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Penny , Ryan Pt. 03

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[Author’s note: All characters in this story are 18-years and older.]

Part-3: Las Vegas

(This part of the story makes more sense if you’ve already read Part-2.)

Ryan’s father, Jay, and Penny’s mother, Sally, were lying naked on the big king-size bed in their hotel suite. Between their legs, were Suzy’s parents.

Ginger was sliding her hand and her mouth up and down Jay’s hard cock, and Ron had his face pushed firmly into the soft wet folds of Sally’s pussy as he poked his tongue as deep into her cunt hole as he could make it go.

The two couples had known each other, socially, through school sports since their kids were in grade school, but had now been swinging for several years; since before Ryan and Suzy had even started dating. They got together for sex once a month, or so, but they always used Jay’s annual Las Vegas convention trip as a special weekend of hot sex.

After a long, hard suck on Sally’s clit, while he had three fingers deep in her cunt hole, Ron lifted his head, and said, “Switch?”

He and his wife quickly traded places, and as Ginger took over on Sally’s pussy, Ron put his mouth over Jay’s cock head, and began sucking as he stroked its saliva-wet length.


The opening up of the couples’ bisexuality had happened gradually.

Although it didn’t take too much persuasion for the two guys to get their wives to experiment with girl-girl sex, they were a little more hesitant.

Although each was secretly curious about the taste and feel sensations of the oral sex that their wives seemed to enjoy giving so much, it was somehow a harder line to cross.

The barrier was finally broken one night, when Jay lay underneath Ginger, in a 69, and Sally guided Ron’s cock to his wife’s pussy while Jay was lapping at the soft wet lips. In the heat of the moment—with his own dick being sucked by Ginger—Jay didn’t even move his mouth away as Ron’s cock slid between Ginger’s pussy lips, and over his tongue.

As Ron fucked in and out of his wife, Jay ran his mouth and tongue all across Ginger’s pussy, alternating between lapping her cunt, and lapping Ron’s shaft. At one point—whether accidentally or not—Ron pulled all the way out of his wife’s pussy, and his hard cock fell directly onto Jay’s face. But Jay didn’t try to pull away; instead, he opened his mouth, and let Ron slide his dick between his lips as he rocked forward.

Jay lapped and sucked at the hard, hot flesh as Ron fucked his mouth several times, neither of them the least bit put off by the newly-broken taboo, but one-hundred-percent into the new sensations.

As Sally watched the action at Ginger’s pussy—hoping something like that might transpire—she let out an encouraging, “Yes! Oh, yeah, baby, suck on his cock! Oh, man! That is so hot!”

Wanting to witness her husband do the same thing, the group soon switched positions, and Ginger watched, up close and personal, as Ron took Jay’s cock in his mouth after it had been good and soaked in Sally’s cunt.

After that, Ron and Jay had become as uninhibited about sucking cock as the girls were about eating pussy.


Coming out of the shower half an hour later, Jay picked up his phone to check for any messages; he was, after all, in town on business.

Finding nothing important, work-related, he then sat down, naked, and flipped to another app on his phone.

“You want a drink?” Ginger asked him, as she came out of the bathroom, also naked, and heading for the bar.

Jay looked up, and watched her shapely ass cross the room.

“Yeah, vodka and tonic would be great. Thanks. Lots of ice,” he replied, and then went back to scrolling on the little screen.

As Sally and Ron—fresh from their shared shower, and equally naked—joined Jay and Ginger in the living room of the suite, Jay let out a laugh at what he was watching on the screen.

“What have you got there?” his wife asked.

Jay closed the app on his phone, and answered, “Let me show you on the laptop; the phone is way too small to really appreciate this, I think.” As he booted up the computer, he added, “In fact, let me set up the projector.”

“That good, huh?” Ginger said as she set his drink on the table.

“I only saw a little bit of it, so far,” he answered, “but yeah, I think it’s going to be that good.”

He had his small presentation-projector set up in a couple of minutes, and with the image of the laptop screen filling a big blank area of a wall, Sally turned off the room lights.

Jay clicked the button to start the video, and the projection changed to a scene of Jay and Sally’s family room, with Ryan and Suzy walking into the picture.

“Is this live?” Ron asked.

“No,” Jay answered. “It was recorded a few hours ago.”

“You have a security camera in your family room?” Ginger asked. “Why?”

“Actually it’s one of those nanny-cams, and I just got it before we came up here this weekend,” Jay relied.

“Again, Why?” Ginger repeated as they watched Ryan escort kartal and Suzy settle onto the couch after having started a video that was out of the nanny-cam’s view.

“I have to admit that it was the pervert in me,” Jay said. “I wanted to watch Ryan and Sally getting it on. And I was obviously right that they’d use our family room while we were all away.”

