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Robert and Me

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My father-in-law, Robert, is more than just my wife’s father. We have much in common. We both like to read and watch sports. We both like working with our hands. He likes to fish more than I do, but it’s another thing that we do together. We help each other with our yard work and home maintenance. We can talk to each other. He’s my friend and a buddy.

In the twenty years that his daughter, Judy, and I have been married, I think Robert and I have talked about almost everything under the sun. We’ve even talked about his aversion to being called Bob. But we never talked about sex.

That changed one day when we were transplanting some iris at Robert’s and Mary’s home.

‘Your sex life is good?’

‘Pardon me?’

‘Do you and Judy still enjoy good sex?’

‘Uh, yeah. Sure. It’s good all of the time and sometimes it’s great.’

‘That’s good. You’re lucky, Steven.’ I prefer Steve, but Robert and his wife, Mary, have always called me Steven. ‘Since I retired over a year ago, Mary and I seem to have sex less often. I don’t know what the problem is.’

‘Maybe it’s because you’re home all the time since you retired. You used to travel a lot in your work.’ I smiled, ‘Absence makes the heart grow fonder.’

‘You’re probably right,’ Robert smiled back. Let’s finish this and go have a beer.

The subject came up again a couple of days later. We were taking a break from raking leaves and getting the our yard ready for winter.

‘I’ll be glad when Mary gets home.’

‘How long is she visiting her sister?’

‘She’ll be there another week. Isn’t Judy going up there too next week?’

‘Yes she’s driving up. She and Mary will drive home together.’

‘I was rather surprised that Mary flew up there. She really hates flying. Too crowded and so on.’

‘Judy is the same way.’

Robert grinned, ‘Maybe Mary and I will get it on when she gets home.’

‘Still in a drought, huh?’

‘Yes. Severe drought.’

‘That’s too bad.’

‘Well, there is always hope.’ Robert paused, ‘May I ask you something very personal?’

‘Sure. What is it?’

‘Do you and, uh,’ He paused again, ‘Do you and Judy, uh, have oral sex, uh, do you go down on each other?’ He rushed on, ‘Does Judy give you head?’

‘That is personal. But the answer is yes, we give each other head.’

‘That’s good. You’re both lucky that both of you like doing it. Mary has never liked doing it. I like both giving and receiving.’ Robert had never talked like this. He continued, ‘It has to be a special occasion for Mary even to consider giving me head or letting me eat her. Like a birthday or Valentine’s Day.’ He grinned, ‘Or she’s exceptionally horny or drunk.’ He paused, ‘And neither of those happen very often these days.’

‘I’m sorry.’ What else could I say? ‘That’s sad.’

‘Yes, it is a sad situation. Well, let’s get these leaves and stuff bagged up and go have a beer.

We both were bachelors for the week. Judy called to let me know that she had arrived safely at her aunt’s. On a couple of evenings, Robert and I had dinner together. Our wives were coming home over the weekend so I took Wednesday off and helped Robert clean up their yard for the coming winter.

It was an unusually hot day for the time of the year. By the time we finished everything, we were sweaty and dusty.

‘I wish I had brought a change of clothes. I sure need a shower.’

‘Go ahead and shower. I’ll put your things in the washer.’

‘They won’t be finished before I finish showering.’

‘Let me get you a robe. Ill pick up your clothes when you start showering.’

‘I’ll probably get a cold blast when you start the washing machine.’

Robert grinned, ‘I hadn’t thought of that. Let me change. I’ll wash my stuff too. We can have a beer while everything washes. You can shower when it goes into the dryer.’

Robert got me a robe. I stripped and carried my dirty clothing to the laundry room. Robert changed into a robe also. After starting the washing machine, he got us each a beer and glass and we went into the family room.

We were on our second beer, when Robert asked, ‘Who do you think gives a better blow job?’

‘Pardon me?’

‘Who gives a better blow job? A woman or man?’

‘I wouldn’t know. I’ve never been with another man. For a blow job, I mean.’

‘You haven’t?’ Robert smiled, ‘Didn’t you experiment a little in high school or college?’

‘No, not with guys. With girls, yes.’

‘I had the opportunity to experiment with both. Those were the times.’

‘I think I’ll check the washer. The clothes should be about ready to put in the dryer.’ I got up and started to leave the room. I had to walk in front of Robert. He put his hand up and stopped me.

‘I think I’ll show you.’

‘Show me what?’

‘This.’ He leaned forward in his chair and opened my robe and before I could move, my dick and balls were lying across the palm of his hand. ‘Nice. Ummm.’ My dick disappeared into his mouth. I tried to pull back. Robert looked up at me, fikirtepe escort ‘Please, Steven, let me suck your cock. Please.’

