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I was visiting friends in Germany, a couple that had a small house and no guestroom or extra beds and I felt a little to old to camp out in the livingroom on an airmatras. Luckily there was a hotel nearby where I could sleep for a very reasonable price for a couple of nights. The hotel was quite fancy and breakfast was included, every morning there was a rich buffet which I gladly used to cure any hangovers I had.

Every morning I saw the same staff, one of which was a slim girl with short dark hair that cleaned the tables and asked for my roomnumber every day to check in the “big book” if I was a guest. She sure was cute but was dressed in a poorly fitting uniform, black pants and a white shirt that did not complement her body. This morning was just as every other morning, I just had gotten a plate with some food and was sitting at a table, quitely eating it away with some coffee while I looked how she was cleaning a table a few feet away. I was staring and in my mind was cursing her bosses for putting her in such poorly fitting atire when she suddenly noticed me, I was in a cheeky mood and winked which made her blush and walk off.

I was done with my breakfast but still wanted a cup of coffee, also grabbed a croissant and sat down again. And there she was again, with the “big book”, before she could ask anything I said ‘Room 610’, after which she started writing in the book. I noticed that she was writing, before she would only check something of and go to the next table, I didn’t give it much attention though. The buffet was closing, luckily I managed to get another cup of coffee and after i had finished it I went back up to my room. I took a quick shower, dried of and with just my pants on I started collecting the things I would be needing that day when there was a knock on the door.

I thought it was cleaning services but when I opened the door to tell them it wasn’t necessary it turned out to be the girl from the breakfast-buffet. She had her hair untied now, earlier it was in a sort of bun for practical reasons probably, she looked much better now. I think she even put on a little make-up but she was still wearing that hideous uniform, the first couple of buttons on her blouse were unbuttoned which improved it slightly as now you could see her cleavage better. Before I could say anything she just walked past me into the room, I look down the hallway to check if I was being pranked or something and closed the door.

She türkçe bahis sat on the bed, in a sensual pose, leaning back on her arms, her chest out and her legs crossed. ‘I saw you looking at me at the breakfast’ she said with a thick Geram accent, I responded in my best German that I was staring because they had put such a beautiful girl in such a dreadfull uniform. ‘Then why don’t I take it off then!?!’ she said, waisting no time, she unbuttoned the rest of her blouse to reveal a b-cup bra. She put her blouse beside her and motioned me to come over, she opened my pants and took my dick out of my underwear, gently jerking it while she looked at me.

Suddenly she looked down, bent over and put her lips on my stiff member, she blew fast and furious meanwhile even manageing to unhook her bra. Two magnificient breasts were exposed, beaytifully perky with a little nipple, gravity hadn’t gotten a hold on them yet, I couldn’t hold myself back and touched them, wonderful soft skin on a firm breast and a nipple so hard it could poke out an eye. Me feeling her up made a smile appear around her mouth that transformed to pleasure as I played with her nipples.

She blew me a bit too fast, I wanted to do much more with her and at this pace we would be done in a couple of minutes, or at least, I would. I pulled her of my dick, removed my pants and underwear completely and pushed her back gently till she lay on the bed, I unzipped her pants and pulled on the legends. She lifted her hips so she would be able to remove her pants meanhwile I took care of her shoes and socks making it easy to remove her pants. She wore white cotton panties, seemingly slightly moist at the point where her legs meet, I didn’t waste any time, tore them of of her and lay next to her.

Our lips met in a passionate kiss while my hands caressed her back and butt, her hands were resting on my shoulders as she was focusing on out kiss. I sat up a bit so she would lay flat on her back and I started to caress her between her breasts, sliding down slowly, over her flat tummy, towards her thinly haired pussy but went by it and caressed her leg up till her knee and back up along the inside of her leg. Shespread her legs so I could go all the way up to her wet pussy, my fingers explored her labia, sliding through her moist slit and playing with her clit until I stuck two fingers in and started fingerfucking her.

