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Six Sexy Classes Ch. 01

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pt.1 Intro


Joe- 18,Short Brown hair, tall, rugby player, 7 inch dick, studies different subjects.

Claire-Long blonde, petite, 18, young, tight.

“Joe you are going to be late” my mum shouted. I was standing in my room making sure I had everything for school. I looked in my backpack. Condoms, lube, oil, maths book, everything I needed. I was very excited as today is free body day. For those of you who don’t know what free body day is, let me tell you a story.

Me and my mum decided that we wanted to be live near family so we decided to move to an island where my cousin Claire and my aunt Susan stayed. It was a very unique island and it was very small. The island rules were bizarre as well. One day out of the year, all pupils and teachers have a day in school were you have to be naked and you can sex with anyone. As a horny teenager with raging hormones I was very excited. I have 6 classes today and I plan to have sex with as much people as I could. rip her up porno This was also my second day in the school and I was placed in an all girls school, lucky for me.

I grabbed my backpack and me and my cousin Claire left for school. Claire always sweated when we left the house, I always wondered why? I could have stripped my clothes off right here and than just so Claire could see but you had to wear clothes until you got to the school and then you would take your clothes off in the bathroom.

We arrived at the front door and walked in. There was a sign on the wall. “Thank you for coming into school to celebrate free body day”. I smiled as I went into the sign in are. Unfortunately, the girl that takes the register was off. Most people did not come in to school today but luckily the teachers did come in, otherwise they would not get paid.

I went into the changing rooms and stripped myself naked. I took off my Guns and Roses t-shirt and flung rus porno it in my bag. I started to take my pants off and they followed my shirt. I was now standing in my boxers. I already had a raging hard on and I kept getting harder, thinking about the endless possibilities that can happen today. I peeled off my briefs and my dick flopped out. I found it funny, thinking that I will be walking around with an erect cock as girls and teachers look, and hopefully use it.

I put my bag on one of the shelves and stepped out. Claire was already waiting for me, standing naked with a grin on her face. I have never seen her naked before and she looked magnificent. Her golden hair made her look angelic as her slim body outlined her amazing features. I just stared at her, looking her up and down. It turns out that she had a neatly trimmed bush and her pussy looked so cute. I noticed her looking at me the same way, looking at my shaved pubes and my 7 inch dick, now fully erect. We sert porno looked at each other in a way I have never looked at someone before. We knew it would be wrong, it would be incest, it would make things weird between us, but we both wanted it.

Claire’s perspective

Joe you are going to be late, Joe’s mum shouted. I heard him scramble around his room, probably getting his backpack sorted. I was ready to go, my backpack was at the door and for the past 20 minutes I have been enjoying the feel of my moist pussy. I loved masturbating in the morning, it gets me relaxed for the long day ahead.

I had already crept into Joe’s room this morning and I watched him as he slept. He always sleeps naked and he always has morning wood. I’ve always wanted to touch it but I didn’t want to wake him up. I took my fingers out my pussy and brought them up to my mouth. Someday Joe will fuck me, and what a day that will be.

I started to put my clothes on, I didn’t want to climax yet until I got to school. I can get my friend Stacy to finger me, that will do. I grabbed my backpack and left with Joe. I just realised that all that masturbating had got me hot, I keep forgetting to wipe the sweat off, hopefully Joe doesn’t notice.

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