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Small Town Secrets

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Two Sisters Grocery was the largest and finest food market in the town of Athens, New York, although that was due to the fact it was the only one, and while business was only good enough to keep the doors open it served a valuable service to the locals who didn’t want to take the long trek into the city for the essentials.

For the 27 years the store had been run by Emily and Brenna Oliver, two young entrepreneurs who bought the former Village Deli, changed the name to Two Sisters Grocery, and made the failed business viable. The two sisters became local icons of sorts, and so when Brenna Oliver suddenly passed away, townspeople feared that the surviving sister would find running the place alone too much of a challenge and sell it, or even worse have to just close it.

As the locals were fond of saying, it was better to pay a nickel extra for a quart of milk than burn a gallon of gas driving to the city, so when Emily Oliver decided to try to make a go of it solo all were relieved. Emily knew she needed help to do it though, so she decided to try and find somebody to work there, a first.

The diminutive blonde, who had just passed the half century mark, called the new position that of Assistant Manager, hoping that a title would ease the pain of having to put up with a low salary, at least at first. Not all that many applied, but one that did and got Emily’s attention was one of the best customers of Two Sisters Grocery, a chunky teenager Emily knew as Donna who stopped by the store at least once a day, pedaling her old rusty bike and buying a candy bar or something.

Emily enjoyed the girl’s visits a great deal, because unlike most of the kids her age Donna Angelo was polite and well mannered. If the store was quiet she would chat with whichever of the sisters was working the register but always going back to the deli department to greet the other sister as well, although she seemed to favor Emily for some reason.

Donna had been coming to the store for what seemed like forever, and it was fun to watch the girl grow up before the owner’s eyes. Emily once told Brenna that if they had a security camera pointed at the door that took a picture of Donna each day and you fanned through them, it would be like watching time lapse photography like they do of a flower growing, only this would be of Donna going from a fat little kid to a plump young girl and on to being a chunky teenager. Her maturity was revealed when she showed up at Brenna’s funeral, arriving on her bike alone and crying when she spoke to Emily.

The Donna Angelo that showed up one day for her usual visit on her bicycle was more mature too, dressed nicer than usual, her big smile muted and a serious look on her face when she came up to Emily and said she wanted to apply for a job, handing over her report card and shrugging.

“I don’t have a resume,” she explained. “Haven’t done anything yet but go to school.”

“You just graduated high school Donna. What about college?” Emily asked, and although she was reluctant to offer the information at first, through the course of her impromptu interview Emily learned a whole lot.

“I can’t go to college,” Donna explained, although the grades on the report card Emily glanced at were better than average. “But I really need a job.”

Emily knew that Donna lived with her mother on a dead end street about a mile away, and the store owner remembered going down that street with Brenna a while back and saying how shocking it was that people lived in these shanties. The house Donna called home at least didn’t have appliances and cars without tires on the lawn, but it was none too prosperous.

That house that Donna shared with her mother now housed only the teenager, with the father long gone somewhere and Mom apparently dying about a month ago. There was no money for newspaper obits or even a funeral, so her mother was cremated and Donna said nothing to anybody at school, afraid that if people knew she was a kid living alone they would but her in a home or something and she wouldn’t be able to finish school.

“The house is all paid for I guess, but I have to pay taxes on it,” Donna concluded. “That and food and electric. It’s not much but it is home but if I lose the house I don’t know what I’ll do.”

Donna then proceeded to plead her case, explaining that she was dependable with an almost perfect attendance at school, and she also knew almost everything about the store, even rattling of the prices of various things breathlessly before finally ending her pitch.

“Well, you certainly have made a good case for yourself,” Emily told Donna who stood there with puppy dog eyes that Emily tried not to look at because she had been fighting back tears throughout the girl’s story. “You are 18 right Donna? You need to be in order to sell beer and cigarettes.”

Emily watched the girl practically crumble in front of her, barely managing to get out that she was only 17, and wouldn’t be 18 for nearly a month.

“I suppose,” Emily said in measured tones, “that antalya escort if a customer came in to buy beer I could come up to the register and ring them up. And cigarettes? You certainly look 18. Who would ask? It’s only a few weeks.”

