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Serendipity Ch. 06

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AUTHOR’S NOTE: Serendipity – The girls enjoy a loop hole in Mickey’s rules

Many thanks go to RF-Fast for his editing and suggestions that enhanced the story. Any bad grammar left is wholly on me and my artistic style.

LEGALESE: Don’t read this if you are underage, if it is illegal in your area, if it is offensive to you, or if you cannot distinguish fiction from reality. This is a work of fiction. All characters active are 18 years of age or older.

Copyright (c) 2014 by Acup


06 – The girls enjoy the loop hole in Mickey’s rules

I remember Mickey rolling out and getting ready for work and saying something about tonight, but I went back to sleep knowing all I had today was an afternoon appointment at The Boutique. I heard Nicole up and about so I got up and hopped into the shower. After getting relatively clean I grabbed some shorts and headed to rummage in the cabinets for breakfast. There was Nicole again this morning. The only thing on her was the towel on her head, a guy could get used to this!

“My little chocolate pixie looks absolutely delicious this morning!” as I slid and arm around and cupped a tit while rolling a nipple between my fingers and resting my barely covered cock in the crack of her ass.

“I am not your…that’s not fair Danny!”

“You’re the one running around in just a towel… on her head I might add. Not that I’m complaining” as I leaned around to kiss the edge of her jaw.

“I don’t have time for this.”, as she half-heartedly pulled my hand from her tit. “I thought you would have been worn out after last night.” as my now removed hand made its way toward that chocolate pussy.

“Oh you mean miss wham bam thank you SIR!”

“Oh poor baby, good thing I got you to make a deposit before we came in!” she said licking her lips as I slid a finger between hers hunting for her clit, her pussy wet enough to prevent any resistance to my enjoying her treasures. She pulled away from me and scooted toward her bedroom,

“If I hadn’t I might have come in to make one anyway!” I yelled as she disappeared into her room.

“I would have liked that.” She called out just before she closed the door.

I grinned as I lick the little bit of her juices I had gathered on my finger tips. I went back to the bedroom and caught sight of one of Mickey’s heavy padded bras on the floor from yesterday. I thought back to our US conversation with the taste of Nichols pussy still on my lips, and decided today was a good day to start. I went over to her bra drawer and started piling all of them up on the bed. For a woman that had to hide her tits, she certainly had a lot of bras.

I put all the plain padded bras in a trash bag and put them in the back corner of the closet and wrote ‘winter clothes’ on the outside. That left just the ‘lace’ padded bras. I didn’t find ANYTHING that wasn’t made to hide nipples. At least these would help, but as soon as I had a little money we were going bra and underwear shopping I thought as I piled them back in the drawer. I wonder if I could borrow a few of Tiffany’s, they were almost the same size. Might have to ask later thinking about Tiffany in her sheer bra and thong the other morning!

OK ladies, I now know about the NOT sharing things, but at the time it sounded good.

I putzed around the apartment, killing time for a few hours before heading in to The Boutique to meet with Shelly. I still had another hour or so to kill so I decided to wander around the mall for a while. Down near the far end of the new mall I came cross a shop I hadn’t noticed before. It had some nice things in the window, and even a few towards the back that might seem a little more risky than I would have expected for a mall shop. I stepped in and took a look around at all the lovely things on display, imagining what they would look like on Mickey.

“Is there something I can help you with sir?”

I turned to find a redhead version of Mickey, just not quite as ‘plump’. Very low neckline with a bit of lace bra and a bit of hard nipple popping out between a massive valley of cleavage!

“I’m looking for something for a new lady friend. I’m doing my best to bring her out of her shell.”

“We might be able to help. If you don’t mind some personal questions and answers, I can help even more.”

“I think I would enjoy a woman’s perspective, ask away!”

“OK, well the basics. Is she shy about her body and is she sexually experienced?”

“Body is 50 – 50, experience is medium.”

“So why are you trying to ‘bring her out of her shell’ as you said?” she crossed her arms UNDER her tits, making them look like she was wanting them to spill out of her top.

“She wants a relationship, and one of the stipulations on my end is she quit hiding her figure.”

She smiled at that, “Let me think about what we could do.” She began playing with her choker with one hand, leaving the other still under her nice tits… But it wasn’t a choker… it was a collar! “You said 50-50 about her body, what did you mean?”

