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She Bet Her Boss

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She Bet Her Boss… As always, mostly fiction.

I needed some half and half and was hoping the local market in my small isolated town was still open. Ah, the lights are still on and an old man (even older than me) was leaving. I walked through the door and saw Gloria at the register. She was always fun and flirtatious. She had a large ass (a weak spot for me) in tight jeans, a slight tummy paunch and medium size boobs. It was her lips, the mischievous twinkle in her eyes and that eyeliner that turned me on. God, what is it about eyeliner? I barely noticed as she locked the front door. I guess I thought she was just preparing for closing.

I returned to the register with my half and half and we did our typical joking with a hint of innuendo when she blurted out, “I was wondering if you could do me a favor…” She trailed off. I was a bit surprised she’d ask me for a favor, since we had never spent any time together other than at this register.

“What’s the favor?” I asked. She seemed to blush, but didn’t say anything, seemingly struggling with something. I looked her in the eyes, smiling at her discomfort.

“Come on. It can’t be that bad. What is it?” My tone was insistent.

“Well…I was wondering if you help me win a bet…” She trailed off.

“Ok, what was the bet?” I asked.

She paused, struggling with something, and then she just blurted out, “I bet my boss that I’d fuck the last person who came into the store!” I was astounded, but intrigued, to say the least.

“I always knew you were a wild one! But you said person. What if the last person was a woman?” I asked.

“I had to do the dirty with her too.” She blushed.

“Damn, I wish I were a couple! What if they wouldn’t cooperate?” I asked.

“I’d lose.” She mumbled.

“What would you lose if you lost?” I asked curiously.

“Oh, just that I’d have to work new year’s eve.”

“That’s not so bad.” I suggested.

“Well, there’s this party I really wanted to go to…”

“Good friends?” I asked.

“Good friends with benefits, more like.” And that mischievous smile and twinkle returned.

“Man, why don’t I ever get invited to parties like that?” I pouted teasingly.

“I could bring a guest…” she licked her lips enticingly.

“Mmmm.” Damn, this could be fun. “So what do you get if you win the bet?” I wasn’t going to let go of this bet concept…first things first.

“She has to watch. She really needs to learn how to let go and enjoy the good things in life…” she explained.

I was still a little baffled. As far as I knew, the owners of the store were an elderly couple, both in poor health. Since she had said “she,” I dredged up the owner’s name and said, “Ann?” She suddenly cracked up.

Through her hysterics she finally got out, “No, her daughter Terry. She’s taking over the store.” Now it made more sense and was really beginning to turn me on. Terry is cute as a button, a little shy, but I’d thought I’d sensed some chemistry between us before. She seemed pretty straight and innocent, so it was hard to picture her watching someone fuck right in front of her.

“Damn, this just gets better and better. Where is she?”

“Oh, she’s still tied up in the stock room. And that’s where we would do it if you’re game.” She gave me that sultry look of hers and raised an eyebrow.

“Oh, hell yeah. I’m game. I’ve been fantasizing about you and that ass of yours for sometime now.” I grinned.

“Do tell!” she flirted.

“I don’t wank and tell,” I joked. “But, before we go back, tell me what pushes your buttons. What turns you on and rocks your world? I can get into just about anything, but what turns me on the most is turning on my partner.”

She looked up at me and got this evil grin. “I like to be nasty. I like to talk dirty and be talked to the same. I like it a little hard and rough…giving and taking.” Shit, I’d died and gone to heaven. “You?” she queried.

“Couldn’t be a better match.” I replied. “So when do we do this, you little slut?”

“Mmmm. I am a big slut. Right now, if you’re up for it.” She looked down at the growing bulge in my jeans and giggled. “I guess you are up for it.” She grabbed my hand and started tugging me to the back of the store. She pushed open the stock room door and pulled me in. It was what you’d expect of a stock room. Boxes of goods were stacked on shelves and the floor and a couple of tables to unpack on. The unusual thing was Terry. Gloria wasn’t using an idiom. Terry really WAS tied up. Her wrists were restrained in some sort of soft cuffs which were tied to a ceiling beam raising her arms in the air over her head. There was a spreader bar attached to her ankles spreading her legs lewdly. And not a stitch of clothing. Her face was a picture. She looked like she wanted to run and hide. Her modest breasts were capped with prominent hard nipples. Her narrow waist flared out into fine hips topping her relatively short legs. Her pussy was topped with her dark hair, but her lips looked swollen and damp.