Emily had come around the counter and after going to the front window, peeled off the sign indicating there was a job opening and handed it to the stunned girl, saying, “The job is yours.”

What followed was Donna acting like a teenager at a pop star concert, jumping up and down and squealing, hugging Emily so hard she almost crushed the petite woman as she spun her around. Even a customer coming in didn’t restrain the girl’s enthusiasm, although he did smile and ask which of them had hit the lottery.

“I’ll be the best employee you ever had,” Donna babbled, not a challenge since she was the first. “You wait and see Miss Oliver. You won’t regret this. One day you will look back at this day and say that this was the best decision you ever made. When do I start? Now?

“Tomorrow will be fine honey,” Emily said as she explained the meager salary, which the girl seemed overwhelmed by, the hours which were many and the days off per week, which was 1, 1 more than Emily herself got.

“Great,” Donna said through tears as she started to leave, “I’ll be here at 8!”

Emily waited on her customer as Donna made her exit, pausing to straighten out canned goods and putting the stray newspapers in their proper places on the rack before going.

“Remember when we used to get all crazy like that when we were happy?” the customer asked, and while Emily agreed she wasn’t sure about that because it didn’t seem possible.

All Emily had to worry about now was hoping the girl would work out.


Six months later, as Emily stood behind the deli case and looked at Donna ringing out a customer, she thought back at her assistant manager’s words after Emily had hired the girl, all of which had been proven true. The jubilant teen had told her that she wouldn’t regret hiring her and she would look back on that as the best decision she had ever made, and now Emily couldn’t imagine what she would have done without Donna.

Of sure, there were a few awkward times at first when she would have to run up to the register to ring out a customer’s beer while she was taking care of someone else, but those days passed by quickly and now Donna seemed to know the operations of the store better than she herself did. Better still, she seemed to care just as much about the place too, her mood rising and failing depending on the amount of business they did on a particular day.

As for the girl minding having to work six days a week, it clearly didn’t bother her because there was Donna, was working the register even though it was Monday, her day off. The girl had simply started showing up on Mondays, and despite Emily’s best efforts she insisted on working.

“Nothing to do at home anyway,” Donna had told her. “Besides, this is fun. I like being here with you.”

That line had resonated with the older woman, because although Emily had thought in the beginning she loved watching Donna show up at the store because she had been so lonely of late, but it was more than that. Donna reminded her of the way Brenna was at the girl’s age, cute and full of enthusiasm over life.

The employer/worker arrangement had never really taken place with them, because Donna didn’t need supervising. She was always on time no matter what, biking in early no matter the weather, and picked up on what needed to be done remarkably fast. Soon Donna was not her employee but more a friend, and as the days went by Emily feared that she was starting to look at the girl as more than that.

Emily knew that nothing would ever come of that, and not only because Emily was more than twice Donna’s age. Emily never showed any interest in any of the customers that breezed in during the day, be they male or female, so the older woman resigned herself to just fantasizing about what would never be. As long as the teen didn’t have ESP and couldn’t tell that her employer spent a lot of time mentally undressing her everything would be fine.


“One of the good things about one of these storms,” Emily said as she contorted her back and looked outside at the dreadful weather. “Although it kills business we do get to do a lot of the things we don’t have time to do. The bad thing is that my back ends up telling me I’m no kid any more as if I didn’t know already. I see the rain is starting to change to snow too.”

“We did get a lot done though,” Donna said as she looked out at the bike which was starting to attract some white stuff on the seat.

“You know, it’s fine if you take off early,” Emily said, repeating the offer she had made earlier. “Riding that bike in the snow?”

“I’ve done it all my life, and no I’m not leaving,” Donna said. “And no, you aren’t putting my bike in your van and taking me home either.”

This was something Emily had feared, winter lara escort and the snow that invariably came. Emily insisted she would make it just like always, and she had, but it was dangerous to be cycling on these back roads in the best of times. Thinking about what it would be like if the girl fell or got hit by a car depressed Emily, and not just because it would leave her working alone here.

