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Perfect Mask (Part 1)

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Perfect Mask (Part 1)
I live behind the perfect mask
Erase the rule forever

Paradise Lost, Perfect Mask

Samuel had just turned eighteen recently. He was a freshman in college. Like so many students before him, celebrating was his main concern and, like so many students before him, he was looking for a way to earn a little money to keep the party going. It was May and the savings from the previous summer job were a thing of the past. His best friend, Chris, tells him he had a plan.

– Let me explain. My sister is a little… weird. She had only one goal in life and she stuck to it. In a nutshell, she wanted to live in opulence, to spend money without having to do anything to earn it. Instead of playing the luxury whore, she found herself a rich man, a twisted guy of her kind who lets her twiddle her thumbs all day long and gives her all her whims. The other day, her husband yelled at her because the house is not maintained. Of course, there’s a housekeeper who comes by once a week, but the old guy just wants my sister to find someone to mow the lawn and maintain the hedgerow. Well, that jug can’t even recruit a guy. So it’s not complicated: you go to their house, you say I sent you and the deed is done. You’ll get paid on the black market of course, but I think you should make a lot of money without too much effort.

Samuel did not take much time to think about Chris’ proposal. The job didn’t canlı kaçak bahis seem tedious or demanding.

It was very hot when Sam showed up at Clementine’s house. He rang several times at the door of the villa, to no avail. Chris had given him his sister’s phone. Samuel dialed the number and waited a few seconds before the young woman answered. “Hello?” the voice was sensual, very pleasant. Sam stammered: “I’m Chris’ buddy”.

– The gate is not closed. Come join me by the pool.

Samuel entered the park. He went around the house through the garden. Chris’ sister was lying on a deckchair with a cocktail in her hand. Sam felt a shock, as if he had taken a blow to the plexus. His buddy hadn’t told him how beautiful Clementine was. Tanned skin, long legs, a dream body. She wore only a monokini and exposed her perfectly curved chest without modesty. Her breasts, which undoubtedly remained natural, did not seem to need a bra.

Sam didn’t give her two years more than him. Fuck, he thinks, when I think it’s an old bastard who’s banging that bomb!

– Are you okay?” she asked. Did you find it all right?

She did not wait for his answer.

– You don’t have to worry about pool maintenance, we pay a company to take care of it. Just pick up the dead leaves from time to time with the net. Philippe is a maniac for cleanliness. You clean up here and there, a few hours a week, and we give you an bahis siteleri envelope at the end of each day. Okay? Oh, yeah, just one thing. Are you leaving this summer?
– Uh, no, I don’t think so, it’s kind of a waste.
– Great! Great! You’ll keep the house in August. Well, I’ll let you go around the park. You’ll come back in the late afternoon.

Samuel came to the house three times the following week, taking advantage of the lows in his schedule. Clementine hardly spoke to him. However, he had made a point. When she asked for a cocktail, and this opportunity had arisen more than once, he prepared his special Mojito recipe for her. The least we can say is that she appreciated it very much.

Sam walked around the villa freely and, most of the time, without having to do much. The living room was huge. Large abstract paintings adorned the walls. For him they were just stains. He would sometimes stare at them for several minutes, trying to recognize shapes in the strange coloured volutes, like in this game where you see elephants in the clouds. A sculpture made of twisted metal slats particularly intrigued him, reminding him of a distant geometry course on the Möbius ribbon.

That day his curiosity pushed him to enter Clementine’s room. He suspected that the couple were not sleeping in the same bed and that, as a result, she enjoyed the exclusivity of the room. He opened the cupboard. güvenilir bahis siteleri It was even better than anything he had hoped for. The young woman collected fine lingerie and evening dresses. Not the slightest trace of articles of mass distribution, Clementine’s lair was lined with breathtaking clothes, which had undoubtedly cost a fortune. Sam moved the hangers delicately, avoiding wrinkling the fabrics. The status of his buddy’s sister had just changed completely in his eyes.
She had gone from a social alcoholic to a fashion mastermind. Even this blouse, which seemed to come out of a thrift store, had a very sure taste.

Samuel thought for a moment. We were at the beginning of the day. Clementine didn’t care about him, she had probably even forgotten his existence. He didn’t resist for long. Within seconds, he found himself naked. Sam was very thin for a man and Clementine had a rather athletic physique. They were about the same size. Samuel wanted to check it out. In a chest of drawers, he found very nice black lace underwear. As he started putting it on, he realized he was getting hard. This did not make his task any easier. He compressed his sex as best he could. For the top he chooses a charming little bolero. He looked in the mirror. Of course, he was missing a wig and make-up to perfect the illusion. No one could have denied, however, that his body and harmonious features, his flat stomach, contributed to establishing a charming ambiguity.

– So, are you having fun without me?

Samuel turned around. Clementine stood in the door frame, still in monokini, with a towel on her shoulders.

– Damn it, he said.

To be continued….

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