She moaned softly while my fingers explored her insides, I stopped güvenilir bahis siteleri occasionally to wet her nipples with my wet fingers, after which my fingers continued their work and my mouth searched for her nipples. She had a hand around my dick and jerked me off but actually forgot about it because she was completely absorbed, enjoying the swiftness of my fingers, I continued and slowly went faster, her breathing and moaning became also faster and louder. I felt her pussy tighten and felt the warm moisture of her orgasm as she let out a long moan.

I didn’t wait a moment, spread her legs and started licking away, her pussy felt almost hot when I put my lips on her labia. Her wet cave tasted delicious, which further encouraged me to lick her well, I alternated all the techniques I knew. Long strokes licking her labia, burying my nose in her pussy and along her clit, motorboating, tongue penetration, flickering my tongue along her clit and giving her pussy thick wet sucking kisses, it had reasonably quick results. Her hands ran through my hair all the time but had stopped and grabbed a piece as if she were bracing herself for something, less than ten seconds later I tasted her orgasm, in the form of a warm wave of moisture.

I crawled up along her body, all the way licking and we kissed again, meanwhile she grabbed my dick and rubbed the tip and along the shaft. I got up and went to the bathroom, there was my toilet bag with much needed condoms and came back with two. I sat down on my knees by her head and held my cock in front of her face, he was already stiff but could use a little oral encouragement and I also thought it was a beautiful sight how she closed her lips around my pole. She played with my balls while she sucked on the jerk, rubbing her other hand over her own pussy. She stopped when I removed one of the condoms from the package, watched me put it on and spread her legs ready for penetration.

I moved between her legs, put my cock against her wet cunt and thrusted, she let out a loud moan, she put one hand around my waist and grabbed my ass to urge me and she placed the other on my neck wherer she could play with my ear. I pumped into her at a nice pace and heard her pussy soaking, every thrust made her moan with pleasure, her breasts bouncing to the rhythm. I could go on for hours, hitting my dick in this blissful girl, but after a while I wanted to try another position and rolled off her and lay down güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri on my back, my cock still hard, standing straight up.

She knew right away what I wanted and squatted over my dick, grabbed him and led him into her as she sank over it, she put her hands on my chest and started pumping in a nice pace. She alternated every now and then by rocking her hips when I was completely in her, her breasts jerking with each thrust and she was mainly trying to help herself to an orgasm. She was able to do that well, her breathing became faster and she started to move faster and faster until she suddenly stopped and leaned back for a moment, after which she continued, now with an intense look on her face.

I grabbed her by the hips and darted her further on my dick with every downward motion, she enjoyed the ride on my cock with a full smile until she suddenly got a shock from my phone that rang. She suddenly stood next to the bed with a look on her face as if she had been caught while I hadn’t even heard the whole thing. I pushed the caller away, probably the friends I visited, where I was, I would explain that later, now I wanted to fuck!

I motioned for her to come back, she crawled back onto the bed and I placed her so that I could take her doggystyle. “Nicht im arsch!” she said with a stern look over her shoulder, but she didn’t have to worry about that, because I was already aiming at her juicy pussy with my cock. He effortlessly slid into her, I grabbed her by the hips again and fucked her like it was the end of the world, pulling her lower body towards me with every forward thrust of my dick. I think she came again but I am not sure, at some point she felt a lot wetter.

I pounded myself towards a climax and when I felt the first tingling sensation I pulled back, pulled the condom off my dick and flipped her on her back, a few lashes later her tits were covered with my sperm, a fantastic beautiful white mess. She stirred it with a finger and licked it playfully, followed by a roar of laughter and I sat down on the bed. After a minute trying to catch my breath again, the phone rang again, I got up, pulled her by the hand under the shower, and after a quick, grabby shower and quickly dressing we stood in the elevator.

I went out in the lobby but she went even further down, we said an uncomfortable goodbye, a mixture of not being seen and the fact that we actually didn’t know each other. I was just able to make a telephone gesture while the doors closed, after which I walked outside and three blocks further to my friends where I had to explain why I was so late. I talked my self out of it with an excuse of oversleeping but I didn’t promise that it wouldn’t happen again on a next visit!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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