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Quarantined Sisters

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This is a story set during the Corona Virus outbreak in 2020 (for future readers). Everyone was self-quarantined — even if healthy – and all social functions were shut down until further notice (which had not been lifted at the time this story was written).

Fuck! My senior prom was canceled as was my sister’s Spring Fling Ball at college. The Corona Virus quarantine had kept me home from my last semester of high school and my sister had to move back into our room from her college upstate. My parents were both working from home as their respective companies had closed the offices until the all clear was sounded — which was for some undetermined date in the who-knows-when-future.

So Kristy crowded back into my room, or I guess, “our” room, after unloading all her stuff out of my Dad’s car in the driveway last week. Mom thought it was fun to see her girls back together again after only a few months of my older sister’s freshman year at Roane State. I hate to say it but I didn’t like it at all. Oh, I like — love — my sister but I had gotten very used to having the room all to myself. So I had to clear all my stuff back into the shared quarters of closets and bureaus and night tables to make room for Kristy.

Kristy was all “hey this is fun, sis” but I was putting on a smile just for her benefit. On top of my senior prom being canceled now I had to live again with my older sister until this thing blew over – or whatever.

The first weeks were all dinners together and watching TV. Sheltering at home, as they called it. I talked to my boyfriend Bobby on the phone and we commiserated the cancellation of our prom next month and all the stuff boys and girls talk about. Kristy was always on her phone and talked to all her friends from college and our parents hovered everywhere it seemed.

It turned out that my Senior Prom was scheduled for the same night as Kristy’s sorority Spring Fling social at Roane. So the sad day drew near for both of us. It seemed that our mutual sadness broke down that little barrier that always separated us as older sister and younger sister. We actually started to interact as we did as young sisters, growing closer as the physical quarters drew us closer. It surprised me, and perhaps Kristy, as our bond grew closer the longer we were stuck together.

One night we had an old fashioned pillow fight, swinging wildly and laughing atop our respective twin beds, occasionally shrieking in mock terror. Our parents yelled for us to cut it out. In the exhilaration, with both of us holding the pillows ready for another volley at each other, we held the pillows cocked and ready. I looked across at Kristy and she looked back at me, both smiling wildly and then we laughed some more. We made comic silent faces still staring at each other. Kristy dropped her pillow and lunged at me to wrestle on my twin bed.

I should say at this point we are competitive sisters. Kristy being older than me by a year and a few months was a high school and (now) college basketball player while I was a volleyball and softball player at Middlebrook High. We grew up wanting to be better than each other in any endeavor we undertook. Oh, we were sisters who loved each other and all that – but competitive to the n-th degree. So when Kristy launched her slightly bigger frame at me, I fought like the dickens to get her off me. Just when I started to gain the upper ground over her lanky body and weight, Mom threw open the door and screamed at us to knock it off.

I had my arms wrapped under Kristy’s hips and was just turning her upside down when Mom said in that tired Mom voice, “Carla, let go of your sister. And Kristy…behave.”

“Oh, Mom…” we both said dejectedly. And Kristy freed herself from my loosening grip and retreated to her own bed.

So that bit of quarantined fun was over for the night. Laying in our beds, both turned sideways, we stared into each other’s eyes and giggled at ourselves. Kristy reached up to turn out the bedstand light. I turned onto my back and looked at the invisible darkened ceiling and thought about how Kristy’s body felt in my arms while we wrestled briefly. It felt different, better, than how I felt when I watched Kaitlyn Pearson, a pretty senior and volleyball teammate at Middlebrook for whom I had a natural attraction.

Several weeks later, still under quarantine, still harboring some new feeling towards Kristy, I woke early to see my sister get out of bed. Her 5’11” frame was hazy in the early morning light of our bedroom. She was wearing only small panties without a top. She stood in front of our shared vanity while she tousled her mussy hair. In the reflection of the vanity mirror I could see her breasts. They were bigger than they appeared under her normal loose fitting clothes. Symmetrical mounds of white flesh topped by small brown nipples. Her taut athletic buttocks were on display where her panties had ridden up during sleep. I let my hand move oh, so gently, to touch myself while I watched pendik escort her.

