Mayıs 30, 2024

Roommate Fun Pt. 02

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Alison Tyler


Ever since our first time together, Alex and I had been fucking like rabbits. A day barely went by where I didn’t have at least one of his juicy loads in me. There were even a few times when we would swap places and I would fuck him, although we both preferred it when I was on the bottom. Over the months we had been living together, my hole had finally expanded enough to take Alex’s massive piece of meat easily.

When the COVID pandemic hit, both of us were furloughed, and so ended up having a lot more time on our hands. With all the extra time I decided to try and seriously get in shape. I was out for a run almost every day, and did workouts at home multiple times a week. After a couple of months of this I was finally starting to see results. My pecs were bigger, my abs had come in, and overall I was much more confident.

Alex however took the lockdown much harder. He barely left the house, and for the most part just slugged around all day. I noticed that he had been eating much more than usual, and he had definitely put on some weight. He had well and truly turned into a bear. He had kind of let himself go a bit. He basically stopped shaving completely, and had grown a big bushy beard. Any manscaping that he had previously done had also stopped, and he seemed even harrier than he had been before.

The fact that he only ever wore clothes around the house when we had people over meant I had become intimately familiar with every bit of his body. In his new state I actually found Alex even more attractive. He oozed a sort of raw masculinity that couldn’t be matched. When I came home after a run and saw him spread on the couch, his giant 8 inch soft cock hanging down like a deadly weapon, I would instantly get hard and sink instinctively to my knees.

All the new time on our hands also meant that we were having a huge amount of sex. Almost every morning I would be fucked, either in bed or in the shower. Sometimes Alex would slide into me while I was still sleeping. Often we would have a mid-day session as well, fucking on the floor or couch or counter, basically wherever we happened to be when we got horny. And before we went to sleep Alex would always fill me up one last time before we started again the next day.

Although the sex was always good, I was starting to get a little bored. I’ve always been a kinky guy, but I never got the sense that Alex was comfortable with all of that, so I never brought it up. One day I decided that I would test the waters to see what would happen. I keep a box of toys and equipment underneath my bed so I pulled it out and left it in the middle of my bedroom so that if Alex was in there he would see it. Then I got dressed and went out for a run.

Alex POV

Moving in with Tom was the greatest decision I ever made. Not only did I have someone to constantly fuck and fill with my loads, but I could finally live out my nudist fantasy. Unless there was someone over I never ever wore clothes. I loved the feeling of being completely free, my big cock no longer confined in underwear, everything swinging around as it was meant to be. I always loved my body, how big and hairy I was, and of course how big my dick was, and now I had found someone who was willing to worship every inch of me and who kaynarca escort I had trained to take my manhood in one glide. It really was the best of times.

I will admit that I had let myself go a little bit during lockdown. My mental health wasn’t the best, being laid off can do that to you. I was probably now about 40 pounds overweight and was as hairier than I had ever been. I had always tried to slightly tame the forest that grew all over me but I had given up in recent months. Tom however seemed to love my new look. He loved to be on his knees, worshipping my giant cock and staring up at me through the tangle of fur on my chest.

Despite all the amazing sex we were having, I could tell Tom was getting bored. I felt terrible and I was desperate not to lose him. Not only was he the best roommate I’ve ever had, but I was really starting to fall for him. I knew he had a kinky side but we had never really discussed it. I would say that generally I’m pretty vanilla, compared to Tom at least. Not that I’m opposed to anything kinky, I’ve just never had the opportunity to try it. The most I’ve ever done is a bit of power play, which when you’re a 6’8″ bear with a cock that’s over a foot long is kinda obvious.

One day Tom went out for one of his daily runs. He’d be gone for a while and normally when he came back I’d rip his little running shorts off in one swoop and plant him on my cock. After he left I noticed a big box that I had never seen before sitting in the middle of his room. Curiosity got the best of me and I went it to see what it was.

When I looked in I almost passed out from the shock. This was his kink box, on full display, for me to see. There were a series of dildos, and one was even bigger than my cock. There were handcuffs and ankle cuffs, rope, a ball gag, an O-ring gag to keep his mouth open, as well as a whip, a chastity device, and a few other things. There was also apparel. There was a leather jock with a detachable pouch, a leather captains hat, a harness, and a pair of cut-out trousers.

I’ll admit I was a little shocked that he would just leave all this out until I realised he probably wanted me to find it. An idea popped into me head. I would ambush Tom as he walked in from his run, tie him up, and dominate him for the rest of the day.

I put on the harness which just about fit, and then tried on the jock. Not only was there no way it was going to fit around my waist, but I my 8 inch softie didn’t even come close to fitting in it. I decided to put on one of my own jocks and then popped the captains hat on and looked at myself in the mirror. I have to admit I was a little turned on just by looking at myself.


All through my run I couldn’t stop thinking about whether Alex had found the box, and if he did whether he would even care. I started to think maybe I had done the wrong thing, maybe I should have eased him into this. As I walked through our front door I was completely involved in my own thoughts, and someone grabbed me and pinned me to the ground. They held my face to the ground so I couldn’t see who it was.

“Hey what that fuck!! Get off me!” I yelled as my assailant held my face to the ground.

“Why not just shut the fuck up, stop complaining, and do küçükyalı escort what I say, you little bitch. We both know you want this.”

