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At the end of the day, on the way home, I decided that after such a long hard work week, I needed to relieve myself. With so many difficult days in the office, I was glad it was Friday. As soon as got in the front door of my apartment, I called a couple of my buddies and said we were meeting at the bar for a few drinks. And quickly our plans for the night were set.

I went to my closet and laid out a pair of jeans and took out a simple t-shirt and then jumped in the shower. I spent a good 30 minutes in the shower just letting the hot water relax me. I hopped out, shaved, got dressed, grabbed my keys and was off to the bar.

It had been a while since I been out due to work so everyone was surprised I actually came out. We took our seats at the bar and order the first round. I had forgotten the simple joy of the taste of alcohol. After about an hour drinking, joking and catching up, we started to get loud and so did the music. The more we drank the faster the time went. It was about 10:30 and we were starting to feel buzzed, but we kept drinking.

Suddenly one after another my buddies were “DAMN “with their eyes fixed to the door. “She is fine as hell!”

I turn to look and she was, DAMN was she, but she looked so familiar and I couldn’t place her face or name. Actually it’s like my eyes couldn’t focus due to the alcohol and lighting in the bar. So we all turned back around a continued to drink.

Ten minutes later, a familiar voice whispered to me, “Long time no see.”

With one eyebrow raised, I turned around to face Cricket. “You’re the one that moved away,” I quipped back. “And you didn’t leave any number to be reached at.” “Sorry I hurt your feelings, Mr. Big Shot!”

“In that case, all is forgiven,” as a smile slowly drew upon my face. And Cricket reciprocated with her own sexy smile that lit the room. I stood and quickly embraced this sexy woman that all my friends couldn’t take their eyes off. As I let her go they hurried and closed their mouths and regained their composure. I made the necessary introductions, “Cricket these are the fellows and fellows this is Cricket.”

With a quick elbow to the stomach she exclaimed, “No one has called me that since high school!” She stuck out her hand for handshakes and said, “It’s Samantha, or Sam for short.”

After the introductions I invited her to join us and got her a drink. After about 2 hours of us telling embarrassing stories of our high school experiences to my friends, Sam and I got a booth to ourselves to really catch up.

A quick look into history: In high school I was captain of my basketball team and co-captain of my football team. I had the second highest GPA. Sam was captain of the girls’ basketball team, a member of the school’s advanced choir, and she had the highest GPA. I wasn’t the most handsome guy in high school but my accolades made up for it. Sam on the other hand could have had any guy she wanted and she did. She was about 5’7″, slender waist you could wrap your hands around, an ass you could fall asleep on, thighs of an athlete you want to squeeze you, breasts that were more than a mouth and handful, thick long jet black hair, deep dark brown eyes, and a soft mahogany complexion. It seemed as though you could get lost in her glowing eyes, and her smile could light a fire instantly. She could make any supermodel jealous. She was more beautiful than sexy. Now looking at her, her body had matured well to say the least.

We sat and talked about how she got her scholarship and left off to school. How she stayed gone, how she was moving back home to be closer to her sick father. We talked about how we were close friends due to our rivalry to be better than the other. We even talked about the one time we tried to have sex with each other, boy that was a bad experience. But after that that we became so close we were able to actually shower around each other.

As we looked back on our past I couldn’t help but stare and think about how I would love to make up for that one horrible sexual experience. I was a virgin but she wasn’t. I bet she laughed at me on the inside. I was so lost in thought that I didn’t hear her calling my name.


I finally came to. “Yes, Dear.”

“It’s late, and I have to get up and look for somewhere to stay,” Sam stated.

“You can always stay with me.”

Sam responded with a sexy smirk, “Boy, you are too drunk, you need to go home and sleep it off. I’ll call you tomorrow.”

So we exchanged numbers and she left, and I followed soon after. After making it home and crawling into bed, my phone rang. It was one of my buddies from the bar asking if I had added Sam as a notch on the bed post. Without answering I just hung up the phone and closed my eyes. And again the phone rang and I answered with a frustrated voice, “What do you want, it’s 3:30 in the morning, and NO I did not fuck Sam!”

“And you never will with that tone of voice!”

It was Sam.

I tried to apologize, escort ataşehir but she cut me off, “Men are always thinking with their dicks,” in a jovial voice. “I changed my mind, tomorrow is Saturday. I want to sit around and do nothing, would you like to be my company?”

