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Sam Steals Her Dad Ch. 04

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Sam and I waited outside of the motel for my wife Hayley and her sister Margret to appear. I had just spent a perfect night alone with my daughter Samantha making passionate love. I was still high from the incredible experience. My beautiful daughter was all I wanted now.

Sammy was sitting on the hood of Margret’s olive green station wagon in a pretty pink top and a pair of low rider white jean shorts. They were a little frayed at the bottom and the leg holes were a bit baggy now that we were working out together. Her 18 year old body had slimmed out leaving long sexy legs that ended in a perfect firm heart shaped ass. I couldn’t keep my eyes off of it!

Her long blond hair was worn loose for a change and her green eyes sparkled. I couldn’t believe how her beautiful full breasts looked in her dainty top

I was standing very close to her. I wanted the freedom to have her in my arms and be kissing her as the new lovers we were but she was my daughter and although I had no intention of ever touching my wife again I hadn’t worked up the courage to out myself either.

I knew I needed to eventually if I were going to make Sam happy forever and that was my intention. To keep her forever. I wanted the house, the kids, the whole deal. Not right away of course but soon.

I heard Hayley’s door open. They were laughing and happy as they came out and shut the door. I turned and took both ladies bags and put them on the middle seat with mine and Sams.

“Hayley. Marggy. How was your night?” Marggy smiled and said “Great!” Hayley didn’t look at me she just climbed into the back of the Wagon. I was surprised when Hayley called Sammy to sit in the back with her. Marggy got in front with me.

It didn’t take long for the ball busting to start. “Your wife is depressed.” Marggy had her arms crossed over her chest and was turned in her seat to face me. “I just spent my night talking her out of a real dark place.”

I sighed.

“How is she depressed? She just left her motel room laughing.” I said.

Margret lit. “A depressed person can find something funny you moron. Just because I managed to get her to smile doesn’t mean she’s happy.”

I objected to being called names but I didn’t want to fight so I fiend interest instead.

“What is she depressed about?” I didn’t give a shit really but I knew I was expected to. “You. Your marriage. Sammy…”

That caught my interest and pissed me off. “I get why she is down about me and our marriage. We have drifted completely apart. We are no better than two strangers sharing a kid and a house but what is she depressed about Sam for?”

“She feels cut off from Sammy. Like she isn’t wanted. She says that for at least four months you and Sam have been inseparable.”

I glared at Marggy and then put my eyes back on the road.

“Sam and I have always been close. That’s never bothered her before.”

“yes actually it has. It’s always hurt her that Sammy distinctly preferred you over her but she has always kept that to herself.”

I thought about that.

She continued. “Tonight we are camping out. I think that you and Hayley should talk, reconnect, have sex. I’m going to bunk down with Sam.”

I did not want to spend even a second in Hayley’s company never mind have sex with her! Not to mention the thought of abandoning Sam to a night alone with Margret.

I felt trapped because I couldn’t just insist that Sam and I sleep together which was what I wanted to do. I was also pissed at Margrets manhandling of my marriage and daughter like I was her child or something.

“First of all Margret, if Hayley wants to talk she can come up front and do it before bed. tuzla escort I’m not getting stuck in a tent all night with her and I fighting.”

I knew my voice was hard but I didn’t care.

“Secondly, my marriage, my wife and my kid are none of your concern. I’d appreciate you stepping out of it.”

I could see Marggy was gonna spark off so I rushed on.

“Thirdly, Sammy is an adult now. Rather than telling her, or I for that matter, what to do… I think you should ask or suggest instead. Don’t you?”

Margret just stared at me mouth open. “You’re a real asshole you know that? No wonder my sister is so unhappy!”

I felt attacked. “I’m an asshole? What do you even know about me Margret? You know jack shit about me.”

“I know what Hayley tells me.”

“So you know Hayley’s side. Depressed Hayley’s side and you think you know everything?” That got my goat.

“I Know enough.” She said.

I was silent. I just shook my head. I looked in my rear view and could see two pairs of eyes on us. Hayley had no expression but Sam was concerned.

Far from finished with the topic of me, Marggy went on “I know that you work too much. You never spend time with Hayley. You ignore her completely. Your free time is spent with Sam. Your away a lot and Hayley thinks your having an affair because you haven’t had sex in over a year”

That was it.