“Jesus, girl,” I said to Gloria, both Sex Hikayeleri of us grinning. “I knew you’d be a wild one, but I never thought she’d be.” I talked about Terry as if she weren’t there to hear. “How’d you talk her into letting you tie her up like this.”

“It was one of the conditions of the bet. I didn’t trust her to stay put for the deed. I thought she might bolt out of embarrassment.” Gloria explained. Terry looked like she wanted to bolt but of course she couldn’t. Her face WAS flushed with embarrassment as my eyes roamed over her naked flesh.

“Are you really ok with this?” I asked Terry. No answer. “Are you going to watch me fuck this slut right in front of you?” This time she nodded, barely. Ok, there weren’t going to be accessory to kidnapping charges. “Are you going to enjoy watching me get off with her right in front of you?” This time she seemed shrug her shoulders as if skeptical of the impending enjoyment. “Oh, I think you’ll enjoy. I know we will.”

I turned my attention back to Gloria. She was grinning at my reaction and participation in her game. I sat on a box of canned goods, not far in front of the suspended Terry. “Now my wanton woman, let me see that body I’ve imagined fucking so many times.”

She didn’t hesitate and started unbuttoning her blouse. She slipped it off her shoulders with a coy smile. She reached behind her back and unhooked her bra and slipped it off as well. I thought Terry had prominent nipples, but Gloria’s, wow. The must have stuck out a half an inch, hard and stiff. Her areolas were crinkled and tight. She wasn’t a small woman, but her boobs weren’t big. This didn’t matter to me. Big boobs or small, it’s the nipples that get me and she had some of the most amazing nipples I’ve ever seen. She cupped her tits and rolled her nipples between her fingers all the while staring into my eyes with that hungry look. Then her hands went to work on removing her pants. She turned her back to us and slid her pants and panties down her hips, exposing her round ass to us and shook it just a bit. When she kicked her pants away, she turned back to face us.

“You like?” She asked.

“Hell yeah! Now play with yourself. I want to watch you for a bit.” I was drooling. She was grinning.

“Not until you are naked too. I want to watch you wanking watching me.” She was a little demanding.

I looked up at Terry who still looked like a frightened rabbit, but she was looking at me and there was just a hint of lustful hunger in those eyes. “Wanna see it?” I asked her. This time her nod was clear. I kicked off my shoes, unbuttoned my jeans, pulled the zipper down and slid my pants off. My dick was already hard and the head was clearly leaking precum. Her eyes watched as my hand start stroking. My eyes turned to Gloria who was already stroking herself. One hand rolled a nipple between her fingers while her other fingers were strumming her swollen clit and then, spreading her legs a bit more, she slipped two fingers into her drooling gash and sighed. I stroked on with one hand and beckoned her to me with the other. “Straddle my leg. I want to feel your juices on my thigh while I sample those fine titties of yours.”

Gloria stepped closer and with one leg between mine and the other outside, lowered her pussy down. I reached up with both hands and fondled those tits and rolled her nipples. She groaned and ground down on my leg. I could already feel her warmth and wetness and the front of one of her thighs also ground into my balls and throbbing cock.

“I can feel your nasty cunt juices on my leg,” I told her.

She grinned and replied, “I can feel your nasty cock juices on my thigh.” God I love sluts who aren’t shy. She reached down with one hand grasping my shaft and rubbed her thumb around the slimy head. I groaned. She leaned in for a kiss and some tongue dueling, then pulled away and whispered into my ears, “harder, pinch them harder!” I twisted her nipples harder and she ground down harder on my thigh. I could feel her leaking even more. “un-huh, un-huh, that’s it baby!” She really did like her nips abused! She started rocking back and forth and grinding down and moaning, all the while her eyes locked on mine with this naughty hungry stare. Then suddenly, her thighs clamped hard on mine and with a final grind downward she cried out throwing her head back, her eyes leaving mine for the first time and I felt her flood me.

“God woman, it doesn’t take much for you does it?” I asked.

“Oh, I take a lot more than this,” she retorted.

“Mmmm. I can’t wait to give you a lot more! I want a taste.” And I started to lift her off of my thigh.

“Me first!” she demanded. She rose off of my leg and went down on her knees. I stood up and my ridged cock didn’t even bob. It was hard as a rock and pointed nearly to the ceiling almost dripping. She shuffled forward and licked the precum from the head and then inhaled my whole shaft with enthusiasm. I felt my head hit the back of her mouth and then with a swallowing motion enter her throat and hold me there. Erotik Hikayeler I don’t think I’d ever had a deep throat…hell, I didn’t think I was big enough. Now I knew what the buzz was. The sensation was tremendous as her gullet made swallowing motions on my embedded head.

