Temmuz 17, 2024

Spa Day

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My wife and I are both 35 and have two children ages 4 and 5, we planned a trip to Glenwood Springs, CO for a late fall vacation, we decided to invite my wife’s sister and her family, her sister is 29 and has three children very close to our kids in age. Once they confirmed their willingness we rented a large house for the week and we met at the rental.

Our first day we caught up with each other mad plans for the following day and finished the evening early with drinks. My wife and I were had an appointment for a 9:00 a.m. couples spa treatment planned. Terry was planning a pre-dawn hike into the mountains and planning on being back around noon. Michele, my wife’s sister was planning on sleeping in and watching both her kids and ours.

During the night our youngest became sick, my wife was up with him several times throughout the night he was nauseous and had a medium grade fever. Around 08:00 my wife came to me stating that she wasn’t going to be able to make the appointment and that I should attempt to get Terry and Michele to go in our place since it was already paid for. I went to find her and lightly knocked on her door, she came to the door and opened it enough for me to take note of her sheer nightgown and I proceeded to explain our situation explaining that if the appointment maws not used then we would still have to pay since we were inside the 24 hour window.

She said that she would attempt to call Terry and see if he was close enough to make it back by 9:00, she seemed excited by the prospect but argued weekly that she would take care of our sick child. About 5 minutes later I heard a soft knock on our door and Stephanie answered it, Michele entered and explained that she couldn’t reach Terry because he was out of cell range. She insisted that Stephanie and I go and allow her to watch our child.

I called the spa to see if we could reschedule or receive a spa credit for individual massages. I was told that they couldn’t because the treatment rooms had already been set up and the therapists were already there. My wife was insistent that she be there for our sick child and suggested that Michele and I go as a couple. I put up a fake protest but secretly the prospect sounded fun, I genuinely enjoyed being around Michele. We ultimately agreed and we were off by 10 till nine. We arrived and were greeted as Mr and Mrs Smith and I didn’t correct them, neither did Michele.

We were instructed to go our separate ways to the dressing rooms where we were asked to get undressed and dawn robes and once done to relax in the solarium with juice or water. I was out in short order and Michele not long after, we sat there just chatting about the drives to get there and etc. Within about 10 minutes the hostess came and got us and took us back to a treatment room.

Upon walking in I noticed a large room with floor to ceiling mirrors on the walls to the right and left, a picture widow straight izmir escort bayan ahead and mirrors on the wall behind us. To the right there were two massage tables with silver looking sleeping bags on top and in the middle of the room was a hot tub. The lady proceeded to explain that we would start out in the hot tub for 45 minutes then she would come back and we would do a mud bath and lie in the sleeping bags for another 30 minutes followed by showers and a couples massage, Michelle’s therapist was to be John and mine was Nancy. She said that she would be back in 40 minutes to give us a five minute notice for the mud treatment, with that she left us alone.

I looked at Michelle who inquired, what now? I smiled and stated that it was totally up to her on whether we proceed or head back to the rental, I added that we could possibly find the hostess and explain that we were not actually a couple and that we would like to do the hot tub at separate times or we could close our eyes as the first one gets in the tub then vice versa. Michelle said that it all sounded fun and that she was ok as long as I was but that we could never tell Terry or her sister. I swore, “I’m not saying anything!”

With that I volunteered to enter the tub first, she closed her eyes and I dropped my robe and entered the tub enjoying the warm swirling water. I announced once I was safely under water that I was good and she could open her eyes now. Michele told me to close my eyes which I did and I also put my hands in front of my eyes, but being the normal hot blooded guy with an interest in my sister in law I looked through squinted eyes and gaps in my fingers to see her approaching and saw that she was everything that I had imagined, 5’5″ 120 lbs, a brunette with c cups and a landing strip. I was instantly hard below the swirl of water and bubbles. She entered the tub and once settled announced that I could open my eyes.

We settled into a nice conversation about our recent lives, we talked about what we each enjoyed, about our kids and about our spouses and yes even the weather, as Michelle relaxed she became more comfortable and while she had started out by keeping her chin just above the water level she was now relaxed and as she talked and moved her hands I could see glimpses of her breasts and found myself trying to maintain eye contact but at the same time to take in the views afforded through my peripheral vision.

