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Stormy Weather Ch. 01

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My name is Brandon Robertson, and I’m eighteen and live at home for the time being with my mother and my father. I have two older siblings, my brother Carter is currently in college and has finished pre law, he is planning on following in our father’s footsteps and becoming a lawyer. My sister Amy is in her sophomore year at college, and she is planning on becoming a teacher when she finishes school.

Our father’s name is Ronald Robertson, he is fifty four years old and has his own law firm called The Robertson Law Firm. They deal mostly in representing companies in everything from environmental cases to sexual harassment cases.

Our mother’s name is Amanda Robertson and she is forty two years old, I know there is a twelve-year age difference between the two of them. They met when she was studying meteorology and protesting one of the companies that my father was representing in an environmental matter. She finished school, yet she never worked in meteorology, she ended up staying home taking care of us kids.

Our father has not aged well over the years, he works very hard, spends too little time in the gym, he is probably thirty pounds overweight, going bald and has high blood pressure. As for our mother she is still as beautiful now as she was when she first met our father.

My mother has long red hair that flows just past her shoulder blades when she let’s it hang down. She loves tanning, she will be found in our backyard tanning herself or during the bad weather using the tanning bed dad bought for her. She never over does it either, she just does it long enough to maintain the light brown color to her skin. The tanning brings out the emerald green of her eyes, the fullness of her lips, if she did not go to school for meteorology or decided to be a stay at mom, she could have easily been a model.

Unlike dad she kept her body in good shape, with exercise and diet after she decided that three kids were enough. She did go through a fat period for a few years, then she started exercising, jogging and working out on a home gym. Mom’s body has drawn lots’ of either welcome or unwelcomed attention from our friends as kids calling her a milf or from Dad’s friends who openly flirt with her.

Mom has a beautiful chest, my friends are always commenting on how nice her rack is, I did some snooping one time, mostly to settle a bet. I found that her breasts were thirty-eight c’s, and her stomach is flat with just a few signs of the stretch marks from having three kids. Mom has long shapely legs that are neither too skinny nor too muscular and her ass is well rounded, not fat, but not small either, our father is always calling in her best feature.

As for me I guess you could say I’m the lazy one out of this family of achievers, I’ve always gotten grades that were just good enough to get by. I did excel in sports, on the high school football team I played outside linebacker made all state in my senior year. During the winter I played basketball, I did not start but I usually got to play about ten minutes a game and I lettered.

In the spring I played baseball, I was one of the team’s pitchers and I played shortstop when I was not pitching. I excelled at baseball, I set the school record for home runs, runs batted in and strikeouts.

When graduation came around I had no idea what I wanted to take in college, my parents were proud that I got a sports scholarship. I was going to play baseball for the state university this spring yet I could not come up with any kind of course of study. So my guidance counselor just signed me up for general studies and hoped I would be able to settle on something.

Now on with the story on how my mother had to help with an unfortunate accident this summer. I was playing a pick up game of baseball with some friends down at the athletic field of our old school. A hard hit grounder came at me fast and took a bad bounce, the ball hit me hard right in the groin. I dropped like a ton of bricks screaming in pain, the guys called for an ambulance on their cell phones and I had to go to the hospital for surgery.

I ended up spending a week in the hospital after the surgery, and I had to have a tube inserted into my scrotum for drainage. The pain and swelling were intense, but I could never find a way to get completely comfortable. At the end of the week our family doctor came into my room with my parents to discharge me.

“Well Brandon it looks like you can go home, your mother has already followed the special instructions I’ve given her for you to return home.” The doctor said to me.

“Doctor Mitchell, what special instructions?” I asked.

“We do not want you to have any sexual stimulation for the next three weeks, your mother had a special cable box installed so you cannot see anything other that PG-13 programming. She also had a special block put on the computer so that you cannot surf the web for pornography. She also went through your room and got all of the pornography out of it, including explicit magazines.” He explained to me.

“Great now mom and dad illegal bahis think I’m some pervert who can’t control his urges.” I said in disbelief.

