Ocak 31, 2023

Selfie Seductions Ch. 01

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As far as Marketing meetings go, Steve has been stuck in worse, but also enjoyed better and the short vibration on his phone on the table he was seated at was not only a welcomed distraction, but also an intriguing one, as it was a mobile phone number he didn’t recognize.

He opened up the message which contained a selfie of a stunning brunette in a long silver sequin and sheer nude colored halter styled dress.

The message accompanying the gorgeous picture read:



Steve had no idea who she was, but yes and yes would definitely be his answer, to which he immediately replied:



Almost instantaneously a response came from the Mystery Woman:



That was the last message he received from the phone number, now labelled as Mystery Woman in Steve’s phone contact list.

Steve’s work day went quickly and he was soon walking through the front door of Chatreusse, a popular (and busy) French restaurant in Melbourne’s Northern suburbs, where he both lived and worked.

Steve walked through the front door, carrying a bunch of butterflies in his stomach

that were bursting with excitement to unravel the story behind his sexy, yet anonymous date.

The restaurant concierge greeted Steve with a warm smile, the name tag pinned to his tie suggested his name is Philippe.

“May I help you Monsieur?”

“You may Philippe, I have a booking under Steven Bolt apparently.” He replied with a slight smirk.

“Well Monsieur, you either do or you don”t… ahh here we are, Steven Bolt, come this way please.” Steve wouldn’t have said the concierge was rude, but a little short on words and humor it seemed.

The concierge escorted Steve to an elegantly set table for two, which was situated in the middle of the thirty odd tables in the restaurant, a strange setting for such an intimate invitation was Steve’s original thought.

Steve took his seat as his phone rang simultaneously, prompting him to remove it from inside his suit jacket’s breast pocket.

The display read 7:00pm as the current time and Mystery Woman was the caller, who’s voice seductively requested Steve to remove his suit jacket.

“Where are you, are you in the restaurant?” Steve was keenly looking around, trying to get a glimpse of his date.

She explained to Steve to not ask questions and just follow her requests and the fact that he could not sight her, he did as asked by placing his phone on the table and removed his jacket, draping it on the back of his chair.

As he did when he was first seated, Steve noticed a few of the patrons eyes looking at him, not uncomfortably, but more noticeably.

He picked up his phone and put it to his ear, his mystery woman commenting on how sexy he looked in his white shirt and to order her a cosmopolitan and a scotch on the rocks for himself.

“Where are you?” Steve asked again as his butterflies intensified, along with his curiosity.

Mystery Woman disappeared from his phone’s screen, indicating she had hung up.

He again surveyed the room, but was unable to catch any glimpse of her, instead managing to catch the attention of a young waitress, who promptly took his order of the drinks as instructed by his date.

The restaurant was definitely full, but not very noisy considering, perhaps due to the fact most patrons were business like and well to do, which Chatreusse is well known for with its patronage.

At Twenty-Six, Steve would’ve been one of the younger patrons and as a Bank Loans Manager, probably the least professional, in his eyes anyway.

He was beginning to feel a little restless, especially being a single man sitting at a small table by himself and he was becoming quite uncomfortable, to the point of not knowing where to look.

The arrival of the waitress was definitely a welcome distraction, Steve smiling up to her as she placed his scotch in front of him and the Cosmopolitan at the empty place opposite where he was sitting.

“Is there anything else I can get you Sir?” The young waitress asked politely.

“Perhaps my date would be nice, if you can arrange it.” He said with a wry smile.

“I’m sorry Sir, I don’t quite understand.” The Waitress replied, a little bemused.

“Sorry, I’m supposed to be meeting someone here and I feel the whole room is staring at me at times.” He wasn’t concerned, but he had a nervous energy in his voice.

The waitress smiled and put him at ease, “They are looking at you because they’ve seen your gorgeous date and well, you’ll see what I mean.

Enjoy the evening Mr. Bolt, I’ll keep an eye on your table and make sure you are both looked after.” she replied in a very warm and friendly tone.

The amasya escort waitress walked of with her empty tray under her left arm, just as Steve’s phone rang, you guessed it, Mystery Woman.

She bluntly told Steve to put his phone on speaker and take a drink of his scotch.

