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Saturday Ch. 02

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This is the second part of the story “Saturday” and I am writing this as most of my readers want me to continue from where I left. This is for my readers for their support and encouragement. Thanks.

It was 6.15 pm. The sun was going down leaving behind a trail of dark orange radiance which illuminated the beach. Mala and Ravi strolling on the beach stood looking at the Sun disappearing and when it started to get dark Ravi said ‘shall we go.’

Mala turned to him and looking at his face asked ‘where to?’

‘Remember, Roger has invited us to his shack’ replied Ravi hesitatingly.

‘Yes, but what is the urgency’ she asked.

‘Nothing’ he shot back.

Moving closer to him she said ‘you seem to be eager to meet Jade.’

‘It’s not that, but I thought you may need time to dress up’ he said.

‘Why what’s wrong with the way I am dressed.’ she asked looking at cotton sari she had worn.

‘Wear something dazzling’ he replied.

‘You want me to change this sari’ she asked.

‘Yes, I want you to wear the one which I have left in your room’ he replied.

‘Come, then let’s go’ saying she went inside.

Ravi had to wait almost half an hour before his mother came out and his waiting was fully rewarded. Mala had worn the sky blue georgette sari with a thin silver border. She had put on a matching sleeveless blouse. She had left her hair free which were cascading on her shoulders. She had applied mascara on her face and the color of her lipstick was bluish.

Ravi stood paralyzed looking at her figure coming down the stairs. The material of her sari was swaying and the feminine upheavals of her body were visible through the thin material and as she had worn the sari some 3 inches below her navel, it had a dazzling effect. Her belly button was visible and the strip of flesh below it was enchanting to look at.

Mala saw her son deeply engrossed eying her body which sent a shiver down her spine. Seeing him immobile she said ‘come, let’s go.’

Ravi did not take his eyes away from her and stood still looking at her.

This prompted Mala to ask again ‘shall we go.’

‘I am in two minds’ replied Ravi.

‘Why. What are you thinking?’ she asked.

‘I am contemplating whether we should go or not’ he replied.

‘Why. What has made you change your mind now’ she asked.

‘It’s how you are looking’ he replied.

‘How am I looking’ she asked getting closer.

‘I have not seen you look so gorgeous before’ he said.

‘So’ she asked.

‘So I am thinking of staying back’ he replied.

‘And’ she asked.

‘And have you in my arms’ he replied trying to embrace her.

‘You can have me in your arms there too’ she spoke softly in his ears.

‘Yes, I can. But what about Roger’ he asked?

‘What about him’ she said moving closer to him.

He did not reply to her as he had planned out the evening for Roger. Stammering a bit, he said ‘I think he will be waiting.’

‘Yes, I feel the same’ she said and holding his hand they started moving out. It took them few minutes to reach Roger’s place and a waiting Jade welcomed them.

Ravi on seeing Jade forgot about his mother. Jade had put on a top which consisted of two small triangles of cloth held a string which could barely cover her breasts. Her long flowing skirt was cut deeply at both the sides revealing her thighs right up to her panties.

On entering their shack Ravi and Mala were pleased to see it brilliantly decorated. The walls of the room were painted with a thick coat of dark red color and paintings mostly of nude women hung at vantage points. From the ceiling tiny concealed bulbs where pouring in light rays. The room was thickly carpeted and there were two sofa sets which were very inviting.

As the three entered, a beaming Roger attired in a white sleeveless jacket and white satin shorts welcomed them by kissing Mala on her cheeks and shaking hands with Ravi.

Mala was captivated by his looks and as her vision got focused on his shorts, she felt a warm sensation creep over her body on seeing the impression of his limp cock behind the loose satin shorts.

While the three took seats, Roger excused himself and returned back with welcome drinks. After a round of drinks Jade and Roger escorted them to the dining hall where the table was set. As they finished a sumptuous dinner, Roger escorted Mala back to the living room and lodged her comfortably at one end of the sofa. Ravi sat next to her while Jade squeezed in beside him.

Roger again went inside and this time carrying a bottle of champagne and glasses he returned back. As he uncorked the bottle and filled the glasses he toasted ‘to Mala for having accepted our invitation.’

Mala blushed on hearing her name and accepted her drink. Roger after handing over the drinks sat down on the lush carpet sliding his legs in front of the three.

Mala was delighted when she saw Roger stretching himself in front of her exposing his bare legs and thighs to her. As she stole a fleeting glance of his muscled thighs up to czech experiment porno his crotch she heard Roger say ‘how was your day?’

