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Ship of Fools

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Steven Trenton hopped forward struggling to get out of his costume. After all Scarlet O’Hara was crawling on her hands and knees across his bed. She stopped, hitched her voluminous skirts up over her hips and leered at him. As her skirts cleared her ass the scent of her arousal filled his nostrils. He hopped again – his erection tangled in his underwear – and nearly fell over. GODDAMNFUCKINGCOSTUME!

“C’mom baby hurry.” Steve heard the pleading in his wife’s voice. He wanted to say: I am hurrying or it’s not my fault! Actually she was the reason his dick was so entangled – not to mention hurting like hell as he struggle to free it. But he didn’t dare say: Hey it’s your fault I’m all tangled up. That would likely mark the last time he’d ever get a blowjob while driving; he laughed silently to himself relishing the reality: I got a fucking blowjob while I was driving!

Damn! Thinking about Debbie’s drive home blowjob made his dick harder. He’d been begging her to do it for years. He’d even rented that Steve Martin movie where the wives talked about doing it (except he’d forgotten about the car wreck part…that sure didn’t help his cause.) No way he was going to jeopardize a repeat performance. “Almost there Deb.”

Surprised? That did not begin to describe the experience. Surprise was when Deb had appeared at his arm and said it was time to go home. Up to that moment he had always been the one ready to leave a party. They’d hardly started home when Debbie had unbuckled her seat belt and dove for his zipper. He was just about to say something when she sucked his dick into her mouth. Instead he moaned an enthusiastic (and encouraging) “oh yeah.”

She was relentless. Lips and tongue, sucked and swirled, her left hand stroked the exposed shaft of his cock while her right fondled his balls. He tried to search through her skirts to finger her only to have his hand placed squarely on her right breast. He pinched her nipple and gave it a twist; a mouth filled groan was her response.

He felt the tale tell tingle of his orgasm and said nothing as it increased. He was silent as the point of no return was passed, although he did groan appreciatively. His cock swelled and began to spurt as he turned onto their street; how he managed to park he couldn’t remember. Debbie noisily swallowed, stuffed his cock back into his pants, zipped him up, and whispered in his ear, “I need to be fucked so bad.”

Debbie backed out of the car with her right breast completely exposed. She flipped her nipple up and down as Steve marveled at her. She stood slowly and sashayed toward the front door. Steve limped, hopped, and hobbled forward in her wake.

He had been right behind his wife as they entered their bedroom. This was turning into one crazy night. The party they’d been at was definitely adults only – not that it was an orgy or anything – it was just that so many of the women attending either wore so very little or if they did dress up it was almost scandalous. He’d seen one women in a Grecian toga that clearly revealed that she was bra less, panty less, and unbelievably gorgeous. Even Debbie in her Scarlet O’Hara costume had half her areolas showing! Steve had lurched from one degree of sexual arousal to another. While not by nature a dedicated party attendee he was disappointed when Debbie said it was time to go home.

“Fuck me baby. Fuck me like you did at the party. I’ve never felt you so deep in me…hurry Stevie.” Debbie Trenton wiggled her ass having already flipped her costume up. She was frantic horny; screwing her husband at the Halloween party they’d attended earlier this evening had her at fever pitch.

A part of her was still shocked that she had instigated it. Debbie like many women – preferred that her husband initiate sexual activity. Steven Trenton, by no means a demanding alpha male, was actually a really nice guy. It was just the way he was; need a favor, who better to ask than Steve? Need an extra hand? – you could count on Steve showing up and being prepared to work. Steve always ready to jump in and help someone out. But Steve demand sex, Steve take charge in the bedroom? – not likely. Steve would ask his partner what she wanted; inquire if he was moving too fast or too hard. That said, he certainly got the job done once he got going. Once he got going – “once” that was the operative word. Debbie had lived for years in that silent frustration of wishing for more frequent sex. But tonight, the party, the drive home, and now this – for Debbie it was unbelievably liberating. Empowering! After tonight she was going to have more sex, more often! “All Steve, all the time” she liked the sound of that. She was sure she’d like the feel of that.

