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Pure Blood Ch. 02: Deep in the Night

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Author’s Note: I personally don’t like reading cheesy, romantic and long stories when it comes to erotics (I’m more of a straight to the good stuff kinda gal), so if you’re just like me, and you just want some dirty, hardcore fucking, this story is for you *wink*

WARNING: Please be advised that this story contains very graphic descriptions of sexual encounters between two or more consenting people. All characters are 18 and above.

Also, be aware that this series belongs to the incest category, and might contain some kinks and scenes involving family actions, which some may not like. Hey, to each their own. Lusty reading!


I can’t believe I’m eating dinner here with my family like nothing happened. Like I didn’t see my dad fisting his sister. Like I didn’t see him eating her cunt like a starved man. Like we’re normal family. Everything is blurry since I knocked earlier and entered that front door to this nightmare.

“Oh hi Princess! How’s my little girl? We thought you’d be here in another hour or so. We could’ve picked you up from the airport.” Yeah right, with the way you were face-deep in my aunt’s cunt, I doubt it. Its so awkward trying to smile and look so happy while hugging my father when I saw what happened earlier.

“Ohh hello Princess!! You’ve grown up so much. You look so pretty!” I look behind my father and saw my aunt coming down the stairs, no trace of what happened earlier.

“Why don’t you unpack first and we’ll chat about how life has been later? Your aunt has prepared some drinks and snacks for you earlier. Let me show you to your room.” We went upstairs and I followed dad to a big room. It has a single bed on one side of the room and one king-sized bed on the other side. This is my twin brothers’ room, they just shoved a single spare bed on one side to make room for me.

“Your previous room was converted to a storage room. We figured you can just stay with them since you’ll only be staying for 2 months.” Wow, this is a touching moment—really. They could’ve just said “oh you can camp with your brothers since we don’t have the time and effort to fix your old room”, and it won’t make a difference. But I won’t admit it hurts to see that even though most of the house did not change, it certainly looks like they’ve officially written mom and I off their lives. I mean, I can’t really blame them, Mom fully removed them from our lives first.

So here we are, sitting at the dining table, eating dinner. Maybe its not just me who feels very unsettled and uncomfortable, but for a very different reason. I just can’t get the image of my dad shoving his entire face in my aunt’s pussy from behind out of my head.

I sat between my two brothers and my dad sits on the head of the table with my aunt on his right. Like she belongs in this family, and I dont like it—or her.

She and my dad are 10 years apart in age. So, at 30, she was still at a prime age. She could still marry, have kids and a nice normal family. pendik escort Why is she doing this?

“So, you’re going to college this school year already? Damn, I suddenly feel so old,” Cedric joked. Yeah right, we’re only 4 years apart. But I guess time flies by when you haven’t seen each other for years and never watch each other grow up.

“So, good thing mom finally let you go on a vacation here. I haven’t seen you since forever,” aunt Clara said. And was that a sneer in her voice? What a bitch. I really wanna reply “It’s probably all your fault for being a slut” but I just smiled and nodded.

“Give her a break, I think she still haven’t forgiven dad here eh?” Clarence chided. They asked me about anything and everything, it felt like we were talking for hours. This is so unrealistic. We haven’t seen each other nor even talked on the phone for years. It’s like talking to a stranger, except we’re blood related. Yeah, talk about awkward.

I feel like I’m an outsider eating with a family of four. I tried to make it through this dinner with a fake smile on my face. But all I want is to just lie down, try to sort through my messy thoughts, and rest. Maybe tomorrow I’ll wake up and it’s all really just a nightmare. My head’s starting to ache.

“Are you okay, Princess? Maybe you should go up and rest already. You must be tired from your flight.” Cedric—the older of the twins—asked me.

“Yeah, I probably should. I’m getting a headache.” I went upstairs to wash and change for bed.

While in the bathroom, I noticed there are women products all over the counter. It’s so weird, women touches are all over the house decorations as well, which means either my aunt stays here frequently or she lives here. Permanently.

I hurriedly showered and changed. I lied down on the single bed and mull over things. Do my brother’s know what’s happening? Are they ok with it? Maybe they don’t know but I highly doubt that, considering they’re living in the same house. And earlier, the door to the master’s bedroom was unlocked while they’re going at it. So my brother’s must have known. Damn. So that’s why they are still living in this house.

My head’s about to explode with all this overthinking. It’s fine, I only have to stay here for 2 months, and then probably never see each other ever again. My mom already cut them off her life, maybe that’s warning enough.

I should sleep already. I don’t want my brothers to catch me still awake and talk to me even more. I’ve had enough for a day. With a heavy sigh, I closed my eyes and fell asleep.


I woke up in the middle of the night, super wet and horny. I have been dreaming of the scene earlier, except I’m in my aunt’s place. I was the one getting fisted and eaten out. Damn! I really need to get laid if I’m dreaming of my dad now. But the thought of fucking him is so dirty it actually made me even wetter. No! I won’t go over the line. Thinking and fantasizing about it is one thing, actually doing it is whole maltepe escort different story.

I got up to get some water in the kitchen and cool off a bit . I guess everyone had a wild and out of line fantasy at one point in their life. That’s why it’s just fantasy, it couldn’t happen in real life. I’m not depraved. I’m a human being so I can fantasize too. And I dreamt about it, it’s not like it’s conscious, I try to convince myself. Maybe I should just rub one out and take off the edge so I won’t get any nasty ideas. This house is making me sick in the head.

