on her thighs. Her body was shimmering with perspiration brought on by the humid air that now filled the room, and her arousal. She felt his eyes upon her as he gazed at her creamy-white flesh and the ripened mound which by now had swollen with desire. As her legs parted further, his gaze looked at the dew-covered valley where her nectar laden passion was waiting. “You are a beautiful woman Lexi.” He said softly. It was the first time he used her name and it seemed to bring out something in her as she smiled, her head now resting on its side. “Remember you are captive darling … don’t move.”

She had little time to nod her agreement before she felt a warm breeze run across the shiny crease that gave notice of the entrance to her vagina. Her labium was engorged with the fluids of her desire and it was there that he placed his tongue. Slowly the strong determined and ever so slow movements of his tongue parted the folds of tissue of her external genitalia. She felt the electrifying sensations of her passion shoot throughout her body as his tongue became coated with the thick flowing elixir escort kartal that she produced. His hands pushed her legs high and allowed him greater access to her opening and her breath grew shallow, as his explorations became deep and concentrated. Each fold of her labia was tugged at and nibbled at until she felt the need to moan loudly. It seemed like hours had transpired and yet the newness of it made it only fleeting in her mind. Her thighs tightened when his lips moved up and tugged at her clitoris … pulling it in between his lips until held firm. Then his tongue began an assault of such magnitude that she became fearful of incontinence.

The moment of ascendancy was upon her. The flutter inside her was out of control. The lightning that began to ravage her extremities had begun. The butterflies were swarming. Alex felt the fullness of her vagina start to push against his tongue as her tissue, tortured with pleasure as it was, sought release. Her thighs shifted and she grasped his head with her hands pulling him in. Her release was fierce and her fluids became the ejaculate of a woman pleasured. She lay there trembling as Alex slowly licked at her every shudder until she was sated. Then, after moments passed, he moved up and placing her legs over his shoulders lay his thick shaft between the dripping labia.

He reached down and removed his shirt allowing her to see again. Her eyes were slits of lust and debauchery as she half smiled, then cast her glance at his phallus. It was as she thought. Too thick for her fingers to encircle, and garnished with a thick bulbous head, and a very well defined ridge that separated it from the shaft. She watched as it slid across her labia, coating itself with her discharge. With every movement she felt a tingle course through her vagina until he move back and let it fall to her opening. Both stared into each other’s eyes as he pushed the bluntness against her opening. Her lubrication granted access, and when the head gained entrance … her eyes widened. Inch by pleasurable inch, he filled her until she felt pressure in her depth and he stopped and rested there while staring into her eyes. Sweat coated his chest and it glistened against the light coming in from the living room. As spent, as she was there was little she could do in her position save but enjoy what was to come.

Alex started to move slowly … inch by inch. In and out building to a rhythm that she felt to be comfortable, yet her organ could not resist the sensation and she grew pleasurably aware of the need that mysteriously replanted itself inside her. The sweet ladylike expression that was normally displayed on her countenance had now been replaced with a devilish, no, … slutty expression. Her lips moved and the words were barely audible. “Fuck me … Ohh fuck me Alex. Fuck me hard!” she whispered as his thrust grew rapid, yet not injuring her pubic bone. Enough pressure was applied to her once again throbbing and distended clit that her delectation grew feral. She could feel the enlarged head of his cock rubbing that place oh so special and her orgasm once again grew out of control as it tightened on his shaft, causing her to thrash about wildly.

Out of control she screamed his name and pushed at him again and again until she had spent herself. Now she wanted to feel him burn and pushed until he understood her desire. Once on his back, she hurried between his legs like a starving animal and he watched as her cheeks filled as she took his thick cock head into her mouth. Her lips and tongue became a hurricane of pleasure as she bobbed up and down on his shaft, gulping in the process. The animal like sounds excited him. Her fingers were clutching the base of his penis, which was coated with her liquid, and finally she found a comfort level that allowed her to take more and more of him until she felt the throbbing she wanted. His reflexive thrust became slow and deliberate and she knew he was about to ejaculate. It was the taste she had longed for. Her mouth grew tight as the moisture thickened. Then she felt the shaft thicken in her hand as it grew toward the opening of his cock. The first jet of sperm was hot as molting liquid. It coated her mouth as she swallowed hard in preparation for the next jet of passion. Stream after stream flowed into her mouth as she swallowed him with abandon. Salty like the water of an ocean yet diluted with a honey like substance that made it desirable. His fingers gripping the back of her head held her firm until he was finished with his eruption.

Lexi pulled away and moved forward to kiss him before they snuggled and fell into a deep sleep. Warm and fulfilled. A dream only becomes reality when you act on it.

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