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Shattered Boundaries Ch. 07

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Chapter 7 – “This is how it feels to be fucked by a real man!”

I hung suspended in the sling, spread-eagle with my privates displayed like a two dollar whore. He had restrained my hands above my head, denying me any modesty or protection. My legs were spread wide and hoisted into stirrups, laying bare my ass cheeks which now were smeared with lube. My ass-hole was exposed, having just been primed and stretched open by several large dildos. Aroused but also frightened I watched his hand slowly move up and down the length of his cock as he applied a generous layer of lube. The girth of his cock so thick, the grip of his hand could not reach all the way around the shaft. He pressed the head of his cock against my anus, it was cold from the lube. An icy shutter ran through my body reinforcing my sense that a major turning point in the storyline of my life was about to happen.

It was clear to me now that my life up to this point had been a sham. I had merely been going through the movements of living a life. Much like an actor playing the role expected of him by his audience. Never completely comfortable in the role, it had caused me to become shy, reserved and unusually modest regarding my body. However the raw, naked connection between the two of us was so intensely intimate, there could be no acting or falsehoods here. As if for the first time, my heart had suddenly come alive in my chest, erratically pounding out my fear.

Since the first day I met Jim, he had been determined to shove his massive cock up my asshole. For weeks he had been attempting to stretch me open by cramming increasingly larger dildos into my asshole. Unexpectedly tonight he had become frustrated with the delay, announcing “I’ve had enough of playing with these toys, your hole is long overdue to be filled with my cum. It’s time to fuck the hell out of you.” Jim’s sudden tantrum unnerved me, undermining the little confidence I possessed. I was worried, I suddenly felt like a virgin unexpectedly presented with a lover’s huge endowment. It had been a struggle to take Jim’s collection of dildos up my asshole, it was difficult to imagine how I could be fucked by his massive cock without being split apart. I searched Jim’s face for any sign of reassurance. His dark eyes clouded with lust and booze, offered me no comfort.

I was overwhelmed, much like the first night I met Jim. I had been so nervous and sexually inexperienced, it had taking Jim only moments to both subjugate and sexual arouse me. After sitting me at his feet, he stuffed his large hairy balls into my mouth then seduced my body and mind with only the sound of his voice. That is when my fascination with this charismatic leather-man and his porn-star sized cock began. My fascination soon developed into a kind of obsession, bordering along the lines of a devout worship of his magnificent phallus. These last few weeks, it had become increasingly difficult to play my role as the good boy when my every waking moment was filled with the memories of the touch of his leathers against my hot naked flesh, the pungent smell of his cigar and the sweet, sweet taste of his cum.

“You look frightened!” Jim suddenly declared. He was squinting down at me in the sling, studying my face for clues to my state of mind. This was my opportunity to voice my hesitation about having my ass-hole ravished. Yet, I found myself unable to speak, too afraid of what might come out of my mouth. If I angered Jim and he kicked me out, I knew I could never return to play-acting my way through my old life. Fluctuating between two unthinkable paths, I lay there as a limp and speechless as a half deflated blow-up sex doll.

Jim smiled down at me then skimmed his leather gloved hands gently across my chest, the touch of his soft leathers against my skin calmed me instantly. He pinched my nipples between his finger tips, gently at first but soon he increased the force. Pressing his finger tips harder and harder into my flesh, he bent down close to me. I could smell the strong smell of liquor on his breath. Wrapping his lips around my left nipple, he sucked it into his mouth then began to dig his teeth into my flesh. I closed my eyes and relaxed as his gentle nippling on my tit increased in intensity. I involuntarily arched my back and released my breath, letting the sensation of both pleasure and pain flood out into my body.

Suddenly with a quick forward movement of his hips, he plunged the head of his cock into my anus in one sharp violent jab. A shock wave of pain rippled throughout my body, just like I had taken a punch. My mouth flew open as a rush of inward air sucked a scream back down my throat. Abruptly there was no air in the room, no thought in my head, only a intense increasing pressure as my ass-hole was being wrenched open.

