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Subject: Rooming with My Best Friend Spring Chapter 32 ****************** Warning: The usual disclaimers apply here. If you don’t like any of the following, leave now: gay sex, vulgar or harsh language or underage wherever you are reading this. Please leave now!! This is pure fiction. No one in this story is a real person, living or deceased. Please do not copy without my consent. ******************* Waking with Corey on Sunday in our dorms in April, I quietly watched him prepare to leave just before 7. We spent the night holding each other with lots of hot making out. We forewent sex since our heart would not be in it but it was great to hold him. “Feeling any better?” I asked. “I guess. Maybe it was one of those days. We’re allowed those, right?” “Yes, we are allowed a moody day,” I said. Corey was reaching for a shirt when I heard his golf clubs rattle together. It hit me what he might be able to use. “Corey, I know what would be perfect for you.” “What? A case of beer?” he laughed. “No, why I don’t line it up where you and some of the others go golfing right after you get off work?” Corey rubbed his chin looking at his clubs. “Damn that might be exactly what I need.” “I know. I didn’t think of it until I heard those things rattle together.” Corey approached with a big smile, “Thanks! It would be great. I don’t care who goes even if you have to. I do need to knock the shit out of something.” “By the time you get back, everything will be set or at least I hope it will.” “Great! I’ll have something to look forward to!” Corey said with a change of attitude. He leaned over for a long kiss and even grabbed my cock in doing so. I didn’t mind and enjoyed the touch. With him gone, I decided to head to my room. There I opened the door quietly to see Kris sleeping on his stomach with his hot ass shining and very little covering his taut naked body. I found my wallet and keys to head out and not disturb his sleep. Once I returned, Kris was still snoring away but on his back where his strong morning wood was on display but it wasn’t anything I had seen over the course of the year. Finally I heard his voice, “How was your night or do I even have to ask?” Turning around, “Actually Corey had a horrible night. He was in the worst mood ever. Nothing I could do would cheer him up.” “Not even 8 inches of love shoved up his ass,” he commented with a laugh. “Nope,” I smiled. “Liz got about 7 shoved in her pussy and mouth though,” Kris stated. “Really?” “She wanted it so I obliged her with her desire.” “So I take it you two are back to normal.” “Matt, there wasn’t much passion like before. We enjoyed it but I guess it was casual sex between two willing people. I will say that she can’t suck dick worth shit,” Kris said. “She stated it was more of a duty than for her enjoyment.” “Just tell me you didn’t say a word what you had been doing.” “I’m not crazy!” “Kris, I need a big favor out of you and some of the others. Is there any way you could squeeze a round of golf in today after Corey gets off work?” I asked. “Favor? I’ll do it and have been aching to swing the clubs again.” “That’s awesome. I think Corey needs a little time without me again. He was so bummed about seeing and hearing all we did…” “This is his last working weekend right?” “Yes it is and couldn’t come any sooner for him. I can’t blame him for wanting to be around us.” “Matt, Corey’s lucky to have you. That’s really thoughtful of you to get us together so he can do something with us,” Kris stated while reaching for his can. “Now here’s something Liz wasn’t fond of at all.” “I can see that,” I said. By the time Corey was off, Kris, Colt and Scott were more than ready to hit the links with him. Corey was so excited and raced to change after seeing the three waiting on him. I got a few pictures and shoved my camera in Corey’s pocket in hopes he’d return with some great pictures. Alone gave me great time to catch up with Mom before calling Dad to see what he’d been up to. Both were doing okay but Mom was so disappointed since she knew I had Friday off and wouldn’t be coming home. Dad and I talked but he never did offer to meet up again. The golf foursome returned about eight. There was no doubt Corey had enjoyed his time on the course. He did a great job and had plenty of pictures to share. “Matt, the queers beat the hell out of the dipping steers,” Corey stated with excitement in his voice. “Damn Scott here hasn’t missed a beat.” “Luckiest shit alive,” Colt said. “Skill, pure skill,” Scott stated. “Colt, at least he could find his ball after he hit it. I swear the dude lost a dozen balls…” “No, I didn’t. I found even more,” Colt said. “Yeah because you were in the woods scavenging for yours and found more,” Corey laughed. “Better ones too but hey it was a fucking blast though. We definitely need to do that again. Next time, Kris is getting beer,” Colt stated. “What a game that will be,” I commented. “I can see the four of you trying