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Sexy Waitress Ch. 01

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All characters are 18 years or older, and are purely imagined. Any likeness to a real person is pure coincidence.


It was January the 24th. My birthday, and I was turning 23 this year. I am a tall lad at 6’4” and have a completely average build with just enough muscle to not look too thin. I have brown hair and blue eyes, and have size 13 feet. Now, we all know what people say about big feet…you also have big shoes (Sorry for the dad joke), and I am still a virgin. I was playing on my new computer in my room when I heard my mum shout upstairs for me to go down to the lounge. Assuming that it must have been something important, as I rarely got called to the lounge, especially when my parents know I am gaming, as they try not to interrupt me.

As I reached the lounge, I saw everyone was wearing their coats and had their shoes on. And that is when I remembered that we had booked a table at the local restaurant for my birthday meal! Realizing my mistake, I quickly ran upstairs to put on my coat and shoes. I loved the local restaurant, it had the most amazing food on the menu, and if you got lucky the waitresses that were working on a particular night were incredibly hot!

As I ran downstairs, I began to feel a stirring in my pants at the thought of catching sight of some of the sexy waitresses in their shirts and tight trousers. To avoid any awkward pants rearrangement in front of the family I jumped into the bathroom so that I could let it go down under the guise of going to the toilet before we left. Finished with that I re-joined the family who were now in the hallway, and we left the house to go to the restaurant.

As we arrived, I caught a quick glimpse of one of the waitresses disappearing through the door that lead to the attic where the wine was stored, and the men’s bathroom. Oh how I wished I hadn’t gone to the toilet at home, as I had no excuse to be go to the toilet and try and catch a longer peak at her. Oh well, I would just have to drink enough to have an excuse to go later on in the meal.

Whilst we were sat at the table having just ordered steak dinners for everyone, I began to sip away at the lemonade that I had ordered, hoping that it would run through my body very quickly. Unfortunately my family was a family of talkative people and so rather than being able to drink away in peace, I got asked multiple questions about university which they mainly did so that I didn’t just ignore the conversations going on at the table.

Our meal arrived, and my favorite waitress as the one to serve it. She is of average height (5’7”) and has dark brown, shoulder length hair. Her eyes are a hazel colour which have always drawn the attention of me, whenever I talk to her, which isn’t as often as I would like. Her face is peach shaped, and she has the most perfect complexion of skin, along with some stunning lips which would be great for kissing. To accompany this beautiful face, she is relatively thin, with an incredible bubble butt, and modestly sized boobs, which I would guess at being a B-C cup. As she placed the plates down on the table, she had to lean forward quite far to reach the far side of the table, and as a result I got an eyeful of her breasts side-on. Unsurprisingly this gave rise to an instant boner, and as she stepped away from the table, I saw her eyes flick down to my crotch, and a slight smile appear on her face.

Our meal passed without any excitement to speak of, and as such we finished eating fairly early. As we were about to leave, one of my friends, James, entered the restaurant, ready to grab a pint, and as such I decided to join him, leaving my family to drive home without me as I enjoyed some proper company with my friend.

As we sat at the bar, Lucy, the sexy waitress, walked up to us to ask us what we would like to drink, both of us opting to have a Guinness. She quickly added up the total, and as I was about to pay my friend stopped me, and told me as a birthday treat he would pay. At this comment Lucy looked up from the till, and said in sing-song voice “Happy Birthday …”

“Edward”, I prompted.

“Happy Birthday Edward!! As it’s your birthday, we at The Crown pub would like to give you a drink free on the house!”

I was buzzing at hearing this, and I suddenly realized that I should ask for something fairly expensive. As I was thinking, I had an idea…

“I would like a bottle of Zinfandel White Wine please!” I decided, and so off Lucy went to the attic to collect the bottle.

As she reached the door to the men’s / attic, I excused myself from the bar, stating that I desperately needed to go to the toilet, which was, in fact, true as the lemonade had made its way through my body now. I jumped off the raised seat, and darted for the bathroom. As I entered the first door, I saw the attic staircase door was open, but bypassed it for the moment so I could go to the toilet. On my way back however I decided to have a quick escort kartal peak through the door.