“No son, you don’t do anything different from when I was your age, we think you are a healthy normal eighteen years old.” My father said reassuring me.

“Now you will have to continue to ice your groin throughout the day and night to help with the swelling and pain. I also have prescribed a pain killer for you that will help you at home as well, any questions or you experience any blood in your urine come right back and see me.” Explained Doctor Mitchell.

“Yes Doctor, I think Brandon will do quite well at home.” My mother chimed in.

The ride home was quiet, my parents made small talk in the front seat, as I mentioned earlier my mother was a stay at home mom. Then during my senior year in high school, my mother who was both bored and facing an empty nest got a job at channel twelve doing the weather. She was going to work under the senior meteorologist at the station and it would help her catch up to date on the new weather forecasting technology.

She offered to see if she could get a leave of absence from the station, but I insisted she did not need too. She usually did the early morning and lunchtime newscasts Monday through Friday, I would hate to see mom have to stay home from a job she really loved doing.

The only draw back since she did take the job being, an on air meteorologist was the fan mail she got from some of the mail viewers. Mom usually dressed conservatively, yet there were a few times she allowed her natural attributes show. This usually attracted some unsavory e-mails from male viewers who wanted her to send them perverted pictures or wanted to sniff her dirty undies.

My exile began with my new sterile environment from anything sexual, I was so bored having nothing but tame television shows and video games. The only female I actually was around or watched on television was my mother doing the weather at noon. I can see at times over the last couple of weeks why my mother received some of those e-mails.

Most days she looks very conservative and then other she wore short skirts, tight tops while doing the weather. My mother is truly a beautiful woman and I hated to admit I enjoyed watching her do her thing on television.

After a few weeks of this no sex torture I was going through Doctor Mitchell called and wanted me to come in for an appointment. My mother took the day off and was going to take me to the doctor’s office herself.

I was instructed to go into the examination room and undress, then put on the hospital gown that was provided for me. After that my doctor, my mother walked into the room and to my embarrassment he lifted the gown up to my waist leaving me exposed to my mother. He carefully examined my groin, moving my penis around, then he cupped my balls and felt them carefully. He then pulled the gown back down, much to my relief, I was amazed my mother sat there watching the entire examination.

“Mrs. Robertson, I think your son has healed quite well from his injury and can resume normal sexual activity, as well as masturbation.” He announced bluntly.

“That is good to hear that he has healed well, I will call the cable company and get your normal cable box, you can use the computer again and your magazines are stored in the garage.” She said as if to encourage me to masturbate.

“Also I’m going to need two samples a day of his ejaculate for the next two weeks, we need to make sure that everything on the inside is still working right.” He said. “Just see my nurse for the sample cups and you can just drop the samples off at the lab at the hospital.”

“Two samples a day for two weeks, I guess you’re going to be busy Brandon.” My mother laughed aloud.

“I guess I better borrow some of your lotion.” I replied trying to take some of the attention off of me.

“Well we will leave you to get dressed, see you out in the waiting room.” My mother said following the doctor out of the room.

I got home and enjoyed the drive home with my mother, she told me how my brother and sister were enjoying their summers and how the station was going to do more in the school classrooms around the area. She was really excited about working with young kids and helping them learn about the weather.

I took a lot of ribbing from my father that night about the sample thing and then after watching some television I carried my box of movies up to my room. I tried several times to masturbate that night and was quite disappointed that I could not get a hard on. The next morning my mother stopped into my room to give me a kiss as she left for work. I got up a few hours later and got my magazines from the garage, I tried until about noon trying to get an erection with no success.

I gave up and turned on the noon news on the station my mother worked at, then I sat down and watched. My mother came on within the first few minutes to give an update of the weather currently happening. Then I felt it my cock illegal bahis siteleri twitched in my shorts, it literally jumped as I saw my mother sitting behind a desk. She was wearing a red blouse, which fit tight on her, accentuating her breasts and I knew from this morning she had on a black skirt that was cut above the knee.

