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Sisterly Need

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“Oh, Yeah, fuck, yeah.”

To Sasha’s mind there was nothing better than having a hard cock pounding away at her. Unfortunately for her, the guy she had picked up at the bar was a complete dud. Steve, or Sam, or whatever, was grunting atop her, completely oblivious that she was unimpressed with his skills. She was damn horny, so much she could cry from frustration.

Her pussy was practically leaking, her nipples hard and pointy but try as she might, she could not reach orgasm. At least not in the mind-blowing way she needed. Sean, the dud, groped around, pinched her clit as he kept up a steady rhythm.

Well, he seemed to know what he was doing… but her body was not reacting the way it was supposed to.

It was his fault.

With one drawn-out moan, the man came inside her. Sasha hadn’t climaxed, not even close. Breathing hard, whatever his name was, lowered his head to her tits, sucked a nipple into his mouth and plunged a finger in her cum-soaked pussy.

It felt good, it felt fucking great, just as his cock had, but she knew she wouldn’t be able to come. Still finger fucking her, the man started eating her. Her hips snapped up, her legs cradling his head, her hands pushed him closer to her needy cunt. She needed release, she was burning up inside, the tension was too much…

“Oh, oh, yes…”

So close. She was so close.

He lapped at her expertly, knowing exactly where and how to lick. His tongue slithered in deep, his finger still inside her. He kept it up for what seemed like hours, until her body could take no more. She came, a lovely vanilla orgasm that sated her for all of two seconds before she was hungry for another fucking.

“Lady, you’re a hard one to please,” the man said, shaking his head, “but never let it be said that I leave a woman unsatisfied.”

“Thanks,” Sasha said, watching him get dressed. She meant it, he was the only one out of four that had managed to make her cum.

“My pleasure,” he smiled but there was no humor behind it. He let himself out.

The air was filled with the scent of sex, Sasha’s body still throbbing and sweaty, as horny or even more so than when she started. She needed to come, and hard, before she lost her sanity. She knew the solution to her problem but was unwilling to cross those moral boundaries. Again.

But to remember how hard her brother had fucked her, how good, how amazing his cock had felt was pure torture. The memories of the first and only time they’d fucked drove her into a mad frenzy. It had been over two months before, but her pussy remembered it as if it had happened only yesterday.

At first latin sex tapes porno she had tried to alleviate her desire with her toys, reliving the memories, imagining new ones. It worked for a very short time. Next, when the craving for her brother, when her body demanded cock, she had gone out, picking up random guys that seemed up to the job. Nothing worked. Even now, her fingers were already knuckle deep in her recently-fucked pussy.

She imagined it was her brother’s cum that was leaking out of her, that it was his cock that had filled her, stretched her. She brought her fingers, sticky with another man’s semen to her mouth, tasting it, swallowing…

“Ahh, ahhh, ahhh… yes… Eric!”

Again she came. Again she was disappointed.

She had promised herself that she would never have sex with Eric ever again. It was wrong, immoral, taboo. She knew all that, but it was damn hard to care about it when you had a throbbing wet pussy that needed a hard fucking.

No one could make the ache go away except for her brother.

The son of a bitch had known it too. He had taunted her, telling her she would come begging him to do her. Her older brother had always been a dick. Three years her senior, Eric had always thought he was so much older, wiser, and experienced that Sasha. In this case he had been right on target, Sasha was ready to go begging for his cock.

In twenty minutes flat she was showered, dressed and perfumed. She didn’t care about anything anymore, except having Eric between her legs again. She hadn’t bothered with underwear, and felt a string of moisture running down the inside of her thigh just at the thought of seeing Eric again.

She looked herself over in the bathroom mirror, noting the high color of her cheeks, the bruising of her lips, the erect nipples clearly visible beneath her white blouse. She was practically oozing sex in the form fitting skirt and blouse ensemble. She hoped Eric would appreciate it and not be too angry with her for keeping him waiting. Her brother could be downright vicious sometimes.

The trip to Eric’s home took less time than it usually did. She was eager to see him, eager for him to finally relieve her. He had to be home, she’d go insane if he wasn’t. She thanked whatever deities were listening when she spotted his car parked on his driveway. Sasha vaulted out of her own car and almost ran to the door.

She used the key he’d given her when he’d first moved in more than six years ago. Excitement coursed through her for what she was about to engage in. Sex with her brother. Willingly, consciously, she reveled in it, lezbiyen porno the wrongness of it.

“Eric?” she called out.

“Finally come to your senses, have you?” he said, emerging from the living room.