With a dry voice, “Since you have don’t have your own place yet why don’t you come here?”

“Fine, see you in a couple hours.”

Click and I was off to sleep with new dreams.

Knock knock!!!

A bit startled, I awakened and opened the door.

“Morning Sleepy Head,” as she whisked by me.

Barely able to answer, “Bah humbug.” But my eyes quickly open when I saw her. She had on a light pink and yellow summer dress that just flowed with her curves with her hair in a ponytail.

Without taking my eyes off her, “I’m not like you, I don’t wake up beautiful. Gimme me 20 minutes to get ready.” I rushed off to the bathroom for a quick shower and personal hygiene. While I was in the shower, I heard Sam say “Excuse me, I need to use the mirror.” I thought to myself about the one she walked by in the bedroom but we often shared a bathroom after high school practices.

Suddenly I saw a hand reach through the shower curtain and my nice warm water went ice cold, causing me to howl and jump. Sam took off running and giggling. And it was on. I jumped out, grabbed my towel, wrapped my waist and began the chase. Since I had a better layout of my apartment, I caught her fairly quickly, and when I did grabbed her pinned to my chaise in a matter of seconds. My payback was tickling her till tears rolled down her face.

“I let you catch me,” Sam said, out of breath.

“Yeah right!”

“You could always beat the boys but you could never beat me.”

“Oh really, is that a challenge Sam?”

“It is now, get ready, and meet me at the court in an hour.”

“You’re on!!!” I was thinking to myself, I’m still in good shape but I don’t know what she’s been doing. Hell for all I know she could play semi-pro ball or something.

After sitting for a minute, I ate a couple pieces of toast and a glass of orange juice. I locked my door behind me and walked the two blocks to the local neighborhood playground. I needed the early start. I needed the stretch. The playground was fairly empty, so took a few warm-up shots as I waited for Sam. A few minutes into shooting around I noticed Sam walking up and wondered ‘how in the hell do you make mesh shorts and t-shirt look that damn sexy.’ The shorts’ waistband fit snugly and then fit perfectly curved over and around her apple shaped ass. Her t-shirt was tied in the back high enough to show off her navel and midriff. Blood from my brain was starting to fill my dick and I was distracted. I didn’t know how I was going to be able to play, since I knew she would be able to feel my semi hard dick through my thin shorts.

“Let’s play ball!” Sam yelled.

And with a small gulp and sigh, I threw her the ball and asked for this to be over quickly. I needed a cold shower. We played ball, I tried to play seriously but I couldn’t. I was afraid to get too close, fearing she would feel my hard-on. But even through the sweat, she smelled erotic. I don’t know if she noticed or if she did and didn’t say anything. But every chance I got I was grabbing her, touching her. I would reach for her ass, thigh, stomach, breast, whatever I could get my hands on.

She was able to score a lot of easy baskets, mainly because I let her. And right before game winning point, Sam set the stakes. “Winner gets treated.”

“Treated to what?” And with that she was gone around me to score the last point.

We began walking back to my apartment, and the whole while I kept questioning what does the winner gets treated to. Joking and playing, she kept changing the subject or answering, “Just wait and see.”

We made it the apartment and pounded back a few glasses of water. Throughout our conversation about nothing and everything, I kept glancing and staring at her. I noticed how the sweat ran from her forehead and dripped from her chin. Her chest rose and fell so fluently to a musical rhythm that swayed me. Looking at her I was getting so aroused and we continued to talk. My lust was getting harder to contain. I became lost in the thoughts of using my hands to explore her body and drowning out her voice, that I didn’t notice that I had moved mere inches from her face. We were damn near in a lip lock when I came to, and was staring down into her eyes as she was staring up into mine. I could have looked like a lost puppy but her pupils were dancing in a forbidding way. I reached to grab her and she placed her hands on my neck as though to pull me in, but I abruptly stopped.

“I need a shower.”

Turning her head away and in a low voice: “Make it a cold one!”

In the bathroom I turned the shower to full blast ice cold and hopped in. Boy, did I need this cooling off. With my head down and the water hitting kadıköy escort me hard, the lighting in the room changed as the door opened.

“The water is already cold so you can’t shock me this time!”

