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Sue and her Daughter Barbara Ch. 02

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In the first episode, I met up again with Sue in Brighton, over twenty years after our first brief affair, and caught a first glimpse of her eighteen-year-old daughter Barbara; a dinner with Sue turned into a very hot night.


Sue didn’t immediately invite me round again and I didn’t feel I should press her — nothing had suggested she wanted us to get into a heavy scene. But a couple of weeks later she phoned and asked if I’d like to go round one afternoon, if it was sunny, and enjoy the privacy of their garden. I suggested a day, and she said, ‘Come around three o’clock, and maybe stay for a bite to eat.’

It was a hot day, hooray! I arrived, with bathing trunks and a towel, not knowing what to expect. Sue answered the door with a loose thin oriental drape wrapped round her, and beneath, I soon saw, only a tight black bikini. We went into the garden with a couple of beers, and she slipped off the drape. It was quite an old bikini, or perhaps bought a bit optimistically, as it was deliciously small on her; it was cut high on her hips, which left a lot of her fleshy bum showing, with soft creases across the tops of her thighs, and it was low on her waist, so that her flesh of he plump belly swelled out over the waistband. The bikini top was less tight, as her breasts were so small.

‘Why not change into your trunks,’ she said, ‘no-one can see us here.’ I did it quite casually, facing her and not hiding myself; she said nothing, but watched with a half smile.

So we lay and chatted and drank, she on her front, with her bikini strap undone, casually raising herself from time to time on her elbows, so that I could see the soft flesh of her little breasts as they hung down below her.

‘Barbara should be back around four,’ she said. I hadn’t seen Barbara for some time, and took this as a warning not to think of touching Sue now. Sure enough, Barbara arrived, clearly expecting to find me there, said ‘hello! I’ll go and get changed,’ and came back with a glass of juice, wearing a little white bikini.

This was the first time I had had a chance to see her body. Her breasts were tiny, scarcely pushing out the material of her bikini top, but her hips had widened and her bum had filled out, with firm but fleshy cheeks spreading out below the bikini bottoms, and the bikini seemed to be very tight on her hips — last year’s perhaps? — girl’s briefs on a budding woman’s hips. Lying on her front, like her mother, she too undid her bra strap, but lay down carefully, showing nothing. Sue had done up her bra when Barbara returned, but undid it again, and then casually turned over on her back without replacing it, and her little breasts flopped sideways; they were soft, but still small, with their extraordinary deep pink areolas covering much of their flesh; and, when she sat up, they were loose enough to fall downwards towards the folds of flesh on her belly.

Barbara seemed not at all surprised by her mother showing her breasts in front of her, but she did not follow suit. Around six, we dressed again, Barbara in a loose skirt and a teeshirt, with no bra, which hinted at the fact that she had big puffy nipples on her tiny breasts, like Sue’s had been when I had first known her. Sue got us a light supper, and Barbara stayed with us, talking far more than she had the last time I had seen her; she asked me about my work, and told me about the bursa escort exams she was taking, and the course that she was hoping to take at university that autumn — in French language and literature, by coincidence at the university where I had previously taught; so she was interested in what I had to tell her about the place. Sue was happy to sit back and let Barbara talk; they seemed very close, almost reading each other’s thoughts.

I didn’t know what was expected, but around nine Barbara said she needed to do some exam revision, and Sue said that she, too, had things she needed to do. It all seemed very relaxed and unfraught, though it left me with the fuel for an excellent wank later, my imagination vacillating between Sue’s breasts and bum — and Barbara’s.


Another invitation from Sue a couple of weeks later; the good weather held, and this time Sue was topless beneath her kimono when she greeted me. When Barbara got home around four, she said, ‘god, It’s hot,’ and came out into the garden with a drink but without changing.

She pulled off her jeans and sat there with just a teeshirt and a pair of white cotton panties. But what would she do next? She finished her drink and then, with her back to me, slipped off her teeshirt — no bra, of course; and then she lay down on her front. As she lay down, she was careful not to show her breasts, but, as the three of us talked, she became more animated and began to prop herself up on her elbows. As I had thought, her breasts were tiny, but her areolas very big, like Sue’s; in fact, her breasts were really just these big soft rich pink buds, with scarcely any flesh around them, even as she lay with them hanging loose beneath her. There was no firm central button visible, but the wider pigmentation was wonderfully lavish; and her bum showed firm and round around the little white cotton panties.

Sue had turned on her back, and after a little Barbara did too; her breasts were now just those soft richly pink buds pointing up, with no sign of sag. As we talked, she moved around, sat up, went into the house once without putting her top back on, so that I could watch those extraordinary rich buds from every angle. It was cooler later, we had a drink and then supper, and again both of them had things to get on with around nine. This time, there were no doubts, it was Barbara’s breasts, and hers alone, that I nuzzled in my imagination as I masturbated back in my solitary bed.


‘This could become a habit,’ Sue said as she invited me round the next week, ‘but come earlier, for lunch; Barbara will be here as she has finished her exams.’

Again, the weather did us a favour, and Sue greeted me, as before, in kimono and bikini pants; Barbara, again in her white bikini, was in the garden, but came in for lunch. Over lunch we shared a bottle of wine. Outside again after lunch, and Barbara too discarded her bikini top. Sue seemed rather hyper and giggly, and there was a slightly manic mood; Barbara seemed very alert and somehow on edge.

Sue suddenly said, ‘I can’t bear these tight pants — they cut into my skin; I should have bought some new ones.’