“I’m not too sure that I want to watch your son poking our daughter,” Ginger said. “That seems a bit weird.”

“That’s only because you’re not as perverted as Jay,” Sally said with a chuckle.

“You’re okay watching this?” Ginger asked her as Ryan began to feel Suzy’s tits, up on the image on the wall.

“Call me perverted, too,” Sally answered, “but I’ve always thought that Suzy had a really cute shape, and I’ve wondered what she’d look like naked.”

“And Ryan?” Ginger asked.

“I saw him jerking off in the shower one time,” Sally replied, “and that image has never left my mind.”

Ginger chuckled a bit nervously, and said, “I guess I’ve always thought that Ryan was pretty hot, too. I have to admit that the image of him and Suzy together might have entered my mind, one or twice.”

“Now, you get to see it for real!” Ron said.

Although the two kids kissed and groped one another passionately, the action was a little slow by porn standards, and Ron said, “Can you fast-forward this, at all?”

“Patience,” Jay said. “I saw a little bit of the end of the recording, and I’m gonna bet that you won’t want to miss anything between here and there. I know I don’t!”

As Jay was speaking, Ryan began unfastening Suzy’s jeans. When he slid them down, Sally commented, “Whoa! No panties! She came prepared!”

“No hair, either,” Jay commented. “That’s a pretty little pussy.”

“Hey, that’s my daughter you’re talking about there!” Ron said in mock indignation.

“I don’t see you leaving the room,” Jay replied.

“Fat chance of that!” he said with a laugh. “This is finally picking up speed!”

As they watched Ryan kiss Suzy’s pussy, but not really go down on her, Ginger commented, “Hmm. He’s got a lot to learn about that!”

“A lesson you’d like to give him?” her husband said.

“I think I could be talked into it,” she replied.

“Get in line!” Sally said, and they all laughed.

They all watched as Ryan unbuttoned Suzy’s blouse, laid it open, and began kissing her nipples.

“Nice tits,” Jay said.

“I’d like to give him a lesson on sucking on those, too,” Sally said.

Ron began to make a comment about his naked daughter, when the image on the wall was blanked out by something moving right in front of the camera. As it moved on, it became obvious that it was a naked ass.

“That’s Penny!” her mother exclaimed.

“Holy shit!” Ron said as they watched Penny drop to her knees and put her face between his daughter’s legs.

“Oh, my God!” Ginger said watching her daughter get her pussy licked by her boyfriend’s sister. “Did you know about this?” she asked Sally.

“Not a clue!” she answered, and turned to her husband. “Did you?”

“I’m as surprised—and delighted—as the rest of you,” he said. “The best I hoped for when I set up the camera was Ryan screwing Suzy, and maybe getting a blow job. This sure never entered my mind!” He chuckled, and added, “And I’m a pervert!”

By the time the girls were jerking off Ryan all over their faces, Ron and Jay were stroking their stiff cocks, and Sally and Ginger had their hands at their pussies.

When the video got to the part where Ryan had his face buried between his step-sister’s butt cheeks, and was obviously tongue-fucking her ass hole, Ginger commented, “Maybe he doesn’t need as many lessons as I thought.”

As they watched Ryan fucking his step-sister up her cunt while his girlfriend sucked and lapped at the wet widely-spread lips, Sally got up, and said, “I need some cock!” She moved over an straddled Ron’s legs—still facing the show—letting him guide his stiff hard-on into her wet cunt hole.

She lowered herself until every inch of Ron’s cock was buried inside her, and then she began to rotate her hips, gently fucking herself.

Ron reached up, cupped her tits, and started to pull on her nipples.

“Me, too!” Ginger said, getting up, and taking Jay’s hand.

She turned one of the chairs around, knelt in it, and leaned on the back, facing the video on the wall, with her naked ass facing Jay.

He rubbed his dick up and down through her pussy lips a few times, and then leaned forward, and drove all the way up her juicy cunt in a one push.

“Oh, yeah! Fuck me!” she said. “Fuck my cunt like you’d like to be fucking Penny right now!”

“Shit, yeah!” he said as he rammed his cock in and out of her, while squeezing her tits, but keeping his eyes glued to the video.

By the time Ryan was fucking Suzy while Penny ate her pussy, the parents had swapped partners, and were now fucking their respective spouses.

They all maltepe escort would like to have gotten into oral sex on one another, but they couldn’t figure out how to do it and be able to see the show at the same time.

They watched, excitedly, as Ryan pumped his cum into Suzy’s cunt, and Penny lapped at the overflow, but were then surprised when Penny twisted Ryan and Suzy around, and then as she finger-fucked Suzy’s tight little ass-hole, Ryan sucked his own cum from her fresh-fucked pussy.

