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Sharing the good times of my wife & I pt 10

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Sharing the good times of my wife & I pt 10
Of course, not all men are comfortable shagging another guys wife while they stand there and watch. We had a few misses with our nightclub tactics where some of the guys wanted to fuck Cherry but only if it was them and her.
 Obviously this kind of defeated the purpose for us so we never accepted these offers. It was only after an experience that Cherry had while visiting a local concrete works late one day on her way home from work that we started to consider other options and the benefits that could be had.
   She has spent some time with the owner looking at all of the items we needed and he had put a quote together for her just on closing time as the other staff were leaving. The quote was for twenty five hundred dollars and Cherry thanked him and apologised for keeping him back and got up to leave the store when the owner said to her that if she was happy to stay back until after he closed up he could potentially knock five hundred dollars off the price. As she was relaying this story back to me she said that she was in no doubt that the guy was suggesting that she fuck him for the discounted price. She had kindly declined the offer and driven straight home and told me what had happened.
     Cherry was a little surprised that this happened but given how she looked in her work uniform of a tight red skirt with a white blouse and red satin scarf which was the colours of the real estate agency she worked for and her red matching lipstick, I could easily see why he had taken the opportunity.
   I suggested to her that it would be an added bonus if we could save some money on our pavers and she could get some cock at the same time but this was en entirely different scenario to what we had been doing and she reminded me that he this wouldn’t have been proposed by the concrete guy if I had been there and she was equally sure he wouldn’t fuck her with me watching. I wasn’t keen at all if I couldn’t watch but I was interested in pursuing this so I suggested that maybe Cherry could record it on a small camera so I could watch later. Cherry was showing more interest with this idea. She has mentioned a couple of times after being doggy styled by her nightclub pick ups how she would like to bring someone home herself and screw them in different positions in front of me. I had always kept to what we knew because it got me close to the action but was starting to reconsider now. I was keen to spend less time at the clubs anyway as it isn’t really my scene so I made a bit of a challenge for Cherry.
  I told her that if she could get a good deal for our pavers (or anything else significant in the future) and record her methods of negotiation on a spy camera I would set up for her then she could go it alone at the clubs and bring home a guy that I would watch her fuck anyway bahis siteleri she chooses from inside our wardrobe. It was a one for one deal, if there was a thumb drive sitting on my keyboard on Friday afternoon it meant that there was something on it for me to watch that Cherry had recorded and it also meant that Cherry was going out clubbing one night on the weekend without me.
   Cherry accepted the challenge with the caveat that I was not allowed to view the recoding until she had left the house to go out. She said even if the drive was there on a Tuesday I had to wait until she went clubbing to look at it.  That suspense would be a killer but it was also exciting to think about so I agreed. 
      Next day I bought a 4k high definition small spy type camera and set it up inside Cherry’s handbag so that she could activate it easily and it would record through a small eyelet hole which were part of the design of the bag. She familiarised herself with it and we tested it and positioning etc until we had it perfected. It had a long battery life and plenty of storage space so she could set it to record well in advance if need be. It was up to Cherry now. She was set to go and all I had to do was wait and see if that thumb drive ever appeared on my keyboard.
   Needless to say, I was checking for it daily and it was a Thursday night three weeks after we had made our deal that I noticed it sitting there above the keypad. Cherry was cooking dinner when I found it and I raced into the kitchen holding it up and said “Well what’s this then”. Cherry turned and smiled and replied “You will just have to wait until I walk out the door on Saturday night to find out won’t you”
   I had no idea what might be on that drive and desperately wanted to watch it immediately but a deal is a deal so I returned it to where she had put it and spent the rest of the evening trying to get her to give me a hint about it’s contents but she wouldn’t budge. All I could do was wait all day Friday and all day Saturday until she left to go clubbing before I could watch it….and then hide in the wardrobe and watch her get laid by some random guy…..perfect.
        At last Saturday afternoon passed and Cherry was dressed to kill as usual. She had gone for a one night black hair colour and matched it with really dark purple lipstick, thick eyeliner and mascara and wore a pair of black jeans with heels and a black and purple top that laced up at the front but still revealed her ample cleavage through the lace.
The cab had arrived to pick her up and she gave me kiss and said she would text me when she is on her way home.
