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Sisterly Visit Ch. 02

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Khadija nervously stood at the front door of her sister’s apartment. The 23 year old had decided to come see Fatima again despite, or maybe because of, what happen last time. She hadn’t intended to fuck her sister’s boyfriend last time but she would be lying, which she has been attempting to do so to herself, if she had said she hadn’t wanted it to happen again. The entire drive over here she had been wrestling with her moist pussy.

Khadija knocked on the door nervous about seeing Sam again, hoping he was there and wasn’t there at the same time. She imagined him naked, climbing on top of her, or kneeling in front of him, feeling his cock in her mouth.

These same thoughts had run through her mind that morning when she got dressed. She thought about her matching red thong and push up bra cupping her d-cups. Her tight jeans and hoodie accentuated her curves. She had even unzipped her hoodie down to show her cleavage as she had no shirt under it.

She knocked again hoping that her sister would answer so they could head to lunch. Or that Sam would so he could have her once again.

When Sam opened the door she felt herself blush as she bit her lip and looked him over. He was wearing an unbuttoned short sleeve shirt that highlighted his chiseled abs and a pair of knee length shorts. His eyes were bloodshot from the weed he had already been smoking.

“Hey,” he said after a moment.

“Uh… I… uh….” she stammered, trying to stop herself from remembering what his skin felt like against hers.

“It’s good to see you,” he said as he wrapped her in a hug, her breasts being squeezed against him and her face pressing against his bare chest. She hugged back automatically, tightly gripping him.

“Come in,” he said, breaking the hug and stepping to the side to allow her in. His hand remaining on the small of her back gently guiding her in.

Khadija let him guide her in, elated and terrified to meet him again. She looked around the dim space and walked toward the living room expecting to see or hear her sister any moment. She only heard the sounds of a paused video game though.

Sam watched her walk in front of him, running his eyes from the bow holding he hair in a high point tail down to her shapely ass in her snug jeans. His cock twitched thinking about stripping them off of her and burying himself in her tight pussy, watching her ass bounce against him.

“Uhm… Where’s Fatima?” Khadija asked turning around in the living room. She watched Sam’s eyes move up her body before making eye contact with her. “She told me yesterday I should come by and we would get lunch.”

Sam thought back to this morning, waking up to Fatima sucking on his morning wood. After swallowing his load she let him fall back asleep as she got ready for work. When he woke up a couple of hours later he saw her text saying, “Have fun!! 😉 %P” He thought she was just talking about playing video games and getting high but now he knew she was referring to enjoying her sister.

They had discussed that night with Khadija a month ago multiple times and how hot Fatima found it to know her boyfriend was lusted after by her older sister. Out of all their threesomes this was the one she brought up the most. Sam would be lying too if he said he hadn’t fucked the shit out of Fatima more than once since then imagining it was Khadija.

“She got called into work at the last minute. She shouldn’t be long. I’ll let her know you’re here,” he said snapping a picture of her and sending it to his 21 year old girlfriend with a message saying, ‘The lunch you ordered for me arrived. ;)’

“Oh… okay,” Khadija said hesitantly.

“You wanna a drink while we wait?” Sam asked, looking her up and down again.


“Let me grab that. Make yourself at home.”

Khadija looked at the couch where she had lap danced and blown Sam previously. She felt herself get wet thinking about doing it again and looked away at the TV to see what Sam was playing. Khadija didn’t recognize it at first but realized it was one of those open world games where you could fight the cops and go on criminal missions.

She was still waffling on where to sit when Sam walked back into the space with a glass of water.

He confidently grabbed her wrist saying, “Come on.”

He sat down and pulled her down next to him. Khadija was turned on even more by his confident manner. If he had touched her further she did not know if she could resist. Fortunately for her he picked up the controller and unpaused the game.

“Well, time to replenish my health.” Sam proceeded to steal a car and take off at a high rate of speed. “So how you been?”

“Okay,” she said still unsure how to proceed.

“Good, good.”

Khadija watched him as he tore through the city. She assumed he was on his way to a base or get some food.

“There we go,” he said, pulling up to a scantily pendik escort clad woman.

“What are you doing?”