“Holy shit! A cream pie!” Ron said. “You think maybe he’s bi, too?”

“I can’t imagine a guy who’d lap up his own cum, like that,” Ryan’s father said, “and he couldn’t be talked into sucking a cock.”

Soon, the video showed the three kids leaving the room, headed for the shower, and the motion-detector turned off the camera, ending the video.

Jay withdrew his cock from his wife, and went to the laptop to turn off the video player. He switched to a live feed from the nanny-cam, but was disappointed that the kids had not returned.

Walking over to the couch, where Ron was on his back and Ginger was astride his cock, Jay put his rigid hard-on in Ron’s face, and said, “Show me how you’d suck on Ryan’s cock.”

He eagerly took the stiff dick into his mouth, and began bobbing up and down on it.

As Ginger rocked her hips back and forth on the dick that filled cunt, she said to Jay, “Show us how you’d fuck your son’s face! Fuck him in the mouth ’til he swallows your cum!”

Encouraged by the blow job, the dirty-talk, and the thought of oral sex with his own son, Jay began to fuck Ron’s mouth hard and fast.

As Ron kept up a strong suction around the cock flying in his mouth, Sally came over, reached under Jay, and began to massage his balls.

“Fuck him!” she whispered in his ear. “Fuck his mouth ’til it’s filled with every bit of cum in your balls!”

As she gave his ball-sack a firm squeeze, Ron let out a growl, and shoved his cock as deep into Ron’s mouth as he’d let it go. “Oh, God! Yeah! Here it is son! Here’s my fucking cum, right in your mouth!”

As Jay grunted with each pulse of jism that shot from his dick, Ron just let him face-fuck him, and fill his mouth with hot cum.

When Jay finally staggered back, and dropped into a chair, both wives descended on Ron’s mouth with their own, to share the bounty.

Jay recovered quickly, and with a spent, half-limp dick, decided to take on the director’s role for a while.

He got up, and pulled his wife away from Ron’s mouth. He then lifted Sally off of his cock, helped Ron to his feet, and then led the whole troupe into the bedroom.

No one objected; Jay often set up imaginative couplings, so they were curious to see where this was going.

“Okay, Suzy,” he said to his wife, indicating the role she was to play, “Lay on the bed; your head near the edge, here.” He then guided Ginger onto the bed, and between “Suzy’s” legs.

“Taste your little girl’s pussy, Gin,” he told her. “Kiss her wet lips, and slide your tongue into that pretty little cunt hole.”

Needing no further direction, Ginger leaned down, and planted a gentle kiss on the glistening pussy lips in front of her. She ran her tongue up and down the slit, and then she flicked it over the clit.

Ginger had sucked and eaten this pussy scores of times, but right now, she was pretending it was completely new territory, and doing a damned good job of it.

When Ginger began sucking on “her daughter’s” clit, Sally let out a contented, “Ahh!”

Ginger lifted her head, and said, “Does that feel good, sweetie? Do you want Mommy to eat your pussy?”

“Oh, yeah, Mom!” Sally answered. “Kiss it, and suck it, and stick your tongue in me! Stick your fingers in me, too! Make my hot little cunt cum for you, Mommy!”

And Ginger began doing just that.

As Ginger devoured “her little girl’s” pussy, pushing two fingers as deep into her cunt hole as she could, Sally looked up at Ron, and said, “Put your dick in my mouth, Daddy. Let me suck on your hard cock while Mommy eats my pussy.”

“With pleasure, sweetheart!” Ron said, stroking his stiff erection to get a big drop of precum on the head.

“Suzy” opened her mouth, and lapped the salty ooze from the tip, and then wrapped her lips around the whole head, swirling her tongue around it, and poking the tip of her tongue into the tiny hole.

She released the head for a moment, and said, “Is that good, Daddy? Do you like having me suck on your big hard cock?”

“Oh, yeah, baby!” he said. “I want to see you—feel you— suck on my cock while I watch your Mom eating that pretty little pussy! You make both of us so fucking hot!”

With that he put his cock back in “his daughter’s” mouth, and began to slowly fuck the warm wet opening while she sucked and lapped the hard meat that filled her mouth.

He pushed forward, and his cock slid into the tight constriction of Sally’s throat. He kept pushing until his balls were mashed pendik escort bayan against her face. He wondered if Suzy could be taught that talent by Sally and Ginger. In the video, he had never seen her take Ryan more than back-of-the-throat deep.

When he finally pulled back out, giving Sally a chance to breathe, she looked up at Jay, and said, “Hey, Ryan, honey, why don’t you go around and fuck my mother while she eats my pussy? I’m sure she’d like a nice hard cock pushed up her cunt, while her tongue is licking mine.”