“Ok. I know that Hayley is your sister and sisters talk but this is ridiculous.”

I was just getting warmed up.

“Hayley has given up on herself. She did that while I was still in love with her and sleeping with her. She has stopped looking after her hair, her body, her marriage and her kid. All she does is smoke up and work. That’s on her. I have been a good husband and father. I am not responsible for Hayley’s happiness. If she is unhappy she needs to figure it out and get help.”

Margret lit a cigarette. I grit my teeth. “Put it out. I don’t smoke. If you want a cancer stick I will pull over.”

She rolled her window down and flicked her smoke.

“Are you having an affair?”

I didn’t know what to say. Of course if she had asked me that yesterday my answer would be ‘no’ but I couldn’t lie and say I wasn’t having sex with someone else.


“With who?”

“None of your business Marggy. Never will be.”

“Well I better sleep with Hayley tonight then. She will be devastated.”

“I doubt that.”

“Men like you are the reason I’m a lesbian” came her snide reply.

I just shook my head.

“It should be because you’re attracted to women” I said.

Marggy glared at me. “If she wasn’t my sister if steal her away from you.”

I knew that Margret was just trying to jerk my chain so I jerked hers right back.

“Don’t let a little incest stop you! She’s all yours!”

Margret huffed and turned her face to the window.

We drove straight to the campgrounds stopping only to change drivers and eat. I got out at the next stop and Hayley got upfront.

Sam knew I was upset the minute I got in the back with her.

“What’s wrong Daddy?” I didn’t want to treat Sam like a child. She was the woman I loved, the woman I was sleeping with and the women I’d given my heart to. She deserved to know what had been said and what I was thinking. But, I didn’t think we should discuss it in the car.

I took her hand in mine. She moved into my arms. “We can talk in private later Sammy.”

“Okay Daddy.”

At the Campgrounds Sam and I got out of the car. The plan was for Margret and Hayley to go pick up food and supplies while Sam and I set up tents.

We were in a great spot. It was remote, tuzla escort bayan secluded and not far from the lake. Worth the extra fee. At the last minute Hayley asked Sam to go with her aunt and she stayed behind.

I was in a black mood as I attacked the pile of camping equipment. Taking out the first tent I started pulling it apart to set it up. I knew I was being unreasonable but I couldn’t help it. Hayley was blaming me for the state of our marriage and her unhappiness!

Hayley took the other end of the tent and started straightening it out. They were two four men pup tents that went up quick and easy.

Working silently together we set them up so that they were both in the flat circle but were back to back.

I started the campfire with the wood we had bought on the way in. We were not planning on actual camping but rather a night out in tents with a fun campfire. Hotdogs and marshmallows on the open flame. In the morning we would tear down camp and eat at a restaurant on the way to Hayley’s family reunion.

I had just started to calm down when Hayley came and sat with me at the picnic table provided by the park.

“Marggy says your having an affair.” She looked sad and lost. “Is it true?”

I simply nodded.

“Is it anyone I know?”

“It’s not one of your friends Hayley.”

She nodded. She got up and went into one of the tents.

Sam and Margret came back then. They both looked really upset. Margret demanded to know where Hayley was. I sent her to the right tent.

“Can we walk Daddy?”

“Sure baby.”

I took her hand and we left our campsite. We held hands and talked. It felt good to wander where no one knew us to be father and daughter. I got bold a few times and kissed her as we wandered different paths. What I really wanted to do was find a secluded spot and make love to her but it was a family park.

We got around to discussing her trip to town. She told me Aunt Marggy had rode her hard about not doing things with her mom. I was impressed with Sam’s rebuttals. It wasn’t true anyway. Sammy was always inviting Hayley to join us or do something with her. It was Hayley who refused.

Sam asked me about the conversation in the car. I told her what happened and that her mom knew I was sleeping with someone else. Sam asked the fifty million dollar question.

“What’s going to happen next?”

“I don’t know baby. Well just have to wait and see.”

We walked for two hours arriving back as night fell. Margret was relaxing by the fire looking smug but Hayley looked guilty as sin. I couldn’t help but wonder what was going on.

“What’s up?”

“None of your business” Marggy mumbled. I just gave her a dirty look. Sam sat by the fire. She started cooking hotdogs and talking about the reunion tomorrow. I joined her.

