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Sarah’s Mistake

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Abella Anderson

Sarah stared at the pictures in front of her in disbelief. How on earth did I let this go so far? She asked herself. There was no denying that she was in trouble, moreover, there was no denying getting out of trouble would be more than difficult. Her heart raced as she put the pictures back in the folder and tucked it under her arm. There was nothing left to do but walk through the door in front of her and finish what she had started. She took a deep breath, and walked through the door of the studio.

The room was brightly lit, with spasms of bright color on every wall. Each corner of the small room was painted in a different way and the chasms of color sent her mind spinning. In the middle of the room was a white backdrop surrounded by bright lights and reflection sheets. Benches, stools, and sheets were in a pile to the right of the backdrop. Props, she assumed, for the upcoming photo shoot. Sarah’s heart pounded as she walked further into the room. Jack was expecting her to pose there. Sweat peaked on her forehead and Sarah swallowed at the sensation of her mouth going dry. How am I going to get out of this? She thought. Panic gripped her as she turned to run out of the room, but instead of the doorway, she nearly crashed into the man who had somehow talked her into every inch of the trouble she was in.

Jack was average height with medium length brown hair. His eyes were piercing blue in contrast to the freshly tanned look of his skin. His arms were crossed over his firm bare chest as he stood in the doorway, light from the door framing his solid figure. Sarah had never seen Jack without his shirt on before. She had not seen him since the art gala months ago when he had approached her admiring one of his photographs. He had worn a suit and tie then which made him seem less muscular and imposing. Whether he was in a suit, or without a shirt, there was no doubt that Jack was devastatingly handsome. His strong jaw and dark stubble was contrasted by his soft smile and deeply set eyes. A line of chest hair down the middle of his abdomen was framed perfectly by prominent hip flexors that disappeared under the belt of his tattered and painted jeans. Sarah found herself wishing she could run her fingers along his chest and find out just what the rest of his body looked like. Her former desire to retreat replaced with a more primal one.

“You’re not having second thoughts are you?” Jack questioned, raising one eyebrow inquisitively.

“Just a bit,” Sarah confessed nervously.

Jack took two steps towards her, closing the distance between them as his hand reached out and brushed his hands along her face gently.

“You have nothing to be nervous about Sarah. I’ve known you’d be perfect for this since I first saw you.”

Sarah felt heat rush to her cheeks as she blushed. Her heart fluttered in her chest at his touch. She tried to drop her eyes from his, but he stared at her with such intensity that she could only swallow in response.

“Come, follow me, and we’ll talk about our plan,” Jack prompted as he took her hand and walked her behind the backdrop in the room.

Part of Sarah still longed to run out the door, but she could not resist the pull this man had on her. She knew that there would be consequences for what she was about to do. She knew that trusting Jack was a huge risk, but she loved the rush she got every time he looked at her or spoke her name. She loved the high she felt each time they interacted.

Jack walked her around behind the backdrop and Sarah gasped at what she saw. A whiteboard was filled with all the pictures that she clutched tightly to her chest. He had arranged them from the first innocent photo, to the more recent ones that made her cringe to think of. Jack walked up to the first photo, taking it down and walking towards her. He had snapped the picture of her at the art gallery. The photo was in black and white. Sarah had been in a little black dress she had purchased just for the opening of the art gala. Jack had caught an image of her admiring a white sculpture, but the light in the photo was focused on her, like she was the art piece. It had been the photo he had sent her in a private message on Facebook. The caption under it read “Two pieces of art.”

As she glanced at the photo again, it struck her the same way it did the first time she saw it. The ying and yang black and white balance of the photo was poetic. Her dark hair was pinned up perfectly and her large white pearl earrings were silhouetted in the profile of her face. Her pale skin seemed to shine under the fabric of the black dress, the light from above making her skin appear to shimmer. Her long, shapely legs stretched even further with the three inch spiked heels that she wore. The beautiful modern white sculpture that sat across her reflected the shape of her curves. It looked as though the sculpture was being lured towards her and the light that shined from above.

“I knew then that I had to photograph you,” Jack said, breaking her reflection on the piece.

