Ocak 28, 2023

Pagan Nights

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Dianne’s life had been one frustrating let down after another. She had been the third runner-up for prom queen in high school, she had been rejected by the sorority she wanted to pledge in college, and both her sisters had large church weddings while she was stuck with a simple civil ceremony with two strangers as witnesses.

All this left her wondering when it was going to be her turn to be the center of attention and to have her time in the spotlight or had that ship already sailed? She was now thirty-five and it looked like the rest of her life was destined to be just as unfulfilling as the first part.

Dianne decided to shake things up when her husband Tom brought up the idea of going to a swinger’s club because of some TV shows he had seen. At first, she resisted the idea assuming that he was just looking for an excuse to fuck other women, then she decided, “Oh what the hell it might be fun and if it doesn’t work out, I can always use it as an excuse to dump his ass and move on.”

They tried one swinger’s club and two private parties which were not bad, certainly something different and they did provide some escape from her boring life. To her surprise, her husband spent little time chasing other women, and instead, he was mainly fixated on watching her with other men even if she was not having sex with them.

At one of these parties, a woman told her about a group that was a little different than she might like. She checked into and it was not your typical swinger group in fact at first, she thought it might be a cult or something. The best way to describe them is a bunch of former Harry Potter geeks that were into Wiccan with some pagan rituals with kinky group sex thrown in. It did not sound like her cup of tea, but it certainly was different, and she wanted to try some new adventure to blow her skirt up.

Dianne met a couple of female members for lunch a few days later even though she had a preconceived notion that she was not really into that sort of thing. The women invited her to attend one of their smaller parties to just observe and see for herself what they were all about.

They explained that is an honor to offer herself up as the center of the ritual as the embodiment of the Goddess of life and the primary player in a ceremony recreating the act of creation. The male participants pay their tribute to the Goddess, and then, after being prepared, she is taken to the heights of sexual empowerment by a well-endowed mystery man.

The scared offering must be a married woman who not only gives herself, but her husband must also give up his martial right for the glory and fulfillment of his wife and to demonstrate his service to the goddess of life and fertility as well.

You are only required to have sex with one man selected by the group for his special sexual prowess. Like you, he is a symbol of life and fertility.

After the ceremony, we party and engage in group sex and you can have sex with as many men as you wish or none. Your husband will be allowed to have sex with other women but only the ones you choose and not with you since he has surrendered his conjugal rights for the evening as an offering to the Goddess.

They explained if you agree, then we will explain the process to your husband for you and let the both of you decide if you want to participate in the ritual or not. It was a lot for her to take in. The woman offered her some time to think about it. At the end of lunch, as the dessert tray was brought by for her to select, she made her choice of both the desert and to participate in the ritual.

“Oh, what the hell I wanted to try and spice up my life and try new things this about as new and different as it gets so sure why not, okay I will do it.”

When she got home, Dianne talked to her husband not quite sure what his reaction would be with her taking part in such a ritual with a group of people they barely know. To her surprise and amazement, he was excited about the whole thing. He had been approached already by one of the guys in the group whose wife had taken part in the same ceremony. She still was not completely convinced but decided, for now, she would go ahead with it.

They had three days to change their mind before the event. They kept daring and taunting each other about going through with it. When the big day arrived, it was far worse than her wedding day ever was, her nerves were completely shot, and she was both excited and scared as hell.

On the day of the event while eating breakfast Dianne almost chickened out, the same in the shower getting ready to go. That evening as they got in the car to leave and her husband closed the car door, she almost chickened out again. By the time they pulled into the parking lot, Dianne stopped obsessing and decided to get her head in the game.

They arrived at the address given to them just around sunset. It was an older industrial area and the building looked like an old warehouse with blacked-out windows. They entered the building into what erotik film izle looked like a small waiting room dimly lit and rather unpretentious. One of the ladies from her lunch meeting greeted them with a little small talk before leading them to an old office with a desk where they could change clothes and store their personal belongings.

In the middle of undressing, two women in black velvet robes walked in and announced they were there to help prepare her for the ceremony. They proceeded to finish undressing Dianne folding her street clothes into neat little piles along with her purse. Her husband Tom was pushed back out the way and greatly perturbed that they were acting as if he was not even in the room.

The two women began to dress her in a sheer full-length white dressing gown with nothing underneath. Dianne’s semi-erect nipples and the outline of her thighs shown through the thin material both reveling and still hiding enough of her body to create an air of mystery and anticipation about what was underneath.

The two women then guided them down a hallway and through a set of double doors into a large open area only partially lit making her apprehensive about what might happen next.

There was a group of about forty people standing just inside the doorway talking and holding wine and cocktail glasses in a kind of receiving line. The hooded forms were both men and women in black robes which were untied allowing them to hang open revealing the naked bodies underneath. Dianne and her husband were the only ones not wearing a mask.

“You are the chosen one, are you not?” asked an older distinguish looking gentleman with dark slightly graying hair and a mustache who was the leader of the group.

Dianne answered in the affirmative not certain if that was what she was supposed to do or not.

He then turned and announced to the crowd. “She offers her body and proclaims herself a servant of the Goddess of life. Does anyone dispute her right to be chosen and to receive this gift?” There were no challenges offered.