My hands clawed out into the air, grabbing onto the straps of the sling. I tried to pull my body backwards into the sling and off Jim’s cock. I managed to Betturkey crawled backward a few inches as I sucked enough air into my lungs to cry out, “No, No, Stop!” Despite my pleads, Jim bit down harder into my nipple as he continued to bulldoze forward into my asshole. My anus being no match for Jim’s battering ram of a cock was forced to stretch out under the mounting pressure. I screamed out “It’s too big, it’s too big!” as Jim’s corona, the projecting ridge that encircled the base of his cock-head reached my anus ring. Jim’s corona was thick and hard, roughly callused from years of friction. With one final shove Jim squeezed his corona through my anus ring, it felt like sandpaper against the tender flesh around my ass-hole. I experienced a very slight relief as my anus contracted slightly as it sunk into the narrower neck of his cock. Jim’s cock-head was now fully inside my asshole, it was like being impaled on the end of a heavy metal spike.

Jim slowly released the pressure of his teeth on my flesh, letting my sore, wet nipple drop from his mouth. He straightened up and said almost jokingly, “Do you really want me to stop?” He wore that wicked little smile, the smile that meant he was again testing his ability to manipulate me. Sex with Jim was a continuous power struggle. He was determined to expand my sexual boundaries, always wanting to know how far I would debase myself to please and obey him. Dominating me gave Jim the adrenalin rush that made his cock throb. If my domination included ways to sexually humiliate me, his immense cock grew all the harder.

“You show up naked at my door each week. No matter how badly I abuse you, no matter how many loads of cum I dump down your throat or how many toys I shove up your ass, you keep coming back.” Jim stated in a calm, cool matter of fact tone. Then raising his voice with each word he added, “Tell me why boy, why you keep coming back for more?”

“I don’t know, Sir. I just…want…need…” I stammered. Unable to voice a response under the stress of his stare and the pressure of his cock staked into my asshole, my voice trailed off into silence.

“I’ll tell you why you’re tied to my sling with your ass in the air, your balls strung up like punching bags!” to emphasize his point Jim smacked my balls with the back of his hand, sending a shock wave of pain rippling though my body.

“Your happy little life means nothing to you, you wear it like a fucking disguise to cover your own deeply seeded need to be controlled.” he paused letting the impact of his statement take it’s effect. Meanwhile his hips forced his cock further into my ass, putting enormous pressure on my anus to expand. “You come to me because you can drop your disguise of being the good little boy. There is no one here to judge your actions as amoral or obscene, no one to assign guilt or whose shame you must endure.”

“You think your desire to be dominated makes you a victim, makes you weak and powerless but you’re wrong. It takes strength to withstand the kind of pain and humiliation I administer!” he said as the increasing girth of his cock’s shaft stretched out my anus. It felt like my anus had been stretched to it’s limit but I knew Jim’s cock well, there was still so much more girth to come. I gripped the straps of the sling harder, preparing myself for that was to come next.

“If you have the guts to stick it out, you might discover your self-worth in being a submissive! Now, you don’t really want me to stop, do you?” he said with a smile. I heard the sling creak as Jim’s body weight shifted forward. I remember my whole body tensing, my eyes and mouth stretched wide open as if they also needed to absorb the great lump of flesh that was about to invade my body. I trembled uncontrollable, reacting to the continuous physical force being exerted to push my body beyond it’s limits.

Jim bent down, laying his body down on top of mine. His body weight pressed me deep in the sling as our bodies interlocked. My nostrils filled with his liquored breath as I lay there struggling with the pain. His hands slid over my body then up my arms to grip me tightly by the wrists, reinforcing his intention I was not going to escape from him.

For a moment the caress of his smooth leathers gloves against my skin distracted me from my suffering but then I felt Jim’s hips push forward as his cock sank further into my ass. I held my breath as there was a brief battle between the thickest section of his cock’s shaft against my anus ring, I knew I could not win.

I rocked back and forth in the sling, gripped by an overwhelmed desire to flee but trapped under Jim’s weight, I could barely move an inch. The strain upon my ass-hole to extend beyond it’s limits kept growing as more of Jim’s massive cock penetrated further into me. Inwardly I screamed out as the volume of hard cock flesh expanded my insides to where the pain and pressure began to consume my body. It felt that soon there Betturkey Giriş would be nothing left of me but physical and emotional suffering.