Sarah shivered bostancı escort at the sound of his voice, and the indication he referred to. Her eyes glanced at the props to her left, and she idly rubbed her fingers over her arms. She had sent Jack the next photos on the wall without being prompted. She had been playing with black and white photography on her own. She had made herself the focus of her pieces, more for the challenge than for the narcissistic purposes that so many people pursued with simple selfies that they posted online. She sent him three photos of herself. The first two were very conservative, focusing on angles and lighting more than the content of the picture. The third was of her in nothing but a black oversized shirt, the neckline draped over her shoulder, her dark hair loose along her back, and her long legs lay out on a lounge chaise. The picture had a romantic feel to it and she knew that Jack would appreciate the artistic edge it had.

“I wanted to make love to you the moment I saw you in that picture,” Jack said as he stepped up behind her. He moved her hair to the side and gently kissed her on the neck. Sarah shuddered at the sensation and leaned her head back against him.

“I wanted to have those perfect long legs wrapped around me, that soft, smooth skin at my fingertips,” Jack continued as he kissed down her neck and to her shoulder. Sarah felt her heart rate increase and her breathing go shallow as Jack’s hands travelled up and down her arms.

After she had sent him that photo, Jack had sent her barrage of messages. He complemented her perfect figure, her sensual eyes, and her artistic appeal. He sent her poems and photos, and requests for more photos of herself. He begged for pictures of her breasts, her curves, her legs. At first, Sarah had been taken aback by his assault, overwhelmed by his demand for her. But part of her flared at the flattery; the hubristic side of her longed to oblige him. She sent him a photo of her abdomen, starting at just below the curve of her breasts and reaching down to the top of the curve of her hips. Sarah had had an hourglass figure since she was eleven, and she knew how tempting it was for men to explore the narrow chasm between her curves.

The photo had prompted an entire repertoire of photo requests from Jack, and Sarah had been compelled to follow them. Things she had never even thought of doing before were coached out of her by Jack. The evidence of her indulgence lay in front of her in a smattering of color. All parts of her body were on display for her to see.

“Do you see how beautiful you are?” Jack asked.

Sarah blushed, not used to being confronted in such an openly sexual way. She was again reminded of the trouble that she could be in. She had trusted Jack too quickly, he could be doing anything with the photos in front of her and she had no way of stopping him. She could lose everything she had worked for, all because she had gotten caught up with a charming artist.

“Jack,” Sarah started, “I need some sort of reassurance that my anonymity can be guaranteed.” Sarah swallowed; the uneasy feeling growing after she had expressed her concerns.

Jack scowled at her for a moment, and then quickly walked towards a desk on the other side of the room. Sarah, felt the urge to tear down the pictures in front of her and run out the door, but she knew that he had copies of them elsewhere. Before she could come up with a better plan, Jack had returned, a paper in his hands.

“I would never take advantage of such beauty, and such an opportunity,” Jack explained as he handed over a paper. Sarah scanned over the document that he handed her. It was a contract giving the exclusive rights to all photos to her. It was post-dated to the first day they had met. Jack had already signed it, and all it needed was her signature to make her the sole owner of all the photos they had taken. Relief washed over her immediately. While it did not eliminate the risk, it gave her power to take action if anything ever happened with the photos that she didn’t approve of. Sarah smiled sheepishly and grabbed a pen from her purse.

“Thank you Jack,” Sarah said as she signed the papers, “this means a lot to me.” Sarah handed the signed papers back to him, and he walked them back over to his desk in the corner of the room. Sarah eyed him as he walked away. His butt was toned and firm under his jeans, his stride measured and confident. Sarah felt herself warm again as she watched him walk.

“So, where did you want to start?” Sarah asked nervously.

Jack turned around and leaned back on his desk, his eyes taking her in briefly as he thought to himself.

“I’m going to seduce you today in photographs.” Jack stated boldly. “So we’ll start where most lovers start, with a kiss.”

Jack crossed the room in just a few steps, and was suddenly present in front of her. Sarah looked up at him, the air full of his masculinity. He put one hand on each side of her face and she leaned her head up to look into ümraniye escort bayan his deep blue eyes. His eyes did not close as he brought his lips towards hers, watching her intently as she felt his breath on her lips. He hovered there, tantalizingly, holding her in suspension.

“Do you want me to kiss you?” he whispered, his top lip brushing hers as he spoke.