As this question jolted her and before she could answer she heard Ravi saying ‘rested the whole day.’

‘Did you not go out’ asked Roger.

‘No we rested, had a refreshing bath and now we are here’ he replied.

‘Yes, you look very refreshing’ said Roger looking at Mala.

‘Yes, the rest did us good’ replied Ravi.

‘Yes I can see it. The rest has done a world of goodness for both of you. While you look smart and fit, she looks stunning’ said Roger looking at Mala.

‘Mom took half an hour to make her self look gorgeous’ replied Ravi.

‘It’s visible. She looks dazzling’ replied Roger.

‘She always looks so’ replied Ravi smiling at his mother.

‘No doubt about it. By the by, are you both comfortable’ he asked looking at them?

‘Yes’ said Mala joining in the conversation.

Roger looking at Jade said ‘why don’t you come down and let them be comfortable.’

Jade got up from the sofa before Mala could stall her.

‘Come right over here’ said Roger patting his thighs.

This brightened Jade’s face and holding her swaying skirt carefully she came over and sat on Roger’s lap placing her legs along his. Though she tried to cover her legs, the skirt slid exposing her thighs to the visitors.

As Jade got up Ravi made himself more comfortable on the sofa and putting an arm over his mother’s shoulders he pulled her closer to him.

‘That’s better’ said Roger as he saw Ravi pulling Mala closer to him.

Seeing this Jade leaned her back on Roger’s chest and as she felt the buttons of his jacket prick her back she said ‘why don’t you remove your jacket.’

‘Yes’ said Roger as he unbuttoned and removed the jacket.

As Roger removed his jacket, Jade thanking him lifted her hands and encircling his neck held him tightly while resting her back on his chest.

‘You seem to occupy the most comfortable seat’ said Roger as he slid his hands on her waist and held it.

‘Yes, of course I have’ she replied looking at Ravi who was staring at her exposed thighs.

Mala was busy watching Roger’s hands caressing Jade’s waist and wished it was she instead of Jade who was sitting on his lap.

Seeing Mala get interested Roger addressed Jade and said ‘you owe me a kiss me for making you comfortable.’

‘Yes, I do’ replied Jade and curved her body to plant a soft kiss on Roger’s lips.

As Jade curved her body to kiss Roger the sides of her breast got exposed and both Ravi and Mala had a fleeting glimpse of it. This prompted Ravi to slide his hand from his mothers shoulder and place it under her arm feeling the softness of her flesh.

Mala leaned her body on Ravi’s and made her self comfortable.

Seeing Mala place her head on Ravi’s shoulders, ‘I feel you all are comfortable.’ said Roger.

‘Yes’ replied Ravi nuzzling still closer to his mother while Jade dragged her feet up and started moving them signifying his point.

‘Look she is enjoying herself’ said Roger looking at Jade who was rocking her legs and exposing more of her thighs.

‘It is my privilege’ she said beamingly kissing Roger again on his lips. This time her lips were locked on his.

‘You are getting naughty’ said Roger as he slid his hands down her thighs and patted them.

As both Mala and Ravi watched Roger patting her thighs, they heard Jade say ‘squatting on your lap has made me mischievous.’

‘Yes I can feel your body warming up’ said Roger as his hands moved inside the slits of her skirt and held her bare thighs.

Jade moaned and Mala’s eyes went searching for Roger’s hands which were concealed inside Jade’s skirt.

Roger eyeing Mala whose eyes were focused over Jade’s thighs, slowly started to pull her skirt up.

Mala let out a soft moan as the skirt slid up and exposed Roger’s hands holding Jade’s thighs.

‘Doesn’t she have a good pair of legs’ asked Roger as his hands started caressing her thighs?

‘They are beautiful’ said Ravi who was keenly watching their actions and as he bent forward to see more of Jade’s thighs, Roger widened Jade’s thighs which made the skirt slid and her glistening thighs were uncovered right up to her panties.

Ravi’s eyes popped out as Jade’s skirt rode up exposing her skin colored panties to their gaze.

This made Mala who was enjoying the show to place her hands on Ravi’s shoulders and lean upon him pushing her breasts against his back.

This prompted Ravi to place his left hand on his mother’s thighs and grip it.

Roger looked up at Mala and was elated to see her face flushed with passion. He saw that she was staring at his hands which were caressing Jade’s thighs. Looking directly into her eyes he said ‘Aren’t they beautiful.’

Mala nodded her head in confirmation.

Holding Jade’s skirt in his hand he said ‘want me see more?

