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Sarah’s Desire

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Sarah was restless. She was slightly drunk after going to Michelle’s party and was depressed. For the third Friday running, she had failed to attract any interest from any of the guys at the party. What was wrong with her? She slid out of her rumpled bed to look at her reflection in the mirror. She stood up straight, her auburn hair gently caressing her shoulders. She slipped off her dressing gown to look at her body. Sarah didn’t consider herself ugly, but she had always failed to gain any interest from the men who she met. The dressing gown slid over her shoulder, paused for a second over her rounded breasts and fell to the floor. She liked looking at her reflection.

A couple of years ago, Sarah had wondered whether she was a lesbian, as she was so turned on by her own body. However, none of the women who she met took any interest in her either, so she had given up on that. A chill draft swept through the room, causing her to shiver. She looked again at her body and noticed that her breasts had become hard. Not sure whether this was due to the cold, she ran her hands over them and shivered. Not for the first time, Sarah considered relieving her sexual frustration on her own, but that would have involved admitting to herself that she was desperate. She preferred to keep up the delusion that the only reason why she hadn’t had sex was that she chose not to. Still, it was tempting…Her hands slid down her body and started to flow towards her legs…

An inappropriate girlish giggle from the next room drove Sarah out of her reverie and brought her sharply back to reality. She looked at her hands and considered whether to continue. She sighed and put her dressing gown back on. Although it was the only way that she was going to come that night, it still seemed too desperate. She turned her mind to identifying the girlish giggle.

Always rubbing salt into her wounds was her younger brother’s promiscuous sex life. He didn’t intend to outshine her, but she was always depressed by hearing the squeals of excitement from the other room after going out on a Friday. Usually, the moaning that filtered from the other room came from the local schools’ contingent of older teens, but this one sounded older. Sometimes, David brought home girls who were five years older than him. It irritated Sarah that she, who was desperate, couldn’t pull to save her life, while David just walked into a room and smiled, drawing all of the girls towards him like a magnet.

The nights when their parents were away were the worst. David could then bring his latest conquest down to the kitchen for breakfast, instead of hurrying her out in the early hours of the morning. Worse than that, Sarah never got a wink of sleep those nights, as there was no limit on the volume of noise that the girls were allowed to make. Yesterday, their parents had left for a weekend break to the Isle of Skye. Sarah realised that she wasn’t likely to get any sleep that night. Still, she flopped back into bed and pulled the blankets asyalı porno over her head.

The next morning, after successfully gaining 2 hours sleep, Sarah went downstairs to get some coffee. Pausing by the kitchen door, she could hear moaning emanating from the room. She considered whether to enter. On one hand, David was probably in there, ‘pleasuring his woman,’ a sight which she didn’t think she could stand. However, she needed the coffee to wake her up. She decided to burst into the room, flinging the door wide open, hopefully encouraging David and his noisy companion to take their fucking elsewhere in the house, so that she could get her coffee.

She flung open the door, and gazed upon the scene. A blonde was lying over the breakfast table, throwing her head around and screaming. David was perched on top of her, sucking her tits and pumping furiously away at her cunt. This was not in itself surprising. What was surprising, was the heavily muscled man who was buried firmly in David’s arse. He was also pumping furiously away, but doing it with such a rhythm so that it would not interfere with David’s ever deeper strokes into the blond. Only the man had appeared to notice her entrance into the room, and he didn’t seem too bothered about her presence.

Sarah dropped her coffee cup.

The cup shattered as it hit the floor, attracting the attention of the figures on the table. David jerked his head up and saw Sarah. Absolute chaos ensued.

“What the fuck are you doing here? I didn’t realise that you got up this early,” exclaimed David.

“What the hell do you mean? I expect to be able to walk into a room into our house and not find you being fucked in the arse. I only came in for coffee.”

“Well get your coffee and get out.”

“You mean you’re going to carry on, even though you know that I know what you’re doing in here?”

“What the hell do you expect?”

“For you to stop.”

“Look, either join in or get out.”

“Join in?” Sarah was shocked. It was 8:00 on a Saturday morning, she’d only had 2 hours of sleep, she’d just found her brother entwined in a threesome with a different combination to the one that she would normally have expected to see him in, and now she’d just been invited to join in. Part of her felt that she should leave the room immediately, and go back to her room. However, by the time she had thought this, she had already been kissed by the muscled man.

David introduced the blond as Kirsty and the man as Joey. Kirsty broke up the introductions by kissing Sarah. The kiss was so sudden, that it took Sarah aback, then, she started to enjoy it. Kirsty’s tongue searched every area of her mouth, while Joey’s hands started to roughly caress her breasts. Someone grabbed her hand and pushed a hard dick into it. She tried to wrap her hand around his dick, but found that her fingers couldn’t reach.

Whoever’s dick this was, it had to be at least 7 inches. Suddenly, the penis was shoved into her castajans porno tight cunt. She squealed into Kirsty’s mouth as it penetrated her, and then started to moan as all 7 inches started to pump her cunt for all the juice that it was worth. Kirsty slid off her, and she saw whose dick she was currently impaled on. She struggled as she realised that David was the one who was currently fucking her brains out, but she couldn’t leave the hot rod that was currently shafting in and out of her tight box. David grinned at her and bent his neck to start to suck her tits.