“Alone,” Emily whispered to herself as she watched her assistant manager work, something she had not taken well to since Brenna’s passing, and it was then that the store owner went in back of the store room to the little apartment that was rarely used.

The room served as a place to stay when weather didn’t permit them to drive to their house a couple of miles away. It was like a studio apartment and nothing fancy, but it was so cozy that despite it not being as nice as home, Brenna and Emily had often stayed there just for the fun of it, and going back there brought back a bunch of memories to Emily.

Emily hadn’t used it since last winter and so it was musty and a tad dusty, but as Emily tidied up a bit and lit scented candles to clean the air she wondered whether Donna would take her up on the offer she was about to make, because the girl was fiercely independent, but the fireplace in front of the love seat, just about all the furniture there was besides a bed and a tiny table with two chairs might prove irresistible to the teen.

So Emily lit a fire, and after it got blazing she went out to ask her employee whether she would want to spend the night here instead of venturing home in the dreadful weather.


“Oh wow!” Donna exclaimed as Emily let her into the room. “I know you told me about this being back here but you made it sound like it was a dump. It’s so cute, and the fireplace! I would live back here if I were you.”

“During really bad storms we did spend extended time back here,” Emily explained. “It’s a little cramped but it does have a half bath, and as for food, we have the pick of the deli department.”

“Stay here tonight with me, won’t you?” Emily offered. “I don’t want to worry about whether you made it home or not.”

“You always worry about me. Like a Mom would,’ Donna said, and always while Emily liked the praise she didn’t want to be her mother. “I would love to stay here, I mean as long as you’re staying too.”


“I’m stuffed,” Donna declared as she leaned back in the chair. “Your meatballs are going to put all the weight back on me. I can’t help myself because they’re irresistible.”

“The fireplace is certainly doing the job,” Emily noted as they cleared the table of the little dishes they had used. “Or is it me?”

“No, it is toasty warm,” Donna agreed. “You know what I want to do? Sit in front of the fireplace and watch the flames dance.”

“Easily done,” Emily replied with a grin. “What we have to do first is find something to wear to bed. Either that or go naked.”

“I don’t think you’re ready for that,” Donna suggested, something that the middle aged woman did not agree with.

“I know there’s some things stashed away here,” Emily said as they went to the little dresser next to the bed. “One thing though. I don’t know if you’re squeamish about this but…”

“Wearing Brenna’s clothes?” Donna said in finishing her thought. “No, not at all. Brenna was neat and she would probably want the things used.”

“Agreed,” Emily answered, and she smiled when she saw the first thing on the drawer, a skimpy nightie Brenna used to wear in the summer.

“Oh, this is cute,” Donna said as she held up the frilly yellow thing. “Don’t think I have the guts to wear this though. We only shared one bottle of wine.”

“How about this?” Emily suggested, wishing the girl would at least try on the other thing and give her a thrill, and as she held up the pajamas with characters from The Simpsons on it she added, “And there’s another set here too somewhere.”

“We could be like sisters,” Donna said. “These are going to be too small though.”

“Those are mine,” Emily said. “These are the one Brenna wore. You’re built a lot like her so I bet these will fit.”

“Awesome. I’m going to try them on,” Donna chirped as she took them and walked into the bathroom to change.

“You can change out here,” Emily mumbled to herself as she undressed right there, wishing the girl wasn’t so modest, especially since she had nothing to be shy about. “Now this body…”

Emily looked at the image of herself, the body that had a bit more than a half century on it beginning to show it. Still very slender, the never prominent breasts were shrinking and starting to sag and the once tight butt was filling out. Not bad, but not good, and as Emily put on the PJ’s she wished she could turn back the hands of time.

“Ta da!” Donna announced as she came out of the bathroom clad in the light blue pajamas, and when Emily saw her she lit up. “These things are so soft and comfy. What do you think Emily?

“Perfect,” side escort the older woman beamed, but as she looked at Donna suddenly she started to choke up, turning away but not before the girl noticed.

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing Donna,” Emily said as she wiped away a tear. “Believe it or not, this is the happy version of me. Happens when you start losing it.”

“You’re not losing it Emily,” Donna said as she shook her head before putting her arms around the petite woman. “And if you do lose it, I’m here to help you find it.”