“The restaurant is full, it would be a little rude to do that.” Steve responded in a hushed voice.

She explained that she was his date and it would be rude not to do as she requested, so Steve reluctantly placed his phone on speaker, turning the volume down low enough so he could hear her, hoping other tables would not be able to.

He took a sip of the scotch and before he could swallow the contents, his Mystery Woman asked a question, “I saw you talking with that slut waitress, do you want to fuck her?”

The only reason Steve didn’t spurt scotch all over the table, is the fact that he was choking on it as it was going down his throat.

Well if diners weren’t looking before, they certainly were now, as his uncontrollable coughing and spluttering continued, to the point where his young waitress and one of the patrons came over to his table, to check on Steve and make sure he was okay.

“Mr. Bolt, are you okay?” The waitress was back with Steve, her right hand was resting on his left shoulder, concerned at his current state.

“Yeah, yeah I’m fine thankyou, my drink went down the wrong way after hearing some disturbing news on my phone call.” Steve’s raspy voice was a little labored, though his smile for the young waitress was one with the warmest of gratitude.

Mystery Woman had hung up again, calling him back after all the commotion at the table had settled, asking him to put her on speaker, “My, my you’re a noisy one, that’ll teach you to flirt with waitresses on a date and to think you had the nerve to suggest my request with your phone’s speaker was rude.”

Mystery Woman had a confident smirk in her voice, whilst Steve’s voice continued with its distinct rasp, from the incident with his scotch.

“Om my gosh Steve, what’s up with your voice, it sounds like you have Covid or something, do you have Covid19 you poor darling?” Mystery Woman was in a real teasing mood, not even giving Steve time to answer her question, before continuing her playful sarcasm.

“Well I’m sure whatever you have, Florence Nightingale from the bar will make you feel all better.

I mean the way she touched you with your supposed cough, I thought she was going to give you mouth to mouth at one point.” You could feel Mystery Woman’s satisfaction in her voice and laugh with the little story she had created.

“I was getting a little lonely, seeing as my date hasn’t shown up, you haven’t seen her have you?” Steve was really proud of how he was handling the situation, his confident smirk was born a little from frustration.

“Look straight ahead, your date is waiting.” She hung up the phone and Steve nearly dropped his at the sight that was a mere 30 feet away.

Steve had two thoughts immediately spring to mind, one was that selfies do not do the real article justice and secondly the tailor who created the dress he was looking at, was specifically made in mind for the woman wearing it.

The stunning brunette was standing in the hallway that leads to the restrooms, their table and sections of others had a view of where she was located, as her palms began sliding down the front of her dress from her braless breasts and gliding down her stomach, before working around to her behind.

She seductively moved her body from side to side, immersing herself in an erotic tease, so entrancing Steve in her little show, that he didn’t even realise the looks that patrons were sending his and Mystery Woman’s way.

Steve’s eyes were soon sending vibes to his manhood, when both of her hands created a V shape when they reached her dress’s crotch area, her black thong transparent through her sheer material, she began pulling her dress up slowly to just above her panty line and placing a thumb each side of her thong.

Her eyes never left Steve’s, she seductively bit her lower lip as she began peeling her panties down to her knees, revealing a stunning and small pubic strip, that Steve would soon find out would be as noticeable as her black thong was, through her dress’s semi transparent material.

She used her left hand to balance against the wall and her right hand to fully step out of her panties, then readjusted her dress back down to its full length and confidently began walking from the hallway she was standing in and over to their table and her date in waiting.

Steve stood up from his chair and greeted his date as she arrived, pulling out her chair for her to be seated in.

She kissed his cheek in appreciation, handing her scrunched up thong to him, “I hope I was worth the wait,” She placed her right palm on Steve’s left cheek and gently steered his lips toward hers, now sharing more than a kiss on the cheek.

“Mmmmm amasya escort bayan my panties would be a little wetter, if I were wearing them.” Her soft lips whispered when they left Steve’s and graciously took up his offer to be seated.

“I would’ve waited an eternity to witness an entrance like yours.” Steve replied with a smirk, as he put her panties into his right pants pocket and returned to his seat at the table.

Her confidence created a distinct sexual energy that could light up the entire restaurant, perhaps a little unconventionally for most of the diners, judging by the noticeable looks in their table’s direction.

