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Shipwrecked with My Son

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It started off as the holiday of a lifetime then very quickly turned into a nightmare. Overall it became a life altering experience. In anticipation, I read the cruise brochure many times leading up to the holiday. It never mentioned sinking ocean liners, being set adrift or succumbing to incest.

Firstly, let me introduce my family. My husband’s name is Curtis. He is 40 years old and works in finance. I can’t really tell you anymore about his career as the mere mention of stocks and shares puts me to sleep. He has a full head of grey hair which makes him look very distinguished. My lovely daughters name is Lydia. She is 20 years old and studying marine biology. Lyds as she is more commonly known, is according to my husband, the spitting image of myself at that age. I must admit she is disarmingly cute and has a toned, athletic body due to the fact she spends half her time in the water. Whether it is scuba diving, free diving or just plain paddling in the ocean. Lyds is a true water baby.

Mark is eighteen and a few months. He recently celebrated his birthday. As a result of two days of being hung over, he had vowed never to drink again. Mark is also an outdoors type. He could quite happily climb to the top of a mountain and never come back down again. He is quite a loner but always has time for his mother. My name is Lynette. I’m thirty-seven this year. I have naturally curly brown hair the same as my daughters. As Curtis is usually working, I’m a lady of leisure. I spend most of my spare time volunteering at the local hospital information desk. When I’m not there I’m either at my yoga class or reading. In an effort to look my best in a bikini I had recently started kick boxing. I don’t do any fighting but its one hell of a cardio workout. I have a full womanly figure, curvy and sensuous. I will admit I’m a bit of an exhibitionist. Nothing major like streaking, but I have enjoyed men’s eyes burning into my ass as I’ve paraded around the deck in my bikini.

The first few days of the vacation were fantastic. I’d spent most of the year in dreary England and coming to the Caribbean was a dream come true. The weather started to take a turn for the worst as we were enjoying our evening meal. Mark’s vow not to drink had been broken ten minutes after getting on the aeroplane. He said it was to calm his nerves as he didn’t like flying. Once on the ship he was rarely seen without a beverage in his hand. I don’t blame him really. He had a whole new world of exotic tastes to savour. Unfortunately he wasn’t accustomed to spirits and had fallen asleep under the full glare of the sun. This left him feeling queasy all afternoon. He had come for the evening meal under protest. As the waves started getting higher, Marks face became greener and greener.

I offered to help him to his cabin. There was no way he could sit next to his sister whilst she ate paella without emptying the contents of his stomach. It was certainly an effort to traverse the liner in such a choppy sea. Once into the cabin Mark lurched into the bathroom as a wave slammed into the side of the ship. He was flung clear across the room. We collided in a heap as a klaxon blared out for us to board the life boats. Mark reached into a drawer and pulled something out and slipped it into his pocket. We ran upstairs to the top deck as quick as we could manage. The deck was a scene of pure chaos. Mark handed me a life jacket and started putting one himself. A steward was pointing us in the direction of a life raft as another wave hit. The next thing I remember is losing my footing and then blackness.

I coughed myself awake. I slowly opened my eyes whilst spitting out what felt like a lung full of salt water. I was extremely disorientated, cold and wet. Another wave hit me in the face to add to my displeasure.

“You’re awake!” I heard Mark cry out.

“What happened?” I gasped

“Hold onto this,” he replied.

I took a breath and looked around. I was in the ocean with Mark. There was no other vessels to be seen. He had joined our life jackets together with his belt so we were practically joined at the hip. My youngest child had saved my life and was telling me to cling to a piece of the smashed life raft to aid buoyancy. Panic twisted in my gut. What about Curtis and Lydia?

“Are you OK?” he asked

“Think so, just a little dizzy.”

“Please grab hold of the wood.”

“Did you see what happened to your father and sister?” I asked fearful of the answer

“No. Some of the life rafts had already been launched. The restaurant is much nearer the deck. They would have been out much quicker than we were.”

I knew my son was trying to allay my fears.

“So where is everybody else?”

“No idea. We were getting thrown about by the storm too much for me to notice. Hold on to this wood, Mom. We need to get to dry land. We’re going to have to swim for it.”

“What, Where?”

“See that speck in the distance. That’s where we are heading.”

“That’s miles away. We’ll never make it.”

