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St Mary’s Girls: Amanda’s Affair

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Pushing her books away from her, Amanda sat back in her chair and stretched, easing the tension in the cramped muscles of her shoulders. “That’s probably enough of that for tonight. You’ve worked very hard,” Mr. Reid, her maths teacher said. Amanda nodded, agreeing with her teacher, she had worked very hard, trying to understand and figure out the solutions to the equations that she had been set.

Amanda had been receiving private tuition from Mr. Reid for almost a year and, she was forced to admit, she had benefited immensely from these sessions at his home. Usually there were two other girls in her study group but tonight Amanda was on her own. Mr. Reid’s wife was a nurse and frequently worked, as she was tonight, on nightshifts. For some reason, the occasions when Amanda was the only one of the three girls to turn up for the study group always seemed to coincide with the nights that Mrs. Reid wasn’t at home. Amanda smiled to herself, reflecting on the ‘coincidence’, wondering what form her ‘payment’ for tonight’s extra tuition would take. Amanda’s smile deepened as she wondered how her mother would react if she ever found out just how her daughter ‘paid’ for some of extra tuition she received.

Following a pattern that had been established over the course of the last six months, Amanda tidied her books away then began ‘searching’ in her bag for her purse. After a few moments of fruitless ‘searching’, Amanda looked up at her teacher. Affecting a worried expression she said, “I… I’m sorry Mr. Reid b… but I… I seem to have left my purse at home.”

Mr. Reid assumed a stern expression. “I see,” he said, eyeing Amanda speculatively. “Well, Miss Ross,” he continued, “I assume we’ll have to come to some other arrangement to cover tonight’s fee.”

“Trying not to smile, Amanda lowered her gaze. “Y… yes, Mr. Reid,” she said in a timid sounding voice, “I suppose we will.”

“I imagine you know what’s expected of you,” Mr. Reid said as Amanda rose and made her way to the kitchen door. Still smiling, Amanda nodded as she turned and left the room. “Five minutes,” Mr. Reid called after her as she made her way along the hall to the room that was her destination.

Reaching the bedroom that belonged to Hannah, Mr. Reid’s daughter, Amanda quickly stepped inside. As she began to strip off her school uniform she spotted the long haired, strawberry-blonde wig that her teacher often asked her to wear and smiled as she made her way towards the wardrobe. Rummaging around, she quickly found the short, tight black skirt that she knew her teacher liked to her wear. Selecting the cut-off denim jacket that she liked and a tight, low-cut little red top, Amanda closed the wardrobe door and crossed to the dressing table to get ready.

As she often did on nights like these, Amanda had chosen to wear a pair of black, fishnet stockings, a lacy suspender belt with matching bra and thong under her school uniform. While she had no hesitation about wearing the other girl’s outfits, Amanda preferred to wear her own underwear. On a whim, she decided to dispense with her thong as she started to get dressed.

Despite the fact that Hannah was several years older than she was, her teacher’s daughter’s clothes fitted Amanda snugly. She’d worn them often enough to realise that Hannah must be much the same size and shape as she was. Sitting at Hannah’s dressing table, Amanda applied a minimum of makeup around her eyes and to her cheeks before applying a generous amount of bright red lipstick to her lips. When she was satisfied with her look, Amanda picked up the wig and put it on her head. It fitted easily over her short brown hair. Taking a final look in the mirror, then glancing at the framed photograph on the dressing table, Amanda was forced to admit that, with the wig and wearing her clothes, she did bear a passing resemblance to Mr. Reid’s daughter.

Sitting on the edge of Hannah’s bed, Amanda took a quick look around the room. She smiled as she spotted the video camera for the first time. Mr. Reid often recorded these sessions, so its presence came as no surprise. Her teacher had even let her have copies of the tapes of some of their sessions. Sometimes he had Amanda pretend to be his secretary, on others he preferred to be in her school uniform but the times when he had her dress up us his daughter were always the best and Amanda felt a shiver of anticipation for what was to come.