But I was shock anyway, but this time it was by her hands touching my back. I made a slight jump and instantly relaxed. My body shielded the water from hitting her. I turned around to see the most magnificent thing possible, Sam standing before me naked. I was frozen stiff by the sight, mouth wide open. She playfully closed my mouth and pushed me against the wall under the showerhead. To me, the water seemed to warm rather quickly but the realism of the water temperature came back when it flowed over me and hit her flesh. It was so cold it made her jump and shudder, causing her to pull herself into me. There were we stood chest to chest, with her head on my shoulder. I wrapped my arms around her, and asked her “What’s wrong, what’s going on?”

Barely over the sound of the shower, she answered, “I won, so I get treated to something I’ve been wanting for a long time, and it’s very much overdue.”

I don’t know what was wrong with me. I was having a dumb moment, but I was puzzled. Sam placed both her hands on my neck. “I’ve been wanting this for a long time, I have never stopped thinking about you.” And she placed her lips on mine.

I must have blacked out or saw stars or something, but my mind was racing. At that moment all I could do was squeeze her tighter and part her lips with my tongue. One of my arms slid down to her lower back and my other hand grabbed her thigh, lifted it and wrapped it around me. Our tongues touched, crossed and mingled together. As I parted our mouths, but bit down gently on her bottom lip, which seemed to weakened her a bit more. I softly pushed back and adjusted to water to warm. I grabbed the soap and lathered my hands. Turning her and putting her in the water as I stood behind her, I began a slow and sensual type massage. I let my hands start at her neck, twisting and squeezing, sometimes gentle, sometimes firm, down over her shoulders to her lower back. The difference of pressures got different reactions from her body. She would arch and bow her back, readjust her legs, take a couple deep breaths. I didn’t try to, but I think I spent extra time on her ass. It was a lot of ground to cover. I was now a kid in a candy shop. I pulled my chest to her back and reached my arms around her and rubbed her stomach. She was firm, but still ladylike. Upward with my hand between her breasts, I cupped them, massaged them, and kneaded them.

She laid her head back, and I whispered in her ear, “You won so I will treat you” as I pinched, rolled, and tweaked her hardening nipples. I let my tongue pull her earlobe into my mouth, and I alternated between sucking and kissing her upper neck. I felt her knees give way, but I holding her, it was no way I was about to let her go.

Giving her a second to regain her composure, I turned her, pushed her to the wall, and dropped to one knee. With my hands still on her breasts, I gave them one final firm tug, which made her let out a deep sigh. With slight pressure, my hands ran down her sides, waists, and hips. Being on one knee, my face was so close to her womanhood. I could see her wetness through the shower water. I could smell her, her scent was strong, and she smelled like sweetened honey. It took all of me to keep from tasting her right then and there. My hands rested on her thighs, as she moved her body enough to let the water rinse the soap away. I massaged each thigh one at a time with both hands.

Her body was loose, relaxed. She was turning to putty in my hands. I was quite the opposite. My dick was hard, so hard I was throbbing. I had swelled to my limits, which was about 8-8 ½ inches long and somewhere between 2-2 ½ inches wide. I wanted to bury all of me into her as deeply as I possibly could. And I knew I was going to get the chance to.

As the water wiped the soap away I placed my head and face on her stomach, continuing to take in her aroma. I couldn’t take it anymore. I slammed off the water, stood and cuffed her bountiful ass, pressed my lips hard into hers. I lifted her, causing her to wrap her legs around my waist and her arms around my neck. Our tongues playfully wrestled as I carried out of the shower. Out of the bathroom, the cool bedroom caused us to stiffen a bit, but the warmth of our bodies quickly loosened us. Still walking and kissing, I went straight for the queen sized bed. I lay Sam down as gently as possible, despite us still being wet, but my animal prowess was starting to take over and lust was pouring from her pores. Her eyes glowed sex and her mouth seemed to utter to me for me to take her.

On her back, I explored and played with her like a child with a new toy. I had to kiss her again. I let our lips touch, and a surge shot through me. I knew I was going to make this special. I raised and kissed her forehead maltepe escort bayan slowly, letting my lips linger. I rubbed her jaw line with my hand and cheek with my thumb. I sucked her lips one at a time, licked down her neck, kissed her collarbone, all the while holding her breasts. Holding her left tit, I kissed and licked the top, the bottom, the sides, all over except the nipple, and moved to the right. I blew the nipples to cool them, to harden them even more. Lightly between my teeth, I teased them to complete hardness. Her quarter-sized areolas enjoyed the attention. Her moans became lower, deeper and sexier. Sam was rubbing, squeezing, pushing and pulling my head. Her body was settling into the bed. My hardened mass was rubbing against her leg.

