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I sit here, in front of the computer, anxiously awaiting our next “meeting”.

He likes to control me. He likes to make me do things, things that I wouldn’t normally do with anyone. Well, that’s the game we play. He knows what I like. He knows that I like to be ordered around, humiliated, dominated. He knows how much I love to suck cock, have my ass fucked, and be used. He knows that I will do anything for him. I will fuck him, his friends, and even his dog.

I bought thong panties, which I hate, because he wanted me to. I purchased sex toys, something that I never thought I would do, because he wanted me to. I have been completely honest with him about how I feel. He knows that I have a similar relationship with someone else. Some days this bothers him, some days it doesn’t.

At night, I have dreams about being controlled. I fantasize about being spanked and taught a lesson. I have been bad. Lately, I have been masturbating a lot. I think about being forced to suck dick. Having my head shoved down in some guys lap, holding it down. Forcing me to suck him until he cums in my mouth. Or being forced to lick his ass, a truly humiliating experience.

I imagine I am sitting on the floor, underneath his desk, sucking his hard cock. I have been bad, so I may not touch my pussy. If I do, I will be spanked.

I reach between my legs, hoping to rub my clit just a little, to relieve the mounting tension. He doesn’t see me, so I become a little braver. I pick up the pace, çekmeköy escort hoping to hide my impending orgasm from him, but he notices that my sucking becomes more intense. He notices what I’m doing and he pulls my head away from him by my hair. He forces me onto my hands and knees. I start to cry, because I know what is coming. He orders me to stop crying, if I don’t it will be much worse. He spanks me hard, ten times for my disobedience. My pussy is getting so wet, I want him to touch me. Sensing this, he says that if I am good, he may let me cum, but not until later. He kneels down in front of my face and pulls my head down onto his lap again, making me take his hard cock so deep into my throat. I keep sucking his cock until he shoots his cum deep into my mouth, making me swallow every last drop.

Then he tells me to stay put and he gets up. He blindfolds me, I am in complete darkness. I hear him leave the room. This confuses me, but I continue to stay on my hands and knees. All of a sudden, I feel someone licking my pussy. I am in complete ecstasy. I can’t believe that he is doing this for me. I keep saying “Thank you Master” and “This feels so good Master”. Then, I feel a hard cock pressing against my ass. Obviously, he can’t be licking my pussy and fucking my ass at the same time. I don’t ask any questions, I just let things happen. It feels so good. I have never done this before. Then I feel fingers inside my pussy. Someone has their hands on my breasts. I am cevizli escort overcome with sensations. Then a hard cock is shoved in my mouth. I am being used in the most humiliating manner. He has found a few friends to help him take advantage of me. This is fine, we talked about this. I just didn’t expect it. I am loving it. Then I feel someone swat my ass a few times. I can tell that the cock that is in my mouth is ready to cum, so I quicken my pace, waiting for his delicious cum, craving it…soon he explodes in my mouth. I swallow every last drop of his cum. I know that it is my master’s cock that was in my mouth. I have his taste memorized. I can feel my orgasm mounting, which he obviously can sense because he orders everyone out of the room. Even they obey him.

I am shaking with desire. He pulls off my blindfold and helps me stand up. He ties my hands behind my back. This makes my tits stick out farther. He pinches them hard, much harder than usual. It hurts and I cry out. He tells me what a good little slut I’ve been. He reaches between my legs and rubs my pussy, feeling how wet I am. He places his fingers on my lips, and tells me to lick them. Obediently I lick my cum off his fingers. He puts the blindfold back on me, removes my hands from their binds and lays me down on the floor. I hear him leave again and I can’t help but wonder what will happen next.

I feel someone touching my breasts, then taking them in their mouth, making my nipples hard. Then erenköy escort I feel a hand touching my wet pussy. I am ready to cum. I can feel my orgasm growing. Suddenly the touching stops. I am getting frustrated. I am ready right now, I want it right now. Then, I feel my legs being pulled apart and I feel someone licking my pussy. I begin to moan with desire. Whoever is doing this to me knows exactly what they are doing. Then I hear him saying something, I know it isn’t him licking my pussy…then who is it? I don’t care, I just don’t want them to stop. I begin to moan louder, feeling my orgasm build until I let go and cum all over this person’s face. Then I feel someone, a woman, lower herself onto my face. I start licking and sucking on her pussy, wanting to taste her hot cum. Soon, I have her moaning and riding my face while someone is fucking my pussy. I’ve never experienced this kind of treatment before. It is so exciting, he starts to cum inside of my pussy, as she cums on my tongue. I lap up all of her juices. She bends down, so we are in a 69 and begins to suck his cum out of my pussy, I have my tongue inside her hot cunt while my fingers are working on her ass. Soon, we are both cumming again. Then he orders everyone out again.

He removes my blindfold and sits me up. He asks me how I feel. I tell he that I feel fantastic. He says “Good, because that’s all you are going to get for quite some time.”

“Yes Master,” I reply.

“That’s my good little whore.” I start to ask who was doing those things to me, but he puts his fingers to my lips and tells me not to ask questions. He goes to the corner and grabs the videotape from the recorder. I can only hope that someday I will find out who it was that was giving me such pleasure.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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