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Punished for Lying Ch. 03

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Everyone in this story is over the age of 18. If you are not a fan of spanking, anal punishment, anal sex, implied or actual incest then please go look for something that is more to your liking. I would encourage you to read the first two installments of this before continuing for any of this to make sense. Some of the punishments in this series may be considered extreme to some so if that might offend you please look for something a little less severe. Thanks, Dean

As Dean walked out of the barn he turned to his right and peered through the window to check and see what Ginny was doing. He actually thought he would just make sure she was indeed as comfortable as she said she was but he knew what he had put her through was extreme. She had asked that he punish her and more severely than she had punished Cindy. He watched through the window as Ginny lay there bent over the saw horse with her ass up in the air and the huge squash sticking out of her well punished asshole. He could tell by the way her hips were moving that the vibrator was doing its job. As he watched he noticed that Ginny was reaching back underneath her and was beginning to play with her clit as the vibrator hummed along.

In a very short amount of time Ginny raised her head and let out an audible scream as her body started to convulse around her continued manipulations of her clit. After she came she just hunched over again as the vibrator continued to hum and her ass spasmed around the squash. Dean had left just enough room with the tape around her thighs for the squash to push out about an inch and then it would slowly be drawn back into her asshole and then out it would go again. He figured that it was not hurting her at his point and he knew that Ginny must have played with some larger toys or she would not have been able to take the size of the largest squash. Even though it was only slightly over 3 inches it was still enough to make her asshole uncomfortable to begin with and that was what she wanted.

Eric decided to walk up to the house and get something to eat since he knew that Ginny could get up and leave if she wanted to. The tape would not hold if she tried to get up so he was not concerned at that point. He had just made a sandwich and got a soda when Cindy came bouncing through the door.

“Where’s my mom? I have some great news to tell her.”

“She’s around somewhere. I haven’t seen her for a little while. Is there something I can help you with?”

“Nope I just wanted to tell her that I was approved to live in off campus housing. The letter was in the mailbox when I got home. It is weird though because mom always gets the mail.”

Dean just looked at her and continued to eat his sandwich when the phone rang. Cindy jumped to answer the phone figuring it might be one of her friends. “Hello this is Cindy can I help you. Oh ok here Dean it’s your mother.”

Dean figured something was wrong since his mother called and he really didn’t want to talk to her since his mind was obviously on other things at the moment. “Yes mother. I do not want to come home yet I just got here and I don’t care what the three brats want anyway.” Dean continued to talk to his mother for a bit and told her he was not coming home yet they could wait till he got back.

“Who are the three brats?” Cindy asked.

“My sisters and they are driving me nuts about college. They are all starting this fall and of course they had to pick the exact same college I go too.”

“Uh Dean, you don’t have any sisters or is there something I am missing here or something mom forgot to tell me.”

“The three girls next door, you have met them, you know Stephanie, Shea, and Lyndzie.”

“Those are not your sisters you moron they are just three girls from your neighborhood.”

“Well I call them my sisters because that is what my mom calls them and they are a pain in my ass, sisters or not.”

“Where did my mom go I can’t believe she isn’t in the house? It’s almost 7 and she should have been in the house by now.”

“Quit worrying she will show up when she is finished with whatever she is doing.”

“Well I am going to go see if I can find her. I want to tell her about getting to live off campus. Hopefully she will let me. I am going to find her see you in a bit.”

“If you find her tell her to make sure that she finishes what she started.”

“Okay, I will do that. What was she working on?”

“She was completing something that she said she needed and had needed for a long time.”

“Thanks that really helps a lot.”

Dean grabbed the recliner and turned it so that he could look out the window. He figured that Cindy would eventually go out to the barn and when she saw her mother he knew she would be back at the house immediately or she would come to the house with her mother. He was hoping that it was the latter so he could punish both of them, Ginny for not staying put and Cindy for helping her out.

It wasn’t long and he saw Cindy go into the barn and not 5 minutes later she came running toward the house. escort ataşehir She was waiving her arms talking to herself and waving her arms as if she was really agitated.

“Would you like to explain to me why my mother is in the barn stark naked with a vibrator in her….pussy and a squash up her ass?”

