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Shawna My Daughter’s Friend Ch. 03

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After leaving the beach where Shawna had removed her top as I rubbed suntan oil into her bare skin, she’d revealed her breasts to me…though not all of them.

I couldn’t stop thinking about it on the way home.

I was sure she hadn’t actually done it on purpose; rather, she’d instinctively risen up to her elbows when Lisa had called her name from the water.

Either way, I was in a mess.

Asking me to rub suntan oil on her body was a perfectly normal thing…in fact, I’d done it several times in the past when Shawna was younger.

So why the big deal now?

Why, was I sitting there in the back seat of Shawna’s car…constantly remembering the way she’d looked over her shoulder at me on the beach blanket as she rubbed suntan oil slowly into her thigh?

Why was I remembering the way she’d smiled at me as she joked about taking her suit off? Why had the picture of her sitting totally naked on the blanket flashed through my mind? Why had touching her affected me so? Had she really ground her hips into the blanket?

And why…for fuck’s sake, why was I using my daughter’s friend…my second daughter who I practically helped raise from childhood…young Shawna, barely 18…who called me “dad” her whole life…as a masturbatory fantasy?

Why was I having these thoughts and fantasies about her? Why was I lusting after her?

Simply because I’d come home one evening to find her sitting on the couch in a sleep shirt and knee sock with her panties next to her?

Why had she taken them off? Was it innocent? It had to be. I refused to think of one of my girls that way…but…I was.

She was 18 now; that was true. She was a young woman. She possibly had…needs. I recoiled at that thought.

But if that was the case…and that was a big “if,” why was she doing these things in front of me of all people? She was young and gorgeous and could have her pick of any of the young men in the world.

It made no sense.

Therefore, the only conclusion that I could come to was that I was just a pitiful, dirty old man who had somehow acquired an eye for my daughter’s best friend.

I missed my wife of course. I hadn’t been with another woman since she passed…but that was no excuse for lusting after Shawna.

And I had to stop. I would stop.

I would stop thinking about her as a sex object. Christ, she was practically my own daughter. She’d spent at least as much time with Lisa at our place growing up as she did at home.

I’d been like a second father to her. I’d bandaged her wounds when she got hurt at our place. I’d helped her with her homework. I’d fed her. Since my wife died, Lisa, Shawna and I had spent every Christmas together…usually the day before or after. We celebrated the girl’s birthdays together. For the last ten years we’d hailed their accomplishments and weathered their failures…together.

We were like a family of sorts.

I’d managed to pull some strings to get Shawna in the same college as Lisa. Her math scores hadn’t quite made the cut, but a few phone calls and some name dropping had done the trick. Shawna had been so happy about going to college with Lisa…she’d hugged my neck, and kissed my cheek.

“You’re the best dad anyone could ever have,” she’d said. “I wish you were my real dad…”

I’d swelled with pride and love for her in that moment. I’d made a difference in her life. And she’d made a difference in ours.

Now, here I was fantasizing about her…about having sex with her…lusting after her young body.

God, I thought, dropping my head into my hands. “I must be a sick fuck.”

“Daddy?” Lisa said, sounding concerned from the front seat. “You okay?”

“Oh, yeah, I’m fine honey,” I lied, smiling. The last thing on this earth that I would ever want was for Lisa to even gain an inkling of what had amatör porno been going on in my sick, twisted mind.

“Maybe he got too much sun,” Shawna added, watching me in the rearview. “Let’s get you home so you can lay down dad.”

“No, I’m fine dears,” I said. Though I wasn’t. We were going out to celebrate their 18th birthdays. They’d each turned 18 at college and I didn’t want to miss their birthdays again.

I made it through the rest of the ride in one piece. Shawna didn’t drive like a maniac on the way home, a fact that I greatly appreciated.

Once in the house, the girls fawned over me.

“You look pale daddy, why don’t you lay down for a bit?” Lisa said sweetly, pecking my cheek.

I felt like shit but it wasn’t from the sun.

“We’re celebrating you girls’ birthdays this evening, and I don’t want to miss it,” I said.

“Daddy, it’s okay. If you don’t feel well, we can do it another time.” My baby girl shot me those doe eyes, the ones that always melted me.

“Yeah dad, it’s no big deal, we can always do it some other time,” Shawna added sweetly.

As tempting as it was, I knew that the girls would too soon be gone again. I would miss them, and I didn’t want to lose out on their birthday celebrations. We’d always had a double party for them. It was always special.

“I know,” Lisa said, popping up suddenly.

