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Richard’s First Sexual Adventures

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Richard had spent the summer after high school with his grandparents in England. They were getting on in years and needed help on their country property. His parents brought him over with them by plane and they all had an enjoyable two weeks for his father’s holidays from work. They flew home and had booked Richard a steerage passage home to Montreal from Liverpool at the end of the summer. His parents thought it would be a good experience for him to travel on his own, and he was excited to do so.

The ship loaded the hundreds of passengers during the afternoon of departure. He was assigned a room with three other guys. When they arrived, the young men were all immigrants to Canada who spoke halting English, and didn’t seem very friendly. He thought to himself that this was going to be a long trip on his own. He could not have been more wrong.

Before dinner, he made his way into the bar. He was barely 18, and in those days 21 was the legal drinking age. At a pub near his grandparents, a friendly bartender sold him a very official looking ID that stated he was twenty one, and it worked like a charm. His grandparents had insisted they pay him for his work, and therefore he worked very hard and they were very pleased. He was coming home with cash in his pocket, and some travelers cheques, but the bulk of the money had been transferred into his bank account at home.

The bar in steerage was packed, and he noticed that a lot of the passengers were immigrant families and individuals. He sat at the bar and an older woman came in behind him and sat beside him. Her name was Sally and she was also travelling on her own, returning to Montreal to her husband. She said she was ‘married to a much older man’ and that while 35, her husband was a university professor in ‘his late fifties’ She was an artist and had been on a field trip to England, sketching in the highlands with a tour group. She hated flying and would do anything to avoid it. She asked Richard to join her at dinner as there were so many men around she would feel safer to have a companion. He was delighted. She was very attractive, and although she was wearing a bulky sweater against the cool evening breezes, it looked like she could have full breasts but he certainly wasn’t sure. She also wore black leggings that you would normally see teenage girls wearing and the leggings clung to her every curve. When she crossed the room all male eyes were on her pert and perfect ass.

After dinner they strolled around the deck, until it got quite cold on the North Atlantic.

Richard felt quite mature as he walked her back to her room, with her arm linked through his. She said she was thankful for his company, and in the shadows outside her cabin, she moved her head up to him and kissed him on the lips, before saying good night. He had made out with dates in his past, but nothing excited him as much as Sally did in the brief kiss. When he returned to his cabin he fell into a sound sleep. When he awoke it was eleven am, and he had totally missed breakfast.


Sally was looking for Richard. She had really enjoyed her night with him and wanted to find him. No one had seen him and she became a bit concerned. She knew his cabin number but did not want to wander around below decks by herself especially the crowded steerage cabins. Danger could lurk anywhere for an attractive woman. Finally, after lunch she took her book, got a deckchair, and settled in to read.

A few minutes later the Ship’s Purser came along looking for her. She smiled as the very handsome young black officer in his pure white uniform explained that there had been a terrible mistake. Her private cabin reservation was missed when she had registered and she had been placed with other passengers in steerage in error. He asked if he could accompany her to get her belongings and he would have an assistant bring them along to her new cabin. She was delighted, and relieved, and when they got to the new space in First Class she was excited to see it held a large bedroom, bathroom and a small living room with a private balcony. She told the Purser she was travelling with a cousin who was also in steerage, and gave him Richard’s name and cabin number. The Purser disappeared to do the transfer papers so the ship’s records would be correct, and said he would return shortly. The Purser soon reported that Richard had been located, and they were in the process of moving his personal belongings to her cabin. The Purser explained to her how the king size bed could easily be split into two twin beds. She was very impressed with the young man’s confidence, physical presence and obvious experience and good training. Just as he left, Richard arrived. He hugged her with a quizzical look on his face. She continued the hug and whispered in his ear that she had told the authorities that he was ‘her cousin’ and when she got the cabin she felt he would be more comfortable staying with her ataşehir escort bayan and not having to stay in the crowded steerage area. He was delighted, and told her once again how unhappy he had been cooped up with three disagreeable young men. He was suddenly aware of her full breasts and her perfume, and although he had masturbated in bed, he quickly got another erection. Reluctantly they broke the hug and she showed him around the lovely first class cabin.

She explained that she hadn’t booked first class, but the Purser upgraded her when he realized the mistake they had made, and besides, it was really the only option he had left on the ship. Reading Richard’s mind, she explained that the king size bad could be split into two twin beds for their use, but for now they should go out in the sunshine. They both grabbed their books to go out on their own deck, which they shared with just the two dozen other first class passengers, none of whom were in attendance.

Sally pulled her deckchair over close to Richard’s and they both excitedly took up their conversation from the night before. Sally thought to herself, not for the first time, that although Richard was only eighteen, he certainly was mature, well educated, fun and could talk on many subjects. She felt more comfortable with him than she had with other men twice his age. He was a good listener, so she proceeded to explain about her past, her marriage and many very personal reflections. She told Richard that her father had been a heavy drinker and she and her mother were afraid of him when he became belligerent. She was eighteen when they took a boarder in their home, a professor for the local University. It was Michael, who was teaching for a term at the same university where Sally had just enrolled. Michael seemed to bring order out of chaos in their household. Her father needed the rent money for his booze, and he could not afford to irritate the university personnel who had sent Michael to them. She said she and the professor saw a lot of each other casually as he was twenty years her senior. One thing led to another with her father practically ordering her to marry Michael. When his term was up, she found herself at age 19 leaving home and moving across Montreal to join her husband in a tiny apartment while Michael took up another new job. Her husband was not skilled in the ways of lovemaking, and their honeymoon was a short, awkward weekend. Richard could feel his face flush and Sally noticed, but continued anyway.

