Temmuz 14, 2024

Seducing Jennifer Pt. 04

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I sat back on my heels and looked down at Mrs. C’s well-fucked pussy. Her cunt was dilated and my come was bubbling out of it and dripping down into the crack of her ass. She lifted her hips and put her hand down to catch my copious load before it soaked into the couch.

“Now I guess you better learn how to deal with a cream pie,” she smiled. “Come on, clean me up.” I reached for a Kleenex on the end-table but she slapped my hand away when I tried to use it to sop up the mess. “Lick it up, Jacky. And make sure you get all of it. You expect us girls to gulp down your loads whenever we suck you off, don’t you? So you ought to be willing to do the same.”

Obediently I lowered my face to her mound and gingerly scooped up a dollop of my own cooling come. I rolled it around in my mouth, tasting the mixture of both our essences. It didn’t taste bad at all. More enthusiastically, I went after more, and she helped by working her pelvic muscles to expel more of what I had spurted deep into her. I even dragged my tongue across her musky asshole to get the last drips. Then I slid my tongue into her cunt as far as I could and tried to suck out even more. She moaned when I teased her sticky asshole with a moistened finger.

“You’re a nasty boy, Jack,” she said. “You’re wondering what it would be like to stick your cock into that hole too, aren’t sex izle you?”

I flushed with shame and removed my finger. She responded by pulling my face hard against her pussy. “I didn’t say that was out of the question. Go ahead and put your finger in there and see what it feels like. But be very careful and make sure your finger is wet first.”

I slid my finger into her juicy cunt to lubricate it, and then began circling her asshole, working my finger-tip into it until it dilated and invited me further in. She was incredibly tight and hot in there, and my cock was quite obviously eager to replace my probing finger.

“Oh God Jack that’s exactly right…I haven’t been fucked there for SO long…I’d love to have my ass stuffed with hard cock again…but that’s not really something you ought to be doing at this point…”

I could tell that she really wanted me that way, and I wanted her too. Her thighs were quivering as I slowly withdrew my finger and lifted her hips with my hands to line my aching cock up with her puckered asshole. As my bulbous cock-head nudged against her entrance she moaned and pushed me away.

“You’re not ready for that, Sweetie. And this is not the time or place. Maybe another time when we have—”

I groaned with frustration and guided her hand to my throbbing cock. My nuts were aching sexmex porno as if I hadn’t come for days.

“You just lie back and I’ll try to take care of that,” she murmured. “And this time I am absolutely serious about one thing: You are NOT to come inside me again. You have to learn to control that before you get into trouble with some foolish little girl who doesn’t know how to take care of herself.”

I lay back and she crawled over me, giving me a lovely view of her naked body. She knelt above my erect cock, grasped it in one delicate hand, and guided it into her wet pussy. She settled back slowly, taking me deeper and deeper in tiny increments until once again my cock head was lodged against her cervix. “Ahhhh, that hurts so good,” she crooned. “Incidentally, you will not be able to do this to Jennifer any time soon. She won’t be able to take all of you right away. You’ll have to be careful not to hurt her, or she’ll become afraid of it.” She rotated her hips, grinding my cock farther into her, her cervix massaging the head of my dick. I reached for her hips and she pushed my hands away. “Put your hands behind your head and just watch me. But tell me when you think you’re going to come.”

She rocked back and forth on my rigid cock, which made delightful squishing noises in her sopping cunt. I watched as she cupped sikiş izle her firm breasts in her hands, rolling the nipples between thumbs and forefingers. Then she began riding up and down on my thick cock, letting me see the slippery shaft slide in and out of her. She lowered one hand to her crotch and began lightly fingering her over-large clitty. “Do you want to see me come on your hard cock, Jacky? Can you hold back if I do?”

I nodded vigorously and she tweaked her clit with two fingers, which caused her cunt to contract almost painfully around my cock. “Then watch and learn Jacky, ” she moaned. “I’m coming on your fat cock right now – OH! YES! Oh God I’m coming so hard!”

Her cunt grasped my cock like a fist as she went into a series of vaginal contractions, her eyes rolling back into her head, and her cunt made a loud protracted farting noise as she came. A hefty gush of hot liquid soaked my nut sack and thighs. My own come was boiling in my balls and I knew I should pull out but—

“Jennifer, you get back in your room right this instant!” Mrs. C. shrieked as she hurriedly lifted herself off me. A fountain of come erupted from my dick as it popped out of her, spraying thick ropes of spunk across both our stomachs. I may have screamed; I’m not sure, but what I did know for sure was that my head snapped back against the arm of the couch and I saw Jennifer on the stairway, peeking around the corner at us, a horrified expression on her face. I wondered how long she had been watching, then realized it didn’t really matter. There would be no denying that I had fucked her mother.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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