to hit the escort vip ball after a few.” “Remind me that is the another thing we need to do. Get fucking hammered on the golf course,” Kris laughed. “Oh like our last thing worked out so well,” I said with a giggle. We laughed and agreed it didn’t work out as planned since going to class hung over wasn’t ideal. Once the others were gone including Kris, Corey showed his appreciation with lots of kisses. “Matt, you don’t know how much I really enjoyed it out there with them today. We laughed and had the best time. Maybe someday you’ll get the urge to learn…” “Corey, it is something you can do without me and enjoy it. Mostly, I’m glad to see you’re in a much better mood.” “I was in a horrible mood. I was so pissed off at not being able to join everyone while working. For the first time, it really affected me and got to me. I was so jealous. Not of having virtually nothing but the freedom everyone has. Damn, I have the best fucking boyfriend a guy could have!” “So do I. You make each day the best!” That night, I lay in bed like usual and thanked Kris for all he had done. He said it was nothing and was just as much fun for him as well. Monday it was back to class with a short week of four class days. Shawn was waiting for me when I arrived at the class we had together. He turned in our project before I had gotten there. He expressed how much he enjoyed being around my group of friends and how open they were to let others in. When I finished with my lab, Kris was sound asleep on top of his bed with Liz in his arms. Once they woke, she promptly left but promised to come to our softball games at 6. “Kris, you can’t deny you still have feelings for her,” I stated. “I won’t then but they are so conflicted. When we’re together, I love it but like yesterday I didn’t miss her and barely even thought about her. In the past, I worried what I was missing with her but now I didn’t care. I just like the fact of knowing I have a girlfriend more than anything.” “I’ve been that way. Just knowing you are dating makes all the difference sometimes.” “Bro, I’m not going to worry about it and waste my time. I can be happy without her just as much as with her.” “In a way that’s great. I don’t know now if I could be like that…” “Well hell no. You’ve had Corey practically the entire year. The time you didn’t you were a bitch! Matt, I do admire you for sticking with him. Corey’s a really great guy and so much fun to be around. I hate to say this but he lets loose whenever you’re not around.” “Don’t I let loose when he’s gone?” “Hell no. You are the same person that has always been my best friend. Say Corey wasn’t around would you’d gone out Thursday and got hammered with just us?” “Ummm… I might have but I know what you mean. I would have probably been in this room and happy with that.” “Exactly,” Kris agreed. The softball game that night was fun and exciting even though we lost by a run. The competitive nature of a majority of the guys came out in the lost. They were pissed and knew our little team had zero chance of advancing. Walking out, we decided to enjoy the last few games and not worry about the outcome. After showering, I stayed around Corey for a while and helped him do a paper. I left him alone to finish his studies and returned to Kris and Colt kicked back in our room. “Matt, would it kill ya if Colt and I didn’t go camping? We’d sorta be in the way if you know what I mean,” Kris stated. I smiled, “No, not at all. I’d get me lots of Corey.” “I knew you’d say that shit,” Colt said. “I’m going hang with Liz and see how that goes,” Kris commented. “If I were to leave, I could literally write her off the books for good.” “Colt, you’re still welcome,” I commented. “Dude, I’ll just go home and enjoy some time with the family. I’ll probably regret it in the end. You and Corey go and have your time,” Colt said. We sat around chatting with guys coming and going. No one overstayed their welcome and were milling around the halls. Once Colt was gone, Kris and I turned out the lights. It was early on our terms, just after midnight. “Kris, is there another reason why you and Colt aren’t going?” “No. We decided not to go,” Kris said. “Are you afraid temptation might get the best of both of you?” “Damn, you can read me like a fucking book.” “So you’re saying too you and Colt are tempted to get back together?” “Matt, we both are. It may be one reason my time with Liz isn’t what it used to be. That and we’re more like friends than anything now.” I laughed, “A friend with benefits.” “Yeah,” Kris laughed. “Great benefits that I like too.” After my classes on Tuesday, I was walking back to the dorm. Garrett came running up and grabbed me on the shoulder. “How’s it going?” “I was about to ask you that since you’re never around these days,” I replied. “Well… I’ve been over with Jordan,” Garrett stated quietly. “Hey that’s great! So is something up between escort rus you two?” Garrett smiled, “Yes. I stay away at his place so Bryson won’t have to deal with it.” “Oh, so