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Romeo and Tre Ch. 01

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Today was Romeo’s first day at Georgia State University. Romeo is mixed with African American and Dominican; he has green eyes, light skin, nice curly brown hair, skinny and a little muscular, and attractive. He is a gay male but he has kept that a secret through his high school years by doing track.

Romeo went to his dorm and was happy to see his friend Candi. Candi is the only person that knows that he is gay.

“Wait, aren’t you a sophomore.” he said.

“Yea but my roommate dropped out and since I knew you were coming I told them to give you my room.” she said.

“It works like that.” he said.

“Well I guess.” she chuckled.

So Candi helped him unpack and then he was on his way to his first class. So on his way to class he bumped into a male named Tre.

Tre is a well-known wide receiver at GSU. He was African American; he had brown eyes, caramel skin, nice low cut, an amazing muscular body, and attractive. But what most people don’t know is that he is on the down low. Since he is so popular he fucks girls to cover up the fact he is gay.

“Oh sorry.” Romeo said nervously.

“Hey don’t worry about it, but hey are you a freshman?” Tre said.

“Um… Yea.” Romeo said shyly.

“That makes sense I haven’t seen you before, but anyway have a good day.” Tre said.

Then acıbadem escort Tre smiled at him, which made Romeo blush a little. During the little conversation they had all Romeo could do was just stare at Tre’s amazing physique. In front of Tre, he was shy and nervous and he liked the feeling Tre gave him. But little do he know that Tre likes him and think Romeo feels the same way.

So after the first class he ran back to his dorm to tell Candi all about his encounter with Tre.

“Guess who I ran into!” he said happily.

“Who?” she said.

“Tre the football player!” he said with a smile.

“OH MY GOSH! You like him! That’s so cute!” she shouted.

“Yeah I do, but he a football player he is probably a homophobe.” he said.

“I don’t think he is I’ve been around him plenty of times.” she said.

“Wait!? You know him.” he said.

“Yeah he is kind of my friend.” she chuckled.

“Yes that’s even better.” he said with a smile.

“Well what’s even better is that he is having a party this Friday and invited me.” she said.

“Will I be able to come with you?” he said.

“OFCOURSE!” She shouted.

So from Tuesday to Friday, he would go the same direction to see Tre. Every time he saw Tre he would stare and try not to get caught, but since atalar escort Tre always caught him, he would always look in Romeo’s direction and smile. Even though Romeo didn’t know why he would smile his way, it made him very happy. So after his last afternoon class on Friday he went to his dorm to get ready for Tre’s party.

“Boy its 7, the party starts at 8, hurry up and get dress!” she demanded.

“Oops sorry, chill it won’t take me that long.” he said.

So Romeo changed into a more casual outfit and him and Candi was on their way. So when Romeo and Candi got there they were surprised to see it was just a little crowd. When Romeo walked in, Tre greeted him.

“Hey.” Tre said with a smile.

“Oh… hi Tre.” Romeo said nervously.

Then Tre greeted Candi, so five minutes later Candi pulled Romeo to the side.

“Boy! You’re going to have to cover up your crush better than that.” she said.

“Sorry, I just get so shy and nervous around him.” he said.

“I know but Romeo, does he even know your name.” she said.

“Shit, I never told him.” he said.

Candi laughed and then they decided to dance. So hours later the dorm was getting pretty packed, so Tre decided to get some more drinks out his car. Since Tre knows Romeo likes him he decided to tap him on his shoulder aydınlı escort and told him to come with him. They walked towards the elevator to get on it, but on its way going down the elevator stopped, due to the weather. So the emergency lights came on, so now Romeo and Tre can see each other. Tre had his shirt off, and Romeo tried his hardest not to stare at his amazing body.

“Well looks like we’re stuck.” Tre said.

Romeo just nodded his head.

“Hey freshie what’s your name.” Tre said.

“Oh… it’s Romeo.” he said.

Since Tre caught him staring at him he decided to move closer to Romeo, so he could tease him. Romeo was trying to keep calm and was also making sure he didn’t get excited.

“Am I too close.” Tre said.

“Oh no, your fine.” Romeo said nervously.

“How long you think we will be in this elevator.” Tre said.

In his head he was hoping forever but he couldn’t say that.

“Probably when the storm dies down.” Romeo said.

Thirty minutes had pass and they were still in the elevator and still not saying a word to each other.

“So freshie do I scare you?” Tre said.

“No… why would you say that.” Romeo said nervously.

“I don’t know you seem to get all nervous around me.” Tre said

Romeo wanted to say because I like you but that would have made things awkward.

“Well it’s just how I am.” he said.

“Oh, I got one more thing too.” Tre said.

“What?” Romeo said.

“If you like my abs so much you could just take a picture of them.” Tre chuckled

Romeo got silent…

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