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My mums friend, had her sister staying, she was running from an abusive relationship.
They had arranged a night out and I went to look after her k**s for a few hours.
When I got there they was just about to leave, she told me her husband was in the shower but had to go to a meeting and they would be back by 1am.
I went and got settled as their cab arrived.
It wasn’t long before the baby needed a bottle and I went and got one for him, he soon went back to sleep. So I watched TV.
I got a little bored and played a few games on their computer but after a while I got curious to see what might be in their deleted folder. I opened it up & Their was a file called us together, I thought this must of been a family pic set and decided to recover and have a look at it.
Once it was back on the computer I opened the file. It looked great, their was pics of a party they went to at one of our neighbours and they looked really happy.
As I got further I find a folder that said naught night, I had to click it and I saw them having sex with my sister.
They was having a three way and they was a vid clip, I had to watch it.
As it opened I could see his huge cock and then my sister started sucking it as his wife licked her.
Now here’s where it gets weird because I felt enraged with jealousy, I could fell myself getting upset it wasn’t me being fucked. I hadn’t flirted with them in the past, as I knew she was bisexual and I wasn’t, but now I wanted her bad and I was pissed off it was my sister.
I heard a bang upstairs and I remembered her husband is still here, I switched bahis şirketleri the monitor off walking back to the sofa still upset it wasn’t me.
I’m not bisexual but I do love to be licked and she looked like she knew how to chew.
I was now having all sorts of lesbian thoughts that I never had before, I couldn’t help but put my hands in my knickers when I heard footsteps down the stairs,
I straightened myself up and tried to look happy.
He walked in and I said hello very politely and I just smiled at him. it was eating me up inside and I wanted to see what else is in that folder.
He was taking ages to get ready and I was getting more annoyed and wanted him to go.
I got up “can I help you out with anything” I said, feeling like I was graceful in my approach. “Are you ok” he said looking straight at me. Now I wanted to just say yes and help him get gone, but instead I burst into tears. “Whatever is wrong” he said holding me as tears run down my face. I looked at him and apologised telling him I was having a mad jealous moment about a stupid thing. “Anything I can help with” he said he his soft voice. “No, il be ok” I said too embarrassed to admit what it was that bothered me. I walked back to the sofa and he ran up the stairs. I sat there and thought why not see if I can get him to confess he had a 3way with my sister.
I walked upstairs and he was on his mobile phone looking at something. I just stood there like a dummy till he asked if something was wrong. “I was stuck because I didn’t know what to say. “Why don’t you come sit down” he said.
I walked over illegal bahis and sat on the bed facing him. “I know I’m not exactly perfect, but I’m here if you want to talk”. He said, looking into my eyes as I just sat there looking back. I knew I had to say something intelligent, something that wouldn’t make me look like an idiot. “I want sex” I blurted out, oh shit did I just say that. I got up and went to run off, I got to the door and looked back to see him smiling at me with his arms open. I ran at him, jumping and kissing him deeply, we pulled at each other’s clothes till we was naked and I pushed him on his back, climbing on top of him and slowly trying to lower on his cock “fuck that’s big” I said as I got off and spat on his cock before sucking it. I could barely fit him in my mouth and there was no way I could shove his monster down my neck, but I couldn’t help but enjoy licking and sucky him, he tasted so good. I was now soaking & I wanted to feel him inside me, I got back on top of him, “no you don’t” he said flipping me on my back grabbing lube off his side and rubbing his cock with it. “What you going to do me” I said in my little girl voice. I don’t know if he got that I wanted to be treated gentle like a young girl but instead he forced his way up me making my eyes pop as I screamed “Be Gentle” I begged. He let me get in position on my back, he went down on me and began tonging my very wet pussy, lifting my legs and licking my bum before pushing his tongue inside, it felt amazing.
I must of orgasmed a dozen times in his mouth before he kissed illegal bahis siteleri his way up me kissing my lips as he slid back up me. The sex was incredible and I’m sure I passed out once or twice, We must of had sex in every possible position before he finally got me to swallow his cum, it was the first time I done that so I made it quick in case it was horrible, I actually liked it and found myself licking his cock to taste more, he grabbed my arm pulling me to my feet and kissing me, we hugged for a-bit before I noticed blood on the sheets. I quickly let him know and he grabbed rubbing some vanish cleaner on them & throwing them in the machine on a quick wash before putting them in the tumble dryer. I watched as he ironed the sheets and remembered I left that file on the computer, I quickly deleted it again. We made the bed together before making our way downstairs where we had a cup of tea in the kitchen. We got lucky because as we sat there drinking his wife and her sister came in. “Oh your home babe” said his wife kissing him on the cheek. “Pay the babysitter for me babe” she said walking her very drunk sister up to the spare room. We walked to the door together where he pulled out some money and paid me. “I’m not a whore” I said giggling at him. “Please don’t tell anyone” he said slipping me more money, I lent forward and whispered in his ear “I want to fuck your wife while you watch, and then il promise to keep quiet” I walked off home and my toy got abused that night. I’m babysitting this Saturday for them, but I’m sure they said her mother was taking the baby this weekend. I’m going in some very sexy underwear in case my lucks In, I’ve never been with a woman before but since seeing them with my sister, I can’t wait to taste pussy and lick her bum hole. I’ve even bought a long double ended dildo…..

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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