Mayıs 30, 2024

Road Trip

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Ken was on the road again, 3rd trip this month. Another sales call, another 2 day stay in a city. Get back to the hotel, have a quiet drink, grab a bit to eat and then the usual back to the room to do some email and surf the web. After 20 years of being in sales, 47 year old Ken and been there and done it. He was looking forward to a quiet drink and then supper..

Ken pulled into the hotel and headed into the bar area The bar was practically filled, the usual group of business men, a few women and a family or two passing by on vacation. Ken ordered his usual and found a corner of the bar to drink at.

As he stood and drank he could overhear parts of conversations. One conversation of interest was the three younger guys in their early 30’s who were talking about a computer problem they were having. Seemed that a number of their files were missing or corrupted and they were unsure what they needed to do.

“I tell you, if I did not know better I would bet I have a virus.” said Tim.

“I think it more likely Tim has picked up something nasty from the women he downloads!” laughed Mike, as he worked on his drink.

“Well considering his interests maybe his system has been “going down” on him!” smiled Kevin

Ken figured Tim must have been downloading some porn, something he was more than familiar with!

Tim replied, “Its just that I know so little about computers and neither of you two are ever any help!”

“Sorry I was eavesdropping but I know a few things about computers. Company I work for develops software and I have a number of the latest virus detection programs.” said Ken as he turned on his stool to face them.

“Really! That would be great. Hate to bother you but we don’t get much support for our laptops!” said Tim as he extended his hand to shake Ken’s.

“Is the computer with you here?”

“No, its up in my room I can go get it.”

“Well I will need to get some stuff from my room also so maybe it would be easier to just stop at your room.” replied Ken

“Sure, its room 326.” Tim said as Ken and he headed toward the lobby.

“Hey guys, will catch up with you a little later!” Tim told his buddy’s as he left.

Ken arrived at room 326 and knocked. Tim let him in and Ken found Tim’s computer setup on the table.

“Nice system and that’s quite bağdatcaddesi escort a nice cam you have also!” Ken said as he sat down at the computer.

Within minutes Ken had some virus removal programs running that quickly started finding and deleting a number of viruses.

“Is it OK if I start my massaging software?, I use Yahoo messenger and my nickname is netsfan_44.” asked Ken as he was working.

“Sure, no problem I use it all of the time. Its pretty good for camming with.” smiled Tim in reply.

As Ken was working he discovered a large directory of image and video files.

“I hope they do not offend you, just stuff I have downloaded.” said Tim.

“No problem, I like downloading the same stuff”

“Here, see if you like these!” Tim said as he highlighted a folder and started a slideshow.

Ken could feel his cock start to stiffen as the images started showing, one by one.

First group was a series of pictures of a middle aged women, tied across a kitchen table on her back, her head off one end and her ass the other. She had a nice mature figure, large breasts and a shaved pussy. Two younger guys were fucking her mouth and pussy as each sucked one of her nipples. You could see their hard cocks glisten with her cream and spit.

The second group was of two college girls pledging. Six other gals were stripping them naked. Each of the gals had on black strapons, 8″ each. Ken watched as first one, then two and finally three girls fucked each girl at once. Ken could feel his cock getting hard and could see that Tim’s was too.

“Can you imagine what it must feel like to have so many cocks buried in you at once? I know I have!” laughed Tim. Tim was now running his hand over his stiff cock still trapped in his pants.

Then the third series started! Showed a man and women in an apartment where she stripped him to his shorts and started tying him to a wooden chair. That left him with legs spread and a hard cock poking his boxers straight up! She was naked and started touching him and rubbing her tits in his face.

“God that has me hard! Wish that was me in that chair!” said Ken as a large wet pre-cum spot was forming on the front of his slacks from his cock.

“Want me to? Tie your hands behind you and repay you with a nice blow beykoz escort job?” said Tim as he reached down and rubbed Ken’s wet spot.

All Ken could do was nod yes!!

Tim quickly tied his hands, and before Ken noticed his feet as well. He pulled Ken’s slacks down and now he was sitting there the same as in the pics!

