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Society Ch. 05

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Chapter 5 – Haustier

‘Where are you going?’ I asked in surprise.

Beatrice and Tina were so excited, packing then unpacking, rearranging, choosing clothes then discarding them. Basically all the things girls do when preparing for a vacation: ‘Marjorca’ they said in unison.

Memories of my own holiday in Majorca flooded back and I lost myself for a while in reminiscing. A pair of panties hit me in the face to the giggles of Tina who was dancing round the room, boobs swinging freely and a yellow sun hat on her head.

It would be quite nice to have some time to myself after the hectic few weeks I had just experienced: ‘Don’t worry, I’ll look after the house while you’re away’ I reassured Beatrice.

‘Oh no Wendy, you won’t be on your own, you’ll be staying with Gretchen, she’s going to look after you’ explained Tina. ‘But I don’t need looking after, I’m a big girl now’ my retort came out sounding extremely pathetic and I made myself look like a sulky teenager being told to come home before midnight.

‘Of course you need looking after Wendy, all pets do’ explained Beatrice. ‘Can’t I have a couple of weeks of not being a pet?’ I asked, almost begging. They laughed: ‘Definitely not Wendy, you might get out of practice then we would have to retrain you all over again’ Tina replied and I whinced at the words ‘training’ and ‘practice.’ I loved the whole pet thing and it turned me on more than anything had ever done. It’s just things were moving so fast…Tina stood over me, she was only wearing her sunhat now and holding her panties in her hand: ‘Open your mouth for me Wendy’ came the command and I opened my mouth automatically like the good little pet I had become. Tina stuffed the rolled up panties in my mouth and stood back to admire the result.

‘See Wendy, you are such an obedient pet already and if you were to spend two whole weeks by yourself just lounging about like a couch potato you might forget all the wonderful and sexy things we’ve taught you. Now you wouldn’t want that, would you?’ Tina asked standing totally naked in front of me with her mind boggling beautiful boobs swinging inches from my face. As my mouth was full of her panties (oh wow, they tasted of her scent and that made me want the real thing) I could offer no reply but unintelligible muffled noises. ‘Well I’m glad you agree, that’s settled then.’ Tina danced away to continue the packing while I crept into my room to masturbate with Tina’s panties in my mouth.

They were still my mouth as I climaxed and opened my eyes to see Beatrice and Tina standing over me with big grins and approving expressions which turned into applause: ‘We just love to see a pet enjoying herself Wendy’ said Beatrice as I quickly pulled down my skirt and took the now soaking panties out of my mouth. My attempt at modesty was quite futile as they had already seen me in just about every possible state of excitement and vulnerability.

‘Still embarrassed Wendy, that’s so sweet’ Beatrice smiled at the remnant of my conventionality. I begged her not to tease me but she just laughed: ‘Oh be quiet Wendy, we’ve important things to discuss with you’ as she whipped off her panties and before I could react she had stuffed them in my mouth. ‘Now you’ve had both our panties to taste sweetie and you can wank again in a minute but we need to explain our travel plans to you.’

I tried to take them out but Tina grabbed my arms and held them behind me, leaving me unable to move while Beatrice took out a sheet of paper from a folder: ‘Now pay attention Wendy, these are the dates and times when we fly out and return’. I had no choice and sat with Beatice’s juices flooding my mouth, winding me up again as she described flight times, terminal numbers, taxi companies and so on.

‘Is that clear Wendy?’ she asked and although I had not been able to follow a word she said I thought it better to nod at this point. ‘Good girl. So we’ll drop you off at Gretchen’s house on the way to the airport and Gretchen will bring you back here when we have returned’. Tina released my arms and with a muffled gasp I removed Beatrice’ panties from my mouth: ‘I suggest you use our panties to good effect my pet and cum as many times as you can since I know Gretchen has a busy schedule for you. Oh and be sure to wash them when you’ve finished, there’s a good pet.’ They left to complete their packing while I sat on my bed with two pairs of panties wondering what ‘A busy schedule meant.’

‘Rise and shine Wendy!’ I awoke to Beatrice’ jubilant greeting ringing in my ears the following morning. ‘We’re off on holiday!’ All I wanted to do was sleep but since that obviously was not possible I showered and dressed and joined the other two for breakfast. Their good mood was infectious and I couldn’t help smiling at their girlish enthusiasm for a vacation in the sun. Excusing myself I got up to pack: ‘Oh no wendy, you won’t need any clothes besides the ones you’re wearing. Gretchen has everything ready for you, she really is a wonderful host.’ Not sure whether this was good or bad, does it mean she is going to provide me with a wardrobe or… ‘After this fortnight is over antalya escort Wendy, don’t be ashamed at how you might feel, you know, romantically’ said Beatrice mysteriously.