“Who offers this woman?” he then asked.

“I do,” Tom answered in a shaky unsure voice. “I am her husband.”

She had often wondered if her husband would go through with it when the time came or if he would try and stop her.

“The husband surrenders his marital rights to her womb as an offering to the Goddess.”

She was then paraded around the room by the older gentle for each of the members to see. Dianne was then escorted over to the wall by the two women where her hands were shackled above her head. The woman then removed her sheer gown leaving her standing there completely naked and exposed.

Each of the hooded men and woman one by one approached and inspected her body first touching and caressing her face and then exploring some of the more intimate parts of her torso, softly at first and then more roughly while reviewing her reaction to the invasion of her physical being.

The leader of the group then continued, “Do we all agree she is a worthy gift for the goddess. That her body should be the sacred vessel that should receive the sacrament as a surrogate for the Goddess.”

They all answered “eye” to convey their approval.

“You are here and now selected by those present in this place as the vessel of the Goddess.”

He then turned to the two women in waiting.

“Take her to the breeding altar.”

The two women undid her shackles and led Dianne to a section of the cavern-like chamber that previously had been completely dark.

The lights in that area were slowly turned up to reveal a large, padded table made up as an altar. Next to the sacrificial altar was a young black stud wearing a mask and dressed in a leather harness with a small loin cloth covering his groin area. Dianne was told he was brought in from out of town just for this ceremony and was well paid to play the part. Dianne was not sure who finds and selects these men, but they knew exactly what every woman desire in a breeding stud.

He was well built with a muscular frame, tight six-pack abs, and a firm sexy ass that needed to be grabbed with both hands. She marveled at his large biceps and started to imagine him using them to pull her up onto his cock and those muscular legs perfect for trusting his whole body into her for deep penetration where his sperm could do the most damage or good.

Finally, that magnificent black cock the kind of cock she wanted to fall to her knees and worship. Being taken by a man like him was what she was made for and nothing else could ever fulfill her needs more than being ravaged by him. If she was going to throw herself on a sword that was the one, she wanted to be impaled on.

Dianne could see from their body language that the other men in the room were intimidated by this magnificent male specimen. They tried to look stoic and uninterested, but they were hiding their private parts with their hands or closing their robes that previously had been hanging wide open proudly film izle displaying their manhood for all to see.

Dianne could only imagine what her husband Tom was thinking right now. He was required to stand behind her in a place of reverence to acknowledge her special status for the night. If he wanted to watch her fuck another man, she was more than willing to oblige him with this dark God of a man.

She knew she had this young black stallion for only one night and she would never see him again, so she had better use her time with him for all it was worth.

Dianne was ceremoniously conveyed over to the padded table and then slowly turned around to face the crowd that was now chanting some verse in a strange language that was unfamiliar to her.

The two women on either side of the table laid her back gently making sure she was in a comfortable position. She whispered to one of the women at her side “Are you not going to formally introduce us before we have sex?”

“No” she replied “Tonight neither of you have any worldly names you are just two cosmic bodies joined for a short moment in time to reenacting the creation of the universe with the merging of your bodies and the orgasmic explosion created by your sexual act.”

Dianne was attempting to sort out in her mind exactly what to hell that meant when the crowd began chanting a new and different verse. The leader of the group then motioned to the young black stud and he immediately repositioned himself at the foot of the table where the two women in waiting removed his loincloth and began taking turns stroking his manhood to prepare it for use.

Dianne was perceptibly disappointed; she was hoping to perform that hand job and many other acts of foreplay to that magnificent black cock herself.

One of the two women suddenly broke off her manual stimulation of his black male member and redirected her attention to Dianne’s body. She positioned herself perfectly on her knees between Dianne’s thighs and then began to gently flick her hot tongue over Dianne’s clit tracing her pussy lips slowly licking lightly around places Dianne had never imagined a tongue exploring before. Her fingers were now pressing deep into Dianne’s pussy causing her juices to begin to trickle slowly down her inner right thigh. Dianne was wet now and ready for her lover.

The other female attendant was now sucking the sacred cock just enough to get it fully erect and ready to penetrate Dianne. The two women broke off their separate activities within moments of one another and moved off to the side. The young stud acknowledged the gesture and slowly climbed up onto the altar with the graceful movements of a cheetah hovering over Dianne ready to sexually devour her.

Dianne chewed her lip as she contemplated her duties that she was about to perform. The dark man sensed her momentary reluctance and brought his hand down to her cheek and kissed her lips.

Dianne looked down and saw his swollen cockhead approaching her pussy, and as she felt it graze her outer lips, she shuddered, and her eyes grew wide. He held his throbbing cock firmly in his right hand while he grabbed her hips with his left to make their bodies join in unison. The head of his cock was now pressing just inside her swollen pussy lips making her aware of how massively huge and thick his cock was. He hesitated for a moment, but Dianne’s body responded by pressing her groin firmly into his body pushing the head of his cock into her pussy slowly feeling him push past her outer lips to find her cunt stretching and yielding to his full length urging him to fill her up with his rock-hard member.