“It’s really quite simple. Ginny asked me to punish her for some issues that she felt were needing addressed so that is why she is in the barn waiting for me.”

“Punished, you call that punished, I call it torture. You better go down to that barn right now and let my mother go.”

Dean raised an eyebrow at her and the attitude she was showing to him and just reached over and took a long drink from the beer he had sitting next to him.

“When I feel the time is right I will let Ginny come back to the house and if you don’t like it I can arrange for you to join her.”

“You wouldn’t dare.”

Not wanting to fight her all the way to the barn Dean finished his beer and headed toward the barn with Cindy in tow. As soon as he had her inside the barn he walked over towards a bale of hay sat down and quickly pulled Cindy over his lap and started to spank her ass with very quick hard slaps.

“You can’t do this to me. I don’t want a spanking and I don’t want you touching me. If you don’t quit right now I am going to call the police and tell them that you are abusing me.”

Dean just reached down and grabbed the hem of the long skirt she was wearing and pulled it up over her back. He started to laugh to himself when he realized that she did not have any panties on. He started to slap away at her upturned ass with his hand. He looked over at Ginny and could see that the spanking he was giving Cindy was having an effect on her. The squash in her ass was moving in and out almost at the pace of the slaps he was applying to Cindy. Not a word was said from Ginny during the entire sequence. It wasn’t long after that Cindy put her head down and braced herself on the floor of the barn with both hands.

Dean continued spanking for a bit and then said, “When you agree to do what I tell you to I will stop for now.”

Dean continued the spanking for a bit longer and then he heard. “Okay I will do whatever you tell me.”

Dean sat Cindy up in his lap and told her to take off her clothes and to join her mother. Cindy walked over towards her mother and then slipped off her dress showing that she indeed did not have any underwear on. Cindy looked at her mother’s ass and saw the squash again moving in and out in small strokes. She knew that whatever had happened to her mother had totally consumed her. There were juices flowing from her pussy down the inside of her legs and they had formed a puddle on the concrete floor of the barn.

Dean pushed Cindy towards a saddle horse that was sitting next to her mother. Dean threw a couple of blankets over it and told her to climb up onto it. “I don’t want you over it I want you on it just like you were the saddle.”

Once Cindy was where he wanted her she realized that she could look right at her mother and her mother could look at her. She could see what he was doing to her mom and her mom could see what was happening to her. Dean picked up the whiffle ball bat and began to smack Cindy with light strokes to begin with. He decided to play his old school cadence on her ass just to amuse himself. Tap tap,… tap tap,… tap, tap,… tap, tap,…tap, tap, tap, tap, tap, tap, tap, tap, tap. Dean continued to play the cadence over and over on her cute little ass. The strokes were not hard, they did not have to be, the constant tapping began to cause her ass to sting and she started to move around on top of the saddle horse.

Dean loved the saddle horse. It was much like a sawhorse but instead of laying a person over it you laid them length wise so that their legs spread out along the legs of the horse. In this case it spread Cindy’s legs wide and gave him a look at her puckering asshole and it caused her pussy lips to spread apart as well. He was going to enjoy this.

Dean walked over to Ginny to give Cindy a break and asked her if she was ready for him to take the vibrator out of her pussy and the squash out of her ass. She frantically shook her head yes. “If I take them out do you agree to take the same punishment that I am about to give Cindy?”

Ginny again shook her head yes. Dean reached over and took off the tape from around the squash and let it slide easily from her ass. He then removed the tape from around her thigh holding the vibrator allowing it to fall from her pussy. Ginny did not say a word when they were both out of her. Dean walked over and picked up the whiffle ball bat and began. Tap tap,… tap tap,… tap, tap,… tap, tap,…tap, tap, tap, tap, tap, tap, tap, tap, tap. As soon as he finished he walked back to Cindy and played the same cadence again on her ass.