Sarah started to scream as she came for the first time in her life. She was pushed further up the breakfast table as David drove further and further into her, bringing her to the brink of ecstasy and drawing her back again and again. David was still driving at her cunt, causing her to spasm, arching her back to try and push every centimetre of his cock inside her. She came again as David started to rub her clit. He came with her a second later, gushing wave after wave of cum into her, filling her up with his sperm. The wet slap inside her as he came made Sarah realise what she had done. She had just been fucked by her eighteen year old brother. She pushed him off of her and ran for the kitchen door.

The door was slammed before she got there by Kirsty. Sarah tried to slap her, but Kirsty caught her hand and started to kiss her, forcing her tongue into Sarah’s unwilling mouth. She pulled Sarah to the ground and turned around, pinning her arms with her legs. The blond then spread Sarah’s legs and held then with her arms, before grinding her face into her cunt. Sarah gasped as Kirsty’s experienced tongue started to fondle her cunt, sliding it all around her wet lips, before settling on Sarah’s engorged organ. Sarah suddenly realised that there was no way that she could escape the room, and, with the blond lesbian’s tongue gently caressing her clit, at this point she no longer wanted to.

Joey, who had just been an interested spectator to Sarah’s introduction to sex so far, decided it was time for him to take a more active part. He slowly sank to his knees and drove his dick into Sarah’s streaming cunt. She squealed as Joey’s penis entered her. This time it was unspoilt by the flash of pain that she had felt when David first entered her. Joey’s dick started to slowly move in and out, helped by the tongue of Kirsty, which was still attending to her clit, but now began also to follow the penis into her cunt, stretching it wider and wider. Sarah began to lick the cunt that was forced into her face, learning from what Kirsty had done to her.

She freed her hands, reached down and started to fondle Kirsty’s breasts. David, who was watching, knelt next to Sarah’s head and started to insert his firm dick into Kirsty. Sarah, despite her earlier disgust started sucking at his balls, and licking the shaft. David started to stroke in and out of Kirsty, causing her to come, spraying girl-cum bangbros porno all over David’s dick. Sarah started to push her tongue into Kirsty’s cunt to try and get a share of her juices, greedily sucking at her leaking snatch. Joey came at that point, shooting semen far into her. She could feel Kirsty’s tongue stretching as far into her as it could go, in an effort to gain some of the cum for herself.

The extra attention to her cunt caused her to come, and she arched her back, forcing more of her tongue inside Kirsty as she did so. David came as she did so, spraying semen inside Kirsty’s hot box. He then withdrew, leaving Kirsty to Sarah. She forced her tongue further inside the blond, trying to suck up David’s cum. She then started to suck on Kirsty’s engorged clitoris, trying to bring her partner to another climax. Kirsty started to scream into Sarah’s pussy, which her face was still buried in. Sarah’s tongue started to flicker over Kirsty’s clit, until she shuddered, spraying girl-cum all over Sarah’s face.

Kirsty eased herself off Sarah and stood up. Sarah lay on the floor for a second, then stood up. She looked at the two boys, who had become erect again. She strode towards David. This time she was going to take the upper hand. She swung a leg over his erect penis and mounted him, wrapping her legs around him. She kissed him, forcing her tongue down his throat. After a second her began to respond, squeezing her breasts. Joey moved slowly behind her and started to nibble on her ear. She felt his straining penis pressing against her arse. It moved away as he positioned it and then started to enter her arse.

David’s hands left her breasts and pulled her cheeks apart, allowing Joey to enter. She gasped as he entered her, stretching her hole in way that she hadn’t imagined. The pain was intense, but as he began to slowly move it in and out, she started to moan. Surely she couldn’t be enjoying this? Joey’s arms snaked around her torso and started to fondle her breasts.

She started to push against Joey’s body as he withdrew, inadvertently moving off David’s dick. She started to slide up and down David’s cock in time with Joey’s thrusts. Joey’s anal violation of her body was causing her to come so hard that it made anything else that she had done so far seem inadequate. The double penetration was driving her wild and she succumbed to the pounding that she was taking and slid into a glorious orgasm.

David and Sarah sat in the kitchen, drinking their coffee. Kirsty and Joey had left an hour ago, leaving the siblings to their ruminations. David finally broke the silence, asking Sarah if she’d do it again.

“Just with you, or are you planning a full-on orgy next time?”

“Look I’m sorry I didn’t tell you before, but…it’s not the kind of thing that you discuss with your sister. It’s just…Kirsty’s been asking me if I know another girl who’d be interested in joining in…and I’ve wanted to ask you for a while. Are you interested?”

Sarah considered. She was being offered endless sex, and, from what she’d experienced that morning, she wanted it. Or, she could return to her life of celibacy, but safe in the knowledge that she’d resisted temptation. There was no contest.

“When are Mum and Dad next going on holiday, then?”

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