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Sex with In-Laws Ch. 02

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The next morning Ran, Lyah and I sat around the dining table having breakfast, wearing just our under-garments. I was taken aback by what Lyah was telling me.

“Simply put, Lyah, you are asking me to seduce your eldest daughter, my sister-in-law and my wife’s older sister Mastura.” I iterated what she had said, glancing at my father-in-law Ran as confirmation.

“Yes Jimmy. This house is a blessing, here, away from the scrutiny of family and friends back on the other side of the border.” She said.

I paused, thinking.

“You know Jimmy, despite what you may think, not all of us in my culture are conservative or fanatical about our religion. Many of the repressive practices that are attributed to our culture or religion were the inventions of insecure and tyrannical leaders or religious teachers. Yes, to be among the entire community we have to go with the flow, act conservative, wear my head scarf, etc. But my true feelings changed a long time ago, when with your sister-in-law Mas, we met this expatriate couple.” Lyah explained.

I was transfixed on the revelations. She continued.

“But we have since started to believe in the concept of ‘keeping it in the family'”, she smiled. “We may all look alike outside, but we’re different inside; that goes for any culture. Look at the Chinese, they dominate and monopolize societies where they hold a vast majority in, discriminating against minorities. Foreign companies in South East Asia who leave the management of those companies in the hands of the local Chinese have no idea how they’re being manipulated, and some companies are run to the ground in time. While the Chinese majority practise discrimination, the other half of their population are asking for equal rights in England and America, fighting against discrimination themselves, like us here. Isn’t it a contradiction?”

“Yes, it is, you’re right. But what about the expatriate couple you and Mas met?” I asked impatiently. “Well, we were conservative too, once upon a time. Do you recall when you first came to the family that Mas and me used to work as maids for a few hours each weekend for a French pilot?”

“Yes, I do.”

“We were introduced to group sex by him and his wife. John and Janet also told us that incest was alright, that we were all consensual adults. So we began having sex with him and Janet. It was exhilarating!”

“You and Mas too?”

“Yes. Ran did not know it initially, but later we told him. We’d remain behind a few hours after finishing our chores, and we’d all go to his room and fuck. Even if Janet wasn’t around, she wanted us to take care of John. And we learned a lot. Westerners are not as judgemental as our community can be, and they don not gossip like we do. Our people are backward in many respects, which explains their inquisitive attitude. But as I said, many of us are different too.”

“I agree. But with regards to Mas, how do I know she’ll concede to my advancements? I could get into hot soup with this.” I told Lyah.

“I know my daughter Jimmy. She may obkect and oppose what you’re doing, but she’ll relent. That woman loves sex. Remember, I have seen her with John, Janet, and of course me.”

I looked at Ran and asked. “You fuck her before too?”

“No, cause when we wanted to lure her into bed with us for a threesome, her husband had been released from prison and she was going through a lot. I do not want to capitalize on anything when she’s vulnerable.” Ran said.

“So Jimmy, will you do it? Now that she’s going through a bad time with her husband, I don’t want her jumping from the frying pan into the fire by dating someone new who could be worse than her current husband. You’re our first and only son-in-law we have been this close with, and we like you. I don’t even mind if Mas falls in love with you.” Lyah persisted.

“What about my wife Jasmin?” I asked.

“She’s my daughter too. I’ll explain it to her if she finds out. I want her to know our plans for this family.”

“Alright, czech taxi porno tell me what am I supposed to do.” I relented. Happily.

Mas arrived at the house in the afternoon around 5pm. She was exhausted and wanted to take a nap. I did my best to be warm with her by making a cup of tea for her, which I knew surprised her. I usually kept aloof when there was no particular reason to communicate. So as not to arouse suspicion, we were fully clothed even though we wanted to be half-naked as we were before my sister-in-law arrived. Mas wore a skirt with a slit that run up the front, and a cap-sleeved tee-shirt that hugged her size 38 tits tightly. Her hair was bunned and pinned at the back to expose her nape. She told her parents to wake her up in time for dinner, and retired upstairs to the master-bedroom. What she did not know was that I had put 4 capsules of ‘Anarex’ – a muscle relaxant containing a painkiller and Orphenidrine Citrate.

For those of you who had taken this medication, you will know that it’s prescribed for severe muscle pains and spasms, and you will also know that it works better than your usual sleeping pill. You go into deep sleep with your muscles at a relaxed state, and even when waking up, it takes a few hours for your muscles to function fully.

Downstairs, the three of us were excited about the prospects of the day. Of course, why the need to drug Mas when Lyah had said she would eventually relent? Well, we wanted to have some fun, have our way with her before I took her again in her natural conscious state. Using her in a drugged-state was just dessert.