‘Yes’ moaned Mala which was hardly audible.

(Ravi was thrilled czech first porno video to see her mother encouraging Roger. Sliding his hand between her thighs he squeezed her warm flesh over her sari.)

Holding Jade’s skirt Roger pulled it out from her body and setting it aside he looked at Mala intensively, inviting her to have a look.

Mala felt aroused as her eyes feasted upon the lithe body of Jade clad in brief panties and a top which could hardly cover her breasts. She saw jade squirming her body on Roger’s thighs. She again wished it was she who sitting there and thinking about it, her hand impulsively reached up her chest and caressing her breasts over her sari she gestured Roger to fondle Jade’s.

Roger reading her thoughts placed his hands over Jade’s waist and caressing it lightly he brought his hands under her breasts and when Mala looked at him he pushed her breasts up exposing them to her gaze.

As the upper part of Jade’s breasts swelled out of her cups, Mala looking at them slipped her hand inside her sari and cupped her own breasts in passion. This made the top of her sari to slide down from her bosom revealing her sleeveless blouse with the deep neckline. Roger’s eyes feasted upon her robust breasts juggling inside the light color blouse.

As Mala continued fondling her breasts, Roger pushed Jade’s top aside and cupping her bare breasts in both his hands he looked at Mala and said ‘open your blouse.’

To this Mala shook her head but continued squeezing her own breasts.

As Roger was busy eyeing Mala and Ravi who was ogling Jade’s body, saw Jade extending her hands to him. Ravi held her hands in his and when his mother nudged him, he slid on to the soft carpet.

Seeing Ravi slide down from the sofa, Jade leaned forward and embraced him in her arms.

When Jade was busy with Ravi, Roger looked up at Mala and signaled her to follow suit.

Mala seeing his gestures felt her body tremble with passion and shaking her head slowly she widened her legs which was an open invitation to him.

Roger pushing Jade away from him, crawled till he came closer to Mala. Mala seeing him approach slid back till her back rested on the sofa and her legs were drawn up.

Roger on reaching her took hold of her legs and carefully removed her foot wear.

This made Mala’s body to shudder and after discarding her footwear Roger held her foot in his hand and started caressing it. Mala looked at the other couple who were busy embracing and kissing passionately. This motivated her and she slowly lifted her foot till it touched Roger’s face.

Roger held her bare foot in his hand firmly and gliding it over his face he caressed his cheeks with it and bringing it over his mouth he said ‘it is beautiful.’ before kissing it.

Mala moaned as Roger kissed her foot and as he took her toe into his mouth, Mala’s body convulsed and her body went limp.

The moment Mala went limp, Roger let go of her foot and taking hold of her hands tried to pull her up.

Mala whose body was on fire and who was eager to oblige looked at the other couple who were close by. This made her to stay put in her place.

Roger read her thoughts and moving sideways he curtailed her from the two and sliding his arms around her back he pulled her up. Mala as she stood up looked at the far end of the room and Roger manoeuvered her over there.

On reaching the far end of the room a look of relief came over Mala’s face and seeing it Roger hissed ‘you look beautiful.’

Mala smiled and looking straight into his eyes said ‘Am I.’

‘You have a lovely face’ saying this Roger cupped her face in both his hands and with his thumbs he started caressing her lips and mouth.

Caressing her lips and sliding his thumbs inside her mouth Roger brought his face closer to hers, trying to conquer her lips.

As Roger’s face came closer, Mala started moving back; stopping him from kissing her until she felt the wall behind her.

Roger seeing her cornered tried to close the gap between their bodies but this time Mala playfully placed her hands on his chest and stopped him from getting closer.

This made Roger to place his hands on her waist and moving them up gradually he started caressing her lush body and when his hands reached up under her arms he took possession of both her hands and pinning them to the wall said ‘try stopping me now.’

‘Stop you from what’ she asked playfully?

‘From kissing you’ he replied as he moved his face closer.

‘Do you want to kiss me that badly’ she asked?

In answer to this he held both her hands in one hand and freeing the other he brought it under her chin and lifting her face up he said ‘very badly.’

Being held captive and unable to ward him any longer she dipped her head in acceptance.

Releasing her hand and cupping her lovely face in his hands, Roger brushed his coarse lips over hers saying ‘my, my, your lips are very promiscuous.’

Mala melted down as she felt his lips brush hers and when she czech game porno started moaning she heard him say ‘open your mouth.’

Mala let go a soft moan and opened her mouth feeling his coarse lips on hers.