I was about to ask what she meant when a car horn sounded outisde the window: ‘It’s our taxi, come on girls’ enthused Tina and I grabbed my coat and managed to get to the door while still putting on my shoes. Beatrice and Tina were talking non stop and I was hardly aware of the journey to Gretchen’s house when the taxi stooped and Beatrice gave me a big kiss: ‘Enjoy yourself Wendy, we’ll be thinking of you.’ I exited the cab which drove away to much hand waving. Turning to Gretchen’s house I saw she was standing at the door smiling welcomingly. Beatrice was right, she is a good host.

And the hospitality continued after a hug and embrace in Gretchen’s enormous bosom (I remembered it well) and a tour of the house: ‘Here’s your bedroom Wendy and a wardrobe of clothes. The en suite is there and towels under the bed…now I want you to make yourself completely at home here Wendy, and anything you need just ask me. I’ll let you settle in and perhaps you would like to join me at 11 o’clock for cocktails and a chat?’ How could I refuse, I thought, wondering when the spanking or the teasing or whatever she had in mind was going to start.

But the day passed without any sexual incident whatsoever, a delicious lunch followed by an afternoon spent relaxing in her delightful garden chatting about anything and everything. Dinner was also sublime and the evening comprised of some lovely music while sipping liquers and a discussion of the relative merits of various composers. I felt rude when I yawned but Gretchen was quite understanding and suggested I retire to bed and we could talk more in the morning.

And morning it was which proceeded much the same as the previous day, very civilised and relaxed with orange juice and croissants for breakfast and…

…our chat was interrupted by the telephone ringing…’excuse me Wendy’ Gretchen left to answer the phone while I munched on my second chocolate croissant and drank some amazing Blue Mountain coffee. Gretchen returned: ‘Will you help me Wendy, another guest is arriving and she is very important to me. Not as important as you are, of course, but I would like to make a good impression.’

Of course I’ll help, what do you need me to do? ‘What I really need is something like a maid who can perform a welcoming ceremony, I think it is custom in oriental houses and performed by the Geishas. So thank you for offering to help Wendy, I have your uniform here’: Gretchen produced a pink leather strap with the word ‘Haustier’ on it in white writing. ‘Haustier’ I asked? ‘Yes dear, it’s the German word for pet.’

Ummm…what is this to do with hospitality, I thought and…but Gretchen was already removing my clothes and in a few seconds I stood naked and confused as she fixed the pink leather strap round my neck. ‘Oh wendy, that looks just perfect on you. Now come over here, I want you kneeling down by the entrance to the lounge, much better decoration than those porcelain tigers I had. Now we’ve both watched the video you so delightfully made for us, I think she might like something like that…oh there’s the doorbell.’ Oh no, not the video, everyone seems to have seen it. But what part does she expect? I didn’t want to do this, just have a quiet and civilised fortnight but again I am a guest in someone else’s house and have no choice but to oblige.

I hear Gretchen open the door and welcome her guest. They walk into the lounge and I gasp when I see the most beautiful girl I could imagine. ‘Wendy this is Zoe, my guest for today.’ I can barely speak as I manage to squeak: ‘Pleased to meet you Zoe’ in the most restrained voice I can, considering I was completely naked and wearing only a leather collar that describes me as a pet. A cute and gorgeously pretty brunette looks down at me with eyes that seduce me with a glance. Wide and bright, shining a perlescent starbright white with dark brown pupils that are almost black, hilighting a face that talks of both innocence and sin.

They sit and Gretchen fetches them both a cocktail of her own making, I stare at this new arrival and her body which seems impossibly perfect. Proportioned beyond the dreams of a goddess her pert boobs counterbalance an equally unblemished ass and in between a slim waist and flat tummy. Legs of equally perfect curvature end in feet of such exquisiteness their toast colored hue contrasted by the jet black mane of hair framing her head and shoulders.

They finish their cocktails and Gretchen asks Zoe if there was anything she would like. Zoe whispers in her hostess’ ear and Gretchen smiles: ‘Wendy, would you help my guest to relax please, I feel she might be a tad tense after her journey.’ Normally this would be the cause of another inward groan, but Zoe was so beautiful I could not wait to perform whatever service she required, Haustier or not.

