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Southern Comfort

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“Jolene Stiles, sometimes I think you’re the devils spawn.” My mama yelled at me.

I was sitting on the bare wood of my bedroom floor hugging my knees and trying my best to look shamefaced. Truth was, I didn’t feel shame at all.

“Your Daddy’s gonna beat the livin tar outta you.” She blasted in my face.

“Mama, I’m eighteen, what right does Daddy have to beat me.” I shot back defiantly.

“The Bible gives him the right Jolene! You are a sinner committin unnatural acts! She roared at full volume.

It didn’t feel unnatural to me. It felt downright natural and good. Mama kept right on yelling but I felt no sorrow, no shame and no regret for what I had done with Missy.

Missy and me were friends since grade school. But, we got real close the night of Scooter Evans graduation party. All of us went skinny dipping down at Taylor’s Creek. It was so hot that you could’ve fried an egg on a rock, even in the dark.

Scooter passed around some of his Daddy’s moonshine and pretty soon we were all drunk. Well, clothes went flying everywhere and the boys wanted to get chummy with us girls.

But, I had my eye on Missy. She was wearin a cotton sundress with a low neckline and had some big ass titties for a girl of eighteen.

Missy knew I was hankering to touch them mighty swells on her chest and took her sweet ole time taking her britches off. I was flat chested and could easily pass for one of the boys.

All of us were in the water messing around when Missy swam up to me sticking her chest out all proud like a peacock. I didn’t want do anything in front of the others, so Missy told me to follow her to the barn.

I followed Missy and watched her big butt moving and swaying. In the barn, she lay back on a fresh pile of straw and her boobs was pointin towards the sky.

I landed on top of her and my hands squeezed her mighty mountains. Missy oohed and ahed like it was the best thing since sliced bread. After a piece she said,

“Ain’t yah gonna suck em Jolene?”

I was a sucking fool that night. Missy hooted and yelled like a cowboy chasing steers in a stampede. She was so excited she pushed my head down to her pee hole.

“Come on Jolene, get a lickin girl, it’s good eatin!” She cackled like a horny hen.

Now I never tasted a girl before and damn if Missy wasn’t right, it was better than hot grits on a cold morning. I licked her until my tongue was sore and she was dripping and runny like a busted faucet.

“Swaller it down Jolene.” She yelled at me.

I did what Missy asked and swallowed. It was strong tasting like good moonshine but a heap more satisfying.

Missy knew I would lick her any darn time she wanted me to and sure enough, my face was in her hairy crack almost regular.

I was scared to death of getting caught because mama and daddy were righteous Baptist Christian’s. Daddy quoted the bible every chance he got and I swear his true calling was as a minister of the faith and not a poor farmer.

Missy’s sister ratted on us the first time and daddy gave me a good whooping but the second time he hit me until I passed out.

For a long time I thought about why I liked girls, especially Missy, and not boys. I figured it was how God wanted me bahis firmaları to be and there was nothing unnatural about it, no matter how much daddy said it was wrong.

So there I was, caught for the third time scared out of my wits.

“Three strikes and yer out!” Daddy screamed at me the last time.

I wasn’t sure if daddy would throw me out of the house or kill me but I wasn’t gonna stick around and find out. Mama was downstairs getting supper ready when I threw all my belongings in a small suitcase and out the window I went.

I ran all the way to Barrow’s Lane and stopped. The sweat was pouring off me and the handle on my suitcase broke from shaking it as I ran. With the bag under my arm, I walked trying to catch my breath.

I wasn’t sure were I was going but I was powerful thirsty from running. The sun was low on the horizon when I saw a farmhouse up ahead about a half mile or so and headed straight for it.

The name on the mailbox was familiar so I walked down the lane to the backdoor and knocked. Ruthie Smalls answered the door.

“Jolene! What in God’s name are y’all doin here?” She asked with a shocked look on her face.