“I’m getting health,” he smirked as the woman climbed into the car. Sam pressed a button changing the view and proceeded to watch the woman proceed to go down on him.

“Wha…?” Khadija said slack jawed.

“Blow jobs restore health,” Sam smirked enjoying the ‘O’ shape her mouth was making. “Works the same way in real life.”

Khadija turned toward him, furrowing her brow. They both laughed finally allowing her to relax.

Sam put the controller down and picked up a joint he had rolled earlier. He took a couple of drags and then he handed it to Khadija.

“It helps with health, too,” he joked. “Besides, lunch will taste awesome.”

Still unsure she took it from him when he reached for the controller. The woman had finished and gotten out of the car. Sam drove up to another female character and got her to climb in and do the same.

“Just one hit,” he winked at her and she finally relented.

She coughed and handed the joint back to him. Sam took a drag while Khadija took a sip of the water. Handing it back to her she took a small drag.

“Weeds good, but blow jobs are better,” Sam said.

“In the game?” Khadija blushed.

“In real life too,” he said smirking with a wink in response. Sam spreading his legs rubbing against hers. As Khadija looked down Sam made his cock jump in his pants, causing her breath to catch. “Do you give road head?”

“I haven’t,” she said, still looking at his crotch.

“We’ll try it some time,” he said.

“Okay,” she said, only half aware of what she had just agreed to.

“Damn, you’re beautiful,” Sam said, leaning toward her.

Sam’s finger tilted her face up allowing them to make eye contact a moment before he pushed their lips together. She kissed him hungrily, glad he made the first move. She didn’t know how much longer she would have lasted before she had grabbed him.

As she sucked on his tongue her hands rubbed his cock through his pants. Sam’s hands mauled her breasts through her hoodie causing her to moan with his tongue in her mouth.

Khadija, having fantasized about this situation everyday for a month, pulled on his shorts trying to free his cock and feast her eyes on it again. Sam laughed and raised his butt allowing the shorts to come off his hips at her insistent tugging. As the shorts came off his cock bounced upward causing Khadija to again moan involuntary, excited about having his hard on on display again. She rubbed her thighs together excited to have it all to herself.

She gripped his cock in her hands. It was pulsating heat and larger than she remembered. She licked her lips as she leaned down, her mouth attracted to his cock like a moth to a flame. She had to have him in her mouth again.

Sam watched Khadija lower her head, his hips slightly raising in anticipation of her mouth engulfing his erection. The pink bow in her hair adding to the eroticism. His hand still cupped her full breast as she gently kissed the tip of his penis.

He leaned back, closing his eyes as she began to kiss down his erection. Her soft lips gently pressing against his skin. His hand worked around her and down to squeeze her ass as she climbed onto her knees on the couch beside him. Her mouth never left his cock as she repositioned herself.

She began to alternate between licking and kissing, like the articles she had been reading in secret had told her to. She hoped she was doing it right. Sam had complimented her last time but she wanted to make sure she could please a man with her mouth properly. As Sam moaned and squeezed her ass she knew she must be on the right track as she licked her way to the tip and began to slowly engulf his cock.

Sam was in heaven. Khadija had been over for less then ten minutes and she was already sucking his dick. He had been hoping to get between her delectable lips again. As she bobbed taking more and more of his cock he could feel the smile spread across his face.

“If you keep this up, I’m gonna… Ahhh…” His statement was broken by Khadija sucking harder. “Your making it hard… Ahh…”

“I like it hard,” she giggled, momentarily taking her mouth off him. She jerked him for a moment before resuming the blow job.

“So good,” Sam said before grunting at her effort.

Sam loved the feel of her mouth just as Khadija loved the feel of his cock in her mouth.

“Let me…. I want to… fuck… I want to fuck you…” Sam was barely able to get out.

Khadija just sucked harder enjoying Sam’s lust for her and her ability to control his ability to speak. As she moved her mouth up his cock she swirled her tongue around it. She licked his hole enjoying the pre-cum which had begun to leak out of his cock.

“I need you to cum in my mouth,” she moaned at him, looking maltepe escort him in the eyes and licking her lips. Her hand jerked him as she alternated between sucking and licking his head.