“Why don’t we just celebrate at home? I’ll run and get some cake and ice-cream and we can watch our favorite movies.”

“Yeah, and I’ll fix dinner!” Shawna finished the idea, excited.

“That way you can rest up daddy,” my daughter smiled at me.

“But girls, it’s your birthdays. I can’t have you working, going to the store and fixing dinner and stuff on your birthdays,” I protested. But the idea was appealing.

I was mentally exhausted from thinking and kicking my own ass. Maybe I had gotten too much sun. What I really wanted at that moment was to shower and relax with a stiff drink.

“Dad…” Shawna said, trying to sound stern. “We want to…besides, the main thing is that we’re together.”

Lisa nodded.

“Okay,” I said, exhaling…really wanting that shower. “If you really want to. I’m going to go take a shower.”

With that, I ambled upstairs to my room, leaving the girls to their plans.

Under the warm water of the shower, I washed away the day. It had been a long time since I’d last been to the beach. I’d forgotten how the sun really takes it out of you if you aren’t used to it. Besides that, I’d foolishly forgotten to use sunscreen, and my upper body was beginning to turn red with sunburn.

It was easy not to fantasize about Shawna. I didn’t want to. I would no longer think of my sweet, second daughter that way.

Wrapping a towel around my waist I entered my room feeling better about myself.

Suddenly, a crashing sound reached my ears and Shawna cried out in what sounded like real pain.

“SHAWNA?” I called out, alarmed.

“OW!” I heard her shriek from the kitchen.

Bounding from my spot, I ran, clutching my towel around me, taking the steps two at a time.

Still sopping wet, I rounded the corner onto the kitchen floor and slid, nearly skidding off of my feet and crashing into the wall.

“OW! OW!” Shawna said again and again. Standing over the stove, still in her bikini, she held her arm to her chest in pain as tears welled in her eyes.

“Shawna!” I said, scared to death. Recovering, I finally reached her. “Are you okay? What happened? Let me see it!” I fired off in a panic like parents do when their children get hurt.

“I dropped the pot of boiling water and it hit my arm…” she said in pain, as a single tear traced one cheek.

Reacting without thinking, I quickly grabbed her arm, turned the cold water on full blast and jammed it under the spigot anal porno in a single motion.

Shawna whimpered and bit her bottom lip as the cold water hit her burning flesh.

I held her arm under the running water for several minutes, then lifting it to my face, I worriedly inspected it. It was red, but I saw no signs of serious burns. She’d been lucky.

“Oh thank god sweety,” I said, relieved. “You arm’s gonna be fine.”

“Lisa went to the store,” she said, sounding like a little girl. “And I was gonna fix dinner and I went to pick up the pot to drain it and I dropped it and it went all over my arm…and it really hurts…oh god I’m so stupid…”

Pulling her close I hugged her gently, stroking her hair. “No honey, you’re not stupid…it could have happened to anyone,” I tried to reassured her.

“I love you dad,” she said, pressing her face into my bare chest.

It was then that I became aware that in the commotion I hadn’t realized that my towel had come off…I stood in the kitchen, with Shawna pressing her warm body into mine…completely naked.

Shawna pressed her face into my bare chest and hugged me…suddenly I felt the fronts of her bare thighs brush against the tip of my penis.

Oh god no…I thought, struggling against it with everything in me.

But it wasn’t enough. To my utter horror, my cock thickened, growing quickly to an erection right between her legs.

Lifting her head, Shawna opened her eyes…and bored into mine.


Pushing back from me a bit, she looked down between us.

“Woa…” she uttered.

“Shawna…I…” I stammered, trying to explain. “I rushed down here from the shower with my towel on and…I didn’t mean…I mean, I…”

Shawna turned her head up to me again and smiled, cutting me off.

As I stood there, in shock, mortified, as of yet unable to move, my daughter’s best friend, my second daughter, sweet, beautiful Shawna, began to move her hips.

My mouth fell open in shock.

“Shawna, no…stop…” I said, pushing her away.

But she held on.

Moving her hips forward and back, she clamped my erection between her inner thighs as it disappeared and reappeared between them.

I felt her warmth…her wetness slickened my cock as she humped me between her thighs and a low moan escaped my lips.

“Dad,” she said low, looking down between us, breathing hard.

“Shawna, no…” I said, barely able to breathe myself.

Suddenly she reached behind herself and untied her bikini top. It fell away, revealing her firm breasts. My cock swelled harder between her wet thighs as she grinded on it.

“Shawna stop…please…now…stop…” I protested weakly, pushing at her. But my cock throbbed with an excitement that filled my belly, then my entire being.