“You’re priceless,” Emily said as they hugged, and as she felt their breasts press together Emily’s mind went into the gutter – something Brenna would have said – as she enjoyed the feel of Donna’s soft and full bosom against her.

“Want me to put a few more pieces of wood in?” Donna suggested.

“Sure, and what I can do is toss your clothes into the washer so you won’t have to go home and change in the morning,” Emily offered, the small washer dryer combo normally just used for cloths and aprons they used in the store, and after she gathered up the things Donna had taken off she went into the store room.

There were just a few things to wash, Donna’s blouse and slacks along with her bra and panties, and as she tossed them in the scent of a woman wafted up from the teen’s undies, the aroma of another woman making her shiver. Emily held up the well worn brassiere, taking a deep breath as she looked at the cavernous cups that still seemed a bit warm to the touch.

“36D,” Emily mumbled to herself before she shook her head at the idea she was looking at the poor girl’s badly faded bra tag to read the size, justifying it to herself by reasoning that she was just looking in case the girl could use the bras Brenna no longer needed, but the girl was a cup size larger than Brenna had been.

“Go take a cold shower woman,” Emily scolded herself as she got the washer going before rejoining her guest.


“I’m hurting you aren’t I?” Donna asked when she saw her host grimace a little as she shifted position. “Big oaf.”

“No you aren’t. Stay!” Emily ordered with a giggle that became a laugh when the teen barked in response. “Good girl. No, this is no nice and I’m loving this. My back is just a little stiff.”

“You should take something.”

“Advil. I did but anyway, it’s not too bad and this is so cozy.”

“I agree.”

“I can get a blanket if you want,” Emily offered but Donna declined the offer.

“The fire is so warm we don’t need it,” Donna said as she scrunched a little closer to the older woman, who was sitting in at the end of the love seat with her employee resting beside her, cuddling being a better description of their position as the fire crackled before them. “Who needs TV?”

“You might change your mind after some of this,” Emily kidded. “The show is the same every night.”

“I don’t think so,” Donna replied. “You know, if it keeps snowing we might want to run a sale on some of the produce before we lose it.”

“No more business talk,” Emily replied. “I want to enjoy this. I forgot how nice a fire was. Smells so nice.”

“It does. You do too,” Donna said as she snuggled under the older woman’s arm, and Emily resisted the idea to make a comment, instead making a mental note to write a letter to the Mitchum company in the morning.

They rested in silence for the longest time, and Emily realized at some point that she had been rubbing the girl’s neck and shoulder with the hand that was on the back of the love seat, something that she did by reflexive habit.

“Oh. That was nice,” Donna said when Emily stopped.

“Didn’t even realize I was doing it,” Emily admitted.

“I did. Super nice,” Donna responded, and after a moment said, “You know, I should be the one rubbing you. I could give you a massage before you go to bed.”

“You mean we don’t you?”

“Did you want me to sleep on this?”

“I – uh – was just thinking that since you liked the fire so much.”

“I do, but not that much,” Donna said with a catch in her throat. “I don’t mind sharing a bed.”

“Oh, fine by me, but you don’t have to give me a massage,” Emily told her, not sure she would be able to handle that.

“Oh,” Donna said in a tone that indicated she was hurt.

“Unless you want to that is,” Emily added.

“It’s settled,” Donna answered. “We can put another log on the fire before we turn in. The crackling is nice and the way the light dances all over is awesome. Would that be okay?”

“Sure. Remind me before we turn in,” Emily said.

“Okay,” Donna replied, and after a few minutes the teen stifled a yawn and asked, “is it time to turn in yet?”


Emily turned down the bed and watched Donna go to the bathroom. As the clock ticked Emily’s heart was racing as she wondered what to do. She didn’t want to lose Donna as a friend or a co-worker, but the older woman’s primal urges were taking over. The toilet flushed and as the sink was turned on Emily frantically unbuttoned her pajama top, peeled it off and jumped into the bed face firstjust in time.

“I found this in the bathroom,” Donna said as she came up to the headboard and showed her employer a bottle of lotion. “Can I use this?”

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