Tim slowed the slideshow down so that every 30 seconds another pic would appear so that Ken could watch the guy get his cock sucked as Tim sucked his. After a few minutes Ken was moaning and groaning as Tim worked on his cock and balls. Slowly Ken’s ass started to overhang the edge and Tim started fingering that also.

“Ahhhhh, Ahhhhhh, ah fuck, eat my cock… And my balls! GOD that feels good, don’t stop!” moaned Ken as Tim made his balls boil!

“Lets have some more fun, what do you say?” Tim said as he stood up.

At that Tim got up and went over to the computer. Using Ken’s friend list he invited everyone that was on to watch the cam. There were 37 people he knew that were on! On the computer screen Ken could see his image, tied to the chair, his hard cock and balls on display.

“My god! Who’s online and watching!!” yelled Ken, “You can’t do this to me!”

“Lets see, you have 3 people in the male group, 6 in the female group, 11 that say Internet playmates, and a whole bunch that say, work contacts.”, smiled Tim as he slipped on a mask and stripped.

Within a minute Ken’s phone started to ring!

“Hummmmm, seems someone wants to talk with you, so lets slip on this headset and connect up your phone and put them on speaker! Maybe in a few minutes you will be good and ready to talk with your friends!” laughed Tim as he connected Ken up and then resumed sucking him.

Ken struggled to break free but Tim quickly had him moaning and groaning again. Ken could hardly take his eyes off the screen knowing that so many people were watching him getting his cock and balls sucked and ass played with!

The phone rang again!

“Ken?” said a voice.

“Yes” Ken replied trying to sound normal.

“My god! If I had known this today when you were in my office I would have had you across my desk, feeding you my cock!”, replied Bob, a guy he had called on earlier.

“There are two other guys here at the plant that I know would love caddebostan escort to have you also, fact is one is watching you right now! I will get us a conference room for tomorrow so cum see me at 2!”

At that Ken started moaning harder and louder, telling Tim to suck it, and finger his hole. He could hear Bob describing what he would do with him when he stopped back tomorrow! Ken’s hips were working up and down fucking Tim’s mouth. This continued for a good 10 minutes until Tim reached up and cut the connection.

“Time for some more fun Ken!”

Tim stood up and used the phone. He talked for about a minute and hung up.

Within moments of using the phone there was a knock at the door and in came the other two guys from the bar. They stripped and put on masks and joined the fun!

Two of them got between his legs and started sucking and sharing his cock, while the third turned Ken’s head sideways and filled his mouth with hard cock. Ken could feel his hands on the back of his head, forcing it deep into his mouth!

The phone rang again!

“Oh my god Ken, I can’t believe what I am seeing!”

Oh no! It was his sister-in-law Connie!

“I never knew! God you have me soaked! Your brother is so boring but GOD you have me sitting here fucking my pussy with this HUGE dildo I own! Believe me I want you here this weekend so we can fuck each other!

At that the guy fucking his face pulled out and said, “Ask her what she wants to watch us do to you mate!”

“They want to know what you want to see?” moaned Ken to Connie.

“I want you on the bed on all fours, one below you sucking you, and one at both ends fucking you, and me on the phone hearing you get it! GOD I am cumming AGAIN!” and at that Connie coated her dildo.

The three of them quickly got Ken on the bed and started filling his holes! He could hear Connie saying that she had messaged everyone she knew to watch and to tell everyone they knew to join also. At hearing that Tim looked over and noticed how many where watching.

“God Ken, you are a star, 388 watching you, no 410, no 456… my god it just keeps growing!”

Connie was describing what she was watching as Ken sucked his first hard cock! She could see Ken’s cock and balls being milked into one guys mouth while another slowly worked his asshole bigger and bigger till he was pulling out and burying his cock in.

Connie told Ken to expect a few playmates on Saturday and be ready for some hard cocks and wet pussies!!

To be continued??

Hope you enjoyed the story… be SURE to vote… and drop me a line!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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