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Senior Trip Ch. 02

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As morning dawned, the open curtains allowed the sun to shine in without disruption. It took me several moments to gather my thoughts and the soft warm, young woman in my arms. I was laying in bed with one of my daughter’s best friends, naked in my arms, one of her soft round breasts cupped in my hand, and my dick, with its normal morning hard-on pressed between her thighs. My first thought was of course “what the hell have I done?” Only after the first initial panic faded away did I start to remember exactly what was going on. Yes, my wife knew I was sleeping with four eighteen year old girls, and yes, two of them were my daughter and stepdaughter. As I lay there, allowing my mind to come to grips with the view on the other bed, all three girls, completely naked, laying on top of the sheets. I felt my cock twitch as I looked at the closest girl, my own daughter, her completely shaved pussy looking so tempting. My mind didn’t have any trouble remembering her request that I take her from behind against the window, pumping into her until we both came, my cum filling her pussy to overflowing.

I felt a little guilty about the whole thing as I lay there thinking about it. But it was her request and with her stepmother not only blessing, but assistance. I was pretty sure she was going to want more sex today, and I was pretty sure she wasn’t going to take no for an answer. But then neither was my stepdaughter, Jenny. Between the two I was pretty sure they could keep me busy, but it wasn’t just those two. It was also Mandy and Donna. With four young women, I wasn’t sure just how I was going to keep up. I have pretty good stamina for my age, and the eroticism of the situation was clearly going to keep my interest. I just wondered if my body could sustain as many times as I suspected was going to be demanded.

I felt a set of soft delicate fingers find the head of my cock between the thighs in front of me, gently stroking around my mushroom head where it stuck out in front of her thighs a slight amount.

“You going to put this in me?” Mandy asked softly, apparently trying not to wake her friends.

“That where you want it?”

“Uh huh,” she whispered, pulling the underside of my head to pull me towards her pussy lips.

“Here. Let’s move a little,” I whispered, pulling back from her and my dick from between her lips. I rolled her onto her face and started to climb on top of her, looking down at her. She placed a hand on my chest to stop me and then rolled over under me until she was laying on her stomach. She spread her legs and waited. Her pussy was completely exposed as I crawled into place behind her, my hard dick aiming down at her pussy. I pressed my head to her lips, feeling her heat and wetness as my mushroom head pushed her lips apart.

“Oh yeah,” she whispered softly as I pressed my dick towards her and gently forced it into her. I could feel my shaft slide in several inches before my dry shaft grabbed at her lips. I pulled back a bit, letting some of her juices lubricate her lips again, and then pushed forward again. I did this half a dozen times before I was pressing against her firm young ass cheeks. “Oh god yes. Fuck me Mister Williams. Please fuck me and make me come around you.”

“I think I can handle that,” I whispered back, starting to stroke in and out of her pussy. Her young body clasped snugly around my fat shaft as I plunged slowly in and out of her. It seemed like her body was more accepting of the intruder this morning, her vaginal tunnel taking me more easily than the previous night. In and out I stroked, slowly teasing her with each stroke, her moans and sighs growing louder with each passing minute. I wasn’t worried about coming too soon. My morning woody was generally pretty long lasting, a fact my wife had come to enjoy almost every morning I was home.

“Oh god, that’s perfect Mister Williams. Just like that. God you’re gonna make me cream so hard any second.”

“Just let it happen,” I answered in a whisper, not wanting her to rush and not get the whole ride.

“Oh fuck. Oh fuck. Oh god damn…here it comes!” she squealed loudly as her legs started to tremble. She pushed herself back at me with her hands on the headboard of the bed, trying to force my cock deeper into her depths as her pussy clasped and clenched around my dick. “More. God more please,” she moaned.

I continued pumping in and out of her, driving my cock deep into her as her body trembled and shuddered. Her climax went on for at least a full minute before she reached behind her and pushed my body away from hers. I pulled out of her pussy and rolled off her onto my back.

It only took a few moments for her to crawl over me and worm herself back onto my cock, laying on top of me, her bare tits pressed to my chest. She leaned her head down and kissed me, long and slow, breaking the wet embrace only when we couldn’t really breathe any more. “I just wanted to say thank you,” she whispered.

“That was a nice thank you,” I whispered back as xvideos porno she wiggled on my dick.