After breakfast, Kristy suggested we get some fresh air. That was about the only thing we could do under this new quarantine regime. We decided to go for a run through the neighborhood to a city park not far. It would be about a 5K run we both agreed. Back in our room, we changed into running gear. Kristy stripped and pulled on tight boy shorts and a midriff top with her college logo. I stole glances as surreptitiously as I could while we dressed. I chose a similar outfit (hoping to appear like twins, in my mind) and off we went with Mom and Dad advising us to keep a safe distance between ourselves and other people.

Kristy and I jogged lightly through the neighborhood until we hit the city park. As soon as we crossed the avenue to enter the walking path Kristy took off with her long legs running at a good clip. I was caught unaware and ran after her. I watched her long strides and found my eyes after a short while were trained on her gently rolling buttocks in the tight boy shorts. I tried to catch up but whenever I got close Kristy put on a little more speed. I kept trying to match her speed but with those long legs and collegiate training I was no match for her strides. I relaxed a little and kept pace several steps behind her becoming more and more mesmerized by her ass in those tight shorts. At about the halfway point on our loop back towards the entrance I realized I was getting very turned on by my own sister’s ass and sun-kissed legs as we jogged.

I tried to focus my thoughts on Kaitlyn Pearson my first girl crush, imagining it was Kait’s long legs and ass I was watching. Somewhere in the back — no, the front — of my mind I realized I was crushing on my own sister and that sweet, toned athletic body before me.

“C’mon, Carla.” I thought to myself. “She’s your sister. Get it together.” But it was no use. I thought again how she felt when we wrestled and I had her body in my arms.

When we reached the end of the loop path, Kristy veered off to a park bench and plopped down with a large exhalation and ran her hand across her sweaty forehead. I followed suit, mimicking her forehead swipe. Kristy leaned back and let her long legs stretch out before her. I let my eyes trace a line from her white running shoes up the length of her calves, thighs, and where her shorts creased into her crotch. If I touched myself I knew I would come. That’s what she did to me today. We sat wordlessly enjoying the end of our workout but my mind was filled with my taboo feelings about Kristy.

We finished our run after the short bench rest and this time Kristy ran at a pace I could keep step with her. She took my hand in hers and ducked left into a dirt path that I knew led down to the city pond. My heart was beating from the jog but also the way she continued to hold my hand as we jogged the narrow dirt path. We slowed down as we reached the muddy bank of the quiet pond.

“Hey, this was good. To get out of the house.” She exhaled, still holding my hand. She turned her head to look at me. I was two inches shorter than she. Even those small two inches made me feel like I was staring upwards. It’s true both physically and psychically that I always looked up to my older sister. Impulsively, I wrapped my arms around her torso and laid my head against her chest. She pulled me closer and sighed.

“I’ve been with other girls, Carly. And it’s fucked up, I know, but I like being with you. I mean, close, with you.” She kissed me ever so slightly on my forehead.

Emotion overcame me. “Kristy, yes, when we were fooling around last night…oh, gawd, what am I saying?” I practically sobbed into her chest.

“Yeah, I know. I feel that way too. I felt it even when I came back for your eighteenth birthday last month. You’re a beauty, sis.” Kristy said dreamily and hugged into me a little closer.

I raised my head to see if she was testing me somehow, the old competitive wariness kicking in. But no, Kristy was serious, no smirking, no blinking, as we looked into each other’s eyes. We turned ever so slightly and faced each other. Wordlessly and slowly, we kissed. Lips on lips. We backed off to look again into each other’s eyes. Then we really kissed. Slowly, passionately, our mouths opening finally to really get into it. I felt her hands grip my ass and I ran my hands down her muscled torso to cup her taut buns in my hands.

Kristy broke us apart. “Tonight, we’ll do something. Not here.” I think we both felt the nerves of new desire and the potential danger of public discovery in the park.

We jogged back to our house like girls, giggling and bumping each other’s shoulders as we ran. For myself, I can only say my head was ringing and every sense tingling at the advent of this new thing in my life. Whenever Kristy glanced over at me, I felt — hoped – she must be feeling the same.

It was a Saturday afternoon and Mom had prepared an early meal for maltepe escort all of us. As we ate, Dad mentioned that he and Mom would be volunteering to serve boxed dinners at the county food bank. After everything was cleared, Mom and Dad disappeared and came back wearing latex gloves and swinging their surgical masks in their fingers. “We might be awhile. The line for these meals are getting longer each week.” Dad said as they walked to the front door.