The ride home, the wild ride home was more accurate! Debbie had been out of control frisky on the return drive, constantly groping him to the point of distraction. He had hinted (okay more than hinted, he rented that silly movie!) at wanting her to blow ataşehir escort bayan him while driving since before they were married. She’d always declined. But tonight she was out of her mind horny – and she knew why.

Debbie was in full rut because earlier that night she had taken a wrong turn while searching for a bathroom. She opened a door and found herself standing not five feet from a very vigorous threesome. A woman, naked save for her stockings and garter belt, was standing bent forward at her hips with a man at each end. The guy behind her was fucking her like the Energizer Bunny, a blinding blur of hip to hip – slap, slap, slap – contact. The guy in front was standing with his pants around his ankles, head tilted back, and his hands on her head. Debbie starred at the ménage a trois for she didn’t know how long. It was only when the man getting the blowjob noticed her and suggested she strip and join them that she excused herself and left in search of her husband; her lust at a boiling point.

She’d found Steve quick enough – he was to only one at the party wearing the “Scream” costume. She dragged him to a quiet spot, turned around, lifted her skirts (she’d come as Scarlet O’Hara and was now determined to cum as Scarlet O’Hara) and told him to fuck her “right here, right now.” That he hesitated at all had her royally ticked off. “Get your dick out and in me now or I’ll find someone else to do the job.” He complied and rammed his cock into her. Debbie had been shocked at his aggressive thrust (it was so unSteve-like), but quickly encouraged more as Steven was deeper in her than she had ever experienced before. God he was so deep in her. The race to orgasm was close, he came first, but she wasn’t far behind.

Debbie was a little peeved when Steven pulled out, zipped up and left her with out a kiss, cuddle, or even a kind word – he was taking this Scream thing too far. Except that by the time she had her skirts rearranged and her boobs pushed back into the corset bodice she was getting horny just thinking about what they’d done. She decided that she was going to find Steven and suggest it was time to go home. She knew Steve would leave – he was not a big fan of Halloween.

Who would look forward to Halloween considering some of the things that had happened to him? As the youngest of three brothers when Steven was finally old enough to go out with them they gave him a bag with a hole in the bottom and told him to walk in front of them unaware that his candy was falling out piece by piece, only to be picked up and eaten by his older brothers; it was years before he figured out what they had done.

It didn’t get any better as he got older. Invited to his first boy-girl Halloween party he was talked into going as the Mummy; wrapped head to toe in toilet paper. It was a really good costume until one of the older guys pushed him into the pool. Steve had spent the rest of the party wrapped in a scratchy blanket, shivering while he waited for his parents to pick him up.

But that was then and right now Steven had finally shed his costume and reached the edge of the bed. His cock was hard and ready. He looked down to align his cock and was surprised at how red and swollen Debbie’s cunt appeared. More surprising was a persistent little voice that kept saying, “didn’t you hear what she just said?”

“C’mon Steve – hurry – do me like you did me earlier. The way you fucked me at the party was so awesome.”

Steve felt his erection wilt as his stomach did a dizzyingly quick flip-flop while the little voice said, “That’s what I was trying to tell you.” That’s what Debbie had said before. No mistaking what she was talking about. Steven staggered to the bathroom and threw up. God this can’t be happening to me – I hate Halloween – and he threw up again. He rinsed his mouth out and stared at the haggard image in the mirror. This had to be some kind of nightmare and any second now he was going to wake up.

Debbie pushed the door open, “Oh poor baby, are you getting sick? Let’s get you into bed right now. And don’t you worry one little bit about me babe. I’ll just relive that incredible fucking you gave me earlier.”

Steven Tenet groaned – he hadn’t fucked his wife earlier, but he sure as hell knew who had.


Alexander Agnew was backing away with both hands raised. “It just happened Steve. You have to believe me. I mean c’mon man, she was wiggling it right in my face. She was insistent; she said she’d go find someone else if I didn’t do her. So in a way I kind of helped you out…”

It was a scene, an event that Alex would never forget: his best friend’s wife begging for it. He was just about to identify himself when she hitched her skirt up and wiggled her bare, wet cunt at him. He knew he shouldn’t but he couldn’t stop himself – her scent was overpowering. This was too perfect, too kinky; he didn’t want to stop himself. He simply walked up close behind her and just went escort kadıöy for it. He figured if he fucked her hard and fast she’d be too preoccupied to notice any difference. He’d figured right about that. What might happen later he really hadn’t thought about – until now?

