Temmuz 17, 2024

Straight Andrew Takes the Plunge Ch. 02

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It’s been a couple of weeks since I hooked up with Ray and Stevie. I couldn’t stop thinking about it. It had been scary and humiliating and intoxicating, and I get hard just thinking about. They brought out the sub in me, and there was no going back. I wanted more.

I logged onto the site where I first connected with them, and sent a message: “Hi there, just wondering if you guys want to meet up again.”

The following day, Ray responded: “Friday, noon. Go around the side of the house, and through the gate. Strip and go into the tool shed in the corner of the back yard.”

Friday arrived, and I jumped into my car and headed to their house. When I arrived, the same landscaping truck that was there last time was again parked in front of the house. I parked down the street and made my way back to the house.

Following instructions, I walked up the driveway to the sidewalk leading to the back yard. I opened the gate and walked through. Fortunately, the houses in this neighborhood were not on top of each other, so I wasn’t too worried about being seen.

I took off my clothes, lay them on the ground and headed towards the shed. I saw the two gardeners who had seen me last time. They were working in the garden near the patio by the back door. They were busy and didn’t notice me, as I scampered across the lawn. I opened the shed door and walked in.

It was pretty dark, and smelled of gasoline, oil, paint, varnish and fuck knows what else. It was dusty and dirty. There was a lawnmower, some tools along the wall over a workbench, some sawhorses, cans of paint and boxes. There were light bulbs hanging from the ceiling, but they weren’t on. The only natural light was through a small window in the door.

I waited for what seemed like 10 minutes. I heard footsteps coming, the door opened, and Ray walked in.

“Hello, bahis firmaları bitch,” he said. “I’m not surprised you’re back for more. I knew your type the minute I laid eyes on you. A little, pathetic old man who craves real men.”

He told me to turn around. He grabbed my hands, pressed them together and fastened a zip tie around my wrists.

“Turn around and get down on your knees,” he commanded, and walked out after I complied.

Minutes ticked past. The wooden floor was hard, and my knees were already starting to hurt.

The door opened, and one of the gardeners walked in. He looked to be of mixed race, in his mid-40s, and built like a brick shit-house. He closed the door, and walked towards me, unzipping his shorts. He stood in front of me, looking down, with a smirk on his face. I sure as hell was not expecting this.

He grabbed me by the hair and pulled me to his cock. It was short, but thick, and already hard. I opened my mouth and he inserted it roughly. He was sweaty and smelled funky.

I started giving him head, hoping he was a quick cummer. He grabbed the back of my head and began thrusting, and I started gagging. He didn’t care. He kept at it until finally, as drool spilled out of my mouth, I heard him grunt and cum spewed into my mouth. He pulled out, pulled up his shorts, patted my head like a dog, and walked out. I quickly spit his cum out of my mouth and onto the floor.

Moments, later, the door swung open again, and the second gardener walked in. He was Asian, looked to be in his 30s, and wirier than the other guy. He walked up to me, unzipped his jeans and pulled them down. His cock was bigger than I expected, given his physique.

I opened my mouth, he stuck it in and started thrusting. I started gagging again, trying to breathe. By now my knees were killing me and I kaçak iddaa wasn’t sure how long I would last. He kept pumping me, holding on to my head with both hands until he, too, finally dumped his load in my mouth. He pulled up his pants and left.

Not big talkers, I thought, as I spit out his cum, too. My knees couldn’t take it anymore, so I shifted around and sat on my ass. My knees were red. I could feel drool and cum dripping off my face.

Ray returned about five minutes later. He saw me sitting there, and said: “Why aren’t you on your knees, bitch?”

He walked over to me and shoved me with his foot, knocking me over.

“What the fuck is this?” he asked, pointing to the puddle of cum. He grabbed me by my arms and pushed me towards it, pressing my face in it. “Lick up their spunk,” he barked.

It tasted awful, mixed in with grime and dust. I thought I was going to gag. He lifted me to my feet and we walked out of the shed towards the house. As we got closer, he called out: “Akeno, can you hose this guy down for me. He’s filthy.”

Akeno, the second gardener, brought the hose over and started spraying me. The water was bloody cold. He went up and down my entire body a few times, before stopping. I was shivering.

“I’ll let you sit here in the sun and dry off,” Ray said, pushing me to the ground, before he entered the house.

I looked around. I could see a rooftop over the back fence, but nothing to the left or right. So despite sitting in the middle of the back yard, nobody could see my sorry naked ass sitting here, dripping wet. Well, except for the two gardeners, who would occasionally glance over.

About 15 minutes later, Ray returned and cut off the zip tie.

“I’ve decided we’re not going in the house,” he said, and grabbed me by the arm and marched us back to the shed and inside. kaçak bahis “You need to learn to do what you’re told.”

He pulled the work bench away from the wall, and told me to bend over it. He went around the other side and secured my arms to the table with zip ties. He came back, slapped my ass a couple of times, then spread my legs and secured them to the table.

“Now, Stevie was planning on having you suck his cock,” Ray said. “But he’s disgusted that you sucked the gardeners’ cocks, and he doesn’t like seconds, let alone thirds. Can’t blame him. I guess I should have let him go first, but it was a spur of the moment decision on my part to reward the hired help for their hard work.”

I heard Ray unzip his pants. He spit a few times on my ass, and then jammed his cock in. Without proper lube, it was painful and I cried out.

“For fuck’s sake,” Ray said, “What a fucking loser.”

He started fucking me, slowly first, then gradually increasing the tempo, before slowing down, and then speeding up. I remembered he did this last time, trying to make the session last longer.

My cock started to get hard as Ray continued fucking me, grunting while he took my ass again. He reached around and grabbed my cock.

“You like being fucked by a real man, don’t you?” he asked, as he let go. “I but you’ll be jerking off to this when you get home.”

I just moaned in response, and he kept fucking me until he let out a long grunt and blasted his cum up my ass. He leaned against me, staying there for a few moments, and then pulled out.

He cut the zip ties from my arms and legs, and ordered me on my knees again.

“Clean off my cock,” he ordered.

I dropped down, and licked his cock, cleaning it as best I could, tasting a mixture of cum and my ass.

“Right,” he said. “Off you go, bitch.”

I left the shed, and crossed the yard to the gate. I could feel his cum trickling out of my ass and down my leg. I used a pant leg from my jeans and cleaned up what I could, before dressing, opening the gate and leaving.

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