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I’d like to tell you about one of the most memorable nights of my life and the girl that made it so. Her name is Sidney. A self described nymphomaniac, she and I did things that magical night that simply blew my mind.

Let me start by describing her. She has beautiful long wavy brown hair that hangs down past her shoulders, a deceptively innocent looking and beautiful smile along with deep brown eyes that make me melt every time she looks at me. Standing 5’6″ tall, she is not skinny, but nor is she at all fat. She has a wonderfully full figure, what I like to call ‘deliciously healthy’. She also has a great ass and perfect 38C breasts. I wanted to fuck her from the first time I ever saw a picture of her.

Oh, and one more thing. She’s 19.

Meanwhile I stand about 5’10, with brown hair and blue eyes that most women tell me is my best feature. I also sport a goatee and truth be told, I happen to carry a few extra pounds. I seem to wear it well though and I think I still have a decent butt, or at least so I’m told.

I’m 36 years old and I’m married.

Now I never imagined that I’d ever actually get to do all the things to her that I’d fantasized about time and time again. After all, she is from Florida and I live in California. You can’t get much further apart than that. So I just never figured any would actually go on between in, as least not until she came out west on vacation with her family that is.

We met over the internet. We passed hot and heavy e-mails back and forth for a while, eventually graduating to discreet late night instant messaging. I had to be careful not to let my wife find out. It wasn’t like I was actually cheating on her; though I knew what I was doing was wrong. I just couldn’t help myself though. I’m weak when it comes to women and Sidney is just absolutely gorgeous.

After a few months of this, I began buying prepaid phone cards so I could call her. We began to have hot phone sex. I loved talking to her about how much I wanted to lick her pussy and slide my cock deep into her while she masturbated herself to orgasm, the sound of which never failed to bring me to my own brain popping climax. I could tell she really enjoyed making me so horny and making me cum so hard. I wanted her real bad, but I knew I’d never have her.

Along the way we got to know each other pretty well, and not just sexually. She is a really fantastic young woman.

Then one day she told me something that changed my life forever. She and her family were coming out to San Francisco on vacation. She wanted to meet me to live out our fantasies. My cock was instantly hard.

I arraigned to be out that night, supposedly playing poker with the boys. Sidney wasn’t going to be able to get away from her mother, her mother’s girlfriend and her brother for much more than a night nor would I be able to satisfactorily explain a night out away from my wife. We both knew we’d only have the one chance to taste sweet temptation.

I met her not far from her hotel in the City. She was a sight to behold in a black skirt that went to about mid thigh and 3 inch black heels. Knowing just what color I really wanted to see her wearing, she wore a hot pink ¾ sleeve blouse that really complimented her lovely large breasts.

I was dressed in gray slacks and a blue dress shirt. Blue is my best color.

It was early December in San Francisco which meant it was cold. Though she had a long coat on, she obviously wore no bra. Her nipples were rock hard and poked out so seductively at me. I love seeing a woman’s nipples so hard. I knew she was not wearing any panties, she never did.

We’d arraigned to meet at 6 pm at a Starbucks near her hotel. She told me the rest of her family had just left for dinner to be followed by the play Les Miserables at the Curran Theater. She had told them she was going to have to take a pass on the play as it would be the only chance she would have to meet up with an old high school girlfriend of hers that was going to school down the peninsula at Stanford. They didn’t expect her back until 1 am.

Her family was staying at the historic Nob Hill Hotel near downtown. I’d made sure to rent a room there myself. At $200 per night, escort ataşehir it is a really classy place with very fancy and romantic rooms. I wanted this night to be really special. I had gotten a room up on the 3rd floor. Located on a hill, Nob Hill of course, it had a beautiful view. We had a coffee and talked for a little while, getting comfortable and telling each other how nice it was to finally meet, before we made our way there.

After we entered the elevator on our way up to the room, the sexual tension erupted. As the doors closed our lips met and we embraced in a long, passionate kiss. Our tongues tangled and our hands quickly began to explore each others bodies.

Her hand went straight for my bulging crotch, rubbing my hard, aching cock through the fabric of my slacks. Encouraged by this, my hand was soon up her skirt, confirming that she wore no panties and did indeed shave her sweet beautiful pussy.

The ride up was over it seemed, as soon as it started. We quickly exited and found our room. Once inside, the passion only increased as we worked quickly to remove each other’s clothes.

Our shirts came off first; me first, followed by her. As I lifted her top up over her head, exposing her incredible breasts to me in person for the first time, my breath left me and my eyes bulged at their beauty. Her nipples were an exquisite shade of pink and they got really rock hard. They were absolutely perfect for sucking on.