Let’s see if I’m right about this girl. “Well she has no problem showing the outline of her pussy and ass in kartal escort her stretch jeans. She pulls them up tight in the crack of her ass and does her pussy up in a real nice camel toe.” I was right, her nipples are doing their best to break free. “But she doesn’t own a bra that isn’t padded.”

“I think I may be able to help. We have many nice lace bras,” as she waved to several of the displays with the hand that was under her tits, letting them drop a bit and jiggle as she waived to various displays. I could almost reach over and peel that top down to nibble on them… “But we also have some things for the more daring shopper.” She led me around the end of a display that separated the back quarter of the shop, her ass swaying nicely in her short skirt. It wasn’t blocked off per se, but it was made to look like it to keep the wandering shopper out. “Something like these might also be of interest.”

I felt like I had just walked into the back pages of an old Fredericks of Hollywood catalog. Everything was made to show off instead of hide, nothing covered pussy or nipples. Every top was either open nipple, half cup, or cupless. All the panties were sheer or crotchless

“Feel free to browse and ask if you have any questions.”

“Actually I have to head off to a meeting. I could come back after a while.”

“I tell you what. What’s her size and I’ll pull some possibilities.”


“Oh, same as me! That makes it easy. I’ll see you later, OK?” she put her hands on her hips, threw her shoulders back making her tits and nipples even more prominent, and twisted back and forth setting up a nice swing / jiggle in those luscious tits.

“OK, I’ll see you in a bit.” Glancing down at them as if hypnotized, that made her grin for some reason.

I headed down to The Boutique to meet with Shelly, a smile on my face and a spring in my step thinking about the flirty sales girl. There was a new girl at the counter.

“I’m looking for Nicole or Shelly, they around?”

“They’re in the break room, it’s right around…”

“I know where it is, thanks.”

I headed back to the break room and found Nicole sitting there staring at that black credit card.

“Hey Nicole!”

“Hey Danny, what you doing here?”

“I stopped by to talk with Shelly, she had a question on some computer work.”

“Oh yeah, she mentioned the work, but didn’t say who she was talking to. Hope it works out.” She was talking almost on auto pilot staring at that card.

“What’s with the card Nicole?”

“Huh, Oh I just found out, they don’t give these to store managers, they give them to corporate executives.” She said completely deadpan still staring at the card.

Just as I was about to say something Shelly popped in.

“Hey Danny, good timing. Let’s go down to the food court, we can eat and talk.” She grabbed my arm and led me out before I could get a word in. Chattering a mile a minute about what a good job Nicole had done. How she had saved the company thousands of dollars and what an asset she was going to be. All the while plastering her tit to my arm and giving me a decent look down her top. Nice sheer lace covered pair from what I could see, more accenting to look at than covering. A lot sexier from the sweat top she was wearing the other day.

When we sat down she abruptly changed gears. “So Danny, I got the impression the other day you know a little about computers, but you’re working maintenance down at the burger house. Tell me why?” all business, no flirting or cleavage shots.

“Well I started playing with electronics and computers in my early teens. Even took some classes at different points. I’ve done some computer work off and on, but between the headaches from the green monitors and my need to get out and work with my hands it just wasn’t a good fit. I can only work in a cubicle for so long without going nuts.”

‘So you don’t mind working inside for a while, just not being tied to a desk?”

“That’s a fair analysis.”

“OK, so how are you with audio, video, and camera systems?”

“Not bad, but I prefer video to RF modulated systems, they have less problems.”

“Sounds about right, but I have one more question.”


“I got a copy of your resume and the dates are all screwed up.”

I just smiled, this was nothing new to me. “No there’s nothing wrong with the dates, they are correct.”

“You’re going to have to do better than that. The dates overlap, and you’ve got collage without graduating high school.”

“Actually it’s a pretty easy explanation. I took collage computer science classes at night during junior high and high school.”

“But you never graduated, how did you even get into the classes that early?”

“I just tested out to get into the night classes, and I finished the end of my junior year ½ phys ed credit short of graduation. The Big Electronics School kept trying to get me to go there after my mom gave them my ACT scores, so I went down and took the GED tests one evening so I could get out of town and go to school.”