“It drives me crazy when I see that look on your face.” Jim said. I watched the words come out of Jim’s mouth but I could not hear them. I was already escaping from my body, removing myself from an unbearable situation. Abruptly I was across the room, a voyeur spying on a depraved scene of the strong overpowering the weak, the old corrupting the innocent.

Clad in only leather boots, chaps, vest and gloves, an older man was bend over a younger man. His leathers were old and wore from years of hard wear, much like his body. He had the body of a lifelong labourer, his muscles once bursting with youth and strength were now long and lean, depleted by the ravages of time. His face was a roadmap of his years of hard living which had etched deep lines across his features, they had not yet completely erased the traces of a once handsome face. He was forcing his beast of a cock into the ass of a young man who was bound naked and spread-eagle in a rubber sling. The leather man was smiling but his dark eyes betrayed him, this was not a joyous smile.

The young male in the sling, gave the impression of being much younger than his years. His hairless body was small with narrow hips. His chest, arms and shoulders still on the brink of blossoming into early manhood. His dishevelled dark hair was a striking contrast to the pale, milky tones of his skin. He still had the blush of youth on his plump crimson cheeks which with his full, rose coloured lips contributed to his youthful appearance. However, his most striking feature, the one that captured your complete attention was his large azure blue eyes. One glance into his clear, bright eyes was to be lost in a cloudless sky.

He had the type of remarkable and angelic looks that drew out the generosity and kindness in people, assuring him a easy, carefree life. There was however also a dark side to his enticing appearance. It acted as an aphrodisiac to the kind of men whose uncontrollable desires drove them to pursue, seduce then corrupt the innocence and the beautiful, therefore tarnishing it’s radiant glow forever.

I watched as the leather top pulled his hips backwards only to tighten his muscular ass cheeks and jam his hard cock forward, squeezing it between the lily white ass cheeks of the trapped boy. I watched him smile as with each stroke his massive cock sank deeper into the boy’s ravaged, pink hole. I watched the expressions of suffering distort the boy’s handsome face that accompanied each of the top’s cruel thrusts.

A striking display of lust, power and domination as well as one of pain, vulnerability and degradation. Difficult to witness yet impossible to turn away from. A scene of such raw capitulation, where the dominate man breaks down the boy’s self-esteem one stroke at a time as his over-sized manhood reshaped the boy’s ass-hole into his own personal fuck hole. It would not take long before the boy viewed himself as little more than cum-bucket, a receptacle only worthy of being abused, fucked and filled with spent cum loads from every man who desired him.

Despite my discomfort at witnessing this scene of such violation, it was so mesmerizing I could not look away. The raw, naked intimacy of the two males seduced my full attention, drawing me to them. I was difficult not to admire the energy and the virility of the older man with his throbbing fuck tool, a phallus worthy of a Greek god. While watching his coarse omnipotent cock repeatedly disappear into the boy’s cherubic like butt, I developed an empathy with the dominate male. I sensed that this was not an assault but one of nature’s beautiful contests. Violation being part of the natural order was no doubt brutal but not tragic. What could be more understandable then the survival of the strongest? What could be more natural then the instinct to spread your seed by breeding the conquered? It was for this very reason, cultures all over the world had worshiped the phallus for centuries.

It was while I watched this exhibition of the eternal sexual battle play out, a powerful urge rose up within me. I recognized my life-long urge to be physical and mentally dominated by strong and powerful men. I’ve battled with this compulsive desire all my life. Seizing hold of me once again, I offering up no resistance to my nemesis. Allowing it to crush me under it’s dark embrace. After witnessing this display of sexual violation, I no longer equated willing surrender to superior forces as defeat. I knew that I could no longer play the role of the good boy, no longer would I suppress my desire to surrender myself to an alpha male. Instead I would spread my legs and offer up my ass for breeding as tribute.