Her slender hand picking up her cosmopolitan, her piercing emerald green eyes not once wandering from Steve’s, if anything they seemed to be immersed even deeper in his at their table, than her sexy hallway entrance.

“Here’s to those seductive eyes of yours Handsome, my soul has been engulfed by their magic.” Her soft and seductive lips were the perfect vessel to harbor her sexy angelic voice.

She took her first sip from her tall glass, “Oh my Steve, that is as tasty as the little slut who made it, no wonder you want to fuck that waitress, they are both sublime.” Steve felt her right high heel rub up and down the outside of his left lower leg, her eyes practically making love to him.

“Ha, I’m not sure I ever said that, but it would seem that you have some sort of fantasy about the prospect of the waitress and I having sex.” Steve cheekily queried her thought process.

“I have many fantasies Mr. Bolt and watching you make love to that hot little piece is definitely one of them.” She took another sip of her ice cold drink, her high heeled foot continuing its rub, as sexually suggestive as the words she spoke.

“Wow all this watching, yet no pleasure for yourself, I never figured you to be the abstaining type.” Steve confidently had an answer to all of the conversation curveballs, so he felt.

“Now you’re just putting words into my mouth Mr. Bolt, I never said anything about not seeking pleasures.” Her right index finger suggestively stroked up and down her chilled glass, leaving streaks through the dew that had formed on the outside of it.

“Hmmm, as I recall, it was you putting words into my mouth about fucking a waitress, so I presume we are kind of square in that department.” Steve took a sip from his scotch glass and presented his left arm across the table for her to hold, she accepted his invitation willingly.

“Maybe it’s time we began talking about more pleasant things we can put in each other’s mouths.” Steve’s comment was meant to lighten the mood and change the subject at hand.

“Ohhhh I totally agree Steve, totally agree.” She whispered across the table with a saucy grin, that had Steve reach under the table and removed her foot she had placed on his crotch, shaking his head with a slightly embarrassed grin.

“I meant putting something in our mouth’s from the Menu, shit can you tell me your name, I have no idea what to call you.” Steve queried her, hoping the name would trigger some sort if clue as to who this Mystery Woman.

“Well Steve, everyone calls me Ronni if you must know, I guess you can call me that.” Ronni’s eyes bewitched Steve, as her foot began rubbing his leg again, this time without her high heel.

“Thank you Ronni, it’s a pleasure no doubt.

Firstly you look fucking stunning and secondly, what do you want from me?” Steve’s voice was loud enough for Ronni’s ears to hear and not the surrounding tables.

“Steve Honey, I bought this gorgeous dress and thought how stunning it would look at dinner, so that’s why we are here, to enjoy a lovely dinner.” She explained, winking at the end, her flirtatious voice suggesting her mind had a few more plans than just dinner.

Ronni stood up from her seat and walked over to Steve, bending over and putting her left palm on his right cheek, her lips teasing him as they hovered only inches from his, before moving in for a dreamy kiss, “Mmmmm.” vibrating through her lips and onto his, the sweet kiss ended with her right index finger lightly pressed against his mouth.

“Shhhh, don’t tell anyone, but there is just one little thing I do want from you Steve, I want you to fuck me for dessert.” Ronni’s provocative request was loud enough for a couple of surrounding tables to hear, thus creating, well murmur is probably not the apt word, glare whilst a gasp perhaps would describe their response.

Steve felt the heat of Ronni’s warm breath on his right ear, “Call your slut waitress over Honey, I’m hungry.” She whispered as her right hand reached down to his lap.

“Good boy, if that kiss didn’t raise some interest down there, well I’d probably start questioning your manly status.” She kissed his right cheek and returned to her seat, lifting her dress just above her knees, a little tease for her date, before sitting back down.

By rights, his mind should have been enjoying those smooth escort amasya tanned pins of hers, but all he could think was, NOW WHAT HAS SHE GOT PLANNED.

Steve looked over towards the bar, the young waitress caught his eye and came straight over to their table.