Reassured that he was good to go he moved his other hand to hold her hips firmly in place as he began a series of long hard slamming thrust. The man fucked her like a wild beast, wild and primal the sounds of their union echoing off the walls, filling the air with an erotic melody of slapping skin on skin with an occasional grunt and her moans of pleasure.

Dianne felt his cock thundering in and out of her, making her body shake with the unrelenting force of his thrusts. She did her best to steady herself on the table as his hips crashed against hers, making her entire body shake with each impact. Crying out with lust Dianne urged her lover onward, to take her harder, faster, deeper, her whole body was now flushed and quivering with intense pleasure.

With seemingly endless stamina, the dark god of a man thrust himself deeper, spearing his thick cock in and out of Dianne’s eager entrance, his shaft buried in her up to the base before withdrawing, only to plunge it again even deeper than before.

With a sudden, piercing cry, she felt herself fall over the edge, and her legs instinctively tightened as she began to climax. Pinned underneath her lover, trapped by his chest and arms there was nothing she could do but moan as her body began to spasm. She felt the muscles in her abdomen contract, squeezing her pussy tight around the thick shaft inside her, quivering seks filmi izle as he fucked her through her orgasmic spasms and beyond.

His thrusting grew more intense with his hips slamming forward one last time and his cock began to erupt blasting wave after wave of cum into her womb. Feeling his cock twitching Dianne moaned as the hot spurts of semen began pulsating into her.

The two-lay panting on the padded makeshift altar her body streaked with sweat, and her face bright red with a mixture of arousal and exhaustion. Dianne tried to catch her breath, her eyes were glazed over and her mouth dry. She let him recover from their fierce lovemaking until finally breaking apart. Dianne’s head fell back on the padding and the young stud rolled onto his side with his arm reaching across Dianne’s waist gently embracing her.

They rested there for a few seconds before realizing that the crowd of people watching them was getting restless. He got up and returned to the spot he had previously occupied standing just off to the side of the padded table. Dianne pushed herself up on one elbow still lying on the ceremonial altar not exactly sure what she was required to do next.

The deed was done, and the crowd gathered around to inspect the finished product.

The leader of the group was the first to compliment the Nubian God that had bred Dianne for a job well done and told him to enjoy himself everything there was for his enjoyment. Two women different from the ladies in waiting that had served Dianne assisted him in putting on his loincloth and then enthusiastically escorted him away asking if they could do anything special to please him.

Various members of the group moved in closer to the altar and congratulated Dianne. One of the ladies from her initial lunch date asked if it were everything, she had hoped it would be?

Dianne replied, “To be honest I was hoping for something more.”

“Oh, my dear the night is just getting started. You are the Queen of the ball you can have any man that you want or as many as you want, just indicate the ones you like, and I will bring them to you. They are all here to serve you and meet your needs they consider it an honor to be asked to have sex with you and to be chosen by you.”

The two serving women then wrapped Dianne in a long white gown purposely left open in the front with nothing underneath so that everyone could inspect and admire her violated womb dripping with the scared seed of the god of a man who had just used her as his vessel. Dianne being raised as a good Catholic it all seemed like such an unholy act, but right now here in this place she did feel like a Goddess and was enjoying the attention.

The other part of the chamber was then opened revealing a banquet hall with food and a fully stocked bar. There were two hot tubs set up along with a variety of soft fabric and leather furniture and even three mattresses on the floor. There was a small stage at one end and a large round bed covered in red satin sheets in the center of the room.

The group removed their ceremonial robes in favor of total nudity while still wearing a mask and then proceeding over to the party area for some food and drinks. There was some soft music playing in the background. It was now a much more relaxed and casual setting with people laughing and sharing stories.

In the corner, the young black stud had set up shop, keeping his mask on while all the women made a pilgrimage over to where he was sitting to touch his body and stroke even nibbling at it. Some would set in front of him spread their legs and play with their pussy in front of him offering their bodies to him for his pleasure. He enjoyed the attention and the offers but stayed at his post and acted almost regal in his demeanor.

Dianne found her husband sitting on a couch with two naked middle-aged women offering solace and emotional support for his potentially deflated male ego. He immediately began trying to explain to Dianne that nothing was happening when she walked up. She had him trained well feeling guilty even when he had not done anything wrong. She smiled and permitted him to enjoy himself with whomever he wanted but just for tonight. Dianne did not care who he fucked but he seemed to enjoy some restrictions, so she gave it to him.

As Dianne strolled around the large room different women would occasionally bring her food and drinks. She enjoyed surveying her kingdom watching a few people already having sex, but most were just talking, verbally building up the sexual tension that would undoubtedly end up with a good hard fucking for someone.

She took her time to observe the interpersonal dynamics of the group of strangers that had observed her being ravished for their enjoyment. She noticed most of the group were wearing wedding rings and after a while, she could tell who was married to whom by watching them when they were together.

An evil thought crossed Dianne’s mind remembering how a skank back in high school had stolen or fucked her boyfriend behind her back on more than one occasion. The thought of having sex with married men especially the ones with jealous wives did intrigue her. It was a good way to test her power as the queen of the ball.

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