“Jesus, girl. You don’t hold back do you?” I exclaimed.

She pulled back and with an obscene slurping pop released me from her mouth and said, “you shouldn’t hold back either!” And with that she grabbed my hands and pulled them to the sides of her face and sucked me back in. I got the picture and holding her face firmly in place thrust all the way in, pulled out, and then plunged in again. Her hands released mine as she felt my grip on her firm up. One hand went around me and grabbing one ass cheek for balance, her other hand went back to auto-nipple torcher. I kept up the pace face fucking her. We were making some obscene gurgling grunting noises. I looked up at Terry and saw the look of terror and shame had left and been replace with a look of hunger. This was turning her on! I could see her squirming. I think she wanted to play with herself, but of course, her bindings prevented that…heavenly torture for her. I couldn’t wait to help bring her release, if she allowed. Her expression of lustful hunger, her erotic squirming, her taught nipples on her perky boobs, and of course the enthusiastic ministrations below from Gloria’s lips, tongue and throat had me so hot I was going to blow in no time.

I wasn’t ready for that. I wanted to last even if I knew I could come two or three times. I pulled from her mouth and she reluctantly released me with a look of disappointment. I chuckled at her sense of loss and a look that she might have thought I wasn’t enjoying her. “Don’t worry my slut. You were good, too good. I’m saving my cum for your cunt…or maybe your ass, or maybe both! But first, I want that taste those pussy juices you were leaking all over me earlier.” I pulled her up and turned her ass to the high bench and gently pushed her down and back. Her face was looking up at Terry and she too looked amused at Terry’s expression of hunger and frustration. I knelt before her and spread her legs and dove into that very wet pussy.

I licked the creases between her thighs and then sucked one of her labia into my mouth and pulled with suction and then lightly clamped my teeth down and let them rasp her as I pulled back. She groaned. I released and stiffened my tongue and delved between her lips, probing and scooping up her nectar. My nose felt her stiff bud above as I probed as deeply as I could. She tasted wonderful. I used my teeth as if I truly were eating her mound and she ground into me. I finally worked up to play with that clit my nose was feeling. My tongue lapped on either side of it and she kept moving it to dead center. She was definitely not one of those with clits too sensitive for direct stimulation. She wanted some force! I flattened my tongue and pressed down hard and swiped back and forth. Man! There would never be any trouble finding this clit. It was huge. It was like a small penis with its head sticking out begging for attention. I gave it and she ground back and was muttering a stream of expletives.

Her legs were now spread wide and I no longer needed to press them apart. I let one hand reach around her thigh and up to those nipples I knew that liked so much attention and pinched and pulled. My other hand had a job to do. While licking that distended clit, two fingers found her opening and slowly penetrated her. She arched up meeting my slow thrust. I pushed in deep and felt the tip of my fingers flick over her cervix and she moaned. I let my tongue leave her clit and she let out a disappointed squeak. And not to disappoint I returned my attention to her clit but this time sucking it into my mouth. Closest thing to a blow job I’ve ever given. I let my suction come in pulses, almost as if I were a nursing baby, while my two fingers strummed against the spongy surface at the top of the inside of her vagina. She was humping my face and groaning. “That’s it! Finger me deep and hard while you’re sucking my clit! Suck it! Oh! Suck it!” She was getting close, but I wanted her to come on my cock.

I stood up. My cock was already standing. The bench was high and so was the head of my cock. I pushed it down and aimed it at heaven and slid home in one thrust. She shuddered. “That’s it baby! Give me that hard cock. Take this pussy! Take it! Take it!” She was the wild one. I would slowly pull almost all the way out and then slam back in hard. The high bench made the angle perfect. The head of my cock was being held at a high angle and would strum across her g-spot as I thrust home. Again and again.

“Fuck yeah!” She cried. “Make this pussy yours! Fuck it! Fuck it! Hit it! Hit it!” I was ramming her in time with her chants. Terry watched from above almost drooling. I could see her hips thrusting slightly in time with me. She was vicariously fucking me or her, I wasn’t sure which. “Pound my slut cunt! Do Tecavüz Hikayeleri it! Do it! Fuck meeeeeee!” On her last screech, I felt her cunt tighten down on my cock as I slammed home and her juices squirted out around my shaft and down her ass and my balls. My cock erupted deep within her as I pushed as deep as I could go and ground my pubic bone against her clit as her pussy’s repeated contractions milked me as I pulsed and pulsed until I collapsed on top of her.