“I think someone else wants this now though,” she said as she slipped her pussy off my dick and then rolled onto the bed next to me. Olivia crawled up my body from the foot of the bed, pausing with her soft round tits hanging down below her as she teased her rock hard nipples back and forth across my rock hard and well lubricated cock.

“My turn,” she whispered as she began crawling up again. “Mom says that she loves doing you this way first thing in the morning.”

“She told you that?” I asked, a bit surprised that my wife would have discussed our sex life to such detail.

“Oh yeah,” she said. “You love watching her tits when she bounces on you,” she said with a grin as she pushed herself up over me. She lifted herself on her knees and lifted my cock with her fingers until I was pointing straight up at her pussy. She guided me to her wet slit and then slowly pushed herself down on me. She closed her eyes and moaned in pleasure as she forced herself down my shaft. “Oh god you feel so big.”

“God I can’t believe how tight you feel around me,” I grunted, worried that I’d hurt her if she took all of me inside her, and then realized how silly the thought was since I’d already been fully inside her the night before. I felt her bare ass press down on my thighs before she lifted herself up my shaft again. The first few trips up and down my shaft were almost excruciatingly slow, accompanied by groans and gasps as her body expanded to accept my engorged shaft and head. Her strokes up and down my dick picked up speed and soon she was bouncing rhythmically on me, her bare ass slapping loudly on my thighs.

“Oh fuck daddy,” she moaned as I reached up for her flying tits and corralled them, giving each a gentle squeeze. “God mom is so fucking lucky.”

“You think?” I grunted in response.

“Oh yeah,” she moaned loudly. “Ohhhhhh fuck, fuck, fuck,” she grunted as she slammed herself down harder on me, smashing my head into the end of her depths.

“Shit sweetie. You better come soon. I don’t know how much longer I can hold off,” I grunted breathlessly as my orgasm threatened to push over me any second. I could feel the urgency growing in my body as the warmth and tingle spread rapidly, my hips trying to push up at her with each stroke.

“Oh fuck Daddy. I’ve been coming for like an hour already!” she squealed.

“Oh shit,” I grunted in response, the thought of her climaxing around my dick sending that last little bit of self-control off to never-never land. My body bucked hard, trying to push up towards her as my hands slid from her tits to her thighs, pulling her down towards me. I felt the gush of cum lance up into her, drawing another cry of pleasure as she jammed herself down on me and sat there, shuddering and shaking.

“Ohhhhhhh my god,” she finally moaned, lowering herself down to lay on me, her tits pressed to my chest and her head on my shoulder, her face looking at mine. She gave me a soft kiss on the cheek between breaths. “Jesus. No wonder mom likes fucking you so much.”

I wrapped my arms around her and held her close as I chuckled at her comment. We lay there for long seconds, my dick twitching and oozing cum into her before it finally slipped from her gaping and sopping wet pussy. “I’m really gonna need a shower before breakfast,” I finally said softly to her.

“I think we all do. You don’t mind washing a bunch of horny little girls, do you?” my daughter whispered with a girlish giggle.

“Do I have a choice?”

“Like you’re really gonna say no?” she asked, pushing herself up on me to look down at my face. “That’s not very guy like.”

“No. I’m not going to say no,” I agreed, rolling my eyes.

“Good. Let’s go!” she said, pushing herself up off of me. “God Daddy,” she said with a giggle, looking down between her legs at my cum leaking from her pussy. “Kinda a lot, isn’t it?”

“You want a man-sized dick, you gotta expect a man-sized load to go with it,” I answered with a shrug.

One at a time, the girls cycled through the shower with me. I washed them and helped them shampoo their hair. I was glad there wasn’t a limit on how much hot water a room could use, as it took the better part of an hour before all four were washed and I was free to get out. I dried off and wiggled past the door to get out of the bathroom, the air downright chilly after the sauna type air in the shower. The girls were either in towels or just completely naked, seeming unbothered by my presence as they put makeup on or jockeyed for space in front of the mirror to dry their hair. I made my way to my suitcase and pulled it out, laying it on the bed. I frowned as I dug in my bag for underwear, sure I’d packed several sets of boxer briefs.

“Looking for something Daddy?” Jenny asked as she walked over and pressed her still naked tits against my arm.

“Um. Yeah. My underwear,” I said yerli porno with a frown.

