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Sexy Stripper Sister

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Brian’s eyes threatened to pop right out of his head. The gyrating hips and sensuous, barely covered breasts and artfully done hair and makeup made him gawk like a child in a candy store. He was young, had a toned body with a six pack, and in his blazer and tight white shirt, the ladies were noticing. How he loved Vegas!

He and his college friends were on a cross-country Spring Break road trip, and had to stop to see the sights. The sights, that is, that four horny young men were interested in seeing. Brian’s sister Tracy lived in Vegas, going to the University of Nevada to be a nurse. He hadn’t mentioned that to his friends because they all would have wanted to crash on her couch for free.

The music pounded, and the pulsing lights cast a kaleidoscope of colors over the dancing women. Brian readied some singles to put into the garter of a particularly sexy-looking one. She sauntered over, strutting her stuff, and he reached up to pay her for a dance. Their eyes met and she froze. It was Tracy!

Brian was left awkwardly holding three crumbled Washingtons halfway to his sister’s garter. She quickly knelt down on the stage, head close to his, and hissed “what are you doing here?!”

“What are you doing here!?” he repeated back to her.

“I work here! What did you think, nursing school is free?” her head shook with anger, beautiful beaded hair jingling and breasts dangerously close to bouncing free of their meager confines. The atmosphere of the room changed for him abruptly. The exotic allure and raunchy feel were suddenly turned into the most awkward situation he’d ever seen. His little sister was in a highly provocative outfit, right in front of him! And he was still sporting a boner!

The few moments she had been speaking to him were apparently too much for the audience, who started clamoring. There were men complaining that he was taking too long, and hadn’t paid for the action.

Tracy grimaced an apology to her brother, then put back on her professional smile and resumed her swaying dance to the cheering crowds. Brian was stupefied. As he watched, a man he didn’t know paid enough to take a leggy brunette back to a private room. He had never noticed how attractive Tracy was before, but in her tight clothes, with her fit body, she personified sex. Already, his friends were gawking, gaping at his little sister, and there wasn’t anything he could do about it! Well, almost nothing.

If she had to work, then reality kings porno he would give her an out. He dug deep into the stash he had been intending to use to get lucky, and found a double handful of small bills. He had to play by the rules of the club: you want attention, you pay. So he bought his sister’s time.

Dance after dance, he paid for her to stand by him, hoping to keep hands off of her. He knew that he couldn’t prevent that kind of thing on other nights, and he couldn’t leave without his friends wondering why, but he couldn’t just watch it happen either. At first, his plan seemed to be working, until it backfired big time.

The lights changed, and at a rehearsed cue, all of the women on stage took off their tops. Tracy now danced in mile-high heels and a G-string. Above her waist, she wore nothing but a smile. And she was right in front of him, Brian having just given her a large tip.

The music swelled in intensity, and Brian felt his pants doing the same. For all that it was wrong, she really was gorgeous. Tracy had never lacked for dates in high school, and she clearly knew what she was doing on stage. How long had she been doing this? Their parents would go ballistic! What would everyone at church back home think? Of course, he wasn’t exactly about to advertise to them that he went to strip clubs either.

Then the set ended, and the women, still topless, started pairing off with their biggest spenders for a private dance and show in the back rooms. Brian realized that he had been the biggest for her by far, and to the cheering of his friends, she took him flamboyantly by the hand, and led him through a tinted door to a small room with a comfortable looking padded chair.

As soon as the door was closed, he took off his blazer and threw it around her bare shoulders. “Its okay,” he said, “you’re safe now”.

“Safe?” She looked at him with irritation. “I chose to work here. The money is good and I can handle myself. I don’t need to be rescued.”

He stammered, unsure of what to say. “But you are my sister! I love you and I just want to help.”

Her gaze softened. “Thank you. You have always been a good brother, and I love you too, but I’m okay, really.” She took off his blazer and handed it back to him. He took it contritely, then realized it left her nearly naked again and blushed, averting his eyes.

She giggled. “You are such a square! You’ve never sexmex porno seen tits before? Don’t you have a girlfriend at college?”

