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Scent of a Woman

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Gemini Stenson parked her 2013 Nissan Maxima in a spot on the parking lot and got out. The 27 year old looked up the block at the big sign that said NUDE DANCERS in big block letters. Anyone passing by would know what went on in the nondescript building on the corner. It was the home of Club Scandalous, the local gentlemen’s club in this quiet urban neighborhood outside of Raleigh North Carolina.

Gem, as she liked her friends to call her, had been working at the club for the past couple of years. However, she had taken off the past six months after having a baby and getting herself back into dancing shape. She didn’t have to work hard. She didn’t put on a lot of weight during the pregnancy and exercised throughout it. It made delivering the baby relatively easy and recovery even easier. Gem liked the way her workouts toned up her body after the baby. To her statuesque, 5’10 inch frame, she developed lean, sinewy shoulders and upper back. She toned up her legs and added a cut-up lean midsection. She was an excellent dancer and did well on the pole. Her dancing skills made her a lot of money.

Truth be told though, Gem didn’t really want to come back to Scandalous. She’d rather be teaching dance and pole skills in her own studio. But she knew her trifling baby’s daddy wasn’t going to be much help to her, judging by his behavior after the pregnancy. She had no one else to depend on but her mother, who lived a few miles away. Her mother knew what Gem did for a living and while she didn’t agree with it, she understood her daughter wanting to depend on no man to take care of her child. So she helped out as much as possible.

Today was going to be Gem’s first day back and she tried to get her mind right to get with it. She was one of the more popular dancers at the club and she knew that once the regulars saw her she would be deluged with dance requests. She thought to herself that would be a good thing but she’d rather spend her time on the pole. She sighed; oh well, she thought. The caramel-skinned Amazon grabbed her gym bag and headed for the club entrance.

As she approached the club entrance, she observed a man standing on the curb. He had a folding walking cane but he was just holding it. Gem came up on the man and she studied him. He was obviously blind. He was an older gentleman but in great physical condition. He wore a black Classic Adidas sweatsuit with a white t-shirt. He had wavy, neatly cut, salt-and-pepper hair. He was of medium height and complexion and wore dark glasses. He seemed to sense Gem next to him because a huge, shit-eating grin came over his face.

Gem smiled. “Hello. Are you okay?” she asked.

“I am now.” the man said in a rich, old-school Billy Dee Williams voice. “Who do I have the pleasure of conversing with?”

Gem laughed. She instantly liked him. “My name is Gem and it is very nice to meet you.” she said holding out her hand.

The man seemed to sense her hand and took it. He bent down and raised her hand to his lips and lightly kissed it. “Gem. A fitting name. A precious stone. And I’m sure, quite beautiful.” he said with a smile. “My name is Walter.”

Oooh, he got dope lyrics, Gem though. “So charming.” she said. She wondered if he was headed into the club. “Do you need help getting in?”

Walter smiled and shook his head. “No my dear. I’ve been inside before. I look forward to meeting you inside.” he said confidently. Gem wondered how he would know who she was inside but Walter read her mind. He breathed in a big, elegant whiff of her scent and smiled. “Trust me, I will know when you are near me.”

Gem grinned. “Okay, well I will see you inside then.” she said, waving at him.

She made her way inside and walked past several girls whom she worked with before. She said hi to several of them and got a lot offwelcome backs. One girl whom she was close to, Candy, gave her a big hug. She gave Gem a serious look. “Okay, you know I need to see her.” Candy said. Gem smiled and pulled out her phone. She pulled up pics of her daughter. “Awwww, she is so precious.” Candy squealed.

“Yeah girl and she’s growing like a weed, too.” Gem said. The door to the floor area opened and Walter came in with his walking cane before him. Gem and Candy watched him make his way to a seat along the wall. He had a big smile on his face and waited patiently. Gem took on an inquisitive look. “Candy, wassup with the blind guy?” she asked.

Candy laughed. “Oh him. He’s harmless. I’m not even sure why he comes in here. It’s not like he can see us or anything.” she said.

Gem frowned. “Have you ever danced for him?” she asked.

Candy shook her head. “Naw. He just sits there with this grin on his face for about three hours then leaves.” she said.

“Hmmm…” Gem said. She looked over on the floor and saw no one on the pole. “Well girl, I need to get ready so I can get on that pole while it’s open. You know that’s my thang.” she said with a grin.