Digging in her bag, Amanda found her cigarettes. Lifting one to her lips, she lit up and inhaled deeply. She’d taken no more than a few puffs when Mr. Reid burst into the room. “What on earth do you think you’re doing?” he said, the glint in his eye belying his stern expression and tone, “Put that thing out at once!”

Amanda took a last long pull on her cigarette then stubbed it out in the ashtray on the bedside cabinet. “I… I’m sorry,” she said in a little girl voice, “but I only had one.”

“Don’t give me that,” Mr. Reid said, “and look at you, you’re dressed like a whore.” He looked at Amanda speculatively. bahis firmaları “You’ll have to be punished, girl,” he said.

“Y… yes, daddy,” Amanda said timidly.

“What was that?” Mr. Reid asked.

“Yes, daddy,” Amanda replied, a hint of indignity in her voice.

“I’ll have none of your cheek, my girl,” Mr. Reid said as he sat down. “Now, over my knee!”

Amanda smiled as she bent over her teacher’s lap. He had said that she was dressed like a whore and, in a few seconds, he was going to discover just how accurate his comments had been. She heard him gasp as he pulled up her skirt to reveal the naked cheeks of her pert bum. “And just where do you think you were going, dressed like this?” her teacher said.

“Just out with friends,” Amanda replied. “Please, daddy,” she pleaded, “I was going to put some knickers on before I went out.”

“Knickers! Knickers! I will not have you using vulgar language like that while you’re living under my roof!” Mr. Reid said in his stern tones. “Anyway, why should I believe you? You’re nothing but a little whore and whores like you have to be punished!”

“Please, daddy!” Amanda pleaded again. “I’m not really a whore. I’m a good gir…. ow!” she cried as her teacher’s hand slapped the cheeks of her bum.

“Don’t lie to me girl!” Mr. Reid exclaimed as his hand slapped her arse again, harder this time.

Tears sprang to Amanda’s eyes as her teacher’s hand went slap, slap, slap across her upturned arse cheeks. Despite the stinging pain, Amanda felt her pussy begin to get wet. Mr. Reid almost always found some excuse to give her a spanking, knowing that it was as much of a turn on for the St. Mary’s girl to be on the receiving end of such treatment as it was for him to administer it.

Slap! He struck her again. “Admit it, girl. You’re a dirty little whore!” Slap!

“N… no, daddy. I’m goo… owwww!” Slap!

“You suck cocks, don’t you?” Slap!

“N… noooooo!” Slap!

“You let men fuck you for money!” Slap!

“No, daddy. Please!!!!” Slap!

“Whore!” Slap!

“Nooooooo!” Slap!

“Admit you’re a whore and I’ll stop.” Slap! Slap! Slap!

“I’m a whore daddy!” Amanda said, tears streaming down her cheeks, her arse stinging from the punishment it had taken.

“What did you say?” Mr. Reid demanded.

“I… I’m a whore daddy,” Amanda repeated. “Y… you’re little baby girl’s a cocksucking little whore. A cocksucking whore who loves to fuck, who loves to feel cock in her hot little pussy, who loves to feel a cock in her…” she paused, suddenly.

“Yes! Go on. Tell me what you like!” Mr. Reid said, raising his hand again. Amanda looked up at her teacher, fluttering her long lashes over her dark brown eyes. “What were you going to say?” Mr. Reid demanded, lifting his hand higher.

“Don’t hit me, daddy,” Amanda pleaded in a little girl voice. “P… please don’t hit me.”

“Where do you like to feel a cock, girl?” he asked.

“In… in my arse, daddy,” she whispered.

Mr. Reid’s hand came down hard across her stinging cheeks then he pushed Amanda from his lap. “Show me!” he demanded, “Show me what you do you little whore!”