Khadija could hear Sam’s breathing quicken a moment before his hand squeezed her ass tightly and his other grip the back of her head.

“Oh fuck! Oh baby!” Sam groaned loudly a moment before semen exploded from the tip of his cock. Khadija did her best to swallowing it down and taste it at the same time. It was too much at first and as she felt some escape her mouth at the corners. She decided instead to focus on swallowing as the spurts continued.

As the streams lessened she finally could focus on the taste and decided she was one of those girls who loved cum. She didn’t understand what those who hated it were complaining about.

Sam’s grip on her ass loosened and she knew he must be nearly done. She licked around the head coaxing a final small burst of cum, reveling in the taste of her reward.

As she sat up, still fully clothed but with a belly full of cum, she pushed the cum from the corners into her mouth before licking he fingers clean. Sam watched her cleanup both satisfied and lustful enough that he wished he could just rip her clothes off and fuck her.

She smiled at him, some of her shyness returning. “Thank you,” she said, with a slight blush.

“Oh no, baby. Thank you! That was fantastic,” Sam exclaimed.

Khadija bit her lip reveling in the compliment, looking coyly at her sister’s boyfriend. Her arms squeezed together pushing her boobs up and together. It had the desired effect as Sam’s eyes looked at her exposed flesh. Despite having just cum Khadija saw Sam’s cock twitch.

She was so horny. She needed Sam inside her. She was so wet she felt like she must have soaked through her pants. She drank some of the water keeping her eyes on her lover.

“Give me a few minutes and I’ll get right in you,” Sam joked.

“Let me go use the bathroom then,” she said getting up as sexily as possible before turning to sashy her ass as she headed back down the hall.

Sam watched her as she went. Once she was out of sight, a smile plastered to his face, he checked his phone. Fatima had sent him a string of emojis starting with a winky face and then going sexual. Sam responded back ‘love you’ and leaned back, closing his eyes to enjoy the after glow.

When Khadija came out a few minutes later she had let her hair down and unzipped her hoodie further, making her tits appear ready to spill out at any moment. She locked at him, fully nude, legs spread wide, head leaned back. As she locked at his flaccid but large cock she knew she could just spend all day on her knees with it in her mouth. She didn’t have all day though and she had to have him inside of her.

Sam heard her coming toward him and opened his eyes and leaned forward to watch her come near. He watched as she sexily walked toward him. She reached down and unbuckled her pants before starting to unzip them.

Sam watched Khadija sensually reveal her red, intricate panties. As the snug jeans were pushed down her hips and then her thighs he watched her shaved skin come into view. Bending to finish pulling the jeans off Sam was given a view straight down her hoodie confirming that only the bra was underneath. Straightening back up she walked sexily toward him.

Sam’s cock was beginning to become engorged again and he took the initiative again. Standing, his cock swung back and forth as it began to stand on its own. Closing the distance between them he wrapped her in his arms and pulled her to him.

Their lips found each others again as she felt his cock rubbing against her. His hands moved down her back until they reached her bare ass checks. He squeezed them as his cock bounced against her. Her arms wrapped around him, her breasts squeezed between them, he lifted her up and turned to carry her into the bedroom.

She giggled at the treatment, remembering how as a girl she imagined her husband carrying her across the threshold, an act her husband had never done. Their passionate kissing continued as he carried her into the bedroom he shared with his sister and laid her down, climbing on to her, on the same bed he had fucked her sister in about 12 hours before and would fuck her in again tonight.

He broke the kiss as he unzipped her hoodie revealing her matching red bra. His hand massaged her bra clad tit as his cock rubbed against her damp thong.

Sam began to kiss down her body. First her neck, then her collar, then the swell of her breasts, and down her stomach. His hands preceded his lips and so he tugged on her thong as he kissed her stomach. Khadija excitedly raised her ass allowing them to come down her shapely legs with ease. He kissed down her legs to her ankles, dropping the thong on the floor and then started to kiss kartal escort back up.

He began to kiss and lick her wet pussy. Her hands in his hair, she came almost the moment he first licked his clit. Grabbing the sheet she moaned loudly and writhed at the prolonged orgasm.

