Şubat 4, 2023


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Part 1.

It was the first week of school and I got into a fight with a 8th grader who kept making fun of my height. The fight lasted 25 minutes, then the Principal and teachers showed up to stop our fight. We were then sent to the principals office, the 8th grader went first to talk to the principal. When he came out it was my turn to talk to him.

I was in his office for about an hour. He told me that he would have to expel me from school because of how violent my fight was, he then told me to leave his office so I headed for the door, but instead of opening it I locked it instead. I turned around to see if he’d noticed that I locked the door, he didn’t notice he was too busy looking at his computer (probably looking for my parents number) I then started stripping down, when I was fully nude canlı bahis şirketleri I quietly walked over to his desk and unplugged his phone, then I unplugged his computer (hoping he wouldn’t call my parents and I could graduate school.) He then angrily looked up to see me completely nude.

I asked him if there was something he wanted, he told me to get closer to him. I then walked behind his desk and sat down on his lap. After that he told me that if I agreed to come to his office everyday that, he’d let me graduate with everyone else. I agreed to what he wanted and told him he’d see me tomorrow.

The next day I arrived at school, I headed straight to the principals office. The principal told me to lock the door behind me then to stay under his desk all day no matter what happened.

I tipobet güvenilir mi obeyed what he told me to do and I went to sit under his desk, he then pulled out his 7 1/2 inch penis and told me, “if I don’t want to be expelled I had to let him use me however he pleases”. I wasn’t too happy about it but I agreed. He then told me to “start sucking his cock”. He came in my mouth and throat multiple times. When school ended he told me that he has a surprise for me tomorrow. I was a bit excited and curious wanting to know what it is.

The Next Day, Today I decided to wear a skirt to school, when I showed up at school I went to the principals office and he gave me enough of birth control pills to last me 5 years. He also called my parents saying that I’ll be getting perabet home late a few nights because of “after school activities”. He then told me to get under his desk and turn around. When I turned around I felt my skirt get lifted up, then I felt my panties come straight off. He then gave me a glass of water for the birth control pills, once I swallowed the pills he then grabbed my waist and lifted me by my legs so he could get his cock inside of me.

I almost screamed but he put my panties into my mouth, he then started violating my ass with his cock. He came into my ass a few times then he put his dripping cock inside my pussy.

Tears started rolling down my face and I was scared that the birth control pills would either fail or wear off. School finally ended I was told to meet him in the boardroom tomorrow so I agreed then headed out towards my bus. When I got home my mom was on the phone talking to my principal, he was asking if I could get to school an hour earlier to catch up on a few things, my mom agreed and said I will be there an hour before school starts.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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