Lyah was in the kitchen preparing her own mug of tea. She summoned me in the kitchen and said she wanted some condensed milk. So I looked in the fridge for the milk, but she stopped me.

“I was referring to your cum.”

“In your tea?” I asked, surprised.

“Why not? We all have our quirks and fetishes, don’t we?”

I called Ran, and he joined me in the kitchen. We both pushed our Bermudas down to our knees and retrieved our dicks, standing opposite one another as if in a western gun-duel.

“Come on Lyah”, I said, “you know I get my best hard on when I can see your bush. So let’s have it love.”

She let her sarong fall to her ankles, revealing her translucent white panties and the dark patch beneath it. Wild strands of pubic hair were peeping out through the sides. I slipped my hand down between her thighs so that I could move my middle finger into the crutch of her undies, trying to feel the weather there. She was wet. Anyway, she observed me and Ran as we both began stroking our dicks with vigour. She held her mug of tea in between us when we were about to come, and we had to uncomfortably aim our urethras towards the mug to give Lyah a full complete load. Unfortunately, it wasn’t that simple. Stray jets of cum landed on Ran’s crotch and his on mine. Lyah laughed at this, and she loved it. But we managed to get most of what we dispensed into her mug. She stirred her mug happily and went on to the living room to enjoy her ‘milk-tea’. We pulled up our Bermudas and joined her in the living room.

It was about 7pm when I made my way up to Mas’ room. It had been almost two hours since she slept, and we knew by now that she would be in deep sleep. I opened the door, without any necessity of being especially silent since she was knocked out. I entered the room. Her body was positioned in the middle of the king-sized bed, and her skirt had creased up her milky fair thighs. God, they were lovely, I told myself. Nothing like the seasoned thighs of a married woman, sufficiently fleshy and inviting. The popular belief that a model’s skinny torso is the desired body-type for most men is bunkum. You don’t want to ram down on a pile of bones, it hurts your pelvis; there are hardly any tits to hold on to, and if you sodomize a model you might as well screw a large keyhole.

Her pink lips were slightly parted, and she was breathing heavily, the sign of deep defloration porno sleep. I mounted the bed, moving in beside her. She did not even stir. I looked at her shapely breasts, and kissed their peaks. I placed a hand on her warm thighs, slightly damp due to perspiration. I lowered my face to the crook of her neck, to take in her smell, and found it nice. I had always felt that you could tell by a woman’s smell if she was compatible with you or not. All those women I never cared about or found I did not want to see them again after an initial meeting had lousy body odour. Not that they smelled bad, but you just know their smell does not sit right with you. God is a genius I say. Indeed we men are proudly dogs and we can sniff the lousy women a mile away.

I moved my hand up her thighs to her crotch. It felt hard. Not the usual cushy texture you get from caressing a woman’s mound. I pulled her skirt up. I looked at the panties she was wearing, a black-laced pair that allowed her cunt to breathe. But her pussy was not breathing then cause she was having her period and was using a sanitary pad. Some men might at this point think that I was disappointed. Some men would retreat. Not me. If it comes to a woman I am attracted to, period or no period, I will make love to her. A woman once told me that when a man did it to her during her period, she felt touched, cause he was willing to soil himself unselfishly. And it’s true, even husbands avoid making love to their wives during their period. It’s one of the most personal things you can ever do with a woman, and you will share a connection with her that even her husband lacks if she is married.

I kneeled between her legs and dug my fingers into her waistband, and pulled her panties down. Her limbs were lifeless, so it was easy. I looked at her honey-pot. It gave me a hard on instantly. It’s amazing how every woman has the same thing with limited room for creative design, yet one pussy will appeal to you in a different way from another. I have always applied myself along the lines of two wisdom-quotes: The first, ‘Women, like wine, taste better with age.’ The second, ‘Women, the ultimate evidence that God exists.’ So before me, between the forbidden thighs of my dear sister-in-law, I saw a masterpiece. Without wasting another minute, I denuded myself, mounted her, and rammed my long hard prick into her. Well, that wasn’t enough, so I withdrew myself, noticing that my cock had crimson stains on it; then I elevated her hips on two pillows, and this time I rammed into her so hard, the impact made her tits quiver and she stirred. I bent her legs back so that her calves rested on my shoulders and continued pounding into her. She felt so hot inside, and I felt her blood soaking my rod. She stirred again. A soft whimper emitted from her lips. Her eyes remained shut. She was too weak to move. I gave it to her so hard my pelvis ached. My balls smacked into her buns with each thrust. I could feel her cervix meeting my glans when I was at maximum depth within her.