I was so tired and thirsty that my legs gave out and I sat on the ground. Ruthie ran inside and came back with a big glass of water. Her mama was standing in the doorway lookin at me as I drank the glass dry.

“Ruthie, who’s this girl?” She asked suspiciously.

“It’s Jolene Stiles mama.” Ruthie said as though she didn’t believe her eyes.

“You hungry child?” Ruthie’s mama asked me.

“Yes Mrs. Smalls.” I said in a weary voice.

While Ruthie’s mama went to fetch me a plate of food, she helped me over to a small picnic table.

“Are y’all runnin away?” she asked me and pointed at my suitcase.

“Yep.” I answered in breathless voice.

“Why? Was your daddy gonna beat y’all agin?” She asked in a sympathetic voice.

“Yeah.” I said with shame and hung my head low.

Ruthie ran to get the plate from her mama in the doorway. As I ate the beans and biscuits, she stared at me with a curious look.

“Where y’all goin?” she inquired.

“Don’t know yet as long as it’s not home.” I said with assurance.

“I’m sure mama would let y’all stay here tonight. We could sleep in the barn. It’s a lot cooler than in the house.” She offered in the sweetest voice.

With no other prospects, I accepted the invitation.

“Hey! Let’s go down to the creek. You can wash up and we can swim for a little.” She said with innocence.

As I squatted in the creek and washed myself, I watched Ruthie take her frayed sun dress off. The sight of her pale white skin and body had my loins jumping for joy.

Ruthie was one of the prettiest girls at school. All the boys were after her but she was the shy type. Like me, she graduated with not much hope for a bright future. It was either work on the farm or waitress down at the Blue Light Café in town.

When Ruthie was naked, my breath caught in my throat.

“You sure are purty.” I said with a wolf whistle.

Even in the dim light, I saw Ruthie blush.

We were standing on a big rock in the middle of the creek and Ruthie’s sizable titties were above the water line. She had kaçak iddaa the kinda nipples that a baby would love to suck on. I knew I wanted to and she saw me eyin her chest.

“Tell me Jolene, your daddy was gonna beat y’all because of Missy?” She asked with curiosity and wide eyes.

“Yeah he was,” I said all of a sudden feeling real bad.

What was mama gonna think about me running away but I couldn’t go back, I just couldn’t.

“I can’t go back Ruthie, I just can’t” I said getting all weepy and sad.

As Ruthie put her arm around me, an idea started to churn in my brain and I knew where I would run to.

“I’m headin for the big city Ruthie. I figure it’s the only chance I got for a future.” I declared.

“Can I go with you?” she asked

“Why?” I answered

“Come on Jolene, what’s here for me? I don’t wanna marry some farm boy, have a dozen kids and be poor for the rest of mah life.” She exclaimed.

“Oh…ah…I don’t know.” I wasn’t sure it was good idea.

“I’ll do anything y’all want me to” she said in sly voice.

Ruthie was showing me a side of herself I was unfamiliar with.

“Anything?” I said with a raised eyebrow.

“Aw Jolene, everybody knows about y’all and Missy.” She said like a shy kid.

“I guess it’s all right.” I said nervously.

“I saw y’all lookin at my chest. Wanna feel em?” She said like some evil temptress in the bible.

I pawed her titties like they was the last ones on earth.

“Ooh Jolene, that feels soo nice.” She purred like a cat.

The girl had some FINE hooters. Her nips were so hard they could poke an eye out. Well, I got to work suckin and lickin. Ruthie went kinda crazy and sounded like one my Uncle Buster’s huntin dogs hot on the trail of a raccoon.

I was so worked up I wouldn’t stop and Ruthie just kept howlin. But, the middle of the creek is no place to have “fun” and the bugs was bitin something awful.

We ran to the barn and collapsed in a mountain of hay. I looked down Ruthie’s body at the place the preacher at church said we shouldn’t look at unless we wanted to burn in hell for all eternity.

“Guess I’ll be burnin for all eternity” I thought to myself.