He didn’t want to answer either of those questions right now, but found himself having a good laugh too. He shook his head in amusement at himself, then gave his sister a big hug. They had been close when younger, but he knew he had to trust her now.

He rubbed his hands up and down her back, like he always did. He didn’t even notice he had passed the familial touch spot on the upper back and had moved down to her sensitive lower back, and his fingers brushed the G-string lightly.

She started giggling again, and wiggled her bare tits against his tight chest teasingly. He laughed, putting his head down on her shoulder. Unconsciously, he started to gently kiss her shoulder and neck. She gasped, and stopped giggling. She pulled tighter to him, and felt his sharp, hard dick poking into her snatch. Her hands started moving over his powerful shoulders, down his muscled sides, the chiseled obliques. Her breath started to come shorter and quicker. The two siblings shared a look, and a silent message passed between them. They had always been good at non-verbal communication, growing up together.

She kissed him.

It was like a dam broke between them. Restraint was abandoned, and his hands were on her butt now, squeezing the tight, firm curves. She reached between the buttons of his shirt, and ripped them apart. Most of the buttons came undone, but two broke off. She was just glad he wasn’t wearing a tie.

She hungrily opened her mouth, and his tongue dove in. Both of them closed their eyes, and she expertly pushed him down onto the chair. She had done that move with clients before, but there were lines she wasn’t supposed to cross. Of course, she wasn’t about to tell her boss what was really going on in here.

Heels still on, she sat squarely on his groin bulge, and grinded herself against him. Always before, she had held back, lest she reach a point where she couldn’t hold back. This time, in this room, she didn’t care. She pushed her bare chest against his, and reveled in the man flesh.

He had never been so hard in his life. Was it possible to actually puncture his trousers and shotgun sperm at deadly speed? The G-string did little to blunt the sensation, and he could feel her pussy lips caressing his member.

Her voice husky, she said “You have a choice now. sindrive porno You keep these pants on, and this is a one-time thing. We keep this our little secret, and we go back to being brother and sister.” His blood flow to his brain was dangerously impaired, and rational thought was nearly impossible. “Or?” he asked.

“Or…” she said, straight into his ear. “You take them off and you are mine. You quit your little trip and spend spring break with me. I’ll tell my roommates you are my boyfriend. Then, I’ll tell them to get out. And you will be mine all week, and whenever you come visit, you will be my boyfriend.

It felt like a milestone in their relationship, when he unbuckled his belt, and pulled down his pants and boxers in a smooth motion, down to his ankles. She smiled a wicked, joyous, lecherous smile and with one of her long false nails pushed aside the paltry fabric covering her wet vagina.

He gasped as he slid into her warm, moist cavern. She gasped too. He was so big, he filled her up! The tight fit made it even hotter though, and he eagerly began pushing against her, in and out, in and out, seated atop his lap, facing him in the chair.

No man had ever felt like this in her! She knew that the walls were soundproof, so she didn’t hold back her exclamations. It felt so good, warm pulses of pleasure coursed up her body until she trembled with ecstasy.

He felt himself building to a climax, and slowed, unsure. She shook her head and bounced on him, thigh muscles flexing against his as she went up and down, over and over again in a rapid, desperate rhythm. “Don’t you dare stop now! I’m almost there! Do me bro! Cum in your sister’s wet pussy!”

He could never refuse her what she wanted. He geysered inside her as she convulsed in her own orgasmic release. After nearly a minute of bliss, she finally slumped forward exhausted, her naked chest against his face and purred contentedly. The incestuous liaison had spent them both.

His penis gradually went down from full attention, cum leaking onto his pants from his sister’s pussy. She rubbed her long nails in that spot in his neck she knew he liked, and he shivered a bit.

“Don’t think you are done mister. You will be staying at my place tonight.”

“The guys will probably want to come along for free rent for the night” he cautioned.

“Let them. They were pretty hot. I think I know how to make them forgive you for abandoning them too.” She said with a mischievous smile.

“Really? You’d do that? For all three of them?”

“The full Vegas treatment. But only you get the bed with me.” She kissed him again, leaving even more red lipstick smeared on his face. “There are advantages to screwing your sister.”.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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