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Slumber Party Surprise

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All characters and events depicted in this story are fictional, and all characters are portrayed as being 18 years or older. Still haven’t figure out why I have to say that for fictional characters, but there it is.

Did you ever have one of those things happen to you that was so outrageous, so unbelievable, and so unexpectedly pleasant that you just couldn’t believe it? Well, I had one of those things happen to me this past weekend, and I still can’t believe it actually happened — although I’m certainly glad it did!

My daughter, Melanie, came to me about a week ago and asked if she could hold a slumber party with her three closest friends. I always called them “The Posse” because you hardly ever saw one of them without seeing the other three. The first time I called them that to their faces they all laughed, but I don’t think they would have been laughing for long if they knew that I always secretly thought of them as “The Pussy Posse,” and that was the term that crossed my mind every time I thought about them. As far as I knew they were a good bunch of kids, and they had never done anything really bad or outrageous — that I knew of. I also knew that if they had I’d never find out about it, and that I was better off not knowing about it anyway. There are some things that a parent doesn’t need to know about what their kids do when they’re not around, and I always kept this in mind.

Life has taught me that sometimes women can be unbelievably catty, but as far as I could tell this wasn’t the case with “The Pussy Posse.” Physically, all of them shared the same traits — young, slim and trim, with all traces of “baby fat” long gone by now. But each of them had one physical trait that set them apart from the others. With my daughter it was her eyes; Melanie had the deepest, bluest eyes I’d ever seen, and a man could easily get lost in them if he wasn’t careful. Those eyes coupled with her shiny blond hair made her a looker in any man’s book, that’s for sure. She looked so much like her mother that it was startling and sometimes disturbing since her mother and I had been divorced for some time now.

Ivy was the redhead of the group, and her best asset was her ass. She had the tightest, roundest, firmest ass I’d ever seen. To steal a line from a popular TV show, she had an ass like an onion — it made you wanna cry. As far as her chest went, it’s been said that redheads are either very small or very big in the boobs department, and in Ivy’s case she was small-busted.

Not so in Raquel’s case. Raquel was the raven-haired beauty of the group with a simply spectacular bustline. She wasn’t huge by any means — I’m guessing she was a D or maybe a DD cup — but her breasts were firm and full, standing out proudly from her chest. I’d seen her in a bikini once earlier in the summer and I damn near swallowed my tongue at the sight of those amazing tits! The man who landed her was gonna be one happy son of a bitch, that’s for sure!

And then there was Sandra, the only brunette in the group. By far and away her best asset was her legs, no question. Long, shapely and lithe, they were the best pair of legs since Betty Grable. It was only too bad that they didn’t lead up to an ass like Ivy’s as Sandra’s ass was kind of flat. But those legs more than made up for it, let me tell you!

I’m still not sure how this diverse group of young women got to be such fast friends and how they managed to never have a disagreement among them, but they did — and Melanie was happy, which was all that mattered to me. So when she came to me and asked me about the slumber party I immediately said yes.

“But aren’t you a little old to be having a slumber party?” I asked.

“Well, maybe,” Melanie replied, “but this is the last chance we’re going to have to do something like this before we all go off to college, so we want to take advantage of it.” As it turned out all four of them had been accepted to the colleges they wanted, but unfortunately all of them wanted to go to different colleges. This was the first time I’d ever seen “The Pussy Posse” fail to do something as a group, and it kind of surprised me. There was no way I was going to tell her ‘no.’

“Sure, baby, go ahead and have your slumber party,” I said, smiling at my daughter who immediately broke out into a big grin. She jumped into my arms and gave me a big hug and a kiss on the cheek.

“Thank you, Daddy! I love you!” she said, looking at me with those big blue eyes.

“You’re welcome, and I love you, too,” I replied. She slipped out of my arms and turned to go upstairs to her room. “So just when are you having this party?” I asked to her back as she walked away. She turned at the base of the stairs and took two steps before stopping to answer me.

“Is this Friday night okay?” she asked.

“Sure thing, baby,” I said, nodding my head. Melanie smiled and then ran up the stairs.