Suddenly I bit hard into one of her fleshy globes for a reaction, and what a reaction I got. She let out a throated high pitched scream that explained her ecstasy. I positioned myself between her legs and could feel her juices on my stomach. The warmth sunk into me. Like an adventurer, I carved a trail down her belly with my tongue, circling her navel. At the same time, I was pushing her thighs apart to get into better position. I had to taste her chocolate thighs. I kissed and nibbled the top of one thigh as I squeezed the other, alternating back and forth. I had special kisses for the creases of her pelvis, they were light and tickling. And again her moans echoed in my head, urging me to continue. I placed one of Sam’s legs over my shoulder to better access her thighs. My tongue and lips left no part of the side and bottom of her thighs untouched. I kissed behind her knees, making her melt further. I had heard that was a sensitive spot but I never really knew. I licked down her face, to hold one of her feet in front of my face. With the broad of my tongue, I licked from heel to ball. She squealed and her back rose off the bed.

I put my hand to her pussy, to feel the heat and moisture. I could nearly scoop up her secretions. I rubbed a finger across her slit, I needed a taste. It was the most bittersweet nectar I ever had. As I licked up the other foot, tongued her smaller toes and sucked the big one, Sam tried to scoot away, but I forcefully held her in place. I had to smirk, when I looked at her face and saw her biting her bottom lip. I worked my way back up her legs, until I reached her diamond. I hovered over her wet shiny lips. I took a deep breath and let it flow out my mouth and onto her pussy.

That’s all it took. She erupted. Her body spasmed. Her back bowed. Her eyes rolled. She pulled at the sheets as she roared in bliss. In one swift move, she grabbed my head and plowed it into her pussy, making me tongue her. I didn’t mind, I kind of enjoyed her taking a little control. I slurped at her inner walls, nosing and tonguing her clit, prolonging her orgasm. Using my hands to massage her thighs at the same time, beautiful music flowed from her lips. She was singing forcefully the sweetest notes I ever heard. I sucked her juices as though to quench a thirst. I spread her lips wider to get deeper. My face was covered in her cum. As her orgasmic dancing came to an end, she pulled my face to hers, and kissed me deeply.

We both came to our knees, our tongues in a frenzy and war. The temperature in the room felt ten degrees hotter. She laid me back propped against the headboard. Sam’s foreplay was nowhere as thorough as mine, but that didn’t bother me. It was supposed to be about her anyway. She hurriedly kissed down my neck and chest, a quick licking of my stomach. She grabbed my already hard dick and shoved it down her throat. The warmth of her mouth soothed the ache of my manhood. The broad of her tongue stroked the shaft. Sam rubbed her clit, causing her to moan with me in her mouth. The vibrations sent sensations through me like jolts of energy. Sam clamped her lips on my head and sucked hard. She bobbed her head up and down, letting her drool run from her mouth down my dick. Using the spit as lube, she stroked my dick fast and furious. Her other hand tugged at my balls, as she removed her mouth from my dick to lick at them. Her movements were rushed, but were still pleasurable. She was pushing all the right buttons, pushing me to my point. Swiftly her mouth was back on my dick, and her lips touched the base of my shaft. I was getting close, I was about to climax. I wasn’t ready. I grabbed her by the hair and pulled her up, and locked lips with her again.

I switched places with her, keeping her on her knees. On my knees behinds her, I bent over her and bit her neck right below her ear. I slapped her ass and she let out a small whimper. I licked down her spine from top to bottom. I spread her ass cheeks, revealing her forbidden rose. I couldn’t help myself, I licked and Sam squealed in pleasure. I circled, poked at her asshole. She tried to squirm away, but she was already at the headboard. That was my cue.

I chased behind her, pinning her chest to the headboard and wall. I grabbed a handful of hair and pull enough to make her arch her back. Remembering her whimper, I slapped her ass again. Without hesitation I took hold of my dick and lined it up with her slot. I had to ask her, “Is this what you’ve been waiting on?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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