But I can’t even get myself off because of this room sharing going on. Which is—by the way, not happening right now. My brother’s side of the room is empty. What the—don’t tell me they went out on a weeknight to go clubbing.

I was halfway down the dark stairway when it happened again. Oh no, can’t I even get a break from this shit? Thud. Thud. I heard loud groans and moaning coming from somewhere downstairs.Wet slaps of bodies joining together.

“Ugghmp!! Yeahh, fuck my cunt, Clarence. Ahhh!! You’re sister got you so horny, you’re dicking me so hard huh?? Yesss, right there baby!” Clara was on her knees again, getting fucked seven ways to Sunday. And wouldn’t you believe it, it was my brother Clarence who was balls deep inside my aunt, fucking her hard on the living room sofa. I kind of already figured this out earlier, I don’t even know why I’m still feeling shocked and surprised by this.

What a slut! She’s not just fucking my dad, she’s corrupted my brother too. So, she’s not contented with just one man huh? She just had to ruin what could be a normal life for my brothers as well. I guess cougars really are everywhere.

Slap.Slap.Thud. Wet slaps echoed so loud in the quiet stillness of the house, there’s no way my dad and other brother haven’t heard it.

Ahhh, I’m cumming again baby!!” She suddenly squirted so hard my brother’s cock was pushed out. Shit! I’ve never seen a squirter in real life. There’s literally a stream of juice squirting out of her gaping and contracting pussy. It sprayed all over my brother’s lower body and the sofa. Yeah she’s a certified slut.

“Ahhh ahhh!! Put it back in!” He immediately grab his cock and thrust it back inside that gaping cunthole.

“Yesss!! Fuck! Make me cum again. Ahhh!! Yeahhhh cum with me. Cum inside me!! Ughhh ahhh give me that seed!” They’re really going at it hard. This is basic, primal fucking. Their bodies are just reduced to animal phase and in chase of that high, orgasmic, and addictive climax. They don’t even care that they’re both blood related. That they’re committing the forbidden. But I guess that makes it more nasty.

“Ahhh, ahhh. Yesss. Ughhh!!!” My aunt started shaking so bad while cumming, Clarence had to hold her hips just to stay inside her pussy. Fuck! he’s cumming inside her?? Bareback?? He’s just gonna dump his cum inside her fertile pussy? That’s so dirty I actually leaked juices in my panties. Fuck! I don’t want to kartal escort be a slave to my body’s natural reactions. I’m better than this. This house is corrupting me.

My aunt suddenly went limp. Fuck, she came so hard, she blacked out. My brother continued cumming inside her pussy, filling her with potent cum.

I can’t handle this, my body’s so highly strung and tensed with so much need and lust. I just watched another live porn. Yet again. I’m not a virgin but I’ve only been with two guys before, both boys still finding their way to manhood. I’ve never seen, much less experience, wild rough fucking they’re doing right now, so my body’s reacting so sensitively.

I’m so damn horny and wet, I needed to cum so bad. I can’t stop myself from rushing upstairs to the bathroom. I just had to. I put myself on the counter and just started fingering my pussy. I haven’t even fully removed my panties, and I’m finger-fucking my cunt so hard. I leaned on the mirror on my back and started to just molest my pussy. I’m so damn wet, loud squelches are echoing in the bathroom. I’ve never been this horny and wet in my life. Pungent, musky pussy smell is all around me. The smell all woman and sweet.

“Ahhh, ahhh!!” I’m trying really hard to stay quiet but at this point, I’m so lost in my lust. there’s only one thing in my mind—to cum. I didn’t even hear the door open, I had been so focus on chasing that high.

“Yesss!! Ughhh, Ahhhh!!” My slippery cunt juices have pooled on the counter beneath my butt. I’m inserting 3 fingers now in my pussy. I’m jiggling my clit so fast, my pussy juices are splashing around.

Fuck, and suddenly the scene from earlier flashed into my head. The thought of my dad fingering and eating me just like he did to his sister started playing in my twisted mind. I imagine him eating my cunt like it’s his last meal, and drinking my juices.

“Ohhh!! Ohhh!!” Wrapping his lips on my pearl, dad started strated flipping his head side to side like a dog while sucking my clit.

“Dad!! Ahhh, pleaseee!” He released my now pink and enflamed clit, and put his entire mouth around my cunthole. He inserted his tongue and fucked my pussy like a dick.

Shit! I’m so depraved. I’m here in my dad’s bathroom, plundering my wet cunt with my fingers, while imagining it’s my dad’s tongue.

“Oh yess! Ohhh!!!I’m cumminggg!!”

“Yesss! Daddy, ahhh you want to drink my cum? Fuck I’m cumming!!!”

“Aghhh!! Yesss!!” I’m gonna cum so hard!” I started shaking.

“Aghhh, Aghhh. Ahhhhhh!!!”

My pussy started spasming so hard on my fingers I had to force them to stay inside my cunt. Stars exploded in my eyesight, I’m trembling so bad. I continued just shaking with my fingers still in my cunt.

I blacked out for a minute with sensory overload before I can finally remove my wet fingers from my pussy and sit up on the pool of my own cunt juice.

I finally got myself together and was about to clean up when I notice someone on the open doorway. My dad was right there staring at me.


Characters thus far:

Main POV: Princess

Her Dad: Peter

Her Aunt/ Peter’s sister: Clara

Her Twin Brothers: Cedric & Clarence

Her Mom: Pearl

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