“Yeah baby, we missed you on that pole. Nobody freaks that thing like you.” Candy bostancı escort cackled. Gem gave her another hug then disappeared into the dressing room.

Meanwhile 47 year old Walter Johnson sat patiently in his seat with a smile on his face. He was glad that his therapist told him about the club when Walter told him where he was moving to after his medical discharge and disability kicked in. He liked coming her, he liked it a lot. It pretty much was his only social interaction in his neighborhood.

He had only been living in the neighborhood around a year. The former US Army Ranger lost his vision when he was on deployment in Afghanistan. His unit was out on a mission when a roadside bomb exploded under his vehicle. The explosion almost killed him. Besides losing his sight, he had very bad injuries to his back and legs. It was a long road to recovery but the Ranger in him would not let his injuries beat him and he never gave up or quit. Rangers lead the way Walter told himself. He recovered and got stronger. He adapted his abilities and enhanced his other senses outside of his sight. He was a very able man. Walter’s sister lived in the city working for the Veteran’s Administration and she hooked him up with his apartment. She was his only support; there were no other brothers or sisters and their mother had long since passed. She came by and checked on him frequently but often found that Walter was doing pretty well on his own.

Walter adapted to his new environment and had no problems getting around. His apartment was on the first floor of the building so that helped a lot. His sister helped him set things up in the apartment so that he knew where everything was and how to manage using things. His touch was really refined and ultra-sensitive. He loved going on walks and letting his senses work for him. His hearing the children playing around and the traffic going by along with the different scents in the air made life grand for him.

So now he sat quietly in his seat, taking in the different scents of the female forms going to and fro soliciting patrons for lap dances. He had yet to come across a dancer who tickled his fancy. Not until now. His mind was on the very nice young lady he had talked to outside earlier and he knew she would come around sooner or later.

He didn’t have to wait long. The DJ threw on Color Me Badd’s “I Wanna Sex You Up” and suddenly Walter picked up the scent he was looking for immediately. Gem had come from the dressing room and made her way onto the dance floor. She was dressed in some black nylon booty shorts that clung to her body and an equally tight nylon bustier that perked up her breasts nicely. She also wore thigh-high fishnet stocking with platform heels that made her seem six inches taller. She took command of the pole and did a slow twirl around it. Walter stood up and felt her presence on the pole. He made his way to an empty chair closer to the area where she was dancing. He sat down and swayed to the beat of the music.

Gem noticed him get up and take an empty chair close to the floor area where she danced. She made her way over to the railing that separated the customers from the dance area. She twirled again, flinging her long hair towards his face then bending over getting her face inches close to his. He took in a long whiff of her scent and sighed. “Oh my goodness. You are divine.” he said softly.

Gem laughed. “Really? You can tell that?” she asked. She wanted to tell him that he couldn’t even see what she looked like but that would’ve been rude. She just smiled and continued dancing in front of him.

“May I have the pleasure of you dancing for me when the opportunity arises?” Walter asked.

Gem’s eyes got big and she grinned. Wow, I’d be the first one. He must really like me. Gem liked him. He was a throwback to how she thought men should be. Even though he was in here in this seedy place, he kept his manners about him. “I sure will sweetie. Let me dance here a bit then I’ll come over, okay?” she replied to him.

“Thank you, darling.” Walter said and smiled as Gem went back to twirling and spinning on the pole. Walter sat there and bounced a bit to the music and took in Gem’s aura as she danced. She saw him and giggled as his head was doing quick Stevie Wonder motions to the rhythm of the song.

Finally the song was over and she came off the floor. Several guys asked her to dance for them but she told them politely that she had a client to take care of first. She made her way over to Walter and touched his hand. He smiled, took hers and stood up. Together, they went over to the seat along the wall Walter sat in before. It was in a corner and gave them lots of privacy. Walter sat down and waited patiently.

Gem stood before him with her hands on her hips. She took in the man’s mischievous smile and could only imagine what he was thinking now. “Well, here we are. This is your first dance here?” she asked. Walter nodded silently. Gem gave him a disbelieving look and rolled her eyes. “With ümraniye escort bayan all of the fine women in here? I find that hard to believe.” she stated.