When Friday rolled around the girls started showing up at the house around 6PM or so, and by 7 they pendik escort were all there. They were all dressed as if they were going to go out on the town and party, and that’s exactly what they did. I cautioned all of them to be careful and have a good time, and I got a kiss on the cheek from each of them as they headed out the door. Melanie was the last one out the door.

“What time will you be home, sweetheart?” I asked her. She hadn’t had a curfew since she graduated high school, and as long as I knew where she was and what time she would be home I was happy with it.

“I’m guessing around midnight or so, Daddy,” she said, looking at me with those blue eyes. “Is that okay?”

“Sure, baby, just be careful, okay? And call me if you need anything, all right?” This was the standard agreement between us — no matter what happened, no matter what went wrong or what she may have gotten involved in, if she ever got in trouble Melanie knew she could call me and I’d come get her, no questions asked and no repercussions later.

“Yes, Daddy,” she replied, smiling at me. “We’ll try not to wake you when we come in, but I’m not making any promises!”

“Don’t worry about that, baby, you know I sleep like the dead!” I replied. I had always been a sound sleeper, something that used to irritate the hell out of my ex-wife for reasons unknown. You could set a hand grenade off next to my head and it wouldn’t wake me up.

“Come on, Mel, the night is wasting away!” Raquel called from the doorway.

“See you in the morning, Daddy!” Melanie said, then turned and ran out the door, slamming it behind her in her enthusiasm. I walked over to the window and parted the blinds to watch the car drive away, then walked over to the couch and sat down.

“Netflix, here I come,” I said, picking up the remote and aiming it at the TV.

The girls hadn’t gotten home by midnight, but I wasn’t worried. The call hadn’t come and to be honest I didn’t think it would as Melanie had always been a very responsible young lady, so I went upstairs, stripped out of my clothes, and went to bed. I always sleep naked, another thing which irritated the living crap out of my ex for reasons that she never told me. Sometimes I wondered how we had managed to have a child, but I was always glad that we did.

I dream just about every night, and that night was no exception. The last thing I had watched on TV was a porn flick, so naturally my dream was an erotic one. In my dream I was the one getting my dick sucked by the young, blonde starlet, and she was good — and I mean REALLY good. The sensations of her hot, wet mouth sliding up and down my hard shaft as she sucked my cock were so intense and the dream was so real that it actually woke me up.

Only it wasn’t a dream. I woke up to discover there actually was a mouth clamped onto my cock, slowly sliding up and down my rock-hard shaft, the soft, wet tongue running up and down the underside and circling the head. I lifted my head and looked down, but the room was very dark and all I could see was the silhouette of a head bobbing up and down as my mystery lover sucked on me. She had pulled the covers aside and was lying between my legs, her forearms pressing against the inside of my thighs as she gripped my shaft with one hand and my smooth-shaven balls with the other. The physical contact was limited to her mouth, hands, and forearms, so there was no way I could tell who it was

“What the hell…” I began to say but was immediately shushed when my mystery lover released my balls and reached up to press a finger against my lips. She released my cock from the vacuum of her mouth only long enough to make one statement.

“SSShhhhhhhh…if you wake someone up I’ll have to stop,” she said in a hushed whisper that made it impossible to recognize her voice.

And that’s all she said. She immediately went back to sucking my cock, her hand returning to my balls and squeezing gently as she slid her soft, wet lips over the head. She slid her mouth down slowly, running circles around the sensitive head with her tongue as she did so, gripping the lower part of my shaft tightly with one hand as she squeezed and kneaded my balls with the other. Inch by inch she took my length into her warm, wet mouth, pumping the shaft firmly as she did so. I don’t know how long she had been sucking on me, but I did know that I was rock-hard and throbbing in her mouth. I had the biggest, hardest erection I’d had since I can’t remember when, and this mysterious vixen was making the best of it.