has Bryson been giving you a hard time?” “Not really but you know how shy I am…” “Or was,” I said while we were about at the dorm. “Matt, would you and Corey like to double date this weekend? That is if you’re not going home.” “We have plans to go camping,” I replied. “You and Jordan are more than welcome to join us. Matter of fact, it would be a blast with just us gay guys.” “It might be,” Garrett said. “I love the outdoors but I’ll need to ask Jordan first. We really haven’t been that involved yet and taking it slow you might say.” “That’s cool,” I said, climbing the stairs. “It’d be a blast if you wanna join us.” “I’ll think about and ask Jordan. I’ll let ya know,” Garrett said. “See ya.” We parted ways with Garrett heading to his room. Once in the room, I decided to go get a haircut since I haven’t had one before the trip. Back with my same cut, Kris was preparing to head to the Rec Center. It sounded like a good idea so I was right there with him as was Colt, Bryson and Scott. After the intense hot work out, we showered at the Rec Center. While drying off, I spoke to Bryson. “I ran into Garrett today.” “Good for you. He’s been really acting so weird lately,” Bryson stated. “He up and leaves without saying a word. I guess he’s found a boyfriend and scared now to tell me.” “Who knows?” I said and didn’t think it was my place to tell him that Garrett did have a boyfriend. We continued drying off with Kris and Colt speaking to a guy who walked in. All I knew was the guy lived in our dorm and looked Asian. Walking away, I asked, “Who was that?” Kris chuckled, “Ferdie. He’s fucking crazy, dude!” “Really cool guy we met the other night,” Colt added. It wasn’t a surprise to know Kris was out trying to best me since I had found Shawn but in actuality it was Kris being Kris. Still since the day I meet him he has yet to encounter a stranger especially if they show any interest in something Kris likes. It is nothing unusual at the Rec Center to wonder where Kris is only to see him talking to someone there, male or female. Before exiting, I made a point to find Corey and fill him on our trip. He seemed disappointed that Colt and Kris had backed out yet rather indifferent about Garrett coming along. I said goodbye and caught up with the guys. That night, Justin had out the clippers and gave a fresh round of haircuts. No question he had with Colt’s being really short. He said it was his summer hair cut but looked almost as if was about to enlist for military service. That Tuesday afternoon, Kris and I were chilling when someone came to the door. I went to open it and saw the guy from the Rec Center standing there with his shorts and flip-flops with a nice necklace hanging around his neck. “Hey Ferdie, wassup?” Kris asked. “Nothing man. You said stop sometime so here I am,” Ferdie replied, entering and grabbing a seat. “Nice room, guys. Mine is a disaster.” “Ours would be too if not for Matt,” Kris said. With Ferdie across from me, I did all I could not to stare at his abs. Without a single doubt, his were the tightest I’d seen around though none of us had to take a backseat. I found Ferdie very friendly and a little outgoing with a great sense of humor. Kris made a point to tell him about me but he was cool with it. Soon Colt came in the door followed shortly by Brennan. The stories started flowing about our spring break trip and had Ferdie quite envious of us and our close friendship. It seemed with Jess gone we were subconsciously taking apps to fill his vacant spot. When Corey came calling that night, he pulled me out of the room and wanted to discuss the camping trip. “Now what’s this about Garrett going with us?” “Well… I sorta invited him to come along. He hasn’t accepted yet and needs to check with Jordan. I really don’t see what the deal is about him going unless you wanted us to be alone.” “Yeah if Kris and Colt weren’t going, it would have been nice…” “I really believe Kris would be way too tempted if it was just the four of us…” “Hell yeah, he would. I mean look who we’re talking about here,” Corey laughed. “It could have been just the two of us, you know.” “I opened my mouth before thinking of that. It’d be nice to go with Garrett and not deal with the straight guy drama with both trying to figure out who they really are,” I stated trying to convenience him. “Is Kris really that conflicted about it?” “Deep down, I’d say yes and why he’s been out with Liz to prove to himself and the rest of us that his little time with us and Colt wasn’t who he really is.” “Thank goodness, I know who I am. I guess having Garrett along could be fun…” “It’s still not for sure yet. By the way, don’t mention to Bryson that Garrett seeing Jordan.” Corey got an odd look on his face. “Why? Surely Bryson knows.” I threw my escort elit hands in the air. “You’d think.” “Yes, you would.” We returned to my room and joined the small gathering that did include Liz along with two other females I was introduced to as well. I surmised Kris was doing his