“Those women are not you.” Walter replied. “I’m sure they are very appealing to most men but I’m not most men.”

Gem smiled and shook her head. “I can see that.” she said.

The next song started. It was the Isley Brothers “Between The Sheets” and Gem sensuously put her and on Walter’s shoulders. She caressed them softly and straddled his lap. Walter sat his hands along her waist and ran his fingers down to her hips.

“Mmmmmm…” he moaned. “You smell so sweet and wonderful.”

“Thank you.” Gem said, smiling and running her fingers through his wavy hair. His hands roamed up her back and massaged her muscles. They followed the contours of her upper body then lightly trailed his fingers along the tiny hairs on her skin.

Gem sucked in her breath and blew it out. A chill ran down her spine at his touch. Oooh shit that felt good, she thought. Walter’s strong hands ran slowly down her back and cupped Gem’s bottom. He squeezed firmly but gently then returned to her lower back. He massaged the muscles there and let his fingers lovingly tease the tiny raised hairs there.

Gem was starting to melt under Walter’s touch. She tried very hard not to moan but the moans escaped her lips anyway. She wasn’t supposed to be enjoying this, was she?

Then she wondered what effect she was having on him. The way she straddled she knew he was aroused but she couldn’t feel him. She didn’t know if he would be offended if she touched him down there. She decided to take the risk. She moved back on his lap a bit to get some space and reached between his legs. She leaned forward to whisper in his ear. “Do you mind if I adjust you a bit?” she asked softly.

Walter was breathing hard and swallowed. “No, not at all.” he answered.

“Okay.” Gem said and found his package. Her fingers traced his shaft running down his leg and she had to keep the surprise out of her voice. Her eyes bugged though. Mr. Walter here is packing some serious heat. She gently reached inside his sweatpants and pulled his thickening junk into the middle of his crotch, forming a huge bulge. Walter let out a sigh and Gem smiled. She returned her hands around his neck and played in his hair again. Walter pulled her close to him and held her tight. Their loins met and Gem felt a charge of electricity emit from her clit and radiate up and down her body. She subconsciously began to grind herself against Walter’s knot. This time she couldn’t help it. “Ohhh Daddy…” she oozed, breathing hard in his ear.

“Do you like that?” he asked.

“Yes.” Gem breathed in his ear sensually. The song ended and Gem frowned. She looked down at Walter but he continued to hold onto her. “Do you want another dance?” she asked.

“I’d like to enjoy your company for a little while longer.” he replied.

Gem smiled and looked around. She saw the Champagne room was available and turned to him. “Would you like a dance in the Champagne Room? There we will have a bit more… privacy. But instead of $10 per song for a dance, it’s $20.” she said, hoping he would be down.

Walter grinned. “Money is not a problem and it sounds like fun. Let’s go.” he said.

“Alright then.” Gem said with a big smile on her face. She stood up. “Wait here for a second.” she said and she went off to let management know.

Walter stayed in his seat patiently until Gem was ready. She came back and took his hand and together they went into the Champagne Room. It was a spacious room with an area containing a plush chair that was cordoned off by curtains. There were a couple of more areas set up just like it so that three dancers and their clients could be accommodated at once. It offered total privacy for the dancers and the client. It was very dim in there but there was more light than in the dance area, not that it matters to Walter anyway.

Gem sat Walter down in the chair and they waited for the next song to start. Once it did, Walter reached out and ran his fingers along her taut waistline, making Gem tremble a bit. She turned around and planted her soft, rounded rear squarely on his crotch.

“Myyyyy, my, my…” Walter said softly. His hands went up near the center of her back and trailed down along her spine. He felt the muscles there along with her dewy soft skin. The mixture of her womanly essence with her perfume was intoxicating to him and now it grew stronger with her desire rising. He ran his fingers up her back and along her shoulders and massaged them. He then trailed his fingers along the back of her arms and held them firmly by her elbows.

Gem cooed as he exercised his control over her. She felt his bulging crotch grinding against her wetness from the back, arousing her even farther. She arched her back and pushed back on him even harder. His hands let go of her elbows and came up along her waist again, this time slowly coming up her ribcage to where kartal escort her bustier came down under her breasts. Gem’s heart beat a mile a minute as her nipples stiffened in anticipation through the thin nylon in the bustier. He cupped her breasts and squeezed firmly then let his fingers trace along her nipples. He rolled each one between his pointer fingers and thumb and Gem moaned loudly. He pulled her back against him and she rested the back of her head on his shoulder. She took in deep audible breaths as his hands worked on her.