As Mala opened her mouth Roger smacked his lips over hers and sliding his tongue inside her mouth he engulfed her mouth in his.

Mala had never been kissed like it. Though he had kissed her rudely she enjoyed it. Her mouth opened wider and allowed his raging tongue to invade deep inside her hot mouth. She felt his tongue ravaging at all the corners of her mouth and as it slid deeper into her mouth and his lips closed over her mouth, she felt her whole mouth being sucked inside his. Instinctively Mala slid her hands around his back and hugged him.

As Mala hugged, Roger felt her breasts crush against his naked chest. He went wild with passion. Ravaging her lips with his, his hands moved on her back and gripping her buttocks, he pulled her up to his body till he felt his raging cock embed in the curve of her waist. Holding Mala in his steel like grip Roger’s hands started caressing her back.

Mala felt her knees buckle down as she felt his cock imbed upon her waist and when Roger’s rough hands started to caress and fondle her back she gripped his back for support.

While kissing her Roger started caressing her buttocks and seeing Mala seething with pleasure he shoved both his hands inside her blouse with such force that it made the thin fabric of her blouse to rip apart and the hooks to fly out from the thin material of her blouse.

Mala let out a deep moan as she felt her blouse being ripped open and as his rough hands took hold of her shoulders, releasing her lips from his, she looked at him with want in her eyes.

Roger seeing her aroused face, her lustrous eyes gleaming with passion and her rosy cheeks turned crimson commanded ‘remove your sari.’

‘Why don’t you do it yourself’ she replied in a lewd manner, her mouth open and saliva dripping down her cheeks.

‘I can’t remove it. I can only shred it out’ he replied.

‘Do you as wish’ she replied wiggling her body and allowing him some space.

Roger taking hold of the top of her sari in his hand and sliding it past her chest he dropped it down on the floor casually. Then groping his hand inside her waistband and gripping the tucked part of her sari, he pulled it out with such force that left her to stand dazed in her petticoat and a torn blouse.

‘You are a monster’ said Mala as her sari was ripped out in a flash.

‘You are yet to see the real monster’ he said.

‘Which monster’ she asked wetting her lips.

‘This one’ saying this he took hold of her hand and brought it on his enraged cock.

Cupping his cock over his shorts she spoke ‘Yes, it feels like a monster.’

‘A real throbbing monster’ he replied.

‘Why is it throbbing’ she asked.

‘It wants to be freed from the prison; release it’ he commanded.

Hearing him Mala brought her other hand down. Holding his enraged cock in one hand she slid the other hand inside his shorts and loosening the elastic band she slowly pulled his shorts down till they reached below his buttocks. Feeling the warm muscular flesh of his buttocks and as she caressed them in her hand, she felt Roger’s hand pulling the tattered blouse out from her body.

She again looked up at his face with fervor and when Roger said ‘remove my shorts’ she pushed them down with both her hands, all the time her eyes were glued to his face.

‘Now look at it’ commanded Roger stepping back and exposing his cock.

Mala slowly dipped her eyes down and what they saw got etched in her memory. She saw its head first which was as thick as her wrist. It was curved up in an angle pointing towards her. Its head glistening with a drop of pre cum struck at its opening. Holding it in her hand she was amazed by its width, as her fingers found it difficult to encircle it, and when she pulled it down to look at its length she could not believe it.

She was enchanted by its look. Not just by its dimensions but for its color. It was jet black and with the thin rays of light falling on it she felt as if she was holding something precious in her hand. It was not a cock she was holding but a jewel she thought. It looked so precious to her.

Roger saw her keenly observing his cock and asked ‘do you like what you see.’

This made Mala look back again at him and seeing his sweating face said ‘I don’t like monsters.’

‘Then what had kept you captivated for such a long time’ he asked.

‘I was contemplating whether to stay put or run away’ she said naughtily.

‘Why? Why is it so’ he asked her.

‘I am scared by its color’ she said.

‘What color’ he asked continuing the conversation.

‘Black’ she replied.

‘But black is beautiful, isn’t it’ he asked?

‘Yes black is beautiful and that is why I am scared’ she said.

‘But why’ he asked a little surprised this time.

‘Because I like black things and yours is beautifully black’ she spoke softly.

Roger was stunned when he heard her say so. Suddenly he felt his cock straining in her hand. He moved closer to her and placed one hand on her shoulder while the other drifted down her waist and when Mala lifted her eyebrows feeling his hand crawl on her waist, he said softly ‘show me yours.’

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