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Rebecca’s new fuck buddy

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Rebecca’s new fuck buddy
Rebecca finds a new Fuck Buddy – My wife Rebecca had my best friend Joe fucking her on a regular basis until he was transferred to another location. It had been a couple of years where we had very little outside “recreational sex”. But that changed a few months ago.
A new family moved in next door and we became good neighbors. They had a 19-year-old son Jake that was just getting out of high school. He was in great shape, played several sports, and was heading for college in the fall.
I hired Jake to help me in the back yard several times and he was a good worker. One day, because of the heat, he took off his shirt and continued working. I went inside to get some iced tea and Rebecca made a remark that some girl must be lucky to have a stud such as Jake fucking her. I could see a hint of jealousy in her tone of voice.
I returned outside and told Jake that his body was in excellent shape and his girlfriend is very lucky. He replied that with sports after school that he did not have a steady girlfriend. We talked a little more about his sex life and he responded that it wasn’t much; maybe a little kissing and feeling of pussy. “Once they feel my cock, they get scared of its size”, he said.
I asked him if he ever had a blowjob from one of the girls. His response again was, “Because of it’s size, they are afraid to try that”. Wow, I responded, “Rebecca has sucked some pretty large cocks”. He asked how I knew that. I told him that we were swingers in the past and I liked to watch her in action.
You should have seen the look on his face. It was one of wonder and amazement. He did not know the term “swingers”, so I had to explain it to him. I could tell that it was having an effect on him as I saw a small bulge begin to appear in his shorts.
We finished that day and I proceeded to tell Rebecca about my conversation with Jake. Rebecca response wasn’t really surprising as she said, “I’d like to take the challenge to give him his first blowjob”. I laughed and replied… “we’ll have to work on that.”
A few days later, Jake returned on a Saturday morning saying his parents were gone for the weekend and he was wondering if I had any work for him. Immediately, I thought of Rebecca having sex with him and replied, “I’ll find something for us to do.
I put him to mowing the front yard as I went in and told Rebecca that today may be the day for her challenge. She said that she’d take a shower and put on something “see-thru”. I went into the bedroom and set up the video camera to video tape the area of the bed just in case something did come about. It was on and ready to be viewed on the TV in the güvenilir bahis den.
I went back to work with Jake. He finished the frond yard and had taken off his shirt again. Damn, he was a good-looking stud. I was wondering if he would be fucking Rebecca today…
We went into the back yard and I told him that I’d go get more gas for the lawn mower and get the clippers sharpened while I am in town and for him to go inside and get some iced tea out of the refrigerator and relax until I get back. He went inside and I took off for town.
Meanwhile, Rebeca had been watching us through the window wondering just how she was going to get her turn with Jake. As Jake walked into the kitchen, Rebecca walked in right behind him. She acted startled to see him in the house. Rebecca said, “I’m sorry, I did not know you were in the house.” Jake, looking right at her semi-exposed tits, could hardly speak. He replied, “Well, I came after some iced tea”. Rebecca then went to the refrig to help him. Jake was watching her every move. Rebecca is now 38 years old, twice the age of Jake. But she has a body of a 25-year-old with nice tits that do not sag. Jake continued to watch her and her tits. Rebecca noticed his interest in her and she decided to go for broke and make her move.
“Haven’t you seen a woman’s breast before, Jake?” Jake replied, “Not as nice as those and not as big”. Rebecca walked over to Jake with his iced tea and continued with,” Have you ever felt tits like these?’ Jake was stuttering now, “Not really, most of the girls I know have small tits.” He took the iced tea and took a sip.
“Well, you can feel these anytime you want, Jake”. I like to have a man’s hands on them. Jake almost spit out the tea, as he acted as though he didn’t know what to do next. Rebecca reached for his iced tea and placed it on the table. She then reached for his hands and placed them over her tits. “Now play with them as much as you want, Richard will not be home for over an hour.”
Jake was just about frozen stiff as his hands were placed over Rebecca’s tits. She then took his head by placing her hands on each side of his head and pulled him closer and planted a kiss on his lips. They started kissing with passion. Soon they were “French-kissing”.
“Please, take control and do what you want.” Richard will not stop you, he will just watch us. Jake then relaxed some as he kissed back with a greater passion. His hands were twisting and caressing her tits like new toys. “Hmmmm. Yes! Jake… Squeeze them and suck on them… I love it when a man takes control… Jake’s hands were feeding her tits to his mouth.
As Jake sucked and caressed her türkçe bahis tits, Rebecca’s hands went for his crotch. His cock was stiff and pressing against his shorts as she unzipped his pants and released his stiff cock. Rebecca being the great cock sucker she is, just slid down his body and took his cock into her mouth. She started deep-throating it, taking it as deep as she could.