“No. I think I’ve lost them for sure, otherwise I wouldn’t be here.”

He laughed and went back inside the living room.

In jeans and a T-shirt, no man had ever looked so good to Sasha. It was obvious they were brother and sister. Same brown hair, although his was a tad lighter, same brown eyes, same slim physique and facial features. It was thrilling. They would look amazing together. Next time she would make sure to set up a camcorder.

She followed him to the living room where she found him already stripping out of his clothes. Her mouth watered at the sight of his hard cock standing straight up just for her.

“You do realize I’m going to make you pay?”

“Yes.” Sasha approached him, her hands unbuttoning her blouse.

Eric sat on the sofa, legs spread, stroking his dick and squeezing a drop of precum. “Suck me.”

Dutifully she kneeled before him, placing his cock inside her eager mouth. She took him as deep as she could, loving the texture, the musty smell, the weight of his balls in her small hands. She sucked the head skillfully, making him grunt and moan, licking it, teasing lustfully, leaving his meat shiny with saliva.

“Oh, no you don’t.” Eric took her hand, the one that had been wandering south to her dripping slit and placed the fingers into his mouth, sucking the digits greedily. With the other hand he delivered a sharp stinging spank to her ass. A warning. She had too suffer through it. He was in control.

She gave a pitying mewl that fell on deaf ears. He was too immersed in his pleasure, too far gone to care about the selfish sister that had denied him her sweet body for so long. He watched her sucking his cock, his precious little sister, with her luscious mouth wrapped around his thick shaft, struggling to please him, her hips moving seductively, already wishing he was filling her.

He was ready to burst.

Eric pushed her away. She laded with her legs splayed on the floor. “Let me see your cunt.”

Instantly her skirt was around her waist. Such a pretty pussy, he thought, with neatly trimmed dark brown hair and a pretty pink slit that begged to be suckled and screwed. He went to his knees in front of her. He saw the expectation in her eyes. He gave a sharp bark of laughter at her expense.

“Give me your cock.”

Eric ran the head of his cock along her slit, from anus to clit, spreading her wetness. Sasha was liseli porno begging, just as he knew she would, almost sobbing, but Eric kept up the pleasurable torture. He penetrated her, only the head, and pulled out, loving her cries of need. Finally, he rubbed himself to a finish against her spread open twat.

Sasha’s hand came down to swipe the mixture of her juices and his spunk. “Mmm…” she moaned, smelling her fingers and then placing them in her mouth. “Eat me. Please lick my cunt, just like last time-“

“You think you deserve it? Huh? I don’t think so, dear sister. Not after the hell you’ve put me through. Go into the bedroom, and take that shirt off. Show off those great tits.”

She did as she was told, hoping that Eric wouldn’t be so spiteful as to leave her like this. She walked to the room, feeling her brother behind her all the way there. She laid on the bed, legs spread wide, ready and waiting for him.

He kissed her for the first time that night. A wet, drooling kiss, that had her doubling her need. He kept kissing her, sucking on her tongue, biting her lips, and all the while his hands found their way to her quim. He teased her, brought her to edge of orgasm but made sure to pull her back just as she was about to tumble down the edge.

“Fuck me.”

“No, my little slut. Not yet.”

His mouth moved to her nipples. He sucked hard, almost painfully, but Sasha only moaned louder for his cock. He bit the other nipple, and gave a small slap to her pussy. His finger played with the ring of her anus, teasingly inserting his middle finger, mimicking fucking.

“Remember, Sasha, that only I can bring you pleasure. Only my cock can make you cum.”


He slammed into her, balls deep inside her. She gave a sharp cry, came at the perfect feel of her brother’s cock filling her up to the brim. Sasha felt herself gushing, coming harder that she could ever remember while her brother kept ramming into her.

“Oh, yeah, baby, you come so good. Just like I remember… best pussy I’ve ever had…”

Her brother rode her to another hard orgasm. “Watch baby, Watch, how my cock stuffs you full,” he pulled her up to a sitting position, so they could both see his cock slamming into her.

“Oh, god, this is so dirty… so nasty…my brother… my brother…” Her pussy was still throbbing, still swallowing her brothers cock lustfully. “Fill me up. Fill me up. I need to feel your cum… ahh.. ahh…”

Yes, there was nothing better than a cock pounding into you. Nothing better than feeling your pussy leaking from so much cum. Especially if they belong to your brother.


This story is solely a product of my imagination. The characters are over eighteen years of age (and apparently live in disease free world).

Drop a line, please, as this is my first venture into erotic fiction. Thank you.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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