When her body calmed, Sam proceeded to begin kissing up her body again.

“No one has ever… I’ve never… That was amazing,” she said.

“I’m” kiss “glad” kiss “you” kiss “enjoyed it,” Sam said working up her stomach and back to her bra covered breasts.

When they kissed she could taste her juices on him and it excited her further. His hard cock pressed against her opening and she couldn’t wait to have him. She rocked her hips hoping to push him in.

Sam entered slowly, wanting to have her enjoy every moment. He slowly worked the tip in, and then the head, enjoying the sounds of pleasure he was eliciting from his girlfriend’s older sister.

“So good… Oh my God… Yes… Please… More….”

Sam pleased to please, kept it up until he was slowly, rhythmically seesawing into her. Khadija loved the feel of being so full, of feeling his balls bounce against her, the feel of his weight on her. She was already on the verge of another orgasm.

As she came, Sam could feel her pussy squeeze his cock. He continued his deep, rhythmic motions until again she calmed down enjoying the sight of her nearly naked body succumbing to the pleasure he brought her.

“Get on your knees,” he said, before pulling all the way out of her.

Khadija turned over and placed her ass in the air. On her hands and knees she moaned as Sam gripped her hips placing his cock at the entrance of her inviting hole.

Khadija moaned as Sam pushed into her. He quickly picked up pace. Her ass clapped as he pounded into her. The hood of her outfit fell on her head as her arms gave out. She cried out as another orgasm caused her body to shudder as his cock pumped in to his balls and then back to just his head over and over again.

As he slowed down, her grip on the sheets relaxed. Khadija moaned as his cock popped out of her.

Smacking her ass Sam said, “That’s some good pussy, baby.”

Laying down next to her she smiled at him with her face still on the bed, head half covered by her hood, lust still in her eyes, ass in the air. She pivoted backward shifting her weight onto her calves. Her tits bounced in her bra as her hoodie slipped down her arms.

She stood up on the bed and moved to stand over him. Lowering herself she kneeled again and pushed herself down onto his still hard cock. She moaned all the way down.

Once she had Sam completely buried within her she looked him in the eye as she reached behind herself and undid her bra. She watched Sam’s eyes take in her naked breasts enjoying the way he looked at her.

She began to ride. Rocking back and forth, her tits bounced, enamoring Sam with her further. His hands gripped her waist as she rode him. She began to moan and she leaned her head back as another orgasm rocked her body. Sam couldn’t hold back any longer and finally let his balls drain into her.

As her orgasm subsided she lay down on him, their naked bodies intertwined. She smiled satisfied in ways she never had been before. Sam closed his eyes with his hands resting on her thighs.

Sam started to softly snore right before his flaccid cock fell out of her. Smiling she slid off him and cuddled him laying her head on his chest.


Khadija lay with her head on Sam’s chest, feeling the rise and fall as he breathed. She must have dozed off for moment but it was a restful sleep, more restful then she had been getting at home with the kids. As her thoughts returned to her life she sighed and raised her head to get up and get dressed.

“Where you going?” Sam asked, the arm he had around her naked body pulling her back down.

Khadija moaned enjoying the feel of his hot naked body pressing against hers.

“I told my mom I would be back after lunch. I need to go.”

“But we haven’t even had dessert yet,” he said rolling her onto her back and climbing on top of her.

“Mhmmm,” she moaned as he kissed her deeply. Her feet flat and knees pointed up, she felt his hips rub against the inside of her thighs as his stiffening cock rubbed against her quickly moistening vagina. “Just a quick dessert.”

Sam’s cock found its way against her wet hole and slipped in the tip. He rocked back and forth teasing her before he began to pop the head in and out of her. Khadija already excited, cam before he was even halfway in.

When his cock was finally buried to the balls he began to speed up his thrusts, pounding away into her.

“OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD!” she cried out as his cock slammed into her. Where as earlier they had made love now he was truly fucking her.

The headboard was slamming into the wall, competing with her exclamations and the sound of his cock pounding into her to be the loudest noise in the room.

As he jack hammered into her she came again and again before Sam finally roared as his cock filed her with his cum once again.

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