Rebecca reached up and placed his hands over her head and told Jake to “Fuck as hard as you can!” Wow, was her words as he started face-fucking her fast and hard as commanded. It was only about 5 minutes into fucking her throat that he announced that he was going to cum. OOOOHHHH, AAAAHHH, I’M cumming!!!! And then it happened… His huge stiff cock was pumping load after load deep down Rebecca’s throat. Rebecca could hardly keep swallowing his cum as his cock continued to spurt hot loads of young cum down her throat.
Jake could hardly stand as his cock continued to fill Rebecca’s face with is young hot sperm. As she released her mouth from his cock, Jake said that he had never, never had something like that happen to him before. Rebecca stood up with a smile in her face and said, “Thank you!, I needed that!” Jake was still in amazement as he replied, “Well, I needed it also!. It was sooo good! Then Rebecca took his hand and told Jake, “Follow me!” as she led him back to our bedroom.
She finished undressing him and they both got onto the bed naked. “Now, take your time and I want you to fuck me like in your wildest dreams.” Jake replied, “How about Richard?” Rebecca’s reply was, “Don’t worry. He will not say anything and maybe he’ll watch…”
Rebecca just leaned into Jake and started kissing. Jakes cock was stiff again and ready for action. It was about 8 inches and thick… Any girl may be afraid of taking this huge cock, but Rebecca was up to the challenge. Jake wasted no time on climbing on top of Rebecca and slamming his stiff cock into her cunt. She was wet and ready for it as she bucked her hips up to allow his cock to hit bottom. “Fuck me hard now, Jake! I want your hard cock to fuck me hard!” Jake just kept pounding into her wanton cunt. Rebecca place her legs up and over his back. Her hands on his ass, pulling him deeper into her cunt. “OOOOHHH, AAAAHHH” Jake moaned as he fucked hard and fast. Rebecca was right with him this time as she started climaxing also… Again, Jake’s cock pumped spurt after spurt of hot cum into her. His cock was almost non-stop in pumping the cum deep into her cunt.
Loud moans were coming from the bedroom when I returned. I quietly walked to the doorway of the bedroom and peeked in. I güvenilir bahis siteleri did not want to stop them nor did I want Jake to get scared too much. I went back into the den and turned on the TV so I could watch the action in the bedroom. Rebecca was climbing onto Jake and taking his cock into her cunt again. She started riding it like a bucking bronco. Man, can she fuck!!! Up and down on his cock as her tits hung over his face. Jake’s hands were squeezing her tits as he tried to suck on them.
I started to jackoff as I watched Jake fuck my wife, or should I say watch Rebecca fuck this young stud. She was on top for at least 15 minutes before she started moaning and groaning. She was climaxing again and again. As she started to slow down, Jake rolled her over onto her back and started fucking her with that huge stiff cock.
I was amazed at his vitality… He literally fucked her for the next 55 minutes. He did not let up. His cock continued to pound deep into her wet cum-filled cunt as he laid on top of her with his arms wrapped around her head. The video recording was recording every minute of it as I climaxed several times while watching.
I watched as his ass slowed down and he was releasing another series of hot cum loads into my wife. She was receiving every drop of it deep in her cunt. I knew that I wanted to eat her cunt and suck that cum out of her; but figured I would not get the chance with Jake still on her.
Jake just laid still, resting on top of Rebecca. I watch the after-glow as he held her in his arms. His cock was still in her as they rolled to their side. Rebecca was just about asleep with her head on his chest. She looked well-fucked.
They fell asleep in each others arms and I relaxed and watched the video from the beginning. I must have climaxed 3 or 4 more times from watching this young stud fuck my wife. I had just closed my eyes trying to relax when I heard them making noise again.
Rebecca had slid down in the bed and was sucking on Jake’s cock again. Her lips were cleaning the mixture of “his and her” cum off of it. Rebecca loves to suck cock and this was no exception. She was taking that cock deep down her throat and loving it. Jake just reached down and was gently forcing her head up and down on his young cock.
I watched in amazement as his cock filled Rebecca’s mouth. She did not want to stop even though Jake tried to pull her back up to him. Then Rebecca rolled over onto her back and motioned for Jake to get above her and “face-fuck” her from above. Jake wasted no time in obliging her as he placed his legs on each side of her face and put his cock back into her mouth. Man, I could not believe how he face-fucked her until he was again spurting hot cum down her throat. She sure can give good blow jobs and take cocks deep down her throat. It continued like this the rest of the day, but that will be in the next chapter…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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