“Y… yes, daddy,” Amanda sobbed, partially acting out her role and partially for real. That last slap had really hurt. She crawled towards her teacher. Mr. Reid released his straining cock from inside his trousers and Amanda lowered her head to hide a smile. Her teacher’s cock was full and hard, standing proudly erect. The thrashing he had just given her had clearly turned him on immensely. She put her hands in his lap and lightly began to stroke his throbbing member with her long, delicate fingers.

“Suck it, whore!” Mr. Reid demanded. “Show me how my little girl sucks a cock!”

“Yes daddy,” Amanda purred. She held his cock lightly between her fingers and ran her tongue along the underside of his shaft. As she swirled her tongue around his swollen knob, Amanda heard her teacher groan. “Does daddy like it when his little girl does that?” she asked.

“Oh fuck yes!” came the strangled reply.

Amanda smiled again. She parted her lips and drew his knob into her mouth, sliding her lips down his shaft. Feeling the head of her teacher’s cock lodge in the back of her throat, Amanda swallowed repeatedly and was rewarded with another strangled groan.

Bobbing her head up and down, Amanda sucked hard on Mr. Reid’s cock. His moans of pleasure told her just how much she was enjoying his attentions. Amanda was very skilled with her mouth. She’d been told on a number of occasions that she was almost as good as Shona and Jane and it amused her to be ranked along with the two girls whose cocksucking skills had achieved near legendary status in the unofficial history of St. Mary’s. The two friends had long been held to be the hottest sluts that the school had ever produced and while Amanda might not have notched up as many conquests as the other two girls, she was confident in her skills and her sexuality and knew kaçak iddaa that, of all the girls in school, her appetite came closest to matching that of the seeming insatiable pair.

Humming contentedly to herself as her teacher’s pre-cum oozed from his knob into her hungry mouth, Amanda reached between her legs with one hand to finger her pussy. She flinched as her fingertips brushed her throbbing clit, causing her to suck harder on Mr. Reid’s cock.

Feeling his climax approach, Mr. Reid reached down to grip Amanda’s head, pulling it towards him as he thrust his cock into her eager mouth. While Amanda wasn’t the only one of his students that he fucked she was, without question, the most talented. He had never had either Jane or Shona but he knew of their reputations. He couldn’t imagine how they could be better than the hot little Scottish whore whose hot mouth he would soon be filling with cum and some day, he reflected, he would have to put it to the test. But not tonight. Tonight, he was going to shoot his load into Amanda’s mouth and then, after he’d eaten her sweet pussy and had time to recover, he’d fuck her hot little cunt and, maybe, her tight arse.

Amanda knew that her teacher was getting close. Fingering her clit, she drove herself urgently towards a climax. Her fingers were slick with her juices and her pussy cried out to be fucked. Her womb began to contract and she felt herself slip over the edge. As her body shook, Amanda slid her lips back until only Mr. Reid’s knob was in her mouth. Sucking hard, flicking the slit with her tongue, she wrapped her fingers around the base of his cock and began to pump his shaft furiously.

“Oh fuck! Oh fuck!” Mr. Reid groaned. “I’m c… cumming Am… uh… Hannah! I’m cumming!”

Still stroking his cock, Amanda let her mouth go slack. A thick jet of cum exploded from his cock, taking her in the back of the throat. Amanda swallowed rapidly as more and more cum filled her mouth. She let it pool on her tongue, savouring its rich flavour before swallowing it down. Using her fingers to milk her teacher’s cum from his cock, Amanda took every drop that he had, not letting any spill from her mouth. She let her climax subside before letting her teacher’s cock slip from her mouth. “Did daddy like that?” she asked in a sweetly innocent voice.

“Ohhhhh fuck, yes!” Mr. Reid replied, “You have a wonderful mouth.”

“Would daddy like to taste my pussy now?” Amanda asked, sweetly. “Men always like eating my pussy!”

“Do you like that, you little whore?” Mr. Reid asked.