Kristy and I wished them well and to be as careful as possible. They were off then. We watched the car back down the driveway and roll slowly down our street.

“You know what tonight is, don’t you?” Kristy asked.

I felt a flush of excitement at being alone with Kristy after our surprisingly erotic jog in the park. I hesitated before saying anything.

“It’s our Prom and Ball night.” Kristy said and laughed ruefully.

“Oh, yeah. I forgot.” I said, relieved that I hadn’t gushed out what I was thinking about being alone together after our afternoon intimacy.

Kristy took my hand as we still stood at the window looking at the now empty street. “I have a fun idea. Are you up for it?”

“Uh, yeah.” I answered slowly still unsure about this new phase of our sisterhood.

Kristy turned to me. She had a silly grin on her face. Her hand gripped mine a little tighter. “Let’s put our dresses on and have our own Ball and Prom night.” She whispered as though she might be overheard.

I lit up at the idea. “Oh, yes! Let’s do that!”

Kristy let go of my hand and ran for the steps, me following, both of us giggling like schoolgirls. In our shared room, Kristy knelt and reached under her bed for a bag with a boutique’s name printed on it. I went to the closet where my dress was hanging, still wrapped in the store’s long plastic covering. Throwing her dress bag on the bed, Kristy went under again and retrieved a shoe box which she also plopped on the bed. I found my prom shoes in the closet and brought them out.

“Okay.” Kristy said, all businesslike now. “I’ll get dressed in Mom and Dad’s room. You can use this room. We don’t have time for makeup or hair, so just be quick and we’ll promenade together in the house.” She paused and made a comic hand to mouth stage whisper. “And we’ll have a little of Dad’s brandy.”

I hopped up and down with excitement. Kristy was already headed out of the room when I called behind her. “This is awesome! Awesome!”

I stripped out of the casual clothes I had changed into after our jog and showers earlier this weird, exciting day. I ripped the clothing bag to get at my prom dress. I halted a moment and could hear Kristy’s distant noises of rustling and dressing in our parent’s bedroom. I quickly stepped into my dress, brought it up over my hips and wiggled to get the delicate material over my buttocks. I took a step to get before the full-length mirror on the closet door. I pulled the dress up my torso and slipped my arms between the spaghetti straps. Not bad, I thought. The low cut front had just enough scoop to expose my modest cleavage. I reached a hand under each breast to plump them up. Yes, I thought to myself. Not bad for a tomboyish volleyball girl. I stepped back to sit on the bed and slip into my ridiculously high heeled platform pumps.

Walking gingerly back to the mirror I admired myself as I had never seen myself. Pretty, although I wished I had some makeup, I thought to myself. I leaned over and shook and tousled my medium brown hair. I stood up quickly and was surprised to see a person I never saw before looking back at me. I looked (can I say it?) glamorous, with wild hair, decent boobs, and a length of leg under the short hemline, perched on very high heels.

“Oh, sister.” Kristy said in a low voice.

I looked in the mirror and saw Kristy in the reflection. She appeared as a goddess in a champagne colored dress with sparkly things sewn into the material. The dress hugged every curve of her tall, athletic body. Those golden legs I admired during our run were bared beneath a hemline that barely covered her private parts. In her strappy high heels, with her hair also tousled in her quick change, Kristy appeared to be an amazon beauty.

“Kristy.” I gulped. “You are gorgeous.” I exhaled with emotion.

She stepped into the room and we admired each other in the full-length mirror. We put our hands around each other’s hips and smiled to each other through the silvered glass. We laughed a little. We pulled each other tighter to each other. Staring wordlessly at the mirrored reflection.

“Damn, sister. Where’d you get those boobs?” Kristy asked as she gently let one hand run up to cup my right breast.

I fairly melted at her touch and being so close to my sexy sister in her red carpet dress. I swooned against her as we stood side by side. “Hey, don’t faint on me, sis.” Kristy said with a small laugh as she gave me a small pinch at my waist.

I stood upright but turned to kiss kartal escort her exposed neck. I could smell a dab of some heady perfume on her neck. I let my tongue run a line up to that sensitive spot just below and behind her ear.