“Well czech gangbang porno it’s either swim for it or stay here and hope we get rescued. We need drinking water so we can’t stay here for long.”

“OK. OK. Are there sharks in these waters?”


“You’re lying, aren’t you?”

“Yes, I am,” Mark laughed in spite of the situation “If Jaws can’t motivate you to swim then nothing will.”

I laughed at his dry humour. The thought of being bitten in half got my aching body moving. I grabbed the wood and, together with my son, I kicked my legs in the direction of the speck.

After a few hours we were exhausted but we kept paddling on.

“I’m thirsty.” I moaned

“Me too.” Mark replied

“This dress is chafing me.”

“Yeah, its the salt water. Take it off if you want”


“Its a strapless dress. You can take it off without removing your life jacket.”

“But…” I began

“Please do not argue with me. Eventually the chafing will start to bleed. And you know what blood attracts”

I couldn’t argue with his logic. I managed to yank the drenched material over my breasts, down past my waist and off the end of my legs. Mark beckoned for him to pass it to him. I did so and he began to rip it in half.

“What are you doing?”

“The sun is getting higher. We are going to shade our heads with it.”

I nodded in agreement. I was really glad I was with him. Although he was generally a shy young man, Mark surprised me how easily he took charge and had a plan to survive this crisis. He made me feel proud to be his mother.

The speck gradually came closer. It just looked like a small island. Hopefully it would be inhabited and we could arrange a rescue. I think this small hope was the only thing that was keeping my legs pumping. Mark had is mind set on getting to the island so said very little. I was feeling very insecure so tried to find things to talk about to take my mind off our perilous situation.

“What happened to your clothes?” I asked when I noticed his trousers were missing.

“One shoe came off so keeping the other was pointless.”

I realised I had lost my favourite pair of heels to the sea.

“I took my belt off so we wouldn’t get separated. I was more worried about tying us together than keeping my trousers on. I’ve still got my boxers and shirt on. Oh and my socks. I’ve still got my socks.”

“Well all I’ve got is my best pair of knickers and a strapless bra,” I said light heartedly

“Lets hope we don’t come ashore at a nudist beach or we’ll look really stupid” Mark said “But at this moment in time I’ll take looking stupid if it means I can get out of the bloody water and go to sleep in nice warm bed with a cold pint of lager.”

“I’ll definitely join you there. Sounds like heaven.”

Mark gave me a strange look but said nothing. I realised what I had said but decided keep talking.

“Hmm I’ve always wanted to visit a nudist beach,” I confessed. “You’re father has always been against it though.”

Mark laughed “I’m not surprised really. The coastguard would be all over him, thinking he was a beached whale”

“How long before we get there do you think?”

“No idea, depends on the tide really. We might have to find a safe place to come ashore too. There could be rocks, cliffs or anything.”

Luck was with us. The tide brought us onto a deserted beach well after night had fallen. We staggered ashore and collapsed onto the golden sand. If there had been any lights we would have investigated further. We just assumed this part of the island was uninhabited. We fell asleep after removing our life jackets.

I awoke first. I was thirsty and quite hungry. Yet I soon found something else to divert my craving. My son and I were clinging to each other in a parody of a lovers embrace in the damp sand. My bare breasts were pressed firmly into his back whilst my ruined bra had slipped to my midriff. My arm lay across his shirt covered chest as my hand rested on his flat abdomen. I let out a gasp as I saw his erect penis poking through the fly hole of his boxers. It was a perfect example of masculinity. Mark had a good sized shaft topped by a delicious uncircumcised head. This was only the second erect penis I had ever seen in my life. My husband was the only man I had ever been with. Seeing my son’s hard flesh brought me alive in ways I haven’t felt for years. I wanted to touch it. Taste it. I wanted it deep inside me more than anything. I reached out to touch it but Mark stirred. I lost my nerve and sat up in the sand.

As my sexual lust calmed down, I surveyed my surroundings. There were cliffs on either side of the beach. I realised how lucky we were to come ashore here. We could have been smashed into the cliffs. I tried pulling my bra up but to no avail. I threw it down into the sand in anger. I was marooned here in only a thong. I gently nudged my son awake. He sat up and looked at me.