I continued to watch waiting the fifteen minutes for my mother’s weather report and sure enough she stood in front of the giant screen weather map. My cock was now getting hard and starting to strain against my shorts. I pulled it out without thinking and began to stroke it, watching my mother do the weather. Then as I was about to cum, I remembered the sample cup and shot my load into it.

I put the cup into the fridge and went back upstairs, I ended up falling asleep on my bed and did not hear my mother come home. She knocked softly on my door and came into my room, she sat down on my bed and woke me up from my nap.

“Hey honey I see you got Doctor Mitchell his first sample, don’t forget he needs another one.” She said to me.

“I’ll try mom, but it was pretty hard getting the first one.” I replied sleepily.

“Are you feeling okay, we can take you back to the doctors if you are having problems?” She asked me.

“No I’m fine, but it’s just the pressure of getting the sample.” I said to make something believable up.

“Okay well dinner will be in a few hours, so you just stay up here and relax.” She said to leave my room to get supper going.

My mother left my room and I tried to rid myself of getting turned on by her, I waited a few more minutes and my cock softened. As soon as I went downstairs for dinner and sat at the table with my parents, my cock once again betrayed me. All throughout dinner I was hard and my mother was the cause of this.

Later that night I tried hard to get an erection so I could get another sample and failed to do so. The next morning my mother asked if I had another sample for her to drop off on her way to work and I told her no. She told me to keep trying and I told her I would do my best to get what the doctor wanted.

All morning long I went from watching porn, looking at magazines, surfing stories on the internet, nothing worked. Once again I found myself drawn to the noon time news and once again as soon as my mother came on, I got an erection. Today she wore a tight pair of navy blue slacks, a light blue blouse and a tight navy blue blazer. I watched as the camera showed both the weather and her great ass at the same time. Soon I was filling another sample cup with my hot cum, I put the cap on it and took it down to the fridge.

The same routine was going on every day for me, every night when she got home, and I was in a constant state of arousal. Friday afternoon when my mother came home from work, she did a beeline to my bedroom.

“Brandon, Doctor Mitchell is concerned on why I’ve only brought in three samples so far when he should have six.” She said to me. “So if you cannot come up with eight samples this weekend he is going to bring you in for further examinations and tests.”

“I’m sorry mom, and I will try harder at getting the samples for Doctor Mitchell.” I then begged her. “Please don’t let him put me into the hospital again.”

“Brandon, just do what you have to do to get the samples for the doctor.” She said to me and then she left my room.

I debated with myself all evening if I should tell my mother my little problem I was having at getting an erection without her help. So I waited until after my father went to bed and I headed downstairs, I did not want to go back into the hospital. I turned off the television, she wasn’t paying any attention to it anyway, she was too busy reading a book on Doppler radar.

“Mom, we really need to talk about this problem that I have been having to get the samples the Doctor wanted.” I said to her in a very serious tone of voice.

“Hold on baby and let me finish this last page to the chapter.” She said to me, when she finished she put a bookmark in place and put the book down on the coffee table.

“Mom, I’ve tried everything that I can think of, thinking of girls whom I went to school with, looking at my magazines, surfing for porn and erotic stories on the internet and watching my porn DVD’s. Nothing is working for me to get an erection needed to get the samples, the only way I’ve been able to get the four I have already been from watching.” I stopped not sure if I should go any further.

“Watching what? Whatever you are watching we can make sure you see plenty of it so we can get those samples.” My mother said to me anxious to help.

“Well mom, if you really must know the only time I can get hard is watching you do the weather at noon. I masturbate watching give your weather reports, now you know I’m so kind of sick degenerate.” I said to fight the urge to run out of there.

“No honey, Doctor Mitchell warned me that this could happen, when we took all of your female stimulation from you and I was all that you saw.” She explained canlı bahis siteleri to me the Doctors’ theory. “Your mind still sees me as not only your mother but as a sexual object, the longer you continue to expose yourself to other women the sooner you can get over your arousal of me.”