She continued to slide her mouth down my shaft, moving her hand out of the way as she went lower. I let my head fall back to the pillows and just lay there, enjoying the sensations running through my cock and balls, giving in to the pleasure flooding through me. All thoughts of just who this might be working on me were pushed to the back of my mind as I felt the head of my cock press against the back of her throat. She paused for a moment to maltepe escort catch her breath, and then pushed her mouth all the way down onto my cock. I felt the head of my cock slip into her throat as her nose bumped against me, and I jumped when I felt her throat close around the head of my cock as she swallowed. She had my entire cock in her mouth, all six and a half inches of it, and she held it there for several moments as she pulled and tugged on my balls.

As she slid her mouth slowly back up my shaft she sucked on it hard, and I mean HARD. I’ve had my share of blowjobs in my life and I like to think I’ve had my dick sucked by the best of them, but this girl was setting a new standard for blowjobs. She slid her wet, sucking mouth slowly up the shaft all the way to the head, stopping there and holding just the head in her mouth. She probed into the slit of my cock with her tongue, sending shivers through my body, and then she actually sucked harder. I didn’t think it was possible, but she increased the suction on the head of my cock to the point that I actually felt the precum being sucked up the shaft and out of my dick. I knew that if she kept this up, I’d be blowing my load down her throat in no time.

After a few very intense and very pleasurable moments of this, she slowly eased the pressure she was applying to the head of my cock until she could release it from her sucking lips without a pop that could be heard in the next room, keeping her soft, warm lips wrapped around it as she ran her lithe tongue over and around the head. She gripped my shaft with her hand, pumping it up and down as she did the tongue-dance on the head of my cock, gently but firmly squeezing my balls with the other. Then she slid her mouth slowly down again, repeating what she’d just done, until her nose was once again bumping against me and her throat swallowing around the head of my cock.

I instinctively reached up with both hands to grab her head, and as soon as I touched her head she reached up and took my hands away from her head. Without moving her head an inch and with my cock still buried in the back of her throat, she placed them on the bed at my sides and then patted the backs of my hands, effectively telling me to keep them there while she did her thing.

And that was fine by me! Her hands returned to my cock and balls, and I just lay there and let her go at it. She repeated the process of slowly moving back up my cock, sucking hard on it, gripping and pumping the shaft and then probing my slit with her tongue again. This girl was quickly proving herself to be the cocksucking queen of all time!

By this time my cock was drenched with her saliva, and I could feel it slipping down over my balls. If I could have seen it I’m sure it would have been shiny and wet, and at that point I would have given my right arm to be able to see this vixen’s mouth sliding up and down my erection. But that wasn’t going to happen, so I just stayed where I was and let her work.

After sliding slowly up and down my cock a few times, she released the head from her mouth while gripping the wet, slippery shaft tightly in her hand, then gave a slow, wet, sucking kiss to the tip. I felt the bed move as she shifted position slightly, then I felt those soft, wet lips on my balls. She had opened her mouth wide enough to suck one of my balls right into her mouth, and she did so without hesitation. She gripped my throbbing cock hard as she sucked on one of my balls, pulling it into her wet, waiting mouth. She pumped my shaft hard as she rolled one of my balls around in her mouth, slathering her tongue all over it as she did so. Then she moved to the other one, releasing the first from her mouth and immediately sucking my other ball into her mouth and repeated the process. I let out with a heavy sigh as she worked on my heavy, laden balls, and I swear I could feel her smile around my balls.

Then she surprised the living hell out of me by taking both of my balls into her mouth. Her mouth was so full she couldn’t roll them around like she had done with just one, but she could run her tongue around them which she did. I could feel the precum flowing out of my cock as she continued to pump the shaft, and I’m sure by now it was running down the shaft and over the back of her hand as it pumped me.

After a few very pleasurable minutes of this she released my balls from her mouth without making a sound, then licked them several times with the flat of her talented tongue.

“Time to make you cum!” she said in the same hushed whisper as before. Once again, I had no idea who’s voice I was hearing — but at this point I really didn’t care.

Without another word she placed her lips on the tip of my cock, keeping her lips together as she kissed it. Then she sucked it into her mouth, her soft lips opening as they slid over the head of my cock, her tongue sliding along the sensitive underside of the head as she took more and more of it into her mouth. She gripped kartal escort the base of my shaft with her hand and sucked the rest of it into her mouth, her other hand gripping and squeezing my balls as she did this. I lifted my head again to see, but once more all I could see was the dark silhouette of a head. So I dropped my head back down to the pillow as she sucked hard on my cock again, running her tongue up and down the shaft.