“Ye…” Jake’s lips pressed against hers before she could answer, his generous lips caressing her own. He kissed her softly, but intently, her pulse pounding in response. Her lips parted and Jack obliged hungrily, his tongue entering her mouth, licking at her lips.

“You have the most luscious, pouty lips,” he commented, pulling away briefly. “Let me capture them while they are hungry and wet.”

Jack’s camera appeared as if it had been in his hands the whole time. Lights flashed with each click of the shudder of his camera. Sarah bit her bottom lip in response to the abrupt change. It had been their first kiss, their first truly mutual sexual act in person. Her eyes glassed over as she relieved the intimate moment. Jack was always full of passion, completely in each moment, and his kisses left an impression. She barely noticed when the clicking of the camera stopped.

Jack was watching her daydream, and Sarah blushed when she realized it.

“That shade of red is lovely on you,” he teased.

Sarah laughed, embarrassed at the attention. Jack came up to her again and kissed her quickly, a grin stretching across his face, smile lines just reaching the corners of his eyes. Sarah reached up to run her fingers through his hair, the soft strands falling thickly through her fingers. Jack hummed as he enjoyed the sensation.

“I’ve never had someone see me the way you do,” Sarah stated. “I feel like art, and sex, and beauty when you see me.”

Jack looked up at her again, the intensity of his eyes unfaltering. “You are a dangerous woman,” he commented. “You possess me completely, and I want to capture that forever.”

Sarah’s heart jumped in her chest and her breathing faltered slightly. The infatuation she had for him winning over the physiologic normalcy of her body. Jack walked toward her, taking her hand and walking her around the backdrop to where the better lighting was. He stood her in the middle and took measurements of light with a small device. She wore an aqua colored tank top and white A- line skirt, her legs bare with her feet in strappy tied on wedges. Jack brought around a chaise lounge from the props on the side of the backdrop and placed it in the middle of the small set up.

“Let’s continue here,” Jack said, gesturing to the soft red chair, “we’ll get some nice body shots while you continue to get comfortable.”

Sarah felt a surge of energy course through her. She was still reeling from the lust she had felt from her kiss with Jack, and her body wanted more. She didn’t want to slow down, she wanted to step up. She saw the beautiful crimson antique chaise next to her and she thought of the blush color of her skin. Jack was setting up his camera, playing with the light levels, not fully focusing on what she was doing. Sarah grinned mischievously, a boldness that only he brought out in her taking over her more rational thoughts. She stepped behind the backdrop and stripped off all of her clothing, her nipples hardening from the temperature difference. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath, reveling in the surge of confidence that she felt. She then rounded the corner and lay on her side on the chair.

“Is this how you thought we should start?” she asked playfully.

Jack turned away from adjusting a lamp and stared at her openly. His jeans shifted noticeably as he stiffened while he looked at her. Sarah smiled as she appreciated his reaction. The lust was apparent on his face, and she could tell she had surprised him.

“You are definitely a dangerous woman,” Jack repeated.

For the next hour, Sarah posed nude on the chaise. Jack directed her methodically, instructing her on how to position her body so it was captured perfectly. She bent over the chair, her round butt mirroring the bend the chair, while her breasts rested on the top. She posed on her back, arching against the angle of the chair to highlight her breasts. Jack’s camera snapped away, lights flashing like a summer storm. Sarah felt like she was floating, somewhere outside of herself while the photos were taken. The natural highs of being made to feel beautiful making her not want to stop.

Jack paused briefly to change out the battery in a light, and Sarah stood to stretch. She sifted through the different fabrics that Jack had put aside for her to pose with. She found a light purple silk that felt soft against her pale skin. While she was enjoying the sensation of the fabric on her skin, Sarah felt hands start to caress her. She inhaled sharply at the rough sensation of Jack’s hands in contrast of the soft silk. His hands ran up between her thighs and then over her round ass. His nose nuzzled kartal escort into her neck and he kissed along her shoulder.

“I’m not going to last much longer just watching you,” Jack whispered into her ear, nibbling along its edge. Shivers ripped through Sarah’s body, and she felt wetness building between her thighs in anticipation. She turned around and kissed Jack forcefully. His hand trailed along her back and down her butt, then brought her leg up around him. She felt him hard and full against her stomach. He wanted her, of that there was no question. Sarah playfully and gently bit his lower lip as he pulled away from their kiss. Jack smiled at her again.