“Yes czech harem porno Mark”

“I can see your boobs.” he said sheepishly

“Firstly it was your idea for me to use my dress as a sun block. It’s not my fault it got lost at sea. Secondly, I have learned that strapless bras are totally unsuitable for prolonged use in salt water. And the third point is my son is not the gentleman I brought him up to be!”

I made no effort whatsoever to cover myself as I began my rant. I could feel him trying not to look at my exposed chest.


“Look at me, Mark! I’m standing here naked except for my panties and you don’t offer me your shirt!”

Mark’s face went bright red as he jumped up. He realised his penis was exposed before me. My son quickly turned his back and began unbuttoning the shirt.

“Hey, are you hiding something from me?” I said

“Erm no. No. I was just looking for somewhere to get some water.”

He handed the shirt over his left shoulder. I took it off him and put it on. The garment was a tight fit, barely containing my heaving chest. I thought for a few seconds and decided only to close the one button. The white cotton shirt came down to the middle of my ass cheeks. This left most of my panty clad lower half on view. If I didn’t look so bedraggled I guess I would look as horny as I felt.

We had been shipwrecked for less than two days and my mind set had already begun to change. My feelings had become more primal, more urgent. I was looking at my son’s lithe, muscular back and I wanted him. He was my rescuer, my protector. I could only reward him with my devotion.

“Come with me. We need to find some food and water. I don’t want us getting separated”.

“OK, Mark.” I replied

We scouted further away from the beach. After a while we found a pool being fed by a waterfall. The surroundings were beautiful but we were becoming more concerned with sustenance.

“I don’t think we’ll be able to climb out of this beach easily. The cliffs are too steep and they would probably cut our bare feet to shreds. Luckily for us this water should be fresh.”

I ran to the pool edge and was about to drink when Mark warned me not. He said only to drink the running water.

I never replied I just jumped into the pool and waded toward the falling water. It tasted better than the champagne I had on the cruiser. The water was cool and refreshing. I looked over and Mark was drinking his fill too.

“Right, we have something to drink. Now we…”

The pause caused me to look up. Mark was staring at me.

“What’s wrong?”


“Nothing? Hey, we are all alone here. You can be honest with me.”

Mark pondered before he answered.

“You look beautiful.”

Mark smiled in a bashful way. I realized why he was staring at me. I was up to my waist in the clear pool water. My hair was slicked back. Cool water cascaded over me and had made my nipples hard. The thin white shirt was now all clingy and transparent, hugging my torso.

“Are you hiding something from me again?” I asked with a grin

Marks boxers were tenting again. He turned his back in embarrassment and the moment was lost.

“We need to find some food. There are some coconuts in the trees. I think I can shake them loose though. It’s too hard to climb.

“Right where do you want me?”

“It’s too dangerous for us both. I’ll shake it. You try and find some firewood for later.

“Dangerous? What are you talking about?”

“Coconuts are like bombs falling from the sky. Loads of people die from them falling.”

My stomach lurched and I became generally worried for him. Mark was insistent that he would be OK.

A few hours later we were sat next to the waterfall enjoying fresh coconuts. The object Mark put into his pocket during our escape was some sort Swiss army knife. He had attached the key ring to his watch and had managed to save it through the ordeal in the water. There was no fire starting kit, but being the out doors kind of person that he is he had a good idea of how to start one. After about an hour of determination he managed to get a small fire going. He said there would be a few hours of daylight left. Mark asked me to tend to the fire whilst he explored the cove further.

“Don’t be too long.” I pleaded

“No worries,” he replied, smiling as he did. “I don’t want to go too far away from you.”

Whilst he was gone I was left alone with my thoughts. They were dominated with thoughts of Lyds and my husband. I so hoped they were safe and looking for us. I’d had fears building up in me since I had been dumped into the ocean. With Mark away I succumbed to my worries and burst into tears. A few minutes later I scolded myself for being silly over things I couldn’t control. I needed to regain my composure for Marks sake and my own. Mark came back some time later. He asked if I was OK then hugged me when he wasn’t satisfied with the truth of my answer.

“Don’t czech sharking porno worry. We have water and some food. There will be people looking for us. Let’s get some rest. We both have a busy day tomorrow.”

“Why what’s happening tomorrow?” I enquired, not breaking the embrace.

“I’m going fishing in the morning while you are making some kind of SOS sign that can be seen from the air. Then in the afternoon we are going to build some sort of shelter. I’m fed up of sleeping in sand. It gets everywhere.”