As I did, Lucy’s face appeared over the top of the banister to the side, and she smiled down at me.

“I was wondering if you were likely to look up here or not”, she winked, “Well, would you like to see the attic where we keep everything. Call it a birthday treat to a loyal customer!”

Well, who was I to reject this beautiful woman as she offered me a chance to look around. Even if this didn’t lead anywhere I would be more than happy with the fact that I could follow her beautiful ass around for the next few minutes.

Reaching the top of the stairs I looked around in amazement at the huge array of bottle, and casks that were kept up here. I proceeded to wonder slowly forwards as I gazed at the endless racks of wine to the left, and the casks to the right. I suddenly came out of my stupor, as I heard Lucy giggling to the side of me.

“You look cute when you look amazed”, she whispered in my ear, sending shivers down my spine.

I had to laugh at that statement. Me? Cute? Well, if she thought I was cute, then who was I to complain. As i was thinking about what she had just said, I was pulled away from the top of the stairs, to behind one of the beer casks. I almost fell as she tugged me to the side, but she caught me in her arms just before the final fatally embarrassing moment.

In the moments that it took me to regain my composure, I heard a dreaded voice. The voice of the owner of the pub. He had a mighty temper, and considering I was effectively trespassing, I doubt he would be lenient. And that’s when I realized a second thing. Lucy was hugging me tightly to hide in the small space she had found, and her breasts were pushed hard against my body. Now, me being a guy meant that this caused my groin to begin to react to this touch, and it began to twitch and grow.

I was terrified that in a moment, Lucy would feel the growing bulge, and would scream pervert at me or something, so when she proceeded to spread her legs just enough for the tent in my trousers to settle between them, I was greatly surprised. Putting a finger to my lips, she began to silently crouch until her head was at the same level as my tent, and she quickly began stroking and tickling it through the fabric. This got me more and more turned on, and I thought I was going to moan loudly until she suddenly shot back up, and enveloped my mouth in the most heavenly of kisses.

The kiss seemed to last forever, as her tongue and mine began to fight each other, as we tasted each other. After this eternity of bliss, I heard the heavy footsteps of the owner heading back downstairs, followed by the slam of the door. At this, I finally released the moan that the kiss had been holding in, and at the same time, so did Lucy.

We stared into each others eyes, as I wondered what was going to happen next. Would she leave, and we would never talk about this again, or would something develop from this situation. As if in answer she slowly lowered herself again to my crotch, and tugged at the zip on my jeans, as she pulled it down, releasing my cock from its prison.

“Wow”, I heard her mutter, as she stared at my 7 inch cock in front of her face, “Its HUGE!!”

And with that she slowly moved forward until her mouth was almost touching the head. At this point, I was desperately trying to hold my composure, her tongue snaked out, and flicked the tip. At the touch I felt what could have been an electric shock passing through my body. That touch had been heavenly and I wanted more. As if in response, she proceeded to swish her tongue around the head of my cock, and moved her head forward to plant a kiss on the tip.

At this point, I had begun to leak precum, and she proceeded to scoop it up with her tongue and swallow it. Now that the tender part was almost finished, she opened her mouth wide, and moved forward until my cock was enveloped in her mouth, yet not touching anything, and she began to breath in and out slowly teasing my cock with hot and cold air as she breathed, until suddenly she closed her mouth around it, and began to suck and tongue it with gusto.

I was in heaven, and within a minute of Lucy beginning her ministrations, I felt on the verge of cumming. And so I pulled back, so as not to ruin this moment too quickly. She seemed to have sensed what I was doing, and why I was doing it, but seemed to have a thirst, as she paused to question me.

“Surely you have enough in your tank for at least two rounds?” She queried greedily, and with the briefest of nods from me, she resumed to suck and tongue my dick. After a few more minutes of this ministration of skill, I almost shouted “I’m going to cum!” and with that she rammed her head as far forward as she could, taking my dick down into her throat, where I exploded with burst after burst of cum, coating the insides of her throat. Pulling out after holding it there for a few more moments, maltepe escort she began to cough gently, as she regained her breath, and swallowed the cum, before staring up at me with a face showing the purest of lust.