“Yes but Mom, what about the samples?” I asked her, hoping she would have a solution for my problem.

“Well give me time to think and I will hopefully have a solution for you in the morning.” She explained. “Now why doesn’t you go and try to get some sleep.”

I tried to conceal my hard on as I got up and left the living room leaving my mother alone to think. I did not hear her come upstairs for another hour and then she went to bed, the next morning I was awoken by a soft knocking at my bedroom door.

“Come in.” I said.

My mother came into my room, she was wearing her bathrobe and her fluffy pink slippers as she sat down on my bed and crossed her long legs. She looked beautiful even in the morning without the aide of makeup.

“Brandon we really need to get these samples and I have two days to get eight of them out of you, I too do not want to see you go back into the hospital.” She said to me.

“So you found a solution for me.” I said sitting up in hope.

“Yes.” She said and pulled my sheet off of me to expose my boxers which were already starting to tent at her presence. “Do not tell your father about this, he is off playing golf now and we have time to get a sample.”

Without saying a word my mother reached over to my night stand and grabbed the hand lotion, she squirted a big gob of it onto her hand. Then without saying a word she pulled my six and a half inch cock from my boxers. She touched with her hand full of lotion and gently began to stroke me up and down.

I moaned aloud in pleasure at the first hand job I have gotten from someone other than myself, even if it was my own mother. She continued to expertly work my cock up and down with hand, then as if she has been giving hand jobs all of her life she knew when I was almost ready to cum and got the sample cup.

“Oh god, oh god mom, here it cums.” I said aloud.

With that I shot load after load into the cup filling it three quarters of the way up, my mother put the lid on and left the bedroom. I got up still in shock of what had just happened and then I went to take a shower to get cleaned up. I got dressed and had breakfast, around noon my mother was out in the back yard by the in ground pool working on her tan. She wore her usual conservative blue bikini, and she called for me to come over to her lounge chair.

She sat up and told me to sit down, she then got my cock out of my shorts and this time she put some sun tan lotion on her hands. She was prepared too, and she already had a cup ready to collect the sample. Once again with expert precision her hand worked up and down on my cock until I shot another load of cum into the cup.

I watched as her hand stroked the sample into the cup and she put the lid onto it, then she instructed me to go in and put it in the fridge. My father got home and the rest of the day was uneventful, then my mother asked me if I wanted to go to the store with her to get some garlic bread for dinner.

Before the store we pulled into one of the local parks in our small city, my mother told me to lie back in my seat. She undid my shorts and took my already hard cock out, she had a small bottle of lotion in her purse which she used on it. This time it was taking me longer to cum, whether it was the fact we were in public or the fact that I had already cum twice that day.

“Mom can, and I touch you, I think I need more stimulation?” I asked her.

“You touch my breasts if it will help you get this over with.” She said leaning closer to me.

The first touch of her breasts through her shirt and I was already cumming into the cup she had brought along. We straightened up and she gave me a couple of wet naps to clean my cock off, then we went to the store to get the garlic bread.

Later that night, I could hear her in her bedroom making love to my father, it did not last very long. In about fifteen minutes she came into my room, I could already hear my father snoring loudly.

“We need that fourth sample.” She said yawning.

“Sorry mom, I jerked off while listening to you and Dad have sex.” I told her handing her the sample cup.

“Well if I knew all I had to do was make love to your father four times a day to get your samples, I would have saved myself the embarrassment of jerking my own son off three times today already.” She said to me not hiding her sarcasm in her voice.

“Sorry.” I said to put my head down.

“Oh don’t worry about it, your father would probably have a heart attack if I was to have sex with him that often.” She said. “I will see you in the morning then, your dad has to get up early to go fishing with a couple of the other lawyers.”

She left my room to go downstairs and put the sample in the fridge with the others, then she returned to bed. Around eight in the morning she came into my room for another sample, she was wearing a long white silk night gown with spaghetti straps. The nightgown showed her ample cleavage and her nipples were erect against the material.

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