Dean again returned to Ginny and played it all over again. Dean decided he should give them a little rest and explore the barn to see if he could find something kadıköy escort else to use on them. During his explorations Dean came across a box of brand new latex gloves. He thought to himself that this could be fun but he kept moving. In a cupboard in the tack room Dean found something that really caught his eye. He found several feet of flexible tubing about an inch in diameter. Lying under the cabinet was a 5 gallon bucket that someone had written water only on. He took those items with him and then walked out across the barn again exploring when he heard one of them say something to the other. He walked over and picked up the bat and played the cadence on Ginny’s ass and to make sure he got the right one he played it on Cindy’s ass as well. This time the strokes of the bat were harder and each tap left a red mark across both there asses. “When I want you to speak I will tell you or I will continue.” Dean started going through closets along the barn wall and he asked Ginny what was in the cabinets. She told him that they contained items that they used for cooking turkey’s and other things for large groups. He didn’t expect to find anything in there but he came across a couple of turkey basters which he eagerly grabbed. Now if he could only find connectors. He asked Ginny if they had any plumbing supplies and she looked at him and told him in the garage.

Dean headed quickly to the garage and found what he needed and then returned to the ladies.

“Ok ladies, here is how this is going to work for starters. We are going to play a game and each time you win you get to pick what I do to the loser. Hope you enjoy this because I am going to.” Dean walked over and put a pail in between the ladies and then handed them each a washer. “You are both going to try and get the washer in the pail. The one that is the farthest from the pail is the loser.”

The ladies flipped their coins and Ginny was thrilled when hers hit the pail and landed a few inches from it. Cindy flipped hers and from the angle she was at it was difficult but she landed just outside her mothers. Cindy sighed as Dean walked up behind her and picked up the whiffle bat and the 2 inch butt plug. He looked at Ginny and said, “Either 25 whacks with the bat or the plug goes in 25 times.”

Ginny pointed to the plug and Cindy yelled, “Mom no how could you.” Dean greased up the plug with KY and inserted the plug slowly into Cindy. He again slowly removed it. He repeated this until she had loosened up her ass a bit and then he just finished the last 15 quickly. Cindy was moaning as Dean finished with the last plunge up her ass.

“That’s the end of round one ladies lets go onto round two.” Dean’s cock was starting to get hard after playing with Cindy’s ass and since he had not had her ass yet he looked forward to it.

The ladies again threw their washers and again Cindy lost. Dean walked behind her and held up the bat and he dropped his pants and held his cock. “25 of each what is your choice?” Ginny smiled and pointed at his cock. Cindy could not see what had been chosen but she felt Dean move up behind her and he took his hard cock and rammed it into her ass in one stroke. He then grabbed her hips and told her to count to 25. When she got to 25 Dean pulled out and looked at her as her gaping asshole twitched. He didn’t know if Cindy was enjoying it but he was.

“It’s time for round three.” Dean gave them their washers and Ginny threw hers and it just missed the bucket but landed very closely. Cindy threw hers and this time she got lucky it landed in the bucket. All you could hear was “Oh yeah mom is going to get her ass reamed.”

Dean didn’t even bother with the bat he picked up the latex glove and the 2 inch butt plug and showed them to Cindy. Cindy started laughing and pointed to the glove. Her mother had no idea what was going to happen. Dean walked in front of Ginny and put the glove on his right hand and lubed up the glove. “You can’t be serious you can’t shove your hand up my ass. Oh my god it won’t fit and you know it. Cindy how could you do that to me?”

Dean walked behind Ginny and slowly inserted one finger and he pumped it in and out a few times and then added another finger. After a few minutes he added a third finger and then a forth. Dean tucked his thumb inside his fingers in order to try and make his hand smaller and proceeded to slowly insert his hand into Ginny. He started to push and told her to push as well and slowly his hand started to disappear into Ginny’s Ass. When he got the widest part Ginny’s ass just sucked his hand right in. Dean then proceeded to give her a moment to get used to it and then he slowly withdrew it and then pushed it back in again. Dean wondered how many times he was going to do this. He decided ten should be enough and he proceeded to push his hand in and out until he pushed in for the last time. Once his hand was inside Ginny’s ass he made a fist with his hand then proceeded to pull it out of Ginny. The pressure became too tight and he released his hand and let it slide out of Ginny.

“You maltepe escort bayan better hope to hell that you do not lose another game tonight sweet daughter because you will pay.”