The breasts themselves were really quite nice. More than a mouthful to be sure, but not overly big, and very firm yet at the same time soft. I felt almost like I could just look at them for hours.

I wanted to lower my mouth to them right then, but before I could, she reached down to unfasten my pants. She dropped to her knees, lowering my pants so that I could step out of them. She then reached up and pulled my baby blue boxer briefs down to my ankles releasing my achingly hard cock from its restraint. As I stepped out of them, she tossed them aside and stood back up, her right hand found and took hold of my cock as she did.

“Oh God!” I cried out as I felt her hand take hold of my manhood in her soft hands. Our lips locked again and my hands reached around behind her and found the zipper on her skirt as she softly stroked me. It quickly found the floor leaving her as naked as the day she was born.

We made our way swiftly over to the bed. She sat on the edge, positioning me in front of her, once again taking hold of my cock in her right hand. Leaning forward, she swirled her tongue teasingly around the tip of my dick for a few seconds, before finally, thankfully she sucked the head of my prick into her mouth.

I let out a loud gasp as I felt my cock enter her mouth for the first time. So many times before I’d fantasized as I lay in bed masturbating, imagining what it would be like to see my dick in her mouth. Now that it was actually happening, I couldn’t believe how incredible it felt. I wanted badly for her to begin to suck me in earnest. Sensing my eagerness, she soon had all six achingly hard inches in her mouth.

I cried out loudly as I slid into her mouth. It felt so much better than I’d thought it could, and it looked even better.

Women look so sexy sucking cock in my opinion, and Sidney looked like a goddess sitting there on the edge of the bed, with my dick sliding in and out past her soft, delectable lips.

She knew how badly I’d wanted this and knew exactly what I wanted her to do when I came. She wasted no time, working quickly and passionately. Her right hand stroked my cock in rhythm with her mouth. Her left hand was between her legs rubbing her clit furiously. She knows that I love it when a woman plays with her pussy as she sucks a man’s cock.

It normally takes women awhile to make me cum orally. I think I just tense up too much. Either that or I’ve never really had a really great blowjob (well except maybe for the first time a girl got me off in her mouth but that had extenuating circumstances and this isn’t the time or place for that story). To my disappointment, my wife isn’t really into sucking cock. It took Sidney only a couple of minutes before I felt my kadıköy escort load rising up from my balls.

Sensing my imminent climax, she reached up with her left hand and found my balls and began to massage them. This was more than I could take. Later she would suck me teasingly, bringing me close before backing off several times before letting me cum. I wanted that. But not now and she knew that too.

I cried out that I was going to cum and I knew she would not pull away. She knew how badly I wanted to shoot my hot cum in her mouth and down her throat. She knew it turned me on to no end to see a woman swallow a man’s load. She was more than up for the task.

When the moment came, she didn’t miss a beat, continuing to suck me hard until she had milked me dry. She swallowed as much as she could, but I’d not masturbated in a few days, preparing for this moment, and my load was just too much to take.

Cum dribbled out past her lips, down her chin, dripping down to her breasts. It was the sexiest sight I’d ever seen. That is until she scooped up all that hot, sticky cum with her finger and licked it clean. Fucking incredible.

Without a word she laid back on the bed, knowing it was now her turn. She looked so beautiful as she lay naked before me. I’d waited a long time for this moment as well. She then spread her legs for me, displaying the most beautiful pussy I’d ever laid eyes on.

“Please eat my pussy!” she said softly to me, shattering the hypnosis I’d succumb to. Her words were soft but the tone was urgent. I resisted the temptation to go straight to her pussy. I lay down on the bed next to her and began to kiss her deeply again.

She moaned softly and whimpered lightly, obviously wanting badly for me to reciprocate. My right hand had found her left breast and was softly caressing her. When it became apparent that she could not take any more, I began to kiss my way down her chin and neck, to her chest.

I took my time and kissed her delicious skin all over. Down her sexy abs to just above where I knew she longed for me to be. She wanted to feel my tongue on her pussy, licking her and sucking her clit. She wanted to feel my fingers on her sex, rubbing and probing her sweet honey pot. I wanted to tease her a little bit first.

As I passed my mouth just over her pussy, I made sure she could feel my hot breath on her visibly wet lips, before I found her left inner thigh and began to kiss my way down her leg.

I kissed softly and slowly all the way down her leg until I reached her foot which I kissed all over, even sucking on her toes. She seemed to like that and I moved over to her right foot and began to do the same to it. She began rubbing her pussy and pleading with me not to tease her anymore. She told me she needed me to make her cum.