She walked up to me and gave me a long deep kiss: ‘Sweet Haustier, be a darling and lick my ass for me’. This time it would be a pleasure. So keeping kepez escort eye contact as long as possible I crawled round behind her. Undoing her skirt I removed it, slowly take off her panties. Such a beautiful ass I almost sighed out loud.

Black stockings held up with matching suspender belt. I kissed both her cheeks, one after the other admiring the perfect symmetry of her legs curving into hips and tight but perfectly formed ass.

Licking the tops of her thighs my tongue works its way upward and I parted her cheeks with my hands.

Beginning with the outer areas I flick and kiss and lick the inside of her ass, slowly working inwards toward her puckered rose. Licking it for a few minutes I wait until she is relaxed then push my tongue inside.

Zoe releases the first moan. I push deeper and move my tongue round and round and in and out, deeper and deeper until I can’t get any further. I wiggle it slowly but firmly and hear her say: ‘Make me cum Wendy, make me cum.’

I withdraw my tongue and crawl round in front of her: ‘Not yet’ I tease.

Pushing her back into the large armchair I pull her toward me till she is sitting on the edge of your seat. I take her right foot in my hands and lift it toward me. Kissing the big toe I roll my tongue around it and take it into my mouth. Sucking it, loving it I again roll my tongue round it inside my mouth.

I lock my eyes on Zoe’s. Repeating the same process with each of her toes on the right foot, then again on the left. I see desperation in her expression: ‘Now Wendy, I command you to make me cum.’ But I tease once more: ‘Not yet.’

Lifting her left foot up till the palm of my hand is pressed against the sole of her foot, I do the same with her right foot. I press back till I can reach her toes with my fingers. Thanking dear grandmother for arranging all those piano lessons at school I touch each of her toes with my fingers, slowly at first then faster.

I move my fingers in and out between Zoe’s toes, never stopping and never breaking eye contact. Stroking my fingers in and out between her toes I play her like a symphony on grand piano.

I’ve held her off for long enough. Pushing Zoe’s feet back till her knees are on a level with her ears I have complete and unrestricted access to her pussy. I lean forward, all the time continuing the symphony on her toes and watching her heavenly eyes glaze over and lose focus. I kiss her pussy and she screams. I kiss her pussy harder and while she is still screaming I push my tongue inside.

No more screaming just moaning. I find her clit and my tongue begins to tease it, still playing the music on her toes, in and out with my fingers, round and round each toe.

I flick my tongue from side to side, each stroke taking her clit from left to right. Zoe’s eyes are closed now. Opening my lips further I take clitty between my lips and suck her inward, pulling gently on her while my tongue continues its metronomic rhythm.

The symphony reaches a crescendo, toes caressed and clitty sucked and stroked till she cums with a shudder and a quiver and a high pitched moan that lasts forever and slowly dwindles to a soft and barely audible hummm…

Zoe collapses in the chair and I sit back on the floor, my back desperate for a rest from its very stressful position. I look at the piano on which I had played my virtuoso piece, this was not being a submissive pet, this was loving a beautiful girl and more than a pleasure. Gretchen caught my eye and smiled while blowing me a kiss before Zoe recovered and gave me another kiss, out of gratitude I think. I returned the affection and we stayed locked together for some time.

A voice from the hallway breaks the spell: ‘Dinner is ready Gretchen if you and your guests would like to make your way to the dining room. Attempting to get to my feet Gretchen pushes me back down and I see a pink leather leash she holds in her hand. I look up at her with pleading in my eyes: ‘No please Gretchen, not like that’. Gretchen smiles, that inevitable smile with which there is no dispute: ‘Nonsense Wendy, all pets must be guided’ as she fixed the leash to my collar and leads me on all fours as I crawled behind her to the dining room.

I notice the large comfy cushion next to Gretchen’s chair and I automatically take my place as I am obviously required, kneeling down and resting on my heels while Gretchen drapes the lead over the back of her chair: ‘Arms Wendy, that’s a good girl’ as I dutifully place my arms in the submissive position behind my back.

Lunch is delightful as it seems are all meals in this house, just like yesterday with one exception. Gretchen fills three crystal glasses with wine and hands one to Zoe and I open my lips for Gretchen to let me drink from my glass. Instead Gretchen takes a large sip herself and, moving her face close to mine opens her lips and a measure of wine flows from her mouth into my mine. I groan at a totally new and unexpected form of humiliation yet my eyes open wide in surprise at the amazing taste and depth of what I had just swallowed: ‘You like my dear pet?’ asked manavgat escort Gretchen. My eyes said it all and another smile which melted yet more of my resistance.