In no time at all, she was stood up, and motioning for me to follow her, as she moved deeper into the maze of racks. As we reached a particularly open space, near to what I assumed was the back of the attic, she turned around, and pulled me towards her to begin a passionate kiss. Worried at first that I would taste my own cum, I was careful with where I moved my tongue, until she forced it into her mouth, and I realized that I couldn’t taste anything. At which point we went wild.

After a few minutes of kissing, she broke it off, and pushed me to the ground against the wall. Slightly dazed, and dumbfounded, I stared up at her, as she began to twirl and move in a small circle. I stared as she began to remove her apron and her shirt revealing a tight puss-up lace bra, and then proceeded to tug her trousers down slowly creeping slowly lower and lower as she revealed her pink satin thong that covered her temple. Next she turned away from me, and reached behind her to unclasp her bra, and as she began to turn around again, she threw her bra at me, which I quickly noted was a 28C bra. As she faced me, I noticed that she was blushing slightly, covering her breasts with her hands.

I slowly stood and moved forward as she continued to cover herself, until I was close enough to touch her face. I caressed her cheek with one hand, whilst beginning to kiss her gently on the lips, before slowly moving lower towards her neck. Whilst this movement was happening, I began to guide her hands and arms away from her breasts, so that I could reach them with my mouth. I suckled on her nipples for a little while, slowly getting her more and more relaxed. As I was about to remove my mouth from her nipple, I carefully bit on it, causing Lucy to squeal in ecstasy.

Feeling like that was permission to continue, I began to keep kissing lower until I reached her thong, which I began to tease down using my hands, until finally her pussy was revealed to me. At the sight of her perfectly shaved pussy, my cock finally regained its life and become hard once more. Ignoring my urges for the moment, however I decided that it would only be fair for me to please her, after she had just taken my blowjob virginity in such a spectacular and unexpected fashion. I moved my hands to her lips, and began to slowly move them apart, so that I could see my target, and as her clit became visible, I began to lick around the lips, until she began to moan.

Her moaning only served to turn me on even more, and I enveloped her clit in my mouth, and licked it quickly. Her breathing increased rapidly from a steady moan to an excited pant, and I kept going. Eventually I decided to change things up a little, I moved my mouth a little lower, and began to probe the opening of her pussy with my tongue, and squeezed her clit gently between my thumb and index finger. Before long I felt her hand on the back of my head, trying to force me to push my tongue deeper and deeper into her pussy. I forced my way back however, and looked up at her. Her face was flushed and she looked like she was on the verge of an orgasm. However she looked down to meet my gaze and looked pleadingly at me to finish the job.

Not one to disappoint, I lowered my head again, and took her clit back into my mouth, again massaging and nibbling it. I then added to this by moving two of my fingers towards her pussy, and slowly began to push them in. She whimpered, as the two fingers entered her, and began to pant faster and faster. Taking this as a good sign I increased my efforts, and began to pump my fingers in and out faster and faster, until I felt her tense up. Quickly I moved from her clit and began to tongue her pussy again, and was greeted by a gush of liquid as she squirted all over my face. I licked around my mouth, to taste it, and found it to be particularly sweet.

Pleased with the result, I moved my head away again, and Lucy quickly collapsed into my now pussy juice sodden lap. She huddled close to my chest, and wrapped her arms around me, as she looked up into my face, and said with a smile, “That was the most amazing orgasm I have ever had, and who knew that I was a squirter!”

“I’m glad you enjoyed it, though there is still something that we need to rectify before too long”, I hinted, as we both basked in her amazing orgasm.

“You are right! Edward are you ready for the ride of a lifetime? I’m going to lose my virginity tonight and it is going to be awesome!”

“You aren’t the only one who will be losing their virginity tonight in that case then” I replied, as she looked at me in disbelief.

“Are you telling me you have never had sex before? From the way you delivered oral just then, I would have thought you were well practiced!”

“Nope, still a virgin, and all pendik escort bayan that I just did, I learned from videos, or just thought of doing on the spot” I responded.