“OK that kind of explains… wait a minute. You said you took the GED in ONE maltepe escort bayan evening.”


“But the GED is usually a four night test procedure.”


“But you only carried a B average in school?”


“So how did you pull the GED off?”

“I never took any homework home in high school. As long as the class was interesting I did OK. As long as my grades were OK mom didn’t say anything.”

“So you just went down and took the test just like that?” with a raised eyebrow.


“So what was you ACT score?”

“Depends on who you ask. They say 99, I say 100 if they corrected their wording.”

She hesitated at that answer for a few seconds before continuing, “OK, let’s shift gears a bit here. Assuming everything you said checks out, we’re looking at doing some upgrades at The Boutique stores all over the city. Some remodeling and security upgrades, and our software company has agreed to let us be a beta tester if we can get an in house guy. They don’t want to have to baby sit us on internal issues.”

“Retail units or custom built?”

“We were thinking retail, but they want to go custom built.”

“With beta you always want to go custom.”

“Is that something you can handle? We’ll need about a dozen or so.” She asked like she wasn’t sure about custom units.

“Not a problem as long as they don’t get exotic on their requirements. But since they were going to give you the option to go with retail boxes it should be OK.”

She looked a bit relieved. “Well assuming this all checks out, we’d be looking for someone to either do or supervise the upgrades and installations. You’d have a company van and expense account. It would be a salary position for around $33,500. NO OVERTIME. Would that sound acceptable?”

Man would that ever!! Calm down, calm down… “Barring any gotcha’s I think that would be acceptable.”

“There is one other thing, and I hope this won’t be a deal breaker. You’d be working closely with Nicole.” She said with a grin.

I just smiled back, “Oh I don’t know. You mean I’d have to work with that ornery little wench as well as live in the same house with her?”

“Yeah, I figured that would be a real hardship on you…”grinning now “We have to give them a decision on the Beta test by the first part of next week. How much notice do you need to give?” she relaxed a bit, leaning forward for a bit of a cleavage view, the serious stuff was over it seemed.

“I’ll give them two weeks but they will probably let me go once my current projects are completed. Say a week plus or minus. And even then I’m part time so I would be available to get things rolling.”

“That works. You really do think outside the box! Well I’ve got to run and meet Sam. I’ll let you know one way or the other. Catch ya later.” And she was off like another whirl wind, chest bouncing a bit as she turned, and that ass swinging like it was going to break some windows if she even got close…

I grabbed a Pepsi from one of the dispensers and headed back to the store. If this worked out I could park my van for a bit and tinker with it instead of having to patch it together while still having to drive it back and forth to work every day. And it would be nice to make some decent money for a change.

I got back to the store to check on Nicole and found her deep in conversation with the forensic accountant. He disappeared back into the office and she sat down to look at the card again.

“OK Nicole, fess up. What’s so special about that card?”

“Oh hey Danny, How’d it go with Shelly?”

“Just fine and quit changing the subject.”

She just grinned and held the card up. “Like I said, they don’t give these to store managers, they give them to corporate executives. I’m not the store manager any more, never was for that matter.”

I must have had a confused look on my face.

“Yea, that’s kind of the way I felt at first. I mis-understood when Sam had me meet her here. She said she was bringing me on as MANAGEMENT not as a manager. They were going to promote me a few months ago until the heifer turned in a bad report on me and they put it on hold. Once Sam talked with my old boss and Shelly came down to see things for herself, everything is back in the works. They want me to be the new software and inventory control officer.”


“And that’s a big jump!”


“Danny I’ve never done anything like this before! They want me to be CIO!”

“Sure you have, you just never realized it. How many years did you work inventory and receiving? All of that was working with the software as they made improvements. You can’t tell me they never did any software upgrades while you were there?”

“Well yeah we went through a few.”

“And of course all of them went soooo smoothly right?”

“Yea right! Sometimes I wanted to take their ‘upgrades’ and shove them where the sun didn’t shine.”

“So now you can do that if you want. You get to make sure everything operates properly before being implemented.”

“You know, you’re right!” grinning up and me and sitting back escort pendik to thrust her nipples out a bit.

“Of course I am, I’m a guy!” Nicole stuck her tongue out at me. “I may make you keep that promise! I gotta go pick something up around the corner.”