“Oh. You won’t find any. Mom took ’em back out when you weren’t looking. She figured that going without would be a lot more fun. Less stuff to take off when we wanted to play.”

“No underwear? Hey wait. Where’s my heavy long johns?”

“Those too. But she did put in these for you,” she said, digging down to the bottom of my suitcase and pulling out a plastic wrapped package. “Silk long johns.”

“Silk long johns? I don’t own silk long underwear.”

“You do now. Thanks to mom,” Jenny giggled. “But for right now, you won’t need any.”

“I can’t go around without underwear on,” I hissed quietly at her.

“Oh. You’ll have to. We are too. None at all. No panties, no bras. Just bare bodies under our dresses. That way you can touch and play all you want. Of course, without any underwear on, we can touch and play with you too.”

“Sweetie. That would be so totally inappropriate.”

“More inappropriate than fucking your daughters?” she asked with a grin. “Trust me Daddy. We’ll make it worth your while.”

“Worth my while?”

“Definitely worth your while,” she giggled, reaching down and wrapping her hand around my suddenly half hard dick. “Seems like you like the idea of us running around naked under our dresses.”

“I didn’t say that.”

“You don’t have to. Your cock says it for me. Just think, you could just pull it out of your pants in the elevator or stairwell and just push it into any one of these sexy pussies you want,” she whispered. “But I kinda hope you’ll do it to me. I think it’s kinda hot to think about getting fucked in a stairwell.”

“You really wanna get screwed in a stairwell?”

“Anyplace you feel like doing it,” she whispered. “Absolutely anyplace! If I thought we could get away with it, I’d go to breakfast in nothing but a pair of high heels.”

“I think you’d get thrown out.”

“Yeah. But you like the idea,” she said as she slowly stroked my again hard dick. “I think you like the idea a lot. I’ll have to see what I can come up with.”

“Just leaving your clothes on would be just fine,” I answered back as I reached down and pulled her hand gently from my dick. She leaned up and kissed my cheek and then turned and walked away, her bare ass wiggling intentionally with each step.

I shook my head and dug into my suitcase and pulled out a button down flannel shirt and a pair of pants. It felt a little odd wearing pants with no underwear, but I figured I’d get used to it. It wasn’t like I really had much of a choice anyway.

The girls all finished getting dressed, Jenny walking around in nothing but a pair of high heels until the very last moment. Only then did she pull on a stretchy pullover dress that glued itself to her body, covering her from the middle of her sexy tits down her body to the bottom of her round cheeks, and not an inch more. “You like?” she asked, her hard nipples poking the stretchy material out prominently.

“Oh. It’s one hell of a sight, but if I say you can’t go out like that, I suppose you’re going to tell me I don’t have a choice?”

“You don’t.” She grinned, reaching for the top band around her tits and pulling it down to expose her tits. “Unless you want me to go naked.”

“In that dress, you practically are,” I said with a frown before stepping past her toward the door. I opened the door and let each of them out into the hallway before stepping out myself, almost stepping into a young woman walking past our door. “Oh sorry,” I said quickly as I stepped back to let her pass. She was maybe thirty-five at most, wearing a short dress with a pleated skirt that “flounced” up slightly with each step.

“No problem,” she answered, with a grin. She stopped at the next door and paused, looking first at the girls and then at me. “No problem at all!” she grinned before sticking the room card into the lock.

“What do you suppose that was about?” I asked no one in particular after she disappeared into her room and I’d turned to follow the girls to the elevator.

“Daddy! You think she can’t tell how much fucking has been going on on the other side of the wall?” Jenny asked with the shake of her head. “Men.”

I looked back at her door and suddenly felt my face blush with embarrassment at the thought.

The waitress sat us in a semicircular booth, Donna and Olivia sitting on either side of me. We’d barely ordered our food when Donna had found my zipper and had the front of my pants completely open, her hand wrapped around my half hard dick, pulling it out of my pants.

“Mister Williams!” Donna hissed softly after she had me out and was stroking me.


“You’re supposed to be returning the favor?”