“Well, then I think we need to rectify some things, and quickly.” Was her brief reply, before she had fully turned to face me, and began to lift herself to just above my rigid cock.

I was just about to question whether or not we should use a condom when she announced, “I’m currently on the pill, due to the fact that my mother has trust issues, and doesn’t think that I won’t just go and fuck a thousand people. Which in this case, she would be right. Though instead of a thousand people, there is only one special person.”

With that out of the way, she began to slowly lower herself down onto my cock. As the tip entered her tight pussy, she moaned in pleasure and pain. I met very little resistance until about 4 inches in when I felt her hymen. Worried about what to do I looked into her eyes for guidance. Instead however she began to slowly lift up again, and lower herself, repeating this a few times to get truly adjusted to the thick cock that was currently in her. Suddenly she gripped my shoulders, and lifted up again before pushing down hard onto my cock, and full engulfed it with a muffled scream of pain and pleasure as it tore through her hymen and deep into her pussy, where it just about touched the entrance to her womb.

There were tears in her eyes as we stayed still for a few moments as we got used to the feeling of me being inside of her. And as I wiped the tears away from her eyes, she kissed me. I eventually moved away from the gentle kiss, and looked at her for her thoughts. All that she did was nod, and began to move up and down again. Eventually we forgot about the pain that had occurred and we settled into a steady rhythm. As she rode me, her panting got faster and faster, and more and more breathless, until eventually she slammed down quivering on my cock as she orgasmed hard.

As her orgasm subsided we moved around slightly to get comfortable, until I felt like I had to ask, “Are you ok to go another so that I can finish up as well?”

“Hell yes”, her fierce reply came, “I want more!”

She quickly moved around and went onto all fours, pointing her pert arse up at me, inviting me in for more. Without hesitation I lowered my stiff rod so that it just about reached her entrance, and slowly pushed inside. She moaned quietly and seductively as I began to slide in and out of her still-tight pussy at a relaxed but steady rhythm. After a few minutes, I began to speed up, as I felt my loins stirring. Faster and faster I pumped until our flesh was slapping against each other sloppily from her juices and my precum combined.

“I’m cumming”, I warned her, as I felt myself go beyond the point of no return, and slammed as deep as I could into her pussy. Having rejuvenated from the blowjob I had received earlier, I pumped and pumped, jetting more and more of my cum deep within her, until I felt her pussy clenching in orgasm, slowly pushing me out.

As my cock slipped free, my cum began to run out of her drenched pussy, and down her leg. She quickly clamped her legs together to try and prevent any more from falling out, and reached for her thong, which she deftly pulled on tightly, giving herself a slight wedgie and holding the excessive amount of cum in her pussy. With that completed she turned around, and proceeded to give me a quick peck on the lips before hungrily moving down to my cock and began to lick and suck on it to clean it. Eventually however I had to stop her as my cock was very sensitive having just cum twice in a small space of time.

“So, how was your first time?” Lucy asked.

“About as awesome as I could have ever imagined it being! How about you? You looked like you enjoyed it, but what about the pain, was it bad?” I queried, feeling a little worried that I may have been too hard on her first time.

“It was incredible. First I squirted then you filled me with your cock, and now I’m filled with your cum!” She giggled as she realized what she had just said.

“So,” she asked “Where do we go from here?”

“Well, I guess we can class it as a one off thing, or we can class it as friends with benefits, or finally we could date, and continue it. I know which I would want, but which ever one you choose, I will be happy with.” I replied.

“Well, I like choice three, with the backup of choice two in case we are terrible at being romantic.” She smiled as she responded to my ultimatum.

Suddenly my brain flashed, and I grabbed a nearby wine bottle, which just happened to be White Zinfandel, which I had ordered about half an hour ago, and I popped the cork.

“Well, I think I would enjoy sharing this with you, however I feel that we have been gone a little too long, and my friend is almost certain to be curious. Unfortunately I can’t seem to keep anything from him, so this is likely to come out at some point or another. Sorry” I apologized as I realized what would likely happen.

“Maybe next time, we should invite him to join in? That could be fun!” She replied taking me by complete surprise as we began to get changed and walked towards the staircase back downstairs.

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