It was Alex. He had found my box. He was right, I absolutely wanted this, but there was no way I was going to make it easy for him. I continued to squirm and try and get out from under his grasp, but he was more than 250 pounds, so that was going to be no easy feat.

He held me arms behind my back and was kneeling down on my ass. He was in control. I felt smooth leather being wrapped around my wrists and ankles. He was cuffing me. I was virtually immobile now. Alex then roughly wrapped a blindfold around my eyes and forced a ball gag into my mouth. I was shaking my head the entire time trying to get him to stop but it was no use. I was now his. He owned me until he decided to release me.

“Alright let’s go little bitch, Daddy has a fun night planned for the two of us.” growled Alex.

He had never called himself Daddy before, but I have to admit I was sort of turned on by it. Alex picked me up and carried me to the bedroom. Normally at this point he would place me gently on the bed, lift me legs up and slowly penetrate me. Not today. He tossed me on the bed like a ragdoll, then climbed on top of me and undid the cuffs on my hands. The moment of release was brief though. He then tied my hands to the headboard using rope. I was well and truly his sub now. In this position he could do anything he liked and I would be in no position to stop him.

I was still fully clothed at this point, and as I lay there I heard a snipping sound. He was cutting off my clothes! The little bitch. I tried to protest but my gag stopped me from producing any meaningful sounds. At that point, Alex slowly took the blindfold off me. He want me to see his power over me.

He moved to the back of the bed and towered over me like a God. He was wearing the harness, even though you could barely see it underneath all the hair. He was also wearing the hat, but he had on his own jock. He must have been able to sense the disappointment in my eyes because he then said,

“You think that tiny little jock was going to fit me? It was made for people with tiny dicks like you. There is no way my giant cock could fit in there.”

He was right, the leather jock was way too small for him. Even in his own jock the fabric was strained. It didn’t help that he was almost fully hard. It looked as if the jock was about to split down the middle. I stared into his eyes in submission, and the look he had on his face was of pure, animalistic lust.

“Alright bitch boy, it’s time to have some real fun.” He said while pinching his nipple and stroking his bulge.

Alex POV

I was in pure ecstasy. I had transformed Tom into a whimpering bitch and I was in complete control. I had never felt so much lust in my entire life. As I stood there at the end of the bed, stroking myself, I took a minute to take in my prize. He was mine to do whatever I wanted with. The thought turned me on so much I was in danger of blowing my load right then and there, but I knew I needed to hold it.

I slowly pulled down my jock, putting on a little show for Tom. I could tell he was salivating, he couldn’t wait to taste me. I straddled sancaktepe escort his chest and let my full weight bear down on him. I could tell he was struggling but it just turned me on even more. My fully hard cock extended across his face, but he was still gagged, and could do nothing to reach it. He was desperate for it, and at this point I thought it rude not to let him have the object of his desire.

I undid the gag and pulled it off his face. But before he could say anything I replaced the gag with my big hairy balls. He wouldn’t be able to fit both of them in his mouth so I inserted them one at a time. Tom went to town on them, sucking them and trying to please me as best he could. He looked up at my with his big eyes to try and make sure he was pleasuring me.

I loved the new power I had over him. I really felt that he would let me to anything to him in this state.

After a while on my balls I pulled back a bit so that Tom could worship my cock. There was no way he would be able to get the entire thing in his mouth, but that was the fun of it. It turned me on to no end knowing that he would never be able to deepthroat me completely. I was too big for him and he knew it.

After about 30 minutes Tom on my cock, I was really getting close to blowing my load, but there was no way I was going to waste good cum on his face. I pulled my long cock out of his throat and replaced it with the gag. I then moved to the back of the bed and lifted his legs onto my shoulders.

This time I wasn’t going to be easy on him. This was about me and only me. Tom’s needs were secondary. I plunged into him in one movement, shoving all 12.5 inches of my manhood into his hole. He managed to scream through his gag and stared at me in shock and pain. He had never seen this side of me before, indeed this side of me had never existed until today.

I pounded him like my life depended on it. It was fast and hard. I could see tears welling up in the corner of Tom’s eyes, but that just turned me on even more, and his rock hard boner and puddle of precum that poured from his cock told me that he was enjoying it also. Sweat was dripping down my hairy body and falling onto Tom like a rainstorm.

Then, without warning, Tom erupted. His cock shot out rope after rope of cum without him even touching it. I hadn’t seen him cum like this since the first time we fucked. I was definitely doing something right. I scooped up the puddles of cum and sweat and rubbed them all over my body. This always turned me on.

Tom at this point was spent, but I wasn’t finished. I needed to cum. As he lay there like a rejected rag doll I held onto his shoulders and fucked him like I had never done before. I couldn’t last any longer and cried out as I dumped my load into him. I shot so much that before I was even finished my load was leaking out of him like a faucet.

I finished and collapsed onto Tom, leaving my cock inside him. Between us was a thick, sticky layer of cum, sweat, and hair.

After a couple minutes rest I slowly lifted myself off him. My cock was still firmly lodged inside him. Even though it was almost completely soft the shear size of it was enough to keep it inside. I leaned over Tom and undid his wrist restraints, then pulled out of him and unlocked his ankles. Then, while staring at me with those big eyes, I undid his gag.

I lay down next to him and pulled him into me. I nestled my cock between his cheeks and nibbled on his ear.

“I love you” I whispered.

“I love you too,” Tom said back.

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