Dean handed them each a washer and Ginny made hers right into the bucket and she began to laugh. Cindy missed the bucket completely and Dean moved in behind her again. He held up the bat and the butt plug and Ginny shook her head no. He held up the Butt plug and the latex glove and Ginny shook her head no. She pointed at his cock and she shook her head yes. He then held up the butt plug and the latex glove and the pointed to the glove. Dean knew this might be difficult for Cindy but her mother wanted her revenge.

Dean walked up behind Cindy and took the lid off the tube of KY and aimed it up inside Cindy’s ass so that she had as much lube in her as possible. He then lubed up his cock and got behind her and shoved his cock in again all in one thrust. He grabbed her hips and fucked her hard until he came. Once he pulled out of her he took the 2 inch butt plug and put it up her ass. Cindy thought that this was the end of it she but she did not know that Dean was trying to stretch her a little at a time to get her ready for his hand.

Dean pushed and pulled the butt plug in and out of her ass until it was loose enough that she could not hold the plug in without it falling out. Cindy was exhausted but Dean knew he had to at least try to get his hand inside her. He lubed up his hand and started to push into her ever so slowly and all you could hear was, “oh my God mother how you could do this to me. I have never had anything that big in my ass before.”

Dean continued to push and pull and he slowly got his hand into Cindy’s ass. When it finally went in Cindy started to shake and quiver as she had a violent anal orgasm. Dean slowly pulled his hand out and he did not try to put it back in. When he had removed his glove he said I think it’s time to play warm the asses for a bit. When I start with the paddle I am going to give you 5 stokes with the paddle. The one who concedes first is the loser. If there is a tie we will have a tie breaker.

Dean walked up behind Cindy and gave her 5 hard slaps in a row without a break. Ginny just laid her head down and waited until she heard slap, slap, slap, slap, slap. The slaps came so fast she almost heard them before she realized it was her ass they were hitting. Dean walked over to Cindy and started to repeat the process of slap, slap, slap, slap, slap. Cindy almost gave in with those slaps because Dean was hitting them harder with each round of slaps. He walked behind Ginny and again gave the same 5 slaps with equal force causing Ginny to gasp. Cindy was hoping her mother would give in but she did not she held her own and waited for Dean to walk up to Cindy again hoping she would quit.

SLLAAAP, SLLAAAP, SLLAAAP, SLLAAAP, SLLAAAP, you could hear from outside the barn if you were there. The force of those five slaps made Ginny cringe and she knew that she was next. Ginny knew if she did not take them she would be the loser. She took the slaps again and she hoped Cindy would say no more then she would only have to take one slap to be the winner. Dean walked over to Cindy and she told Dean she could not take anymore. Ginny was elated. “Give me one good slap and I will be the winner.”

Dean told her if she took one he was going to ask Cindy if she also wanted one and then if she told him that she could not take any more then Ginny would be the winner. Ginny’s ass was on fire and she didn’t want any more strokes so she told Dean she was not going to take another stroke either. “Well it looks like we have a tie ladies and that means I get to use the tie breaker. All you have to do ladies is stay right where you are and I will get it set up. Dean grabbed the 5 gallon bucket that he had before only he had installed a plastic fitting in the bottom of the bucket. He pushed one end of the flexible hose onto it and then shoved a tee coupler into the end of the hose. He then added a short piece of hose to each end of the tee and then shoved a plastic turkey baster onto the ends of each short hose. He lubed them up and shoved the turkey basters into each of the ladies and told them that this is the finale for the evening.

Dean tied the bucket up to a rafter about three feet above both women and said, “I am going to start filling the bucket with water from the garden hose. The water will start flowing down the hoses and through the turkey basters into each one of your asses. The first one to lose their turkey baster is the loser. If you lose you will have to sleep with the 2 inch plug up your ass until the alarm clock goes off at 7 tomorrow morning.”

Just as Dean was about to turn on the water his phone rang. “Yes mother, I am glad that he called, did he tell you what he needed to talk to me about? Yes, great mom thanks that is good news. Yes mom I took out a loan because I can do that you know.” Dean made faces showing his displeasure with his mother. “Okay mom, I bought a house to live in while I am finishing college. I am going to rent out four of the rooms and have one to myself. No mom I have not found anyone to rent them yet I just found out I got the loan. No mom I don’t know who to rent to yet and I will look into it as soon as possible quit worrying.”

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