Sally had talked to her girlfriends about sex, her mother was no help and her father ignored her completely, he was happy to have her “off the payroll.” Sally tried to have a normal university experience, but when boys tried to make out with her she had to stop them because she was married. The years passed, and she assumed that it was normal to rarely have sex. She liked Michael, and he did not hurt her, so she actually felt safer with him than she did in her own home, so that was something. After graduation, she took art courses towards a second degree. Thus her big trip to England.

There she discovered many like minded women, who were open about their lives, indeed they were more open the more wine was consumed. After one particularly interesting evening where some of the women discussed sex, she was amazed by how many of the artists were frustrated by their home life. One woman encouraged Sally to take a lover, preferably a black man, and that had been on her mind ever since. She reached over to Richard and caressed his arm nearest her. He loved the feel of the intimacy and said he was sorry she had such an unhappy marriage. He was so sweet she leaned over and kissed him. On the lips. He comforted her and ran his fingers through her long hair. She held him and slowly was overcome with emotion. She had never known a man with such compassion. She wept on his shoulder. He held her. The ship continued on its westward journey and as the afternoon slipped past, the sun went down and the north Atlantic became cold and looked like dark steel. Wordlessly Richard took Sally by the arm and they retired to the warmth of their stateroom. Once behind their door, he gathered her in his arms and held her. She had never felt so vulnerable the night before, tonight she never felt as safe.

He might have been very young, but he was wonderful and strong, tall and handsome, and she turned her head up to accept his long and passionate french kiss. She let him take the lead, but from his earlier comments she knew he was a virgin, so she wanted to be careful to help him take her. She had, at the moment the handsome black Purser told her about her upgrade. decided that she would help Richard be her first real lover, while she would instruct him in the ways of satisfying a woman. She wished she had had a real lover at age 18. She would be his.

She broke the kiss, and told him that they had an hour and a half before dinner, and for the next hour he escort kadıköy was to do exactly as she ordered. Her husband had not touched her sexually for well over two years, or even three, and it was so not memorable that she could not bear to think of it. She told him she would have him, and that he was not to worry if he came too soon, as that was perfectly normal for a young man’s first time. And not to worry because he would soon be hard again. She had a plan, and she told him that he would never forget the next hour for the rest of his life. Sally wanted to prepare him for an eventual wife. This, she said, would be like on the job training and laughed easily. Richard thought about his father’s advice that taking the sea voyage would ‘be a good experience’. He was correct.

He put his hand timidly on her breast. She put her hand over his and squeezed. She teased him, by reaching for his cock, touching it lightly, running her fingers up and down its impressive length. She noted to herself that he was harder, longer and thicker than her husband. She stopped touching him. She put her left hand in his mouth and ordered him to suck her fingers, especially her wedding ring finger. Her teenage lover complied. She told him he was a very good pupil, and as his teacher she would give him good grades so far, but that he had so much more to learn. She unbuttoned her blouse and let it hang open. Her full breasts were now encased in a fun lacy bra which supported them. His eyes could not leave her chest. She reached in her bra and took one, then the other out of their support. It seemed to make them larger. She lowered her breasts to his mouth, the nipples hard and extended. She knew some of the women artists said their nipples did not arouse, but stayed flat and uninteresting. Hers extended for his open mouth. His hands came up to cup them both as he sucked the nipples and licked, she hungrily lowered her mouth to his and kissed his mouth, over and over.

Throwing the blouse to the floor, he reached back and unhooked her bra, and it fell away. With her chest heaving she pulled off the leggings, and the thong that was underneath. She put the thong in his face. Her could smell her womanhood. He was on fire. He tore his clothes off and she instructed him to mount her in the missionary position. She wanted him to enter her slowly, she told him he was bigger than her husband, and to start slowly and build his passion. He did what he was told. Her hand came down to guide him into place and he pushed his raging hard on into her willing pussy. A few inches, back and forth. She had never felt another man’s cock. She was thrilled with her teenage lover. She praised him, and pulled his mouth to hers. Soon she felt his full eight inches in her sheath. His girth opened her. His intensity increased as she felt an orgasm building for the first time in years. He grunted that he could not hold back, She screamed as the flood of his semen emptied into her as her orgasm exploded. He had done it perfectly the first time. He was no longer a virgin and she had never been happier in her life. They lay together. He held her gently, stoking her hair and telling her that he loved her. She told him it was still the first day. They had six more days before arrival in Montreal. There would be no need for their king size bed to be split into two.