After the first course was finished Zoe asked if she could feed me so Gretchen took the lead and led me round to Zoe’s chair. Zoe took a large gulp of wine and moved her head down toward mine. I looked up into her beautiful eyes with open admiration as she lovingly released the wine into my mouth. I swallowed it and as I was revelling in the amazing sensation it played with my senses Zoe added a kiss, like icing on the trifle or the cherry on the cake. And so the lunch proceeded with food and wine and kisses, all so delightful I almost forgot my sore knees and aching back.

Gretchen’s cook removed the last of the dishes and I crawled back to the lounge with Zoe leading me by the leash. The cushion had somehow found its way next to Zoe’s chair so I knelt down once more while the conversation continued and coffee was served. I wondered about many things as I rested on my heels, such as where did Gretchen get her money from to afford this lifestyle, how many women have sat like pets as I was doing on this very cushion and who might I spend the night with after such a day as this. Aware suddenly of my own body, mature and curvy, large boobs pushed out in front by my posture with nipples stiffening as Zoe stroked my hair and neck.

Not sure what they were talking about as the conversation had switched to German, but Zoe returned to English (I think for my benefit) as she yawned: ‘Oh Gretchen, that lovely wine has gone to my head. Perhaps I should order a taxi to take me home.’ Gretchen would have none of it: ‘Nonsense dear, I insist you stay the night. Cook’s preparing lobster thermidore for dinner and you have to try that at least once in your life.’ Zoe smiled and thanked her host: ‘That is so kind of you Gretchen and if I may make a request? Might I have Wendy to play with tonight?’ Gretchen was hospitality itself: ‘Of course you may dear Zoe, That’s what pets are for.’ My inward groan was smaller this time, mitigated at the thought of a night with Zoe. Her stroking of my head and neck resumed and my self consciousness increased proportionally with the size of my nipples and the wetness between my legs at the gentle sensuality of Zoe’s delicate touch and the little flicks of her fingers round my ears.

The afternoon passed in a delightful haze of being a third party to conversations I could not understand and an ever increasing desire within me for the day to finish and the night with Zoe to begin. Dinner was as sumptuous as Gretchen had promised and when she asked Zoe if there was anything else she would like, Zoe became quiet for a while. Then in a somewhat quiet voice she asked: ‘I’m still enjoying the memory of the amazing performance Wendy gave me this morning. Any possibility of an encore?’

Gretchen smiled and without saying a word took a sip of wine and sat back to enjoy the spectacle. This time I took it slower, stretching out each stage till Zoe was begging for more and when she came the cook rushed in to see what the screaming was about. Seeing me between Zoe’s legs she gave a disapproving ‘tut’ and left again quickly.

Zoe actually had passed out, slumped in the chair with her legs spread and head on one of the arms, she looked spent: ‘Don’t be concerned Wendy, she’ll wake up in a minute. I’m off to bed so make sure you get her upstairs while she’s still hot.’ A long goodnight kiss: ‘Hmmm…she does taste good, well done Wendy.’

The night with Zoe was spent revolving around each other like riders on a merry-go-round, chasing each other, catching each other then letting go. We fell asleep in the early hours through sheer exhaustion.

The word got round and every day that week someone arrived and after a coffee or a few drinks asked for a ‘Wendytoes’. My back and knees took a hammering but somehow I adapted and after a while they stopped aching. And after each performance a little gift would be left in my bedroom. Not sure how many diamonds a girl can wear at one time, someday I might try and find out.

The second week started with the monthly meeting of the Deutscher Frauenrat, the German equivalent of the W.I. At least a dozen women from thirty to fifty years of age ready to discuss the role of women in their town. Needless to say I was the topic of conversation as were many references to ‘Wendytoes’ as I knelt naked but for my collar in full view of everyone as they commented on my body in general and my boobs in particular with Gretchen disappointing all of them by assuring them there would be no Wendytoes performances today. For this I was extremely grateful.

The second problem arose due to the lack of tables, cook had removed them for their annual polishing before serving tea and cakes. Every possible kind of confectionery was on the tray each oozing cream and stickiness and my mouth was watering just looking at them. ‘We need a table’ remarked Gretchen then beckoned me over to kneel in front of her. ‘Not on your heels Wendy, down on all fours please’. Wondering what she wanted me to do I obeyed and went down on all fours in the center of the room as cook stood waiting with the tray. ‘Perfect’ remarked cook as she set the tray down on top of my back and made some alterations to the arrangement of the crockery and plates before returning to the kitchen.

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