She slipped them off, and lay completely naked on her front — I could see the edges of her hair where it reached up onto her ample bum cheeks. I didn’t follow her example, yet. Barbara was clearly very alert bursa türbanlı escort to what Sue was doing, and was half watching her, and half watching me watching her. Lying on my stomach, I soon had a semi-erection, and not just because of the pressure on the ground; far more so when Sue rolled over to lie on her back, and raised one of her knees, opening out the sumptuous flesh between her thighs to view, crowned by her plump hairy outer labia. Had Barbara ever seen her mother like this?

And then Barbara said, ‘I see what you mean; mine are too tight, too — they are last year’s,’ and slipped off her little white bikini briefs, while still lying on her front. I tried not to look too hard or think too hard about this, but could not see much of her, since I could only see her from the side.

I had to deal with this by some sort of joke. ‘Are you expecting me to follow suit? I might get sunburned.’ ‘Yes,’ Sue said with a giggle, ‘you look pretty silly in those trunks.’ I quickly slipped them off, lying on my front, hoping my excitement would not show.

Barbara now raised herself on her elbows, and said that she needed another drink, and Sue asked her to bring drinks for us, too. She stood up, naked as she was, and walked away from us to the house, her soft rump swinging with a real rhythm as she walked. But it was only when she came back that I could see her whole body for the first time: her tiny richly-tipped, pointed breasts, her belly still quite long and lean above her swelling hips, and a splash of dark hair on her crotch; when she came close I could see that this hair stopped almost entirely above her lips; her outer lips were full and plump like her mother’s, but seemed to be hairless, with a deep cleft between. Now I certainly had to stay lying on my front!

Barbara knelt down facing me, with one knee on the ground, the other slightly sideways, to pour the drinks, and showed everything — her plump lips were indeed almost hairless, and as she stretched I caught a momentary glimpse of little crinkled inner labia within her cleft. It was hard to hold the glass steady as she poured! Then she lay back like her mother, one knee raised, showing the firm round curve of her bum cheeks below that fleshy slit, but it looked so pale and clean beside her mother’s rich growth of hair. Sue’s slit looked deeper and fatter, perhaps looser, while Barbara’s plump outer lips were firm and taut. I must have looked a bit silly, rootedly lying on my stomach, trying to conceal what this extraordinary sight was doing to me.

But in the end I joked that the sun was going to burn my arse, and turned over, lying on my side with my knees drawn up, so as to make my erect cock look less prominent. But I could see that Barbara was looking at it, and maybe watching to see if Sue was looking; and Sue was watching Barbara watching. But we began to talk again, and gradually the whole situation came to feel more natural, though I found it hard to tear my eyes away from the parade of thighs and labia that they had opened out in front of me.

Around five o’clock Sue suddenly said, ‘I’m afraid I’ve got to go out now — to see a friend who’s having troubles.’ I half sat up as if to go, but she added, ‘Do stay for supper if you can; I’ve left some food for you and Barbara.’ ‘Yes, do stay if you can,’ Barbara quickly added. ”Bye then,’ Sue said, standing kestel escort before us completely naked; ‘I won’t be back till late, so won’t see you tonight; you must come over again soon.’ She gave me a quick amused grin, and went indoors, carrying her bikini briefs, her fleshy rump swinging as she walked.

Of course I stayed. It was still quite hot, and Barbara and I stayed out in the garden, both naked; I couldn’t get my trunks back on without making my excitement very obvious. Barbara started talking — not so much about school, but about her girlfriends and how they talked about boys — some of them claiming they had slept with them, but what they said about what had happened was so vague that she didn’t believe them. She said that she, Barbara, didn’t want to do it with some spotty teenager behind a toolshed, with someone who knew little more about it than she did. She was lying on her right side, facing me, and sometimes raising her left knee, giving me quick glimpses of the length of her slit. I was facing her, too, and watching her as she talked — I didn’t really know what to say in response. Yes, she did sometimes touch herself, she said, and found that she could excite herself, but she didn’t think she had made herself come. A couple of times she had kissed intensely with a boy she knew and he had clumsily touched her inside her panties; this had excited her a lot, but he had just felt around, not knowing where to focus, where to touch her.

As I was lying facing her, she could see my cock. I bent my legs so that it looked a bit less aggressive, but of course it was semi-erect, its head fully exposed, out of my foreskin. She was shifting around a lot as she talked and fidgeting restively, and for a bit she sat facing me with both of her knees up, showing me the whole length of her podgy slit and the soft rounded bum cheeks below.

I talked a bit, too, about how long it had taken me to discover what to do with girls and actually to do it, and how I felt one was always learning, and what a pleasure it was to feel someone really enjoying themselves under one’s hands, in one’s arms. She was listening closely. ‘Tell me more about what people enjoy,’ she said. I answered that everyone was different, but mentioned hands, wrists, ears and necks, and even toes — ‘as well as the more obvious places.’

I had to try to talk as coolly and dispassionately as I could, since if I really thought about what I was saying to this gorgeous, inquisitive naked teenager I would get hugely erect and would find it difficult not to reach out and show her in practice all the places I meant. We said nothing about her mother, and she gave no inkling whether she knew how well I knew her, in the past, or now.

It was now around 6.30 and cooler, and she said, ‘Let’s go in and I’ll fetch us something to eat.’

I slipped on my clothes and followed her indoors as she walked, still naked, holding her little bikini, and went upstairs to her room. She had touched me just once, gently on the wrist, when she suggested we should go indoors. Soon she came down, in a loose cotton skirt and a teeshirt, looking more like a girl than the naked imminent woman I had been talking to and ogling in the garden. She brought out some bread and paté and a bottle of white wine, and we chatted casually as we ate, about Brighton and what it was like to live there. There was no sign that she had anything else on her mind, but I could not forget the vivid image of her sitting naked in front of me in the garden, just a few minutes before, her knees open, talking about her attempts to touch herself and explore her own body.

I had no idea what the evening would bring.

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