Sally reached for her watch. It was not there. She realized that she must have left it in the deckchair. She threw on a short skirt and the first blouse she saw in the closet. She was still buttoning it up when she realized too late that it was opaque. Hopefully, she thought, there won’t be anyone out there. The cold air immediately made her bra-less nipples stand up against the filmy material. A man was standing near the deckchair. A fellow passenger out for a stroll. He held her watch in his black hand. She thought of fleeing, but he gently said he was hoping the owner would come looking for it. Her loins were still warm from Richard’s big cock, and now she was nearly naked with a handsome black man of about her own age. She reached out and took it, he placed his other hand on her arm to steady her as the ship took a big wave and she lurched into him. He caught her and his hand inadvertently touched her breast. He apologized, and she laughed saying it was an accident, and thanked him for her watch.

Sally returned to the cabin and suggested she and Richard get dressed for dinner. They showered, and Richard noticed that Sally had a glow about her that seemed new. As they had not had a meal in the First Class Dining room, she suggested he wear a dress shirt and tie, and she would wear her ‘little black dress’ which all women seemed to have. She found herself hoping the handsome black stranger would be there.

When they entered the dining room, they were met by the Purser and a lovely looking waitress. The Purser explained that it was normal to split up the couples so the passengers would meet each other, and bostancı escort there would be also be one Ship’s Officer at each table of four. She was seated next to him. Richard was taken across the room, and she watched as he joined a man in a wheelchair, and the man’s wife who was thanking one of the ship’s crew for helping get her husband settled with his wheelchair. The Purser had decided to keep the couple together in case the man had special needs. The fourth person at Richard’s table was another of the ship’s officers.

Sally greeted a middle aged woman who seemed out of sorts to be separated from her husband. Finally the fourth person arrived and it was the black man who had found her watch. She was thrilled! She was glad she wore her black dress, it was not too low cut, but she could see the Purser, and then the other guest peeking down her front when they did not think she noticed.

The Captain’s table was a longer one and seated five, with two people on either side of the Captain himself. He was an impressive sight, with gold braid and his gold officer’s epaulets standing out on his crisp white uniform. She wondered how long the Captain would be at sea at a stretch.

She turned to engage her fellow traveler, his name was Christian, and he too was headed to Montreal. While she was embarrassed to have had him see though her blouse earlier, he broke the ice by saying she looked fantastic in her black dress and would definitely be warmer. She smiled and reached over to touch his arm. They made small talk. He was a Doctor working at the children’s hospital, and had decided to return back by ship after his mother’s passing in England. She expressed her sympathy. He reached out to thank her and his hand rubbed and squeezed her arm. She did not pull away, but smiled at him. The Purser finally had everyone seated the way he wanted, and sat down on Sally’s other side. She noted that the Captain was moving around the room meeting the passengers, and she quickly asked the Purser, who she continued to call ‘Sir’, what the proper protocol was when meeting the Captain, who was also called ‘Master’ in some circles. She had read that somewhere, so she decided to call him that when they met. The Captain was at Richard’s table and she was relieved to see Richard stand and firmly shake the Master’s hand. She watched as they talked, and then Richard turned and pointed to her. She flushed. Just a short time ago they were making love.

Soon the Captain was at their table, and she stood with the others to meet him. He was very tall at six feet four inches, and she noted, very black. It seemed that most of the officers were black, which gave her a bit of a thrill. Since being encouraged to take a lover by her artist friend, taking a black lover had crossed her mind many times. The Captain was charming and took both her hands in his, and apologized to her again for the mix-up in the reservations department. He asked her if she would like to join him at the Captain’s table and sit with him the next night. She blushed and said she would be delighted to do so. As they parted she called him ‘Master’ and he smiled broadly at the traditional mariner title. She felt a shiver go through her the way he looked at her. When the Captain reached his table and sat down the meal service began.

The woman who seemed upset with being separated from her husband, warmed to the Purser’s attentions and was enjoying her wine. Sally noted that the Purser seemed to have his hand under the table which she thought strange. She gave Christian her full attention, and he rewarded her with his stunningly handsome smile. He flirted, and she fully responded in kind. When the waiters took away the first course, Christian’s hand slid under the table cloth to land on Sally’s thigh. She felt shock at first at his being so forward, then she put her hand on his and gave it a warm squeeze. She was new to being seduced by a man she had met only two hours previously, but she was tingling all over, her nipples were thickening and she hoped they would not be too obvious. Her loins throbbed and she felt herself getting damp. Her artist friends were right. Black men had a certain sexual power about them.


Richard was fully engaged with the wheelchair occupant, George, who insisted the young man call him by his first name. George explained that he had been in a skiing accident in Switzerland, and his injuries would hopefully all mend in time. In order to converse with the older man, Richard had to speak across his breathtakingly beautiful blond wife from Sweden, whose name was Rebecca. She easily facilitated conversation between the two men, and seemed to revel in Richard’s closeness. Her dress was spectacular, low cut, and Richard found himself trying not to look down at her magnificent breasts. She was fully aware and smiled at him, occasionally flirting by touching his hand. Her husband, it appeared, tended not to notice.

As the tea and coffee service started, Rebecca asked Richard if he would be so kind as to help her with moving George back to their suite at the conclusion of the meal. Richard said he would be happy to help them, in any way they wanted. George smiled broadly.

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