Pressing her body into mine, Shawna clamped her warm mouth over mine; sliding her soft, wet tongue into it.

I moaned into her mouth. My cock felt like it was going to burst as it swelled upwards sliding between the moist softness between her legs.

Shawna breathed into my ear, and I felt her hot breath on my neck. I felt her soft breasts pressing into me as her nipples hardened on my bare skin. I couldn’t breathe. I couldn’t think.

“Fuck me dad,” she whispered hotly into my ear, nibbling on my earlobe, before sliding her wet tongue into it.

Overcome with lust for my daughter’s best friend, I could take no more.

My mind screamed in defiance and every nerve in my body screamed right back. It was so wrong and I knew it…but still, I pushed Shawna roughly away and tore at the strings of her bikini bottoms, untying them and ripping her bottoms from her body, making her completely naked.

Spinning her around, I bent her over the kitchen counter and entered her…slowly pushing my engorged, anal breakers porno throbbing, hungry cock into her hot, dripping cunt. She was so tight. Her cunt molded itself to my shaft and I moaned loudly, shoving into her.

Shawna moaned just as loudly and pushed back, fucking herself onto my cock.

What was left of my rational brain dissolved as pure lust and animal instinct took over…I fucked my daughter’s best friend, my second daughter, there in the kitchen, pounding her wildly from behind.

“Oh god…oh god…” she moaned, pressing her naked ass back into me.

Reaching under her, I cupped her young tits in my hands, finally feeling their soft firmness for real. Rolling her hardened nipples between my fingers, I kneaded them and pinched at them, making her moan again more loudly.

The sounds of our fucking and the smell of sex filled the air around us as my loins slapped against Shawna’s ass over and over again.

The feel of her tight, young twat was indescribable, and I felt like I was going to explode at any second.

Pulling her back up, I spun her again and placed my hands under her ass. Grabbing a soft cheek in each palm, I lifted her, setting her down on the counter.

I entered her again from the front and she wrapped her legs around my waist. Using her legs, she pulled me into her again and again as I pounded her hot little pussy.

“Oh god fuck me,” she breathed in a single breath. Clamping my mouth over one soft tit, I sucked at it…licking her hard nipple, pulling it between my teeth…finally tasting her.

With one hand, Shawna reached between us and fingered herself as I thrust into her…I felt her fingers on the shaft of my cock, as she diddled at her clit hard and fast, making herself moan on the kitchen counter.

Then, leaning forward, she wrapped her arms around my body and bit into my shoulder, thrusting her hips forward to meet mine.

We fucked hard and fast. I watched her pert, bare breasts jiggle wildly in front of me and it spurned me to frenzy. Her long hair flailed around her body. She was so hot. So gorgeous. So insanely fucking sexy as she rubbed her clit between us, edging herself, nearing orgasm.

Suddenly, Shawna’s car appeared through kitchen window…pulling into the driveway.

“Oh…god, Lisa’s home,” Shawna said, moaning…pulling me faster into her with her legs. But she didn’t stop.

Glancing up and through the window, I saw my daughter get out of the car and close the driver’s door. Then she went around to the back and popped the hood.

But I was too far gone to stop.

As my orgasm built in my belly, I saw Lisa gathering groceries in her arms from the trunk of the car.

My cock swelled hard inside of Shawna, and I exploded, jettisoning thick, hot ropes of cum upwards and into her cunt, filling her with it.

Shawna moaned loudly and came, grinding herself onto my cock, gushing all over it, wetting it and the front of us with her juices.

“Oh god, dad, I love you…” she said, cumming hard.

My heart stopped in my chest as Lisa passed beneath the window.

Suddenly, she reappeared at the car again without the groceries, as if she’d forgotten something.

Quickly, I pumped my last into Shawna, emptying myself into her. Shawna grabbed at me wildly as orgasm shook her body.

Pulling out of her, I snatched the towel from the floor and ran across the kitchen to the dining room, then upstairs to my room….just as I heard Lisa come through the front door.

“I’m back” I heard her call out as she entered the living room.

Leaving the bedroom door open, I strained, barely daring to breathe, to hear the slightest sound.

“Shawna?” Lisa called out from the living room.


I heard her put the groceries down on the dining table.

“Anyone here?” she said again.

“Hey you’re back,” I heard Shawna’s voice say, entering the dining room with the sound of a toilet flushing behind her.

“Shawna what the hell?” Lisa said, sounding surprised.

I froze.

“What happened to your arm?”

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