I laughed but I knew what he meant. We put some more branches on the fire and went to sleep.

As usual I awoke before him. I noticed we were in the same position as the previous morning. I looked at his crotch and he had another erection. Unfortunately this one was still very much in his boxer shorts. I decided to wash myself in the waterfall before he woke up. I undressed and rejoiced in the thrill of showering naked in the great outdoors. My nipples hardened as soon as the cool water washed over me.

“Mom!” Mark shouted. The panic in his voice unmistakable.

“I’m at the waterfall, honey. I’m just getting a wash.”

I saw him dash over.

“Please don’t vanish like that. I was worried where you were.”

“Sorry, baby” I replied. I noticed Mark was still watching me. I stepped out from under the falling water and gave him a full frontal. I know it was wrong to do so but that’s what made it feel more imperative.

“Are you staring at you completely naked mother, Mark.” I said

“Err no. I was just checking you were OK.”

“Aww.” I purred “I don’t mind you looking you know. In fact I quite enjoy it.”

I paused for dramatic effect.

“In fact, sweetheart, why don’t you come and join me? I told you I always wanted to visit a nudist beach. Now we have one to ourselves.”

He looked puzzled. Conflicted between horny curiosity and the fact I was his mother, Mark just stood there staring. Not sure what to do. Eventually he spoke.

“Why are you teasing me?”

“Sweetheart, I am not teasing you. Why don’t we go for a swim in the ocean?”

“Yes you are. You’ve been acting all weird since we got here.”

I waded through the water towards him. I could see the obvious erection in his boxers. As I got out of the water and stood before him I smiled and then spoke very softly.

“If I was teasing, would I let you do this?” I took his left hand and pulled it onto my breast.

“Or this,” I gently took his right hand and placed it on my shaved pussy. I applied more pressure, trapping his hand between my own and my pussy. I kissed him hard one the lips. He didn’t resist so I explored his mouth with my tongue. Mark held my breast whilst he rubbed my pussy. I was so wet. Mark then penetrated the opening of my sex with his finger. He moved his finger in and out, driving me wild as we kissed.

“Still think I’m teasing?” I said as I broke our embrace. I kissed his chest as I gradually moved lower, stopping briefly to kiss his nipples. Once I was kneeling I pulled down his boxers. I admired his beautiful member for a few seconds before I engulfed it. I took it as deep into my mouth as I could, vigorously tonguing the end as my lips slipped up and down his length. Mark caressed my hair whilst I pleasured him. I didn’t want him to cum. Not just yet anyway so I lay back and spread my legs for him. I felt like such a slut but I wanted this so much.

“Sweetheart, I have a question for you.”

“What?” he asked

“Could you live with yourself being a mother fucker?”


“Good. Now get on top of me and fuck your mother! Fuck your mother hard!”

He never answered. Mark just dropped to his knees and pushed his cock deep inside me. I wrapped my legs around his back as he began to pick up speed. It had been a long time since I have been fucked this hard. It was fantastic. My own son’s big cock thrusting in and out of my hot pussy was something I wouldn’t have dreamt about a few days ago. Now it’s all I want. I don’t care if we are ever rescued. All I want is my son and his beautiful cock.

“Baby, I want you to fuck me from behind. Can you do that for me?” I was eager to let him know how horny I was and that I would do anything he desired.

“If that’s what you want,” he replied. I got on my hands and knees and shoved my ass towards the sky. Mark was enjoying the view from this new angle. He took hold of his cock and rubbed it from my clit to my ass hole. He repeated this several time before stabbing his member hard into my aching cunt. My son’s hands held my waist as we fucked like our lives depended on it. I groaned with pleasure as the vibrations of orgasm wracked through my body. I came hard, clenching my pussy muscles like an iron fist onto his probing prick. Mark swore as he spurted his hot load into my core. He withdrew and lay back on the sand exhausted. I licked both our juices off his softening cock before cuddling up with him in the sun.

“I don’t suppose there’s any rush to make an SOS sign is there?” Mark said

“Not really. I’m quite happy to stay here for the time being.” I said as I fondled his cock back to full hardness.

“If we ever get back, this cruise is defiantly getting a five star review.” I mumbled as I started sucking my son’s cock again…

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