Kristy guided me to stand face to face. She seemed a little flushed after my extended tongue lick. Her eyelids were half closed with a thousand yard stare as she held me tight against her. Our two expensive ball and prom dresses were pressed against each other and against our own bare flesh beneath.

Kristy kissed me. Not gently. We opened our mouths to explore each other’s tongues and I felt her hands cup my derriere while she frenched me. I let one hand fall to rub her thigh where the hemline of her sparkly dress ended just below her centerpiece.

“I don’t want to ruin that dress, Carly, but you better unzip quickly.” Kristy whispered between deep tongue kisses.

“Hmmm.” I whimpered as I reached back to undo the clasp and unzip my briefly worn prom dress. Kristy was already pulling down the thin spaghetti straps of my dress and it fell off my body in a silky rustle. With the dress in a small rumple on the floor between us, I was naked save for my high heels.

Kristy stepped back to look at me. “Damn.” That was all she said. At that time in my mind, it was the nicest thing she had ever said to me in all our years as sisters. I noticed that her eyes were aimed at my smooth vulva. “I’m gonna eat that.” Kristy said as if in a trance.

I literally hopped up and down with excitement. “You, too. You, too!” I cried.

Kristy turned away and walked back to a far corner of the room. She struck a pose and began unzipping the back of her champagne dress. Slowly letting it fall off her shoulders, she wiggled it off her flared hips. She stepped gingerly out of the material coiled about her ankles and gently kicked it away with one of her high heels. She leaned forward and let her hair fall about her face. Then she ran her long fingers through her mane and tossed it back as she arose to stand tall across the room from me.

I sucked in a long gasp as I spied my older sister naked, smiling devilishly at me. She had a thin landing strip of golden pubic hair dipping into the crevice of her torso where her thighs were half-crossed in a seductive fashion for my eyes. Kristy was an amazon. Over six feet of her with her high heels and fluffed hair.

“Get on that fucking bed, Carly.” She said. It was a command and an invitation rolled into one sentence.

I jumped backwards onto the bed. I scooched back to the pillows and opened my legs. I tried to adopt a playful attitude and beckoned Kristy with a “come get it” hand motion.

Kristy made a quick move — as she did when she was driving to the basket when she saw an opening in the paint — and before I knew it she was on me. I felt her face bury into my pussy. She lifted my thighs up to open me completely. I felt myself roll back with my legs in the air as my sister pushed her face into my sex.

When Kristy hit my spot, my head went deep into the pillow behind me and I nearly screamed from her tonguing. Only the silence of our own house made me keep my sound under control. But Kristy was relentless on me. I felt her tongue on my labia, then her teeth on those private lips.

“Carly, doll, my sister.” Kristy said from somewhere near my pussy.

After that very brief respite, she attacked my sex with all her energy. Pushing her tongue in me, licking the outside of my lips, even running her tongue on that spot between my pussy and asshole. I was thrashing now. Not just from the physical sensation but the knowledge that my sister was doing all of this to please me.

I got up on my elbows. “Let me do you, too.” I fairly croaked the words out as she had my clitoris between her front teeth.

“Yeah, let’s eat each other.” Kristy said from between my thighs.

We scrambled around on the bed. We laid sideways with my head between Kristy’s muscular thighs and Kristy’s face still managing to be attached to my sex. My first taste of Kristy was heaven. After all these years as competitors in everything from scholastics to our parent’s favor to athletic endeavors, I had my face where I unknowingly always wanted it to be — in her pussy. I felt her thighs collapse on me and held me captive as I licked my sister’s vagina, running my tongue through her lips, curling my tongue to get inside her, searching for her bullet shaped clitoris.

“Fuck, yes!” She whooshed when I hit her spot.

That brought out her competitive nature and she centered herself on my clit and gave it everything she had to bat my small bullet towards a heavenly ending. We two sister-athletes now were in a game-on battle to see who would bring the other to climax first.

I nibbled on Kristy’s clit and felt her grinding herself against my face. Kristy was getting me “thisclose” to orgasming as she tongued my spot with all her might. I didn’t want to submit first. I knew Kristy wouldn’t give up her orgasm without a fight either. We were locked in a battle as desperately as any of our driveway basketball games growing up. My pussy was sopping wet and my mind was ringing from my sister’s assault on my sex.

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