Robert rubbed the tip of my cock against his lips. He sucked it into his mouth. His nose was buried in my pubic hair. ‘Ummmm.’ He pulled his head back. My soft cock stretched as he pulled it with his lips. ‘Ummmm.’ My father-in-law inhaled my cock again.

In spite of myself, I was getting an erection. Robert worked me over, with his lips and tongue, until I had a full blown erection. ‘Ummmm.’ My cock popped out of his mouth. He held it with one hand as he licked up and down the underbelly. ‘Nice. Very suckable.’ He traced the ridge and a vein with his fingertips.

Robert stood up. He untied the belt on his robe and opened it. His erect cock pointed up in front of him. He shrugged the robe off of his shoulders and arms. He stepped forward. He placed his hands on my hips and moved towards me. He rubbed his cock against mine. ‘Let’s find a place where we can get comfortable.’ He pushed my robe off of my shoulders.

‘Naked, we faced each other.

‘I should really leave, Robert.’

‘Nonsense, Steven. You can’t leave until I give you a proper blow job. Why don’t you lie down on the couch over there?’

He turned me slightly then, putting his hand on the small of my back, he steered me to the couch. His hand slid down to my ass. His fingers flicked up and down my ass crack as we walked across the room to the couch. ‘Lie down.’ After I stretched out, Robert arranged some pillows. He tossed a couple on the carpet. He adjusted a throw pillow that was under my head. As he did so, his hard cock waved over my face. I wondered if he was going to ask me to suck his cock. I’d have to think about it.

Robert got down on his knees beside me. He rubbed my chest and stomach. ‘Relax.’ His hands moved to my thighs and crotch. I felt his fingers graze my balls as he put his hand between my thighs. He cupped my balls a second then his fingers slipped over my cock. He lifted it as he looked at me, ‘Enjoy.’

His back and shoulders blocked my view as he lowered his head. I felt his lips touch then close over my cockhead. Without thinking, I sighed. His lips were as soft as Judy’s.

As his mouth moved all over my cock, I caressed as much of his back and shoulders as I could reach. I could see and feel his one arm move. He was probably playing with himself as he sucked me. Robert was licking and gently sucking my cockhead. He stood up and turned to face me. His cock looked enormous.

I swung my feet to the floor as I sat up. His cock was right in front of my face. I first touched his thigh, then I lightly touched his cock. This was the first time I had ever touched another man’s cock.

Robert smiled, ‘Don’t be bashful. I hope you’ll want to taste it.’ He turned away. ‘Let’s go shower.’


‘Sure. It’s a large shower. Mary and I have had a lot of fun in the shower.’

The shower was large. It had three shower heads, two handheld showers and seat. It was so large that four people could comfortably shower together. Shower heads were located on each side wall and the rear wall. There was a handheld shower on each side wall. Robert turned on the shower head on the rear wall.

‘This is pretty slick. It must have cost a bunch.’

‘Not as much as one would think. It’s also plumbed for a steam shower, but we’ve never had that hooked up. Maybe one of these days.’ Robert picked up a bar of soap. ‘Let me lather your back.’

After I turned my back to him, Robert rubbed the soap and his hands over shoulders, back and ass. ‘Turn around.’ I turned. He lathered my chest. His soapy hands slipped to my crotch. My cock had relaxed under the warm water. It quickly returned to a fully erect state in Robert’s hands. I noticed his erection returned as he massaged and washed my cock and balls. ‘Turn again.’

He re-lathered my back. I was a little surprised when he pulled me back against his chest and put his arms around me. He began to soap my chest. His hard cock pressed against one of my ass cheeks. Robert bent his knees a little. When he straightened up his cock slipped between my thighs and up between my ass cheeks. His hands moved to my cock.

‘Does this feel good?’ I had to admit that it felt good. ‘Do you like this?’ I had to admit that I liked it, especially when his cock moved around. ‘Would you lather me, please?’

He handed me the boar of soap and turned his back to me. I lathered his back all over. I paid particular attention to his ass. Robert seemed to enjoy that. After I lathered his chest and started on his cock and balls, Robert closed his eyes and stood there with a slight smile. ‘You have nice hands, Steven.’

I turned him around and put my arms around him. My father-in-law is taller than me so I didn’t have to bend my knees much to work my cock between his ass cheeks. My soapy hands moved to his cock and balls. Robert clinched and un-clinched his ass cheeks around my cock.

He tipped his head gebze escort back. ‘You seem to be enjoying our homoerotic play, Steven.’