When our breathing returned half way to normal I looked up at Terry. She looked almost as if she were in pain. The pain of lustful desires unfulfilled. I gave her a smirk as I slowly withdrew my still hard shaft slowly from the heaven below. It popped out and sprang upward and her open gash flowed with our combined juices. I couldn’t resist and dropped to my knees and dove in. I’d never had a cream pie and wondered why I’d waited so long. It was hot. I lewdly thrust my tongue into the base of her pussy and scooped upward showing Terry the fluids I collected and pulled it in and swallowed. “Oh god…” I heard Terry mutter above. I continued to clean Gloria’s pussy as she gently gyrated against my mouth. When her pussy was as clean of our juices as I could make it, I followed the flow below. Pushing her legs higher and further apart, my tongue followed the flow down her taint to her now exposed crinkly star of her anus.

“Oh fuck! The nasty man is licking my nasty ass hole!” I think I heard Terry groan. I stiffened my tongue and pushed inward. Now it was Gloria groaning as I penetrated her tight hole. “Now the dirty old man is tongue fucking my ass!” I felt her hand brush the top of my head and I looked up to see one hand pulling a nipple taught as the other strummed her clit. Insatiable.

I was insatiable too. When she jerked and came again my forehead was covered in the juices of her third cum. I pulled back and watched as her vulva pulsed and pulsed as a steady flow of her nectar flowed down from pussy and into crack between her cheeks. “Natural lubrication!” I thought. “I must make use of that.” I rose from my knees and pointed my precum covered cockhead down (it had never gone soft) and rubbed it up and down over her well lubed and quaking sphincter. I looked into her eyes and she gave me this lustful evil look.

I returned the look. “Take it! Shove it in! Rip me a new one!” She cried. Unbelievable. I raised an eyebrow, but held my ground. “Please! Fuck my ass, and fuck it hard!” I couldn’t deny her or myself. Usually when fucking a woman’s ass for the first time, I go slowly. Now was not the time. Gloria reached her hands around her thighs and pulled them back further and wider. “Please?” she pleaded. I succumbed to our needs and pushed forward. After a moment of resistance the head popped in and without any more resistance, slid all the way home. She groaned, I sighed and Terry groaned above. I looked up and studied the look of awe, fear and lust in her eyes. She was gonna cum hard as soon as she was allowed. But, first, it was our turn.

I pulled back until just the head remained in, her sphincter clutching me as if afraid I might leave. Without warning I slammed back in. Her tits giggled with the impact. “YES!!!” she cried. I pulled back and thrust home again, savoring her tight rear passage clutching me with its velvet warm wetness. And again. Her tits were bouncing and I couldn’t resist and releasing one of her thighs I reach down and pinched a nipple. “More!” she cried. I wasn’t sure whether she meant her tits or ass, so she got both. I reach my other hand up and grabbed her other nipple between my thumb and forefinger and pulled them both as I slammed home again. “Shit!” she cried. “That’s it baby! Pull ’em hard and fuck my ass harder.” I had her tits pulled up in teepees and almost like they were a horse’s reigns. I rode that bucking bronco the way she wanted to be ridden.

She was just grunting each time I slammed home and when I pulled back, stretching her nipples to the extreme. God that had to hurt, but she wanted more. I gave her all I had to give, again and again. While I was pile driving, she let go of one of her thighs and to my surprise, she slapped her hand violently down on her own pussy. I was a little stunned at the strength and sound of the slap. I was also amused by the spray of her juices scattering from her cunt each time she slapped down. She was timing it with each withdrawal of my cock, raising her hand for the next slap as I thrust home. “Yes! Yes! Yes!” God she was a wild, insatiable, wanton nympho. My kind of woman! If I hadn’t already cum, I would have lost it long ago.

On one slap, instead of pulling her hand up in preparation for her next slap, three of her fingers entered her drooling pussy and pulled back hard rubbing her palm on her clit as her fingers strummed inside. I continued to pound into her ass as her body convulsed. She shrieked and I felt her ass clamp down on my ridged tool and felt another gush of her juices flow out and down. This time I stayed in deep and held still savoring her ass clutching orgasm throbs. I couldn’t believe I hadn’t cum! As her pulsing sphincter slowed, I withdrew again in preparation for another round of pile driving, but she put her hands on my chest holding me back and in an exhausted voice said, “No more, I can’t take any more. Please.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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