“Anything for you, sweetheart,” Jay said with a chuckle. To Ginger, he said, “That okay with you, Mrs. G?”

“That would be very sweet of you,” she answered. To “Suzy,” she said, “Thank you for sharing, dear.”

“Ryan” got on the bed behind Ginger, and rubbed the head of his dick up and down the length of her pussy, and then leaned forward just enough to put it inside her. He popped it in and out, several times, before pushing it all the in, balls deep.

“Oh! That’s nice, sweetheart!” Ginger said, lifting her mouth from “her daughter’s” pussy. “I see why my little girl likes you so much!”

“Ryan” began fucking in and out of Ginger’s hot cunt with deep but fast strokes, and Ron picked up the speed of fucking “Suzy’s” mouth, shoving his hard cock down her throat every four or five thrusts.

As he face-fucked her, and watched his wife sucking and lapping at her cunt, Ron said, “Well, it looks like our little girl is as big a slut as you are, honey! Aren’t you proud?”

“It’s like a dream come true,” she replied as she hammered her fingers into the drenched pussy under her face. With a hard suck on her clit, and a finger firmly rubbing her G-spot, “Suzy” tensed up, and began to cum.

“Oh, yeah! Cum for Mommy!” Ginger said between licks. “Cum in Mommy’s face while I lap up your sweet juices, and your boyfriend fucks my hot cunt!”

“Oh, God!” Ron said mouth-fucking her as fast as he could. “Me too! Here I cum, baby! Take my cum in your mouth! Oh, God!”

He pulled out to where “his little girl” was just sucking his cock-head, and he began to jerk himself off as she sucked.

He squirted four or five good ball-draining shots into “Suzy’s” mouth, which she hungrily swallowed.

Spent, he turned, and flopped on his back across the bed, next to the others.

Sally raised her head to watch Ginger licking up the last of her pussy juice, and to see “Ryan” pounding into her pussy.

“Hey, Dad,” she said to Ron, lying beside her. “Why don’t you suck Ryan’s cock! I think that would be so hot to watch!” To Ginger, she said, “You think so, Mom?”

“Hell yes!” she said. “I love to see your father with a big hard cock in his mouth!”

Needing no further direction, as Ron got up on his hands and knees on the bed, “Ryan” slid his dick from the warm wet depths of Ginger’s cunt.

He moved over in front of Ron, and Ron leaned forward, taking the pussy-soaked hard-on all the way into his mouth.

“Oh, yeah, Mr. G!” “Ryan” said. “That feels so awesome! Suck my cock! Suck my cock like your slutty little girl does!”

“Oh, Daddy!” “Suzy” said. “That is so hot! So nasty hot!”

“Suck on that young hard cock that’s been fucking your daughter, and your wife!” Ginger said. “Suck the cum right out of his balls!”

Spurred by the dirty talk, Ron quickened the pace of the blow job he was giving “Ryan,” bobbing his head as fast as he could, and stroking what cock he couldn’t fit in his mouth.

When he finally felt “Ryan” getting ready, he kept just the head in his mouth, and jerked the spit-slick cock as fast and hard.

“Squirt in his face!” “Suzy” said. “Mom and I want to lap it up!”

Having just cum not too long before, Jay’s load was a bit small, and his balls ached as he drained the last few drops on Ron’s face.

As soon as he flopped over backwards, exhausted and sore, the two women went to work cleaning Ron’s face.

A few minutes later, they were all lying across the big king-size bed, catching their breath, and thinking about the whole new turn of events.

“So, do you think we’d be able to get the kids to join us, in reality?” Ginger asked no one in particular. “Or do you think they’d be weirded-out by that?”

“From the video, they sure look open to new things,” Ron said with a chuckle.

“But incest?” Ginger said.

“Seems to me, they’ve already crossed that line,” Ron said.

“Not technically,” Sally said. “They’re not actually brother and sister. Not by blood.”

“But they’ve grown up like brother and sister, since they could barely walk,” Jay said. “I agree with Ron; I think they’ve crossed a line, they know it, and they’re okay with it.”

“And it’s not like there’s baby-making going on,” Sally said. “Penny and Suzy are both on the pill.”

“So, incest should be thought of as just another word, like swinger, or wife-swapper, or bisexual?” Ron said.

“Or cock-sucker, or cunt-lapper, or pervert,” Jay added. “Once you get past the silly negative connotations that society has saddled the terms with, it’s just having sex with friends and family, right?”

They all laughed, and as Jay got up off the bed, he said, “I need another shower. Anyone want to join me to conserve some water?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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