I was beginning to really sweat about 25 minutes in and noticed that she was as well, I commented that I was really hot, I told her to feel free to sit on the edge and that I wouldn’t look. She said that she was ok and we continued to tough it out. After about another 5 minutes she stated that she was going to have to sit on the edge and cool off and asked if I would mind closing my eyes, I told her that it wasn’t a problem, I did so and continued to sit and talk about how nice the massages were going escort izmir to feel, she shared with me just how jealous Terry was and that he would absolutely freak out if he were to find out that she was naked in a hot tub with me. I stated that I didn’t really blame him that I would take offense if Stephanie were naked with Terry but that it would remain our secret and that we were both adults and that it’s not like we are cheating.

She reentered the water and told me that I could reopen my eyes. Our Hostess knocked on the door, stuck her head in the door and told us 5 more minutes, which was a relief to me since I knew I could stand another 5 minutes. The time flew by and before we knew it she was back with a large bowl that she placed on the table between the two massage tables. She told us that we needed to get out and dry off then we are to apply mud to each other from head to toe and enter the bags and ring the door-bell on the wall beside the massage table nearest the interior wall to let her know that she could come zip us up. She asked if we had any questions then left us again in a state of confusion over how we were to apply mud to each other without violating our marriage vows.

I could see the level of concern on Michelle’s face and proposed that we both take turns standing near the bowl with the other one behind us and that we could each cover ourselves on the front side while the other covered the back side. She thought this proposal over and decided that it was actually a way for both of us to retain our modesty to some degree. She stated that I should go first so I stepped in front and removed my robe placing it on the massage table to the right with Michelle directly behind me.

While in theory it seemed like a good idea but I soon realized that she could see me in all my glory as she reached around me to get mud from the large bowl. I was already semi-hard but quickly became rock hard due to the realization. Michelle started applying mud on my shoulders as I worked from my chest down, the mud felt warm and wet and heavy. Michelle continued working her way down and I could see her stealing glances of my cock as she would reach around me for more mud. We both continued down and when she got to my ass she stated that I had an amazing ass. I thanked her and enjoyed the feeling as she slowly glided her hands over my back side. She then dropped to her knees and continued down my legs reaching my inner thighs and becoming more and more liberal in her reaches and sensual in her touch. She completed the task and I stared at myself and stated that I was officially muddy and that it was her time.

She moved in front and me directly behind her and she laid her robe to the table to the left. As I reached for a double hand full of mud I was able to for the first time see her fully nude body from up close. She had an amazing body, I stood behind her and just admired her back side as well, she asked izmir escort if everything was ok and I told her that I was just admiring the view. I started as she had done at the shoulders and worked my way down. I told her that her ass was the most perfect that I had seen ever in my life, I stopped with the pretense that I couldn’t see her total body and complimented her while getting more mud stating that she was beautiful. She said thanks and stated that I was pretty impressive myself and that she was afraid that I was going to break the mirror with my erection if it had gotten any larger… at this we both laughed.

I continued on down her body wrapping my hands around her ribs and brushing against her breasts and when I got down to her ass I enjoyed myself immensely ensuring that I covered it completely with mud, I proceeded down her legs and inner thighs rubbing my fingers inside her thighs and dangerously close to her pussy lips. I continued down to her calves and announced her as done. I helped her in her bag and climbed into mine then rung the bell, within 5 minutes our host was back to zip us in our bags. After she left we both relaxed quietly for a few minutes before I commented that I had certainly enjoyed covering her with mud and that her husband was a very lucky man to have access to such a beautiful body. She shyly stated that she too was really enjoying her time and while she felt a little guilt for her current feelings that she couldn’t help but admire my body and that she loved the attention that I gave her.

We laid in the bags for approximately 30 minutes as I felt the mud drying on my body, but at the same time I was so turned on that I began to lightly rub my erection while thinking about Michelle laying 6 ft away naked under the silver bag, it didn’t take me long before I erupted but I am pretty sure that Michelle was not aware. Our hostess came in and told us that we would be putting our robes back on and walking across the hall for the shower, we quickly robed up and followed her to the shower room across the hall, she started the shower for us then told us that we were to shower then to exit into the other side of the shower room and to lie face down on the two massage tables and to cover ourselves with the sheets that were provided.

We entered the shower room as she left us and once again we were left to maneuver the undressing in front of each other, this time I had no suggestions but Michelle quickly stated that we had both seen each other and that we should continue, I hung my robe up and entered the shower, Michelle was behind me and she began to slowly with a sponge to wash my back… I turned around and stared into her beautiful blue eyes as we washed each other, we spent the next 15 minutes washing and admiring each other’s bodies, I have never been more turned on than the 3 hours that I spent with Michelle that day. We eventually received our massages but they were the least sensual moments of the entire day.

On the ride back to the rental we reaffirmed our vows to keep quite about the details of our day but I have regretted time and again that I didn’t have sex with my sister in law that day.

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