“Oh. Yeah,” I answered, shaking my head at the situation. I moved a hand down to her lap and found her dress already pulled up almost to her waist, exposing her pussy to my fingers as she spread her legs. I gently youjizz porno stroked her soft lips, teasing my fingers periodically between her lips. By the time our food had come, her pussy was dripping wet and I was thinking more about fucking her than I was eating. I managed to eat left-handed, not pulling my fingers from between her legs while she continued to play with my dick. A few times I wondered if anyone could see under the table at what we were doing, but decided that it was probably not visible with us in the corner the way we were. With breakfast done I paid the tab, again, and we headed back towards the room. The girls wanted to walk up the stairs, and before we were to the second floor, all four were naked except for their high heels.

If you’ve ever argued with a woman, you know you can’t win. Multiply that by four and you might begin to understand the quandary I was in as these four completely naked young ladies decided that I too needed to be naked. There’s only so much physical discourse a man will do when confronted with a combative woman, and it’s a whole hell of a lot less when that woman is your own daughter. Needless to say, it wasn’t long before I too was as naked as they were. Of course, being naked was only their first step. Donna had distinct designs on the hard-on she’d been nursing in my lap all through breakfast. I was no sooner naked and Donna was bent over in front of me. She stood on the stair in front of me and wiggled her ass side to side provocatively while my two wonderful daughters pushed me behind her. “You know, we’ll all get thrown out if we get caught,” I said quietly as Jenny stroked my engorged head up and down Donna’s wet pussy lips.

“Sounds like a good reason to hurry up,” Donna said with a smile, looking back at me. “Not that I don’t want you to hurry up and put it in me or anything.”

“Like this?” I asked as I threw caution to the wind and pressed my head between her lips and let it slide slowly into her.

“Ohhhhhh fuck yes,” she moaned as I pushed slowly into her. I felt my dick grab her lips a little and pulled back before pushing in again. In and out I moved in short little strokes, working more and more of me into her until there was none left to take. “Ohhhh god yes,” she moaned as I started stroking in and out of her. I pushed slowly in and out, taking my time as I let my mushroom head caress deep into her, teasing her orgasm slowly along its path toward climax. I’d already been teasing her clit for almost an hour and the efforts were paying off.

I stroked into her faster as her hips pushed back at me, her climax building as I pounded into her. I could see the sides of her tits swinging below her, her breasts the largest of the girls. In and out I plunged, slapping my thighs into her bare ass as she bent over on the stairs, pushing her climax closer and closer until suddenly she was there. I felt her pussy clench around me and then with a suddenness I hadn’t expected, I felt her pussy pumping gushes of her juices out at me. It was like a small waterfall running off my balls as we stood there, her body jerking and trembling in orgasm as her pussy squirted her cum out around my dick.

“Oh god. Mister Williams. I’m so sorry,” she said with embarrassment as I stood there behind her still trembling body.

“For what? Having a good climax?”

“No. For peeing all over you,” she said as she pulled off of me and turned around to face me.

“It wasn’t. I take you haven’t ever come hard enough to squirt before?”


“Yes. Female ejaculation. It’s not something all women do and it’s certainly not something that happens all the time. Usually just when a woman is stimulated to an extreme level, kind of like you were. It’s nothing to be embarrassed about. It just happens.”

“So I didn’t pee on you?” she asked quietly.

“No. You didn’t pee on me,” I said as I stepped up and turned her. I wrapped my arm around her body and coaxed her up the stairs. “I think we better go find someplace else to do this or put some clothes back on. Sooner or later we’re gonna get caught.”

“But you’re still hard. You haven’t come yet,” Donna said.

“I appreciate your concern, but I have a feeling that getting caught is part of Jenny’s master plan, and I for one, don’t want to be.”

“Well, you’re not getting your clothes back, so I guess you’ll just have to stay naked all the way to the room,” Jenny said with a grin. “Unless you wanna stop on the next level and fuck me too!”

“I think getting back to the room would be in my best interest,” I said with a frown.

Jenny shrugged and headed up the stairs in front of me, wiggling her ass at me with each step. Up we went until we got to our floor, Jenny pulling the door open and strutting out into the hallway as if walking naked down the hotel hall was perfectly natural. I steeled myself and was thankful that no one seemed to be out and around. We made it all the way back to our room without being seen. Notice that I don’t say INTO our room. Because while Jenny was fiddling with my pants to find the room key, our next door neighbor, the thirty something looking woman we’d seen on the way out to breakfast, opened the door and stepped out wearing all her outdoor gear for going skiing.

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