“Oh yes, daddy!” Amanda replied, “A slut like me loves having her pussy licked.” She stood up and undid the tight skirt, easing it down over her shapely thighs and letting it slip to the ground, revealing her smoothly waxed, hairless mound. “Do you like my pussy, daddy?” she asked, “All the other men like my pussy. They like the way it feels so baby soft and smooth.”

“And just how many men have eaten your pussy?” Mr. Reid asked, again adopting a stern tone.

Amanda shrugged. “I’ve lost count,” she said with aplomb, “but men just love eating my pussy before they fuck it. And it’s not just men, daddy,” she added, “girls have eaten my pussy too.” Amanda let her voice drop to a whisper. “And daddy,” she purred, “I’ve eaten girls as well.”

“Get on the bed, whore!” Mr. Reid demanded, “Get on the bed and open your legs!”

“Yes daddy,” Amanda cooed. She climbed onto the bed and lazily opened her legs. Reaching down, she spread her smooth, pink labia with her fingers then dipped one into her pussy. She thrust it in and out a few times. “They fuck me like this, daddy,” she purred, “they stick their hard cocks inside me then fuck your little baby girl like this.” Pulling her finger from her cunt, Amanda raised it to her mouth and sucked it between her lips. “Mmmmmm,” she sighed, “it tastes so good. Do you want to taste it, daddy? Do you want to know why men like eating your baby girl’s pussy?”

“You’re a dirty little whore!” Mr. Reid exclaimed as he knelt between Amanda’s outstretched legs.

“Yes, daddy!” Amanda agreed. “Your baby girl’s a dirty little whore who likes having her pussy eaten. You do want to eat my pussy, don’t you, daddy?”

Unable to endure any more taunting from his sexy student, Mr. Reid groaned as he leant forward and buried his face between the soft, moist folds of Amanda’s pussy. “Oooooohhhhhh, Daddy!” she sighed as her teacher’s tongue probed the entrance of her cunt, “your tongue feels so good in my slutty little pussy.”

As Mr. Reid’s tongue lapped between her moist folds, Amanda pulled the hem of her top up above breasts. Reaching behind her back, she unclasped her bra then pushed the lacy black cups up to reveal her firm breasts. “Oooooooohhhhh, yes, daddy!” Eat my pussy!” she cried as her hands cupped and squeezed her breasts.

Savouring the taste of his student’s juices as they flowed over his tongue, Mr. Reid slid a finger into her quivering pussy. He pumped it in and out as his tongue flicked over her clit. kaçak bahis “Ooooooohhh, daddy!” Amanda moaned as she tugged on her nipples, feeling a warm glow spread through her. Mr. Reid changed fingers and Amanda cried as he pressed one well lubricated fingertip against her arsehole. “Ohhhhh fffuuuccckkkkk, yessssssss!” Amanda cried as her teacher’s finger slid into her back passage.

Tugging her nipples as her teacher’s fingers filed her holes, his tongue lashing her clit, Amanda felt her body begin to shake. “Yessssssss, daddy! I’m cumming! I’mmmmm cummmmmming!” Amanda cried as the contractions in her pussy and womb intensified. Mr. Reid sucked on her throbbing clit, flicking the tip with his tongue as his fingers, slick with her juices, plunged in and out of Amanda’s pussy and arse. “Fuck! Oooooohhhhhhhh fffuuucccckkkkk!” Amanda cried, her back arching off the bed as her climax washed over her. “Don’t stop! Ooooohhhhhh daddy, please don’t stop!” she wailed as her orgasm peaked again.