best to set up Bryson and Colt with these girls. The girls left early with thunder in the distance. By the time Kris and I were ready for our nightly talk, the lights began to flicker with a strong thunderstorm brewing. I could hear the wind howling outside and knew it wasn’t good. We tried to turn on the TV but our cable was out. Talking with Kris, I lay there with one ear on him and the other on the outside. The storm intensified and had us a tad frightened. Then we heard noise in the hall followed by a loud knock at our door telling us to head downstairs to the basement with the threat of a tornado in the area. We threw on our shorts and made our way down with the other floors above us joining in. It was odd to see guys in the hall in their boxers, briefs, shorts or sleep pants. We hunkered down in the floor with Corey on one side of me and Kris on the other. In the end the tornado never materialized and had a bunch of guys cussing while we headed back to our room. At our door, I said I wanted Corey to stay. Kris laughed and said it wouldn’t be a problem. Walking to class the next morning, Corey and I surveyed the minimal damage that had occurred with only a few trash cans blown over and a few large limbs on the ground. After my two Thursday classes, I was back in the room and getting rather excited about my camping trip with Corey. The next thing I knew was someone was at the door. I opened it to see Garrett in his shorts and tee. For a tall guy, he had a great sense in how to wear his clothes. He gave me a big smile. “Jordan was elated about us joining you and Corey. He really is anxious to get to know you two.” I smiled with Garrett grabbing a seat. “That’s great. We’ll have such a good time together. So I take you two are pretty serious then?” Garrett tilted his head, “Oh a little. We’re taking it slow and easy now.” “Sometimes that’s the best way,” I said. I gave him a short run down of our plans with Corey having to work but going in early with no Friday classes. Garrett knew of the park where we were going and said it would be perfect unless there were more storms on the way. That prospect scared me and had me on the computer to check out the forecast. There was a chance of rain Sunday but only a slight one. Kris came busting in the room. “Garrett and Jordan are going with me and Corey,” I said. “Who’s Jordan?” Kris asked. I looked and saw a frightened expression on Garrett’s face. “Kris, whatever you do, don’t even mention a word of it that Garrett is going with us.” “Why? Bryson knows you’re gay, Garrett,” Kris said. “I’m not that comfortable with it just yet,” Garrett said. “Please don’t tell him.” “Alright then I won’t but I don’t see what the big deal is,” Kris said. “So are we ready to beat some ass tonight and make our final three games great?” Garrett and I laughed. “We are,” I replied. Once Garrett was gone, Kris and I kicked back on our beds after the eventful night. “Kris, so what exactly are you planning on doing this weekend?” “Getting fucking drunk as shit!” Kris laughed. “Tonight, I think a bunch of us are going out… or should I say those of us who aren’t going home. I suppose I’ll hook up with Liz the rest of the time if she don’t have anything else to do. So what’s the deal with Garrett not wanting Bryson to know he has a boyfriend?” “I guess he’s not that comfortable with the notion of Bryson knowing. I don’t get it either but everyone is different on how they handle things. I suppose he wants to make sure he and Jordan are for real before introducing him to Bryson.” “Still, I don’t think Bryson would care now,” Kris said. It wasn’t long before Corey came to our room. “So are you clean? I am.” It had slipped my mind about the test we had taken. Kris and I jumped up and logged on our computer. My heart was racing until I read I too was still clean. Kris said he was as well and hoped all of our crew that had been tested had the same results. Within a few minutes, we found the rest were clean. I was relieved and glad the brave ones were clean of any STD’s. Mostly, I was happy Corey and I could continue our sexual life as we had. TO BE CONTINUED… Thank you so very much for reading Chapter 32. The SPRING SERIES ends at Chapter 36. Nothing has been decided yet on the continuation at this point. I want to thank those who emailed in the past no matter how short or how long. I appreciate each and every one as I continue to hear from new readers all the time. You can email me with comments/critiques/suggestions at wasputz2525@yahoo. Please sure to put “Rooming” in the subject line so I will not think it is spam. I do have a noncommercial website: ies. There you will find this story along with my others that I have attempted to write plus a few bonuses along the way that go with this story. Usually the chapters are up earlier than posted on here. I have an email list there if you want to sign up and be notified when the next chapter is posted on the site.

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