The door opened and Lyah and Ran walked in. They were smiling away and Lyah mounted the bed, where she reached down to pull Mas’ tee-shirt up above her bra-concealed tits. Then she and her husband denuded themselves. Again, the sight of my mother-in-law’s gorgeous cunt aroused me even more. She straddled her daughter’s breasts facing me so that I had direct sight of her bush. I ceased my thrusting and lowered my face to taste her.

“She’s got her period?” Lyah asked, noticing the stained sanitary-pad and Mas’ panties on the floor beside the bed.

“Yes.” I said.

She seemed proud and impressed that I had taken her daughter in that condition anyway. She looked at Ran and smiled.

Ran”, I called to him, “take over please, I want your wife.”

So we switched. Lyah quickly obliged me and lied back on the bed beside Mas, her legs apart and ready for my continuing onslaught. Ran took my place between his daughter’s legs and entered her. The bed was shaking fake agents porno by now, two men pounding away at two women mercilessly on it. Lyah’s hands played with my nipples, pinching them encouragingly. With her experience, Lyah was not one to moan much; she just encouraged you and spoke dirty.

“Take me son-in-law! Fuck me…that’s it…yesss…right there…harder!” She would say.

I lowered my face down to hers to kiss her, sticking my tongue out like a mini-cock that invited her to suck on.

“Do you feel my cervix?” she asked.

“Yeah…I do love!” I responded.

“You like putting my daughter’s blood in me?”

“I like putting any woman’s blood in you!” I replied breathless.

“That’s it…maintain that angle…you are hitting it right…yeah…I can feel it in my stomach…don’t stop!”

I lifted her body and flung her on top of Mas so that their torsos formed a cross with Lyah’s back resting on Mas’ tits. Ran met her presence with a deep kiss, welcoming her on their daughter’s helpless body . He now worked on his wife’s tits as I continued assaulting the older woman’s twat. She told her husband to come inside Mas, and after several more thrusts, his body quivered as he filled his daughter’s cunt with load after load of hot spunk. Then he quickly got off her and said it was my turn, so I withdrew from my mother-in-law to re-take her daughter. Her cunt was a sloppy mess by now, with blood and cum mixed, and I rammed into her again. Ram and Lyah stood on each side of Mas, who was gaining consciousness now, and each held on to her leg, stretching her to the maximum for me.

And I was there. I felt the usual ache in my balls whenever I hit an ultimate high in sexual ecstasy, the pressure in my testes forcing all my semen to erupt into her. Mas’ eyes were opened, and she glared at me, as if trying to ask me what I was doing and why. But it was pointless. With the painkiller, you could be awake, but you’d be helpless. I knew with the pounding she received, we might have bruised or even tore her vulva a little. And I knew she would be feeling discomfort without the ability to complain. But that’s what sex is all about, giving, receiving, unselfishly; sacrificing oneself to allow another to experience a transcendent state of consciousness. And in that giving, we give to ourselves too. By giving we receive, by taking we give too. My entire experience with my auntie, now my in-laws too, gave me an unprecedented spiritual insight into my soul.

I collapsed onto Mas’ and stuffed my tongue into her mouth to taste her. Lyah was on her knees, her head bobbing up and down her husband’s dick as she cleaned him with her mouth while he stood, hands on his hips, at the side of the bed. So far this weekend was superb. More was yet to come.

A look of despair came across Mas’ face. In just one evening she had been sexually violated by both her father and brother-in-law, and to some extent by her mommy dearest whom she had always been very close to. She was aware of her sexuality, and she had gone beyond boundaries that others feared to tread into. The seed of two men were simultaneously inside her. Sex had always made her feel nourished. But this was not what she expected, and she was confused. What had just taken place, in the presence of and obviously condoned by her parents, was something beyond her wildest fantasies. She hurt a lot, she felt the wound smarting. But sexual pain somehow transformed into a unique feeling of pleasure. She had fantasized of being taken against her will lots of times, and had even told her mother during their bisexual experiences. And her mother must have told jimmy, her brother-in-law.

The thought of her sister Jasmin, Jimmy’s wife, came to her mind. She had taken possession of jimmy without her consent, so what should she do now? His seed was planted in her; he had fucked her in her blood, which Ishmael, her husband, never did, ever. To her husband that was taboo. Now she and Jimmy had an inevitable bond that was permanent.

End of Part 2 – Mas has since reconciled with her husband. However, we both discreetly connect when meeting swingers – couples or single women only – from all over when they visit out city. We welcome enquiries from any couple or single women who want to connect while on vacation here.

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