“Oh, that reminds me. What do you think of these?” as she stood up and pulled her top out to show me her nipples… with a nice gold band on each one.

“Man they look even better than I thought they would. How do they feel?” starting to reach for them without even thinking about it…

“They feel wonderful,” she said with a big grin before letting her top go to cover them back up before I could actually touch them. “But there is one problem though. They tug a little with every step like I have someone playing with them and I’m constantly horny. My pussy is so wet I have to keep wiping or I’m going to leave a wet spot. Shelly really liked the idea though.”

“Mmmmm that’s music to my ears and perfume to my nose.” As my hand detoured from those now covered nipples and reached under her skirt and ran a finger through her pussy. Man she wasn’t kidding when she said she was soaking wet. I pulled it out, brought it to my nose, and then licked it clean before turning to go.

“DANNY THAT’S NOT NICE!” I heard as I went out the front of the store. Now I know where the ‘thinking outside the box’ comment came from. She had one of the SWEETEST pussies I have ever tasted…

I made my way back down to the lingerie shop, but found a little blond behind the counter also wearing a ‘collar’. “Hi, I was talking to another young lady this morning. A little redhead?”

“Oh yes, Grace said you would be stopping back. If you want to step into the back area I’ll let her know you are here.” she said with a sly grin.

I walked back in the rear section, taking my time to enjoy some of the more unusual selections. As I went back in further I noticed a cabinet with some things I’d expect to find in one of the sex shops. Some nice panties with vibrating eggs, even a pair of rubber undies with a built in dildo!

“Those are one of my favorites.” I heard from behind me. I turned to find my little redhead, not so much cleavage showing this time but something was holding her up and out PROUD. “I’m glad you stopped back.”

“Me too, did you get a chance to pick out a few items?” as I glanced down at her chest, no nipples popping out this time either…hmmmmmm.

“I picked out a few basics I had back when I started my training.” She hesitated when she realized what she said, but then continued on as if nothing had happened. “We have a few choices here, would you like me to show you the items or would it be better if I modeled them?”

“I always prefer to see lingerie with something in them… or coming out of them.”

She broke into a face splitting grin, “I knew I was going to like you! Well the first one is kind of restrictive,” as she pulled her mini dress over her head, “it’s a half cup corset designed to lift and present.” She was standing there in a wet g-string and the half cup corset. Nice PIERCED nipples standing out for attention, the heavy top of her outfit explaining why I didn’t see her nipples standing out when I first saw her. “This is probably not something for right now, but I wanted to give you an idea of the possibilities.” As she turned sideways and cupped her tits, tugged on the nipple rings, and then turned to bring them to within inches of my face.

“I can see the possibilities!” as I did my best to not reach out and grab them, trying to concentrate on making my rising cock not to obvious.

“The next option,” as she stripped off the corset still standing close and giving me several nice views of her pierced nipples. It had a zipper hidden in there somewhere, but for some reason I wasn’t looking at her fingers… “Is a long line bra, again a half cup.” She slipped it on, did the front hooks and then made a bit of a production of getting her tits up and out just right, giving me a quick chance to adjust my now rock hard cock in my pants. “The front hook is convenient, but if my arms are behind me it makes it nearly impossible to remove.” As she put her arms behind her and thrust her tits up in my face again with a dreamy look in her eyes. She gasped a bit when I exhaled on her nipples standing up just inches from my lips.

I think this one really likes getting put under control. “I could see where that would cause some unique problems.” Making sure to breath on them with every possible syllable.

“The next option would be for a simple but sheer bra…”as she backed up a bit shaky and started to slip one on.

“Don’t even bother, she has to let them out where they can be appreciated.” That made her grin and bite her lip, letting the sheer bra slip to her elbows, framing those luscious handfuls between the bra fabric and her arms.

“OK, well the last option and one for almost every day is a simple half cup bra. This one has nice firm lower cups with about an inch of lace that stops well below the nipple and would hold her up and out about as much as the corset did.” She bent over to retrieve it, flashing her ass with a string up between her cheeks before turning back to me, she was having trouble with the hooks and turned her back to me. “Could you get these for me? Some new ones are a little bit hard to hook the first few times.” She said ever her shoulder.

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