   I didn’t wait one second after she left and went straight to the computer and plugged in the thumb drive. I opened and there were two movie files. I double-clicked the first one and sat back to watch. It was canlı bahis date stamped on the Monday just gone at about lunchtime and Cherry had started the recording as she left her car and I could see that she was walking across a car park and into the office of the place that she had been to for the paving quote. Not really surprising given that the groundwork had partially been done a couple of weeks ago. She approached the reception and asked if the manager was available. After a short wait I heard the lady tell Cherry that she could go through to his office now. The manager welcomed her back and asked her to take a seat and then I heard the door closing. Cherry had sat her bag on the ground at this stage so I could only hear what was being said. Cherry said that she wanted to discuss the discount he had given her two weeks ago and he said that it was a once off price that she had declined to stay around for and the price was 2500 now. Chery said that she was aware of the daytime price and then said that she was prepared to come back on Tuesday afternoon at 5pm and sign the order form if he could do it for 1800.
  There was an awkward silence while the manager considered this counter proposal but he cleared his throat and said “I will see you tomorrow at 5 then” Then movie then showed Cherry getting up and walking out of the shop and across the car park again and then it closed.
       I was sitting at my computer with dick in hand having just listened to my wife strike a deal that saved us hundreds of dollars and was about to watch part two. In the meantime Cherry was out on the town in hot gothic clothing with dyed back hair most likely in the process of sizing up who she would be fucking later that night. Life was good.
       Part two opened with Cherry sitting I her car again, this time with the camera on her as she sat in the drivers seat, she was moving side to side and then produced her knickers from under the black skirt she was wearing throwing them into the back saying “Probably won’t need these” then did the same with her bra before facing the camera and shaking her shoulders which made her big firm tits sway against the satin shirt fabric. She then got out of the car and walked into the same building as she had the day before. The manger greeted her at the door and invited her into his office again, closing the door once more behind them. This time Cherry sat her bag on top of a filing cabinet against the wall with the camera aimed at the middle of the room and sat down opposite the manager who was a largish older gent who was wearing green overalls that had concrete dust all over them. He apologised to Cherry for being so dirty but said that he had some staff away that day and had to do some yard work. He handed Cherry an order book across the desk and asked her to review the list kaçak iddaa to be sure everything was in order. Cherry took it and sat back in her chair to read it while the manager arose and walked around the desk and stood behind Cherry watching over her shoulder as she read.
       As Cherry looked at the list the boss man placed one of his dusty paws on her shoulder and asked if she had any questions. She said not yet and kept looking at the pad. I could see his hand move slowly over her shoulder and disappear down the front of her shirt fondling her naked tit. Cherry didn’t flinch so the boss removed his hand and started unbuttoning her shirt from the top down. He opened her shirt all the way and laid it of her shoulders revealing her d cup titties in all their splendour. Cherry just sat there as he pawed her tits and kneaded her nipples until they were erect. In the meantime he had released his cock from between the studs in his overalls and was now stroking it behind her back as he continued to squeeze her tits with his free hand. With his cock now fully hard he stepped to the side of the chair Cherry was sitting on and took her hand off the order form and placed it on his shaft. Cherry stroked his cock for a short time and then leaned forward and took his shaft into her mouth and started sucking him. Boss man was leaning forward still with handfuls of tit as Cherry went to work on him and at this rate he wouldn’t take long before he shot his load into her mouth. He was also aware of this and stopped Cherry sucking and asked her to stand up. She did this and he turned her around and sat her on his desk. She laid back and he pulled her to the edge of the desk and positioned himself between her legs. Cherry had this guys concrete dust al over her shirt, tits and now her skirt s he lifted it above her waist exposing her trim pussy. He spat in his hand and wet his cock head and placed it at the entrance of her pussy and pushed his cock head in past her pussy lips and beyond until it was completely inside her. He rubbed her clit with his dusty fingers and then started pumping faster and faster and I could hear his balls slapping against her arse with every thrust. The boss kept this up until Cherry reached down between her legs and put her fingers on each side of his cock as it went in and out of her. This made him lose control of his load and slammed hard into her as he emptied his balls inside her pussy. He pulled out and sunk back on the chair as Cherry sat upright and climbed off the desk. She got dressed slowly before signing the bottom of the form and asked the boss if the pavers could be delivered after the coming weekend. He agreed as he got his breath back and thanked Cherry before letting her out of the store. Cherry kept the recoding running until she was in the car when she smiled at the camera and asked if I had enjoyed the show before turning it off.
     I watched it three times in a row before I received a text from Cherry saying she was on her way home and I better get in the cupboard.
    But more about that later.

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