“Help me out? Help me out! Helped yourself is more like it. I’ll tell you what I would have done. I would have, I would have…I would have identified myself you asshole. All you had to do was lift the mask and say “Sorry Deb, I wanted to scare Cathy so I talked Steve into letting my borrow his costume.” Steve was starting to lose it. He couldn’t believe Alex was arguing for some kind of a free pass – “don’t you get it? You screwed my wife asshole!”

“That’s true but you weren’t there. I was and in the heat of the moment. I just reacted. I’m sorry.” And considering the increasingly aggravated husband in front of him, he really was sorry. “What would you have done?”

“What would I have done? I wouldn’t have – God Damn you! – You fucked my wife Alex. It was practically rape.” Steven was clenching his fists and waving his arms now. The veins in his neck were beginning to bulge.

“Whoa Steve. I did not rape Debbie.” Alex was alarmed that Steve was dropping the “R” bomb on him. He hadn’t forced himself on anybody – he simply took advantage of an opportunity that presented itself to him. But the glow of last night’s dalliance was fading fast and Alex realized that a shit storm was blowing his way – a quick piece of ass was not worth this much trouble. “I made an honest error in judgment.”

“Error in judgment!” Steven was incredulous at the statement. Did Alex think he was going to get a free pass on this? ” Didn’t he understand how serious this was? He tried a different tack, “Do you think Debbie will think it was a simple error in judgment when I tell her what you did? Will Cathy agree with you? For that matter, what if the situation was reversed and you’d just found out that I had taken advantage of Cathy – what about that?”

“Look, I am truly sorry for what I’ve done. I was wrong to do what I did, but I can’t undo it.” What if either of the wives found out? Alex knew he goose would be cooked. He knew Steve wasn’t going to let this go either and sooner or later something would have to be done to make it right. “Steve, I’m asking you not to say anything to Debbie or Cathy. Give me a chance to make this right…please. Just give me a chance.”


The two couples walked slowly up the gangplank. The girls were ecstatic that they were about to leave on a romantic four day, three nights cruise down to Mexico. Steve had to hand it to Alex this was a pretty dramatic mea culpa driven patch things up apology.

“I’m never going to complain about your golfing again baby.” Cathy Agnew hugged her husband close. “A cruise for four just for hitting that little white ball into a hole.”

“It was a hole in one sweetie. A once in a lifetime experience.” Alex smiled and kissed his wife. He wondered if Steven had caught the irony in his choice of words. “What can I say? Right place, right time – to pull that off; I am one lucky guy.”

“And you’re going to be an even luckier guy tonight.” Cathy couldn’t wait to reward her husband. Was he really changing? Money spent, especially any kind of vacation usually benefited Alex’s desires. This was the guy who included golfing and sport fishing on their Caribbean honeymoon – when she did neither! Sure he hadn’t paid for this trip, yet here they were. No golf, no fishing, no sports on TV just four wonderful days and three hot nights. Yes, Alex definitely needed to be rewarded for this good behavior.

“Yeah, once in a lifetime is right asshole.” Steve muttered under his breath. That said he had to hand it to Alex; while they had played in a local charity golf tournament, there had been no hole in one and certainly no cruise awarded for it. This was Alex’s effort to balance things out between him and Steve. Even Steve had to admit this was a pretty good set-up.

The couples eventually found the accomadations (surprised to find their cabins on opposite sides of the ship) and set off to explore. When the women discovered the duty free shops the men split off in search of a bar. They found one that overlooked a swimming pool.

“So how much did this set you back Alex?” Steve knew that Alex had been putting money aside to buy a fishing boat and suspected that the down payment money had paid for the cruise. A deeper, darker curiosity was how much did Alex think fucking Debbie was worth? Steve quickly pushed that thought out of his head and chose to think that Alex was making a good faith effort here.

Their strained friendship – they had actively avoided one another – was slow to heal after the Halloween party incident. The pairing up at the charity golf tournament was unavoidable having paid for their spots months in advance. But it was there that Alex had floated the maltepe escort idea of a cruise for the four of them, using the tournament as cover. Steve had cautiously accepted the proposal after eighteen holes of Alex’s active encouragement. When Steve finally agreed Alex had said there would be more but wouldn’t elaborate until they were all on the cruise ship.