While Missy’s private place looked like a family of raccoons took up residence, Ruthie’s was furry but a lot nicer lookin. She was laying up against a pile of hay with her knees up and legs open.

I was eager to commence lickin Ruthie but as I moved forward she reached for my little titties. She was pullin and pinchin like a sex fiend. Now it was me who was hollerin and yellin.

“My my Jolene! You’re titties is small but they sure is long.” She screeches at me like a owl and pulls em to her lips.

Ruthie kept at my nips like a dog with a meaty bone. She just wouldn’t stop and I felt something runnin down the inside of my leg.

Shit! My girly place was leakin like sieve. I moved up until I squatted over Ruthie and I figure if she’s willing, its time she learned to lick.

There weren’t much I could’ve taught Ruthie. Darn girl was a lickin machine and I was drippin all over her pretty face. Without me sayin, she’s swallowing.

“Shit Ruthie! Y’all know your way around a girls’ privates.” I yowled and was panting kaçak bahis faster than a hound dog on a hot day.

I swear I saw stars that sweltering hot night. Ruthie was covered in sweat and girly juice. I found a bucket of water and she stuck her whole head under.

Ruthie fell back on the straw and I lit after her. No way I was goin to let her beat me at own game. I set to lickin her privates with a determined attitude.

“Jesus Jolene!” she yelled.

I was lickin her like greased lightning and she’s flowin like a creek during the spring flood. Shit! Girl almost drowned me but I just kept swallowing.

“The rumors didn’t do you justice Jolene. Y’all are amazing!” She hollered at me.

Ruthie let out a scream that I was sure her mama heard in the house. Her body was shaking and rolling like I never seen before.

Finally, Ruthie came to rest and looked at me with goo goo eyes.

“So does this mean I can go with y’all?” she asked me in a dreamy voice.

“Sure Ruthie, sure.” I said to her but I wasn’t sure at all.

It was hard enough for one girl on the run but two? Now that would have really drawed attention to us. I remembered a couple of picture shows at the Roxy in town.

The girl would dress like a boy or man so she didn’t attract any attention to herself. With my flat as a boy chest, I knew I had a chance of pulling it off.

But, Ruthie? With those big balloons on her chest, they’d sniff her out right away. I felt bad. If she insisted, I’d take her but I was hoping…

“Ruthie, you’d better get some of your things together you wanna take. We have to leave before sunrise tomorrow.”

“Ok Jolene. Just let me rest a minute.” She said in a tired voice.

“Y’all got any money?” I asked.

“Oh…a couple dollars, I think.” She said in sleepy way.

Before I said another word, Ruthie was out, snoring peacefully. I decided that I should get some rest and fell asleep but woke just before dawn.

Ruthie was asleep and I didn’t disturb her. I looked in the tack room and found some grimy men’s clothes that barely fit me. The hat was a nice touch and fit me just fine.

I rubbed dirt on my face and any exposed skin for camouflage and looked in the filthy mirror on the wall.

“Can’t tell if I have whiskers or not.” I muttered to myself.

I stuffed my belongins in a feed sack and left the empty busted suitcase in a cow stall. Ruthie never moved a muscle and I looked at her with some regret.

“Sorry Ruthie but last night was damn special girl!” I said quietly to the sleeping form in the straw.

The sky was getting brighter in the east and I knew Ruthie’s mama would be goin to the barn to start the morning milking any minute.

With the feed sack over my shoulder, I cut across the back pasture trying my best not to be seen. As the sky grew brighter, I looked around for the last time at the impoverished landscape filled with run down farms.

“California, that’s where I’m goin.” I said quietly as images of the “Grapes of Wrath” ran thru my head.

“Shoot, I’ll bet I can be an actress.” I daydreamed.

I was almost at the far end of the train depot when I heard the morning freight whistle in the distance. I laid low in the bushes and waited until it steamed past me. Anxiously, I looked for an open box car and found one. I ran as fast as my feet would carry me and grabbed the door handle in the nick of time.

I was on my way.

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