“I can see why everyone loves you,” he teased, slapping her gently on the butt. “You don’t hold back.”

“If you think I’m like this all the time, you’re seriously misinformed,” Sarah laughed.

Jack kissed her again, pulling Sarah firmly against him. Sarah hungered for more of him, wanting to see him as he saw her. She had wanted him since the first time she had seen him. Jack brought out the animal in her, releasing the primal lust that she had never before experienced.

Jack brought both of his hands under her ass and lifted her off the ground. Sarah wrapped her legs around him in response, his erection hard against her. Jack turned her around and laid her down on the chaise lounge, kissing her deeply. Sarah arched her back into his chest, rubbing her breasts against his skin.

“There is so much life in you,” Jack commented. “Let me see what it tastes like.” Jack massaged Sarah’s breasts as he kissed down her abdomen. He dragged his fingers down her tummy and along her inner thighs, opening her legs in front of him. Jack slid his tongue along the inner crease of her thigh and then plunged into Sarah’s pussy, caressing the wetness there. Sarah moaned loudly in response to his fervor. His tongue felt like warm velvet, plunging into her and then sucking along her clit. Shivers rocked through her body as he pressed his face firmly against her. Jack ravaged her with his lips and tongue, causing Sarah to shake as she neared climax. Jack pulled away seconds before she came, causing her to groan in frustration.

“I want to watch you finish,” Jack said. He retreated briefly to the side of the chair, sorting through the pile of things on the side of the backdrop. He emerged with a large vibrator. He turned on a switch and Sarah could hear it humming. She wanted to cum so desperately, that she looked at the toy hungrily.

“Show me how wet you are, how naughty you are.” Jack instructed. “Make me want to take you now.”

Sarah sat up on the chaise and opened her legs wide. She rubbed her clit hard and then thrust her fingers inside of herself, drawing out more wetness. She heard snap of the shutter of the camera and she had a second rush of lust. She wanted to perform for the camera; she wanted to show how hot she could get. She grabbed the vibrating cock next to her and thrust it inside of herself. Her abdomen quaked as she drew it in and out, heat rushing through her. She lay on her back and squeezed the toy between her legs, firmly mashing her hands against her breasts, the sharp pressure feeling so good with the massage between her legs. She rolled over to her stomach and lifted her ass into the air. She pulled the toy out and again and fingered herself deeply, her pussy dripping and hot. The snapping of the camera stopped and she heard the zipper of Jack’s jeans go down and his pants fall to the floor. He grabbed her hips from behind and rammed his cock into her hard. Sarah yelled in relief at the sensation of him deep inside her wet hungry pussy. Jack thrust into her deeply, pulling her hips hard against him; the wet slapping sound of his groin against her ass echoing against the backdrop. He rolled his erection inside her with his hips and slapped her hard on the ass. Sarah arched her back against him, opening up her pussy more to his fervent thrusts. Jack rubbed his thumb against her taint, and then up to the rim of her ass. Sarah grabbed the vibrator in front of her and stimulated her clit, her knees shaking in pleasure. Sarah’s heart beat pounded in her ears as she started to cum. She clenched around Jack tightly as she pressed the vibrator harder against her clit. She writhed wildly beneath him as she came. Waves of heat and pleasure rocking over her body as Jack continued to fuck her from behind. She moved the vibrator back, pushing it into the soft area behind Jack’s balls to stimulate him fully.

“Oh my fucking God Sarah,” Jack said as he penetrated into her harder. Jack shouted in pleasure as he shot hot cum inside her. He shook as Sarah rolled her hips in a circle, grinding deeply against his cock. Jack collapse forward on top of her, his breaths shaky as they came down from the high of getting off.

“We’ll have to take video footage next time,” Sarah teased, sliding out from under Jack.

“Who’s says we’re done with this time?” Jack countered. He pinned Sarah beneath him, playfully, putting her arms behind her back and pushing her chest into the chair. He slid the chaise forward so that Sarah’s knees were on the floor. Jack stared at her perfectly round ass and straddled her, pinching her hips between his legs. He leaned forward and whispered into Sarah’s ear.

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