“I hope you are enjoying this as much as I am, my dear.” Walter said softly in her ear.

“Oooooh yesss…” Gem whispered.

Walter kept one hand on her breast playing with her nipple and the other hand crept back down her tummy to one side of her pelvis. He caressed there, searching for her erogenous zone. He could hear her breathing change up so he knew he had found it. He lightly stroked her there and her breathing became more labored. His fingers then trailed down farther headed between her legs. She felt his fingers inch down towards her crotch but stop at her mons venus just above her pussy. Here he began to massage and caress the area firmly.

Gem’s eyes glowed in delight as her clit buzzed instantly. If she wasn’t wet and aroused before, she sure as shit was now. “Ooooooh fuckkkkk…” she moaned softly. “What are you doing to me?” She subconsciously gyrated her hips as she grinded against his hard dick through his sweatpants.

The song finally was over and Walter took his hands away. Gem thought about asking him did he want another dance but at the rate they were going, he would have to fuck her he had her so riled up. She looked back at him and judging by the grin on his face, he knew what he was doing to her.

She shook her head. “Walter, Walter, Walter…” she said. “Such a bad boy, you are.”

“But I’m good at it.” he said confidently.

Gem studied him. “I’ll just bet you are.” she said.

Walter stood up and reached in his pocket. He pulled out a stack of bills and held it out for Gem. She took the money and looked at it. “$50 right?” he asked.

“Yes, Walter, that’s fine. Thank you, baby.” Gem said and leaned down to plant a soft kiss on his cheek. She took his hand and together they came back out to the floor where Gem led him back to his seat.

“No, I think I’m okay now. I’ve gotten what I came for.” Walter said.

“Ohhh… Okay.” Gem said in surprise. She smiled to herself. He had made her evening. Here was a man who, despite his handicap, knew his way around a woman’s body and how to pleasure her. She wondered just how good in bed he was. She grabbed her purse and pulled out a business card from it. She slipped the card into Walter’s jacket pocket as she hugged him goodbye. “Don’t let this be the last time I see you.” she whispered in his ear. “Call me sometime.”

“How can I do that?” he asked her softly. He wasn’t trying to be funny but he knew he couldn’t read the business card she gave him. Not unless his sister did it for him.

Gem seemed disappointed. Then her face brightened. “Give me your phone.” she said. He held out his phone for her and she took it. She sent a text to her phone from his and put the phone back in his hand. “Now I have your number. I’ll be in touch.” she said. She gave him another quick kiss on the cheek. “Buh bye for now, Daddy.” she cooed and was off.

Walter grinned and grabbed his walking stick. He made his way back towards the exit and left the club. Gem watched in amazement as he left. Candy came over and stood by her side. “You danced for him? He never asks anyone for a dance.” she said.

Gem smiled widely. “He’s a sweetheart. You never know, right?” she said and headed back into the dressing room.

The next few days were hard on Gem. She looked for Walter to come through but he never showed up. Candy told her that he only comes in the club once or twice a month. Gem was disappointed. Her thing was dancing on the floor and working the pole. She didn’t like giving lap dances too much. Men were pigs and she didn’t like the way most of them acted towards her.

However, Walter was different. She could see that even before she danced for him. He treated her like a delicate gift to be enjoyed over and over again. And his touch… Gem closed her eyes and recalled the delicious sensations his hands gave her in the Champagne Room. If he could do that in there, she could only imagine what he was like in bed.

The end of her shift came around and it was close to 10pm. She thought about staying a while longer to make more money. It was a Friday and the club was packed. But somehow, she didn’t feel like staying and being pawed all over. Her mind kept going back to Walter and she wondered what he was doing. She went back to the dressing room, showered and changed into some denim capris, a white blouse, and a short denim jacket with wedge sandals. She said her goodbyes to the other dancers and went outside.

It was a clear, cool summer night and the stars were out. Gem walked to her car then sat down on the hood. She looked back up the street and wondered where Walter would walk from. Fuck it, she thought and pulled out her phone. She dialed the number she had stored for him. Walter answered on the third ring.

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