Eventually Hayley said goodnight and went to bed. Margret followed. Sam grinned when she saw that they were sharing a tent. Sam and I stayed up till the fire died. We tried to be quiet going to bed but there was a lot of giggling.

Once in our tent we stripped. There was a lot of touching and teasing. By the time I was in my sleeping bag and Sam in hers I was very turned on. Sam was disappointed that we couldn’t make love but I was worried that we’d be too loud. Sam was a moaner and not a quiet one!

We lay side by side real quiet. I was whispering sweet erotic things I wanted to try doing with her in her ear, my arms tightly around her. That’s when we heard the zipper of the other tent. It was surprisingly loud in the still quiet night.

We heard Marggy get up and leave the tent. Her quiet ‘ouch’ and ‘shit’ a dead give away. We listened escort tuzla as she lit a smoke and opened the car door. Marggy was rooting through the bags still on the seat and finding what she wanted she shut the door.

“I wonder what she’s doing” Sam whispered. She claimed my mouth in a sweet kiss.

“Let’s listen” I said, kissing the tip of her nose.

It was quiet while Marggy smoked her cigarette. Then we heard the zipper again. It opened and closed. We heard Marggy tell Hayley that we were asleep. I felt my eyebrows go up. Then we smelled pot. They couldn’t have smoked an entire joint because in a few minutes the smell faded.

Then we heard Hayley say “I don’t know about this Marggy. It feels wrong.”

Then moaning. It was Hayley. Marggy’s voice filled the night air.

“It’s ok to do this Hayley. It’s medicinal. I’m just helping you to recover from your sexual depression. I’m your sister so it’s not an affair. Who else can you trust to help you?”

Another moan… “I guess no one” Hayley said.

“That’s right… Relax.”

Sam and I listened to the rustling sound of the sleeping bags being moved. We heard the sound of lips smacking as Marggy and Hayley kissed. More rustling.

Then Marggy said “tomorrow we will cut and dye your hair. We will shave your pits and your pussy…”

“No. I told you I don’t believe…”

Marggy interrupted. “Listen little sister. You need to do this. You need to take care of yourself for a little while. Get strong again. Build your self esteem back up. Then you can go back to your beliefs about being natural once your well enough.”

There was a sob and a sniffle. “Ok” Hayley’s watery voice sad.

It was quiet for a minute as they made out. Marggy had resumed touching Hayley because she was moaning. Soon we heard the distinctive sound of wet pussy.

“Oh god Marg. Your tongue feels so good…” said Hayley.

“Your pussy tastes amazing baby sis.”

Hayley cried out “oh god… Oh god… I’m gonna cum Marggy. That feels so good.”

She was whimpering “yes suck my nipples. Harder. Oh… Oh…”

Then we heard the vibrator turn on. Hayley moaned a deep guttural sound as Marggy pushed it in her. We could hear the sound of it slushing in and out of Hayley’s wet cunt.

“Put your legs up in the birthing position Hayley. Suck it in deeper honey.”

“Oh yes… Deeper Marggy. Please.. Harder!”

I could believe my ears! I was hard listening to Margret fuck my wife with a dildo right next to our daughter! I had to admit it was hot!

Sam must have thought so too because she got in my sleeping bag, pulled my pants down and fucked me hard! She was a real good girl doing her daddy just right and quietly too. We fucked to the sounds of incest coming from the next tent. I climaxed first but Sam was right behind me. Then shaking she climbed back in her bag and listened.

Marggy had just brought Hayley to another powerful climax. Then the vibrator stopped. They lit another joint. Probably finished the same one.

Hayley said “Marggy I feel so good but I feel guilty and slutty.”

She was crying.

We heard rustling again. Marggy was soothing Hayley.

“You’ve been sexually suppressed baby sis. You need to orgasm and be made love to a lot to rebuild your self image. I’m willing to help you as your sister. Leave that asshole to his Slut lover and you and Sam come live with me. I will help you reconnect to Sam and I will make love to you several times a day until you feel ready to move on.”

Hayley sniffed again. “You would do that for me?”

“Hayley, I love you. I’d do anything for you.”

I lay there shocked. Hayley was really going to leave and go to Margret’s! I was just thinking that she would never take Sam when she whispered “over my dead body.”

She clung to me tight. “I will never leave you Daddy!”

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