As his student writhed with pleasure on the bed, Mr. Reid felt his cock return to full hardness. Amanda’s play acting and her obvious enjoyment was a huge turn on. He was going to enjoy watching the recording of this, Amanda’s performance as his daughter was one of her best ever. “I’m cumming again! Oh yes, daddy, I’m cumming again!” Amanda moaned, her breathing rapid and shallow. “I’m a whore, daddy! I’m a dirty little whore and I’m cumming for you daddy! I’m cumming for you! Mmmmmmmm…”

Unable to deny himself the sensation of feeling his cock buried deep inside Amanda’s hot pussy, Mr. Reid pulled his fingers from her holes then stood up. “Get up!” he demanded, “Get up and bend over!” With her body still shaking, Amanda struggled to obey. Slap! she felt her teacher’s hand on her upthrust arse cheeks again. “Are you sorry now, you little slut? Are you sorry?” he moaned, his words punctuated by a series of stinging slaps to Amanda’s pert, shapely bottom.

“Oh yes daddy, I’m sorry,” Amanda said, her voice contrite yet seductive at the same time. “Are you going to fuck me, daddy?” she asked, “Are you going to stick your cock in my tight little cunt and fuck your slutty little baby girl the way other men do?” With a groan, Mr. Reid grabbed her hips and thrust forward. His knob split her lower lips and he sank his cock into her cunt. “Yesssss! Oh yesssss! Mmmmmm” Amanda purred as her teacher’s cock impaled her.

“Is that how they fuck you, whore?” Mr. Reid groaned, stabbing his cock in and out of Amanda’s cunt.

“Yes daddy!” Amanda replied, “That’s how all the other men fuck your whore of a daughter. Hard and fast, daddy, just how I love it!”

Groaning Mr. Reid battered Amanda’s cunt with deep, powerful thrusts. Amanda moaned as his cock plunged in and out, the walls of her pussy flexing around his shaft. “Harder daddy! Fuck me harder!” she cried, gripping his cock inside her cunt, “Fuck me the way other men do!”

With a grunt, Mr. Reid increased his pace, impaling her over and over again. “Yessssss! Ohhhhhhhh yessssssss!” Amanda moaned, “Fuck me daddy! Fuck your little whore!” Mr. Reid’s hand slapped against her bottom again. “Owwwwww!” Amanda cried, her cheeks stinging as her teacher’s hand connected with them.

Amanda reached back between her legs to finger her clit as her teacher’s cock filled her pussy, his knob hitting against the neck of her womb at the deepest point of every thrust. Her muffin ached from the pounding it was taking. Amanda felt her orgasm build inside her. “Oh fuck, daddy!” she cried, her body shaking. “I’m cumming! I’m cumming again! Your big, strong cock in my slutty little cunt is making me cum!”

Riding the waves of her orgasm, Amanda felt herself lose control of her body. With her fingers still rubbing her clit, her body shook wildly, her hips bucking, pushing back, impaling herself on her teacher’s cock. At the height of her climax, Amanda slumped forward, her knees buckling, her legs no longer able to support her. As she fell forward, Mr. Reid’s cock slipped from her cunt. A feeling of emptiness overwhelmed her as she leaned, panting against the bed.

“You’re not getting off that lightly, girl!” Mr. Reid said as he came up behind her. Grabbing her legs, he lifted her on to the edge of the bed. Amanda sank down, resting herself on her forearms, pushing her bum back as Mr. Reid gripped her hips with his strong hands. Bracing herself for another onslaught, Amanda gasped as she felt her teacher’s knob press, not against the entrance of her pussy, but against puckered rear hole.

“Oh… oh… ooooohhhhhhhh!” Amanda moaned as she felt her arsehole stretch to accept the head of her teacher’s cock. Lubricated with Amanda’s juices, Mr. Reid’s cock slid slowly but easily into her tight back passage. “Yes, daddy!” Amanda cried as his cock sank into her, “In my arse! I love taking a big, hard cock in my arse!”

“Oh fuck, Am… uh… Hannah, your arse is tight!” Mr. Reid groaned, thrusting hard.

“Yes, daddy,” Amanda agreed, “My arse is tight. Men love fucking my tight little arse!” She pushed her hips back, impaling herself on her teacher’s stiff prick, feeling his balls slap against her enflamed labia with every stroke. “Do you like it too?” she asked.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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