Ronni placed her extended right hand on the table, motioning with her fingers for Steve to hold it. “Oh and by the way Steve, be a Darling and pass my panties to me, it’s a little breezy in here to be honest and I think that sexy nose of yours has sniffed all the scent out of them.” Ronni was stroking his right palm with her index finger’s nail, lightly biting her bottom lip as she smiled up at the waitress who had arrived, hearing everything.

The waitress gave a little shy smile back Ronni’s way.

“Sir, Madam, are you ready to order?” She had her pad and pen ready to go, a pretty good recovery, considering the conversation she had just walked into.

“I’ll have what ever he orders Darling, but I would love half a dozen oysters to start.” Ronni confidently ordered with the waitresses, her attention had now turned back to Steve, “Just so that you are clear on my intentions tonight.” Ronni had turned Steve’s hand over, her fingernail playfully circling the middle of his palm.

“I think your intentions are quite clear with that dress Madam, you look so stunning in it, if I may say.”

Our waitress’s complement was meant as one of admiration towards Ronni, but from what Steve has seen from his date so far, he thought she could’ve taken our waitresses’ words in either context, that is she thinks Ronnie is a slut or hot as hell.

“Well Honey, luckily your approval is not required, oh and be a darling and bring the oysters first and if you make it snappy I’ll let you and your crush sitting opposite me, hold hands and you can both watch me swallow them.” Her proactive request had the slightest hint of sarcasm.

The waitress read back their order and walked back to the bar, with Ronni calling out to her and ordering two more drinks.

“Shit Ronni, she’s just a kid, you were a bit rough on her don’t you think?” Steve was a little perplexed by her tone with the waitress.

“Jesus Steve relax, it’s just a bit of fun, learn to not get your knickers in a knot so easily.” Ronni withdrew her hand from Steve and sat in a huff against the back of her chair with her arms crossed.

She was a little peeved at his comment, but only momentarily as she took his hand again, that cheeky smirk again adorning those full lips of hers, “Speaking of knickers, I’m still a little chilly, would you mind putting them on for me?”

She began rubbing his leg with her foot again, as she picked up her drink and finished its contents in one swig, Steve had already reached into his right pocket and taken her thong out, “It would be such a turn on if you put them on me Steeeeve.” Her soft suggestive voice floated across the table.

Steve looked around the room nervously, relieved that all the patrons were either busy in conversation or food consumption, although that probably wasn’t the case anymore when Ronni stood up from her chair and walked back over to him, her palms caressing either side of her visible pubic strip.

Now standing at the side of Steve, she placed her right hand on his hand that contained her panties, bending over and guiding it just under her nose, her eyes closing as she inhaled her sweet scent, “Mmmm, that is so delicious Honey, see for yourself.” She guided his hands under his nose.

Her scent was indeed enticing, enough so that Steve’s erection was growing uncomfortably in his constrictive underwear, to the point where he turned sideways on his chair, adjusting his manhood to a more comfortable state in the process.

Ronni was standing in front of him, he moved his head toward her and kissed her stomach, “Fuck Ronni, your womanhood is scented euphoria.” Steve whispered, looking up to her from his chair as he spoke.

Ronni crouched down to his level, “Ohhhh Baby isn’t it, how bad do you want to taste her?” Ronni whispered back, her right hand fondling his hair at the back of his head, drawing him in for a hotter than hot kiss, her palms began sliding from his knees and up Steve’s quads toward his crotch.

Ronni was craving Steve, a crave that slightly tipped her over the edge and trickled down her inner thigh, when she felt his hardness with both hands, her soft and sultry voice was more than satisfied with the bedlam she had created in Steve’s pants, “Ohhh myyy Handsome, you really do want to taste me, don’t you?.”

Steve’s concentration levels were so preoccupied with keeping his manhood at bay, all he could do was nod in response.

“If you only knew how much I want that cock in my mouth, you’d blush…” She placed her lips on Steve’s, a sultry kiss showing her intent, before continuing her whispered sentence, “…Mr. Bolt.” Her lips now a precursor to her tongue’s sensual dance in Steve’s mouth.

Ronnie stood up again, her nails scraping Steve’s shaft, this time it was Steve’s precum dribbling into his underpants from her wanton tease.

Ronni was still facing, a still seated and somewhat fidgety Steve, she placed her right leg just above his knee, resting her high heel sandal, simultaneously wiggling her toes.

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