I slowly began to kiss my way up her right leg, particularly enjoying her delicious thighs. I love her legs. They are so sexy. She was getting flustered and her hand was now furiously lashing at her clit. As I got close now to the spot I’d dreamed of being in, I stopped and lifted up to take in the sight before me.

Our eyes connected and without words we said so much. I then lowered my mouth to her awaiting pussy. The aroma of her sex was deliciously intoxicating.

Sidney used both hands then to spread her lips, opening herself up to me, inviting me in. My lips met her slit and my tongue darted inside. Instantly my mouth was filled with her delicious juice. She tasted more wonderful than I’d even imagined.

Soon however, my tongue found her clit and her body jerked and spasmed. She had wanted this so badly herself that she came almost the instant my lips found her sensitive button.

I quickly went got down to business with her clit, concentrating on it with my tongue, using swirling and flicking techniques nearly perfect through years of eating pussy. Experience matters and my experience was now being concentrated on making her pussy feel better than any other man’s tongue had ever done before me.

My fingers explored her hot, dripping wet and velvety soft pussy, first one then another and another. Then one of those fingers left her pussy and found her maltepe escort bayan tight little asshole and began to press into her. She pressed back, wanting to feel a finger inside her tight rectum as my two other fingers fucked her vagina and my tongue danced on her clit.

It didn’t take much of this before she was once again cumming hard in my face. This time it was much more pronounced and the result was spectacular. Her body tensed up and her back arched while her hands gripped the sides of my head and pressed my face hard into her pussy, seeming to want to push me all the way inside,

It was such a beautiful sight to behold and she sounded equally incredible, letting out a almost primal scream announcing her impending explosion. “Yes, Yes, Yes!” she cried out over and over as she lost control of her body under the ministrations of my tongue.

I had no intention of stopping now and indeed I ate her pussy for another 45 minutes or so, extracting several more intense orgasms before she finally pulled me away stating that she could take no more.

I’d eaten her pussy for over an hour and elicited at least a half a dozen climaxes since my last climax and my cock was once again hard as a rock. I moved upward and positioned myself before pressing the head of my dick up against her swollen vaginal lips.

I pushed the head inside of her just a little, and she let out a loud gasp as I did. I pulled it back out.

I then pushed myself inside her just a little bit deeper, no more than an inch and a half, before once again extracting myself.

My pace was slow and I penetrated her slowly, entering her just a little more with each thrust as I worked my way deeper and deeper into her.

Now the average sexual experience lasts maybe 7 minutes. That means the man will usually be fully inside the woman no more than 30 seconds into intercourse. It was at least 2 ½ to 3 minutes before I finally pushed my way all the way into her. Intent on making this last and be as special and gratifying as possible, I was taking my time to do it right.

My cock was truly a tool as I worked with it to get Sidney as stimulated as I could. Over the next ten minutes in this position, I used varying paces and techniques to incite and inflame her passion until she was cumming once again, this time coating my cock inside her with her cum. Screaming out loudly, she was begging me to fuck her harder and harder and I was complying with her request, pounding into her. As before with my tongue, she was quite vocal when she came. It was all I could do not to cum just yet.

I didn’t want to cum yet because I still wanted to fuck her from behind. I love to enter a woman as she kneels on her hands and knees in front of me. It’s a visual thing. I love the way it looks.

My hands pulled her ass cheeks apart allowing better access as I pushed myself back into her. As I started to fuck her this way, Sidney began to do something else she knew I wanted her to. She began talking very dirty to me.

I’d confided in her how much I love it when the woman I’m fucking starts telling me all sorts of dirty things. Not just things like how good it feels or to fuck her hard, but to satisfy my kinkier streak, telling me how much she loved cock inside her. Lots of cock. She started telling me she wished I could watch her fuck other guys, and how she wished she’d had a cock in her mouth right now as I fucked her, or even that I’d be the cock in her mouth as the other guy fucked her.

The talk was getting me off big time. I had an ex girlfriend once that used to say and do all sorts of dirty things for me and I loved it. It didn’t take much of Sidney talking dirty to me before the sperm were welling up in my balls. I began spanking her ass and crying out to her that I was gonna cum. “Cum in me baby, cum in me hard!” she cried out in return.

My jism gushed from the tip of my dick filling her, warming her and inducing one final climax from her. We came together for what seemed like minutes before we finally collapsed together in a heap. We both knew that we’d both just cum harder than either of us had ever cum before. It was the most satisfying release of pent up sexual desire I’d ever known that’s for sure.

We laid there naked in each others arms for an hour talking, cuddling and savoring the moment. We talked about lots of things but eventually the talk subject turned to sex. This got us both aroused once again and our hands began to roam.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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