Alex smiled and raised his glass. “The cost is unimportant Steven my friend, and I do mean friend, I really do.By the time this ship returns to this dock you will not be merely even with me…in all likelihood, you will be ahead.”

“How do you figure that?” Steve was wary – how are you suppose to trust a guy who knowingly took advantage of your wife? Yet…

“You know what I did at the party, I know what I did – so let me say this with all sincerity “I’m truly sorry for the pain it’s caused you.” Debbie doesn’t know, Cathy doesn’t know and I think you’ll agree with me that due to the passage of time – it should stay that way.” Alex paused, waiting for a nod that didn’t come. “I mean if you were to confess to Debbie now that you had let me borrow your costume and it was me that night…”

“Yeah, I get it. What are you driving at?” Steve was getting angry again. Alex always had to spread the blame around when something went wrong for him. Steve had done nothing more than a favor that had turned into a terrible nightmare. As your basic good guy, willing to forgive and forget Steve was willing to give a little here. Damn – this was a big one to get past though.

“Steven, I am trying to make this right and that means that you and I need to be on the same level. We need parity, balance – we need equality.” Alex glanced quickly around until he was satisfied that they were private enough. He dug into his pocket and pulled out a small plastic baggie. “These little beauties cost me one hundred bucks… special blend of GHB, Ecstasy, and something called psuedopyschoscylici – oh Hell, I forget what it’s called. I bought four of these little red devils.”

“There are only three there.”

“Right you are. I already tried one out and it worked like a dream. Two weeks ago I dropped one of these in a glass of wine. Cathy drank it, fifteen minutes later she was acting like she’d drank the whole bottle. Thirty minutes later she was pretty much passed out and stayed that way for three hours. The way this stuff works is amazing, because the next morning she did not remember anything that happened after dinner! Not only did I fucked her until I couldn’t get it up anymore, but I finally took her virgin ass; I’ve been trying for years to get into that. And you want to know the best part? – while we were fucking she might have been mentally out of it but her body wasn’t. Instead of just lying there like a lump she was squirming and pushing her hips up; totally into it – it was incredible. Next morning, no hangover, couldn’t remember anything. Best part was her asking me what I said that finally convinced her to try anal. I told her that was my secret, and then she said, “Well don’t forget it.” Is that awesome or what?”

“Okay, so now you’re drugging your wife so she’ll have sex with you?” Though the words were meant to bite, Steve had lightened his tone when he spoke them. He had no idea where Alex was going with this.

Alex smiled back – this was going to work, he just knew it – and waved the waitress for another round. “Yeah, I suppose so. I’ll tell you one thing, I’m going to make sure I always have a couple of these around. But back to the reason I have these, here, now…the reason I have these is you. Say the word Steven and I’ll pop one of these into Cathy’s drink sometime after dinner. When she gets all loopy I’ll take her back to the cabin, and undress her. Then I’ll return to where you are give you the key to our cabin. You my friend get two undisturbed but memorable hours with Cathy and when you’re done, we will have balanced the books and she won’t remember a thing.”

Steve looked slack jawed at Alex. “You’d drug your wife so that I could…you want me to…fuck her. Are you crazy?”

“Steve, I already did it once and it worked perfectly. You and I will be the only ones who know. Look, Debbie had been drinking at the Halloween party when I took advantage of her. Cathy will have been drinking and you can take advantage of her. It’s perfect – we’ll know, they won’t!” Alex saw the hesitation in Steve’s face. “You have three nights – pick one. Personally, I think we should plan on doing this tomorrow – Saturday night. Think about it okay, it’s all set and ready to go all you have to do is say the word and enjoy giving Cathy a good screwing. Let me say one more thing and I am being completely straight here Steve. I can’t think of anything else I can do to make this right between us, and I can’t imagine a better time that this cruise. Just say the word buddy.”

“You’d set it up for me to have sex with your wife?” Steve shook his head is disbelief. If the situation were reversed – like that would ever have happened – could he propose something like this – it was audacious. “Your serious aren’t you?”

“Serious as a heart attack man – look we’d better get back to the girls. If you’re game just say the word, Steve.”

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