The moral code of “does and don’t” which I had faithfully wore like a heavy yoke around my neck, was useless to me now. Corrupt and rotten, it dropped Betturkey Güncel Giriş from my neck, falling into dust at my feet. Released from this righteous burden I stood up erect and tall with the sudden confidence that “I alone” directed my life. With my dark urges pointing the path ahead, I took my first cautious steps into my new role. No longer enslaved by my guilt, I began my transition into being a free submissive. Behind me I abandoned the dead weight of my inhibitions, having dragged them along with me far too long. I stepped closer towards the boy in the sling. Envying his initiation, envying those magnificent powerful thrusts being lunged into his tight, pink hole. I looked into the depths of his azure blue eyes and recognized myself.

In the blink of an eye, I was back tied up to the sling and looking up into Jim’s face. He had released my wrists to grab me by the ankles so he could pry my legs apart. The next thrust of his battering ram of a cock into my asshole came with the full force of his body behind it. I suppressed a scream as his cock hammered it’s way into my hole. Shock waves rippled into my gut and through my body knocking the air from my lungs.

I knew the next assault would be as forceful and cruel as the last but I braced myself, gulping down a breath of air then released it slowly as the next thrust come at me full force. Jim soon established a rhythm, each forward thrust would slam into me with such force it would send my body briefly into the air before falling back into the sling. He would then withdraw his cock until his corona with it’s hard raised ridge sat scraping against the tender flesh of my anus, ready for his next attack. There were moments between thrusts without Jim’s cock inside me I felt empty and hollow inside but they were short lived as each thrust was soon followed by another.

My subjugation continued with each thrust, he pounded into me the fact I was nothing more than his fuck-hole. There were moments when I began to panic, certain I was going to be split in two as he penetrated further down into my fuck tunnel. I am sure Jim recognized my moments of distress but he did not stop riding me, only smiled down at me and redoubled his resolve. His strokes were coming at me so fast and hard, I knew it was not enough to mentally surrender to Jim, my body had to become more receptive and absorb the force of Jim’s endless fucking. I released my grip on the sling and allowed my body’s weight to drop down further into the sling. It was then that I realized how exhausted I had become fighting against each of Jim’s lunges.

I took a breath and tried to release my over strained muscles, allowing my body to relax and melt into the sling. The sling began heaved wildly up and down. It was not long before I was seeing stars before my eyes as the room began to spin around me. I closed my eyes and concentrated on absorbing the force from each thrust as it knocked into my butt. With my eyes closed I could clearly distinguish Jim’s rough corona scraping back and forth against the tender flesh of ass-hole, a sensation of friction somewhere between torture and ecstasy.

This sensation of friction was followed by the pressure from the girth of Jim’s broad shaft as it penetrated into my hole. Jim’s shaft was rock hard and so absurdly thick it exerted incredible force against the inside walls of my hole. It felt like my body was being pried open from the inside. My straining flesh forced to surrender and then to submit to being stretched beyond it’s limit to accommodate Jim’s increasing demand for deeper access into my hole.

Seeming without end, the invasion in my body continued. The ordeal of having my ass-hole overstuffed with his hard hulking pulsing cock, overwhelming all of my other senses. I understood that with each bulldozing stroke Jim was forever perverting me by expanding the limits of my cavity. I knew that he would not stop until his cock was ball-deep in my hole. I felt my weary body go limp as any last remaining resistance and tense disappeared, my flesh yielded to Jim’s unstoppable lust for control.

Sensing my body’s surrender, Jim slowed the tempo of his strokes, no longer slamming his cock into my body. He began toying with me, teasing me by gradually penetrating bit by bit, inch by inch ever further into my fuck hole. Continually and deliberately testing my receptiveness to his thrusts. The massive volume and considerable weight of Jim’s meaty cock burrowing into the depths my body was like being invaded by a great beast.

One moment, it was as if was possessed by Jim’s demon cock as he stuffed my hole until I felt I would burst. Only in the next moment, to feel abandoned as he withdrew his cock, leaving me cold, empty and yearning the return of his tormenting cock. It was maddening; back and forth, in and out, advance then retreat, pain followed by pleasure.

I could feel my body heat raising up in me, Jim’s relentless fucking had caused the smouldering mental turmoil within me to ignite, it burst into a searing blaze. A cleansing flame swept through my body, fuelled by the dry, stale remnants of an un-lived life. The flame consumed everything, left in it’s wake only an aching, charred shell remained.

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