Then she started to move, sliding her mouth up and down my wet, slippery cock as she pumped the shaft with her hand in time with the movements of her mouth. The motions of her other hand gripping and kneading my balls also increased, and it was very apparent that this girl was intent on making me cum — and soon! Her movements were causing some very soft but noticeable slurping and sucking sounds, but by this time neither one of us cared. All this did was turn me on even more, and I resisted the urge to grab her by the head and face-fuck the living crap out of her by gripping the sheets in the balls of my fists instead.

It didn’t take long before I felt a familiar tingling in my balls, and I felt my cock widening in preparation for orgasm. She also felt it, increasing the speed and suction on my cock in response. My breath was coming quickly now, my heart pounding in my chest, as this sexual dynamo of a girl continued to suck my cock, quickly bringing me to the brink of orgasm.

Then it hit. I groaned louder than I wanted to as my cock exploded in her mouth, my back arching as I came. She gave out with a quick squeal of delight as the first stream of cum came blasting out of my cock and into her waiting, sucking mouth. She kept up the pace and the suction as my cock throbbed and pulsed in her mouth, shooting stream after stream of hot, thick cum onto her tongue. She continued her motions, intent on sucking and pumping every possible drop out of me, and I lost track of the number of times my cock pumped its load into her waiting mouth.

The throbbing and pulsing of my cock in her mouth finally began to slow as my orgasm faded, the motions of her mouth on my cock slowing in response. She slid her mouth slowly up the length of my cock one final time, keeping the head trapped in her sucking mouth when she got to it. She sucked hard, sucking the last drop of cum out of my cock, pumping it out with her hand as she did so. I heard her moan softly as she pulled the final remnants of cum out of my shaft, and then I heard her sigh softly as she released my cock from her mouth. A few moments later I heard the distinct sound of her swallowing my cum, followed by another soft sigh. Then she kissed the tip of my cock with a slow, wet, loving kiss before releasing it from her grip.

Then she was gone. I felt the bed moving as she got up from between my legs, and I lifted my head up just in time to get a quick glimpse of a shadowy form as she walked out of the door to my room and turned to go down the hall. I let my head fall back to the pillow and just lay there, panting slightly, the night air cool on my wet and now-spent cock.

I had just had the best blowjob of my life, and I had absolutely no idea who had done it. This thought by itself was enough to keep me awake for a bit, but soon the exhaustion of my orgasm took over and I drifted off to sleep.

This time I didn’t dream.

The next morning when I woke up I was still lying on my back, still uncovered, and I immediately thought to myself, ‘Did that really happen, or did I dream it?’ I looked down at my now-soft cock and saw a small bit of dried semen on my abdomen and on the tip of my cock, proof that last night’s blowjob was no dream. I laid my head back on the pillow and thought about what had happened, trying to come up with some way, some little thing that would give away the identity of my phantom cocksucker.

But there was nothing, nothing at all. Whoever had done this had done it right in more ways than one, and there was absolutely no way I would ever know who it was unless they told me. It could have been any of them — it could have been Ivy, or Raquel, or Sandra.

Or Melanie.

My eyes went wide at this sudden thought. Melanie? My daughter? Had I just had my dick sucked by my own daughter? No, no way! But…really? Was it possible? This thought shook me right down to the depths of my soul, and I realized that I would most likely never know.

Unless she did it again. I mean, if it was her she had already done it once, so why not? But maybe she did it this once because she knew she could keep her identity a secret, and would never do it again. I puzzled over this for several long moments, then came to the realization that I was just going to have to wait and see what happened next — if anything at all.

Then I got up to shower and get dressed. When I went downstairs later the girls were just finishing breakfast, and as we conversed over the next few minutes I looked at each girl’s face closely, even Melanie’s, looking for any slight sign that may clue me in as to which of them was my nocturnal lover.

I saw nothing. I was no closer to knowing who it was now than I was when it was happening. And I can’t get the thought that it might be Melanie out of my head.

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