‘Yes, I’m enjoying it. It feels good, Robert,’ I smiled. And it did feel good. My cock felt like a steel rod.

‘Good. Rinse a little.’

Robert sat down on the shower seat. He guided my cock to his mouth as I rinsed the soap off my body. I turned off the shower spray. ‘I don’t want to drown you.’

Robert took my cock out of his mouth. ‘This brings back memories. I sucked my very first cock while in a shower. Actually, it was my first three cocks. It was in college. I had been in a P.E. class and instead of showering and changing into my street clothes there at the gym, I put my street clothes in my backpack and jogged back to the fraternity house. I went upstairs to the shower room. The showers were running and several towels were hanging on hooks.’

‘I knew I’d see a couple of the brothers in the shower, but I wasn’t prepared for what I saw. There were three of them. Two of them were standing side by side. The third one was on his knees. He had one brother’s cock in his hand and he was really sucking the other brother’s cock. I said ‘Excuse me’ and turned to leave.’

‘The brother who was getting the hand job laughed and said ‘Don’t go. We’ve got fresh meat guys.’. He came over to me, dropped to his knees and began to suck my cock.’

‘Did you know your fraternity had guys, uh, er, like that, Robert?’

‘I’d heard there were a few guys like that, but I didn’t really believe it. Until then. Anyway, the upshot was that all three of them sucked me and I sucked them. The brother who sucked me first got my oral cherry. I got in really tight with them because the third guy started to cum and I swallowed most of it. It turned out that over half the brothers who lived in the house were part of this inner group.’

Robert squeezed my cock as he stood up. ‘Let’s rinse and dry ourselves and get comfortable in the bedroom. That is, if you want to continue our little adventure into homosexuality.’

I squeezed his cock, ‘Lead on, Robert.’

Once we had the king sized bed covers turned down, Robert arranged the four pillows in a stack in the center of the bed. ‘Lie down and get comfortable.’

Robert got on the bed with me after I reclined against the pillows. He put his hands on my ankles and spread my legs. ‘Nice. You’re a handsome man, Steven.’

I felt a little wanton and reckless. I grinned at my father-in-law as I began to stroke my hard-on.

He got on his knees between my legs. He stroked his cock a little as he watched me beat my meat for him.

‘Don’t stroke too hard. I want to bring you off.’

He stretched out over me in a pushup position. Robert lower his body so our cocks touched. Our cocks rubbed together lightly as he did several pushups. He lowered himself so most of his weight was on me. He began to hump his hips. His cock pressed and rubbed against mine. I humped back. We belly fucked for a couple of minutes until Robert got back on his knees again.

He caressed my cock lightly. ‘Ah, pre-cum.’ He used his thumb to spread my leaking pre-cum over my cockhead. He squeezed gently until another drop appeared in my pee slit. I smiled as he bent down and licked up the drop. Robert raised his head and smiled at me, ‘Sweet.’

I smiled even more when he bent back down and pushed his lips over my cockhead and almost down to the root of my shaft. He paused, for what seemed like minutes, with my cock almost buried in his throat, then, keeping his lips tightly compressed, Robert pulled back. It felt as if my cock was being stretched and lengthened.

My ball sac rested on his fingertips. Robert used his thumb to separate my balls. He gently massaged and rolled each ball around as his mouth moved up and down my cock. He was constantly changing the pressure of his lips against my skin. And the amount of cock he swallowed and the speed with which he swallowed changed constantly too.

Robert looked up from his sucking. A string of spit ran from his lips to the tip of my cock. ‘You seem to be enjoying my efforts, Steven.’

‘Yes, I’m enjoying this tremendously, Robert. I’ve never been sucked like this.’

He smiled, ‘Even better than my daughter?’

‘I won’t answer that.’

‘I understand.’ He smiled, ‘That’s the gentleman’s answer.’ He lowered his face back to my cock.

Robert closed his lips around the shaft about a third of the way down. Instead of bobbing his head, he began to move it in a tight little circle. His lips massaged my shaft as my cocked moved around in his mouth. He circled his head in one direction and then the other before resuming the bobbing motion.

I moaned aloud when Robert switched to a figure eight motion with his head, ‘Ahhh, damn, that feels good!’

Robert acknowledged the compliment by giving my balls a little tug.

‘You’re going to make me cum!’

There was another gentle ball tug, then Robert returned to some serious cock sucking. içerenköy escort He would slide his lips down my cock. Then he would tighten them and press the flat of his tongue against the underbelly of my cock. When he pulled back, it felt as if he was trying to suck and pull my balls and cum through my cock.

The speed of Robert’s efforts increased. I could feel the head of my cock hit the back of his throat and, sometimes, his nose bumped my pubic bone. I was humping my hips at the same time.

‘Oh!! Ahhh! I’m cumming!’ I thrust my hips up and squirted what felt like a long stream of cum into Robert’s mouth. He gave my nuts a firm squeeze, then he stopped moving his mouth up and down my cock and concentrated on swallowing and sucking. All I could hear was my heavy breathing and Robert going ‘Mmm’, Mmm, Mmm’ in time with my pulsing cock.

Robert raised his head and smiled at me. There was cum on his lips. He licked them as he squeezed and wrung my cock. I watched as he wiped off a cum drip with his finger. He licked his finger clean as he stretched out on top of me. I felt his hard-on pressing against my thigh.

We lay quietly for a few minutes until Robert go back up on his knees and scooted up near my head. His cock waved and bobbed over my face. I noticed his pubic hair was salt and pepper with grey hairs among the dark ones. I looked up at his face, ‘Your ball sac doesn’t have any hair.’

‘Yes, I shave it in hopes that Mary will like them and maybe suck my nuts. Lie back, Let me show you some thing. Robert moved really close. His balls pressed against my cheek. This is called teabagging.’

‘Why is that?’

‘Actually, teabagging is dangling one’s nuts over someone’s mouth, like a teabag, so they can lick and suck them.’

‘Like this?’ I moved my head and pressed my lips against the skin of Robert’s sac.

‘Yes.’ Robert adjusted his position and for the next few minutes he rubbed and rolled his balls over my face. Whenever they crossed my lips, I tried to kiss, lick and suck them. Robert moved slowly so I could do that. My cock was so hard, it hurt.

I pushed myself up on an elbow. Robert was still on his knees. I put a hand on his hard cock. He had a bit of a foreskin. I carefully rolled it back and exposed his pinkish-purple cockhead. It was wet. I extended my tongue and licked his cockhead. The fluid was sort of bitter and sweet at the same time.

Robert held his cock in his hand. I looked up at him. He smiled and nodded. I pressed my lips against his cockhead. Robert held his cock steady as my lips slipped over his cockhead . I took him into my mouth. I was beginning to suck my father-in-law’s cock! I was going to do something that his wife wouldn’t do with him.

When my wife, Judy, blew me, she did some things that I enjoyed. I tried to remember them and apply them to Robert’s cock. He seemed to appreciate my efforts. He was especially appreciative when I used the tip of my tongue to tap and stimulate the vee on the underside of his cockhead.

Robert’s cock really filled my mouth. I wondered if mine filled Judy’s the same way. And sucking cock was a whole lot different from eating pussy. Robert remained on his knees as I continued my apprenticeship as a beginning cocksucker. Robert would touch and rub my head or reach down and play with my cock as I sucked away.

‘Ow! This is an awkward position.’ My shoulder and neck were beginning to ache. And my jaw was tired. I lay back on the pillows. Robert rearranged the other pillows and lay down beside me. ‘Roll over on top of me, Steven.’

I did as he asked. Robert shifted his position until our cocks were pressed together. He put his legs around mine just like his daughter did when we fucked. He began to hump his hips. I humped back.

‘This is called frottage, Steven.’

‘It’s nice.’ I straightened my arms so I was in the pushup position. Robert smiled as I did pushups which caused our cocks to rub together.

‘You’re a quick learner, Steven.’

Thank you. You’re a good teacher.’

Robert smiled and closed his eyes, ‘Let’s rest.’

‘I want to make you cum.’

‘There’s plenty of time for that. Let’s get some rest.’

I shifted my position so I wasn’t completely on top of him. I put my head down by his. Robert moved around a little and pulled a sheet up over us.

I awakened when I felt the bed move. Robert was standing beside the bed. I was sort of startled to see that he was naked. Then I remembered where I was and what I had been doing. I scooted over to the edge of the bed so I could reach out and touch Robert. I put my hand on his leg.

Robert covered it with his. ‘You were sleeping soundly. I’m sorry I awakened you. I had to take a piss.’

‘That’s o.k.’ I noticed the bedroom was dark. ‘What time is it?’

‘About six-thirty.’

‘I should be going.’

‘Nonsense, Steven. Let’s get some dinner, then you can decide.’

‘What’s to decide?’

‘Whether or not you should be going.’

I smiled up at him. ‘I see’ My hand moved to his cock. I sat up and kissed the tip of it. I had a real desire to take all of his soft cock into my mouth. ‘I see.’

We put of robes. After dinner, we